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Change Logs

* Wed Jul 12 2017
- Update to version 1.3.0
- * New switch: "-b <file>". This enables "batch mode" where the
    list of files to crawl is read from the specified file
    (Thanks Tw)
  * New switch: "-0". When this is enabled, the files in
    "batch mode" are separated by NUL bytes instead of newlines
  * New switch: "-F". Prevents vmtouch from traversing separate
    filesystems (requested by mailinglists35)
  * Lots of updates to the debian packaging (Thanks anarcat)
  * Use standard path for manpages (Thanks anarcat)
  * On linux, if an open fails due to EPERM then try again
    without O_NOATIME
* Fri Jan 13 2017
- Update to version 1.2.0
  * -i feature which lets you ignore entire files and directories
    (Thanks Etienne Bruines)
  * -I feature which lets you only process filenames matching
    certain patterns.
  * Both -i and -I support wildcards
  * Specify C99 standard during compile (Thanks ecebuzz)
  * Better error checking for extremely large values to command
    line parameters (Thanks Matthew Fernandez)
  * Fix some boundary conditions in the range support added
    in 1.0.1 (Thanks Justas LaviĊĦius)
  * On Linux, support touching/evicting/displaying block devices
    directly. This displays the underlying buffer cache, not the
    filesystem cache (Thanks to maq123 for the suggestion)
  * On Linux, open files with O_NOATIME so that we don't cause
    unnecessary disk activity recording access times
    (Thanks Mat R.)
  * Replaces a stat() call with an fstat() call which is slightly
    more efficient.
  * Skipped symlinks are no longer included in total file count
  * Closes file descriptors after locking memory since there is
    no need to keep them open. This makes it less likely you will
    hit the RLIMIT_NOFILE when using -l or -L.
  * file (Thanks to Artem Sheremet for the idea and
    to Vladimir Kotal for Solaris tuning info)
* Tue Mar 22 2016
- Initial release