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Version: 1.17-bp150.2.4
* Tue Feb 21 2017
- Update to 1.17:
  * Fix: --importdb was creating invalid databases since version
  * Fix: console output was being buffered which resulted in lack
    of output in at least systemd log
  * Add cross-compilation detection and improve install-data-hook
    to not assume that the binaries can be executed in the host
- Update to 1.16:
  * Fix: traffic rate calculation, SI decimal prefixes were shown
    but calculation was done for IEC binary prefixes
  * Add option for configure to disable image output support even
    if required library is available, improve library detection
  * Add selection between SI decimal prefixes (kbit/s...) (default)
    and IEC binary prefixes (Kibit/s...) for traffic rate using
    RateUnitMode keyword in configuration file
  * Improve database handling resilience
  * Inherit database file ownership from database directory if
    UpdateFileOwner configuration option is enabled (default:
    enabled) when adding new interfaces for monitoring as root.
    This solves database file ownership mismatches when the daemon
    is started as a non-root user and an interface gets added for
    monitoring with a sudo command as root
  * Improve user guidance in error situations related to the
    configured default interface
* Sat Mar 05 2016
- Update to 1.15:
  * Fix: XML output had extra commas, broken since previous version.
  * Fix: unintended shared pointer modification in mosecs()
    sometimes resulted in wrong month name to be shown for the
    current month.
  * Fix possible buffer overflow in /proc/net/dev parsing, requires
    corrupted content in /proc/net/dev or use of address sanitiser.
  * Use ANSI escape codes in -l and -tr modes for cursor location
    manipulation instead of printing backspaces, hide cursor while
    output is active.
  * Improve database import robustness.
  * Improve support for Asian UTF-8 date strings.
  * Replace hand written Makefiles with autotools.
  * Add --alwaysadd parameter to daemon for allowing automatic
    addition of interfaces even if the database directory was
    populated during startup.
* Tue Aug 18 2015
- Fix: vnstati was missing from build, needed for vnstat-cgi to function.
* Tue Aug 04 2015
- Update to 1.14 (changes since 1.11):
  * Fix memory allocation when zero interfaces are available,
    also lo needed to be missing in order to trigger this leak.
  * Fix rebuild total indexing.
  * Fix some error situations that could leave database file open
    until the end of command execution
  * Fix: Live traffic meter occasionally showing higher minimum
    than average in end statistics.
  * Fix setting locale when none is specified in config.
  * Fix cppcheck findings.
  * Improve traffic meter output accuracy.
  * Add tests and debug compilation target.
  * Remove use of -D parameter in Makefile install commands in
    order to improve cross-compilation support.
  * Set CFLAGS in Makefiles only when not already defined.
  * Add support for database import from text file (--importdb).
  * Rename --dumpdb to --exportdb.
  * Add example systemd service file.
  * Use ISO YYYY-MM-DD date format timestamps if logfile is used.
  * Improve daemon startup prints.
  * Add parameters for changing daemon process user and group.
  * Add example upstart job configuration file.
  * Create database, pid and log dirs during daemon startup if
  * Update ownership of database, log and pid files if needed
    during daemon startup if started as root and configured to
    change process user and group.
  * Remove cron update related example files and documentation, the
    cron update method should be considered as deprecated.
  * --create parameter for database creation.
  * Dynamic unit selection in hourly output instead of being fixed
    to KiB.
  * New options in image output (vnstati):
    + -nl / --nolegend for hiding the rx/tx legend;
    + --altdate for using alternative date and time text location;
    + --headertext for using custom text string in image header;
  * Add legend to hourly output image.
  * Add option for content alignment and page background colour to
  * Document keyword value ranges in configuration file man page.
  * Import Makefile improvements from OpenBSD.
  * Automatic interface bandwidth detection, BandwidthDetection in
    config, default fallback value MaxBandwidth changed from 100 to
  * JSON output (--json), vnstat-json.cgi and vnstat-json.php
    examples provided in the 'examples' directory
  * Drop support for over 10 year old database formats
    (versions 1.0 - 1.2).
  * Fix: JSON output syntax during first day of newly created
  * Fix: field padding when using UTF-8 locale.
  * Add optional mode parameter to --json and --xml for limiting
    the output to only selected information.
- Add a systemd service.
- Remove vnstat-cron.patch and cronjob: upstream considers it
- Remove vnstat-help_script.patch: fixed upstream.
- Only recommend Apache for vnstat-cgi: there are other HTTP
- Spec cleanup.
