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Change Logs

Version: 0.37-bp150.2.4
* Sun Feb 18 2018
- Update to 0.37
  * use mktemp for temporary files (fixes a race condition that
    could eat data)
- drop dos2unix fix, fixed upstream
- clean with spec-cleaner
* Mon Aug 21 2017
- Cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Mon Aug 21 2017
- Updated to 0.36
- Changed licence from "GPL-2.0" to "LGPL-2.1" to match the actual licence headers in the source files and COPYING file.  (Note that some licence headers reference "the GNU General Public License, version 2.1".  I am assuming that the word "Lesser" has been mistakenly omitted between "GNU" and "General", since there is an LGPL 2.1 but no GPL 2.1, and because the COPYING file is for the LGPL 2.1.  Note that some headers include the "or later" clause while others omit it.)
- Reformatted the description
- Removed obsolete Makefile patch
- Removed unnecessary %clean
- Replaced manual call to configure with %configure macro
- Updated project and source URLs
- Applied dos2unix on NEWS file
- Remove merged patch vorbisgain_Makefile_tabs.patch
* Sat Oct 13 2012
- enable "--recursive" option
* Mon Aug 08 2011
- Updated license information to fix bnc 709981
* Mon Oct 04 2010
- Fixed build on Factory (post 11.3)
- Moved changelog to changes file
* Tue Jan 27 2009
- Fixed issues raised in review of submit-request #4320
  b) Build requires only contains devel smallest requires package set
  c) Debug information now contained in debug package
* Tue Dec 09 2008
- Fixed group tag
- Added RPM_OPT_FLAGS to CFLAGS so binaries are build with the proper flags (debug/no debug, stack protect etc.)
- Added fix for wrong end-of-line-encoding in COPYING file
- Added cleanup after build
- Added strip requirement to make install to shutup RPMLINT
* Tue Nov 04 2008
- Fixed packaging of documentation files
* Sun May 11 2008
- Initial package creation