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Change Logs

* Sun Feb 07 2021 Wang Jun <>
- Update to version 8.10.5
  * fix potential /0 in animated webp load [lovell]
  * fix spng detection
  * fix vips7 webp load [barryspearce]
  * fix out of bounds exif read in heifload
  * fix out of bounds read in tiffload
  * fix tiffsave region shrink mode [imgifty]
  * add missing flushes on write to target [harukizaemon]
  * hide info messages you could get with some older glibs [kleisauke]
  * fix --no-strip on dzsave with icc-profiles [altert]
  * relax heic is_a rules [hisham]
  * better GraphicsMagick image write [bfriesen]
  * add missing read loops to spng, heif, giflib and ppm load [kleisauke]
  * block zero width or height images from imagemagick load [Koen1999]
  * check for overflow in gifload height [lovell]
  * fix msb_first default in ppm load and save [ewelot]
  * force binary mode on win for connection read / write [Alreiber]
  * better testing for output to target [barryspearce]
  * ppmload_source was missing is_a [ewelot]
  * improve webpload rounding and blending behaviour [lovell]
  * fix range clip in int32 -> unsigned casts [ewelot]
  * fix precision error in clip of float -> int casts [ewelot]
  * fix load of HEIC images with 0 length metadata [ddennedy-gpsw]
  * revise rounding in reduce [kleisauke]
* Thu Dec 10 2020 Andreas Schneider <>
- Update to vips 8.10.2
  * update magicksave/load profile handling [kelilevi]
  * better demand hint rules [kaas3000]
  * fix tiff thumbnail from buffer and source [vansante]
  * in jpegsave, don't set JFIF resolution if we set EXIF resolution
  * bump minimum libheif version to 1.3 [lovell]
  * dzsave in iiif mode could set info.json dimensions off by one [Linden6]
  * pdfload allows dpi and scale to both be set [le0daniel]
  * allow gaussblur sigma zero, meaning no blur
  * better heif signature detection [lovell]
  * fix vips_fractsurf() typo [kleisauke]
  * better heif EOF detection [lovell]
  * fix gir build with g-o-i 1.66+ [László]
  * improve seek behaviour on pipes
  * add "speed" param to heifsave [lovell]
  * fix regression in C path for dilate / erode [kleisauke]
  * fix build with libheif save but no load [estepnv]
* Tue Oct 13 2020 Andreas Schneider <>
- Add AVIF support via libheif
  * libheif is *only* built with AVIF support
  * HEIF is not working as it isn't linked against x265
* Sat Aug 15 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
- update to vips 8.10.0:
  - more conformat IIIF output from dzsave [regisrob]
  - add @id to dzsave to set IIIF id property [regisrob]
  - add max and min to region shrink [rgluskin]
  - allow \ as an escape character in vips_break_token() [akemrir]
  - tiffsave has a "depth" param to set max pyr depth
  - libtiff LOGLUV images load and save as libvips XYZ
  - add gifload_source, csvload_source, csvsave_target, matrixload_source,
    matrixsave_source, pdfload_source, heifload_source, heifsave_target,
    ppmload_source, ppmsave_target
  - revise vipsthumbnail flags
  - add VIPS_LEAK env var
  - add vips_pipe_read_limit_set(), --vips-pipe-read-limit,
  - revise gifload to fix BACKGROUND and PREVIOUS dispose [alon-ne]
  - add subsample_mode, deprecate no_subsample in jpegsave [Elad-Laufer]
  - add vips_isdirf()
  - add PAGENUMBER support to tiff write [jclavoie-jive]
  - add "all" mode to smartcrop
  - flood fill could stop half-way for some very complex shapes
  - better handling of unaligned reads in multipage tiffs [petoor]
  - mark old --delete option to vipsthumbnail as deprecated [UweOhse]
  - png save with a bad ICC profile just gives a warning
  - add "premultipled" option to vips_affine(), clarified vips_resize()
    behaviour with alpha channels
  - improve bioformats support with read and write of tiff subifd pyramids
  - thumbnail exploits subifd pyramids
  - handle all EXIF orientation cases, deprecate
    vips_autorot_get_angle() [Elad-Laufer]
  - load PNGs with libspng, if possible
  - deprecate heifload autorotate -- it's now always on
  - revised resize improves accuracy [kleisauke]
  - add --vips-config flag to show configuration info
  - add "bitdepth" param to tiff save, deprecate "squash" [MathemanFlo]
  - tiff load and save now supports 2 and 4 bit data [MathemanFlo]
  - pngsave @bitdepth parameter lets you write 1, 2 and 4 bit PNGs
  - ppmsave also uses "bitdepth" now, for consistency
  - reduce operation cache max to 100
  - rework the final bits of vips7 for vips8 [kleisauke]
  - --disable-deprecated now works [kleisauke]
  - vipsheader allows "stdin" as a filename
  - gifload allows gifs with images outside the canvas
  - wasm compatibility patches [kleisauke]
  - webpsave has a @profile param
* Mon May 04 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 8.9.2
  * Too many changes to list, see ChangeLog
- Dropped python subpackage (bindings now supplied separately)
- Added vips-8.9.2-implicit-fortify-decl.patch
- Spec cleanup