* Sun Aug 10 2014
- removed '-u' parameter from init.d script to actually being able to start the daemon
* Wed Jul 31 2013
- Fixed spec file (removed lost pach files)
* Sun Jul 07 2013
- remove the '-o' option in useradd: -o is useless without -u and
  newer versions of pwdutils/shadowutils fail on this now
- specfile cleanup (added license header and cron dependency)
- fix address of Free Software Foundation in init script
* Mon Feb 04 2013
- update to 1.11:
  * Fix: Memory allocation was miscalculated when creating interface list from
    /sys/class/net when /proc/net/dev wasn't available which in turn could
    crash the daemon
  * Fix: Daemon database cache could remain empty after a -HUP signal
  * Fix: Don't make temp directory in vnstat.cgi writable for everyone
  * Import GNU/kFreeBSD support from Debian
  (#608963, patch by Mats Erik Andersson)
  * Remove usage of GNU only '-D' option for install for BSD in Makefile
  * The daemon now automatically creates databases for available interfaces
  if no databases are found during startup
* Mon Feb 04 2013
- prevent cron from writing a syslog message about the vnstat call
* Sat Aug 21 2010
- update to 1.10:
  * Fix: Buffer overflow was possible in hourly image output when RateUnit=1
  and HourlyRate=1
  * Fix: Minor memory leak was possible in the handling of HUP signal in daemon
  * Fix: Graphical elements weren't correctly aligned in summary image
  when header wasn't visible (-nh)
  * Fix: --delete didn't work
  * Possibility to merge statistics from several databases and save
  the end result to a new database (--mergesaved)
  * Added validation of database cache in daemon in order to be more robust
  in case of system memory corruption
  * Support for --style to -l (live mode)
  * Alternative print mode to -l (live mode) with optional parameter
  * Present options and elements in man pages in alphabetical order
  * Code cleanup
- changes in 1.9:
  * Fix: TrafficlessDays configuration option was enabled when set to zero
  when it should have been disabled
  * Fix: MonthRotate setting was getting ignored for the first month if
  the database is created when day of month < MonthRotate value
  * Configurable summary layout in image output (1.7 <> 1.8 layouts)
  * --oneline, a simple parseable one line output
  * --transparent for setting image background transparency from the
  command line
  * --delete for deleting databases and stopping monitoring, doesn't require
  restarting the daemon
  * A database write can be configure to occur after interface status changes
  * Different database write interval can be configure to be used when
  all monitored interfaces are offline
  * Better configurability for the content of outputs, including a narrow
  output for space limited terminals (OutputStyle and --style)
  * Code cleanup
  * New configuration file settings:
  OutputStyle, SummaryLayout, SummaryRate, SaveOnStatusChange,
* Wed Aug 19 2009
- fix segfault caused by vnstat-limits+su.patch.
  vnstat-limits+su+fix.patch added.
* Sun Aug 02 2009
- update to 1.8:
  * makes averaged traffic rates visible
  * adds monthly traffic to the summary
  * supports merging data from multiple interfaces to one output
  * dates are now formatted according to the system locale setting by default
* Tue May 26 2009
- change ownership also of existing backup files of the database
- ignore '.' and '..' when modifying files -- the previous method could change
  the ownership of /var/lib...
* Tue May 26 2009
- move creation of "vnstat" user from %post to %pre, so that it happens before
  files are installed
- make vnstat a system user and create a separate group "vnstat" for it
- prerequire the tools needed for the pre/post scripts
- change ownership of existing databases from root to vnstat user, when updating
* Mon May 25 2009
- don't filter out br interfaces, thanks to Dmitry Mittov for noticing
* Fri May 15 2009
- add a little frontend script to create the vnstat databases as the vnstat user
- add patch to vnstat help output to tell to use the script to create a database
* Fri May 15 2009
- install hook scripts into /etc/ppp/*.d/
- install CGI + patch heavily, using a subpackage vnstat-cgi
- add support for vnstatd (added in 1.7) with init script, vnstat user, and an improved cron job file
- add switch user support during daemonization to vnstatd
- fix all compile warnings
- update to 1.7:
  * Fix: Timezone changes shouldn't cause a flood of errors anymore
  * Fix: MonthRotate value in config wasn't used
  * Fix: Unreadable configuration file doesn't cause a segmentation fault
  * Fix: /proc/net/dev parser didn't see the difference between eth10 and eth1
  * Fix: Updating a database from two of more processes at the same time was able to sometimes cause data loss
  * Fix: Estimates are calculated based on last database update
  * Fix: Each interface update had a possibility of losing 1023 bytes of traffic at most due to improper rounding
  * Daemon support as alternative for cron based updates
  * PNG image output (hourly rate based on patch by Sergio Ammirata)
  * XML output
  * Diskspace check can be disabled from configuration file
  * IEC standard prefixes (KiB/MiB/GiB/TiB)
  * List of available interfaces if wrong of unavailable interface is selected
* Wed Feb 20 2008
- update to 1.6:
  1.6 / 1-Jan-08
  - Fix: Segmentation fault when environment variable "HOME" wasn't defined,
    this broke most CGI and PHP scripts that used vnStat
  - Support for /sys/class/net/* if /proc/net/dev is unavailable
  - Config file parser redesigned
  - --config parameter for selecting config file
  - Consistent exit status for all operations (0 for success, 1 for error)
  - Improved file locking
  - Man page restrictions paragraph updated
  - Minor non-visible fixes and code cleanup
  1.5 / 3-Dec-07
  - Fix: compile time warnings solved
  - Fix: kernel test is now more verbose
  - Fix: more informative error messages
  - Fix: possible division by zero for traffic estimates right after midnight
  - Fix: interface names longer than 6 chars (patch by Jan Schmidle)
  - Realtime transfer rate mode
  - Automatic 32bit/64bit counter detection
  - Config file support
  - Internal database backups and locking
  - More visuals in outputs
  - Adaptive units (kB, MB, GB, TB)
  - Possibility to sync counters without counting traffic
  - Maximum bandwidth of interfaces can be set
* Wed Feb 20 2008
- re-import the package sources from 10.1, they got lost
* Wed Jan 25 2006
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires