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Version: 2.2.0-bp150.2.4
* Sun Jun 04 2017
- add vdr-2.2.0-gcc7.diff to fix build (mostly "ambigouous abs()"
  warnings / errors) with gcc 7
* Tue Feb 14 2017
- fix build with newer systemd (no libsytemd-daemon anymore) and
  split ncurses-devel package in Factory/Tumbleweed
* Mon Nov 02 2015
- replace vdr-2.2.0-dynamite.patch with "official"
  vdr-2.2.0-dynamite.diff (code-wise equivealent)
* Mon Sep 28 2015
- add patch vdr-2.2.0-use-ncurses5.diff and apply if ncurses6 is
  used (fixes build on Factory)
* Sat May 30 2015
- rebase and reenable dynamite patch
  (I have this lying around for some time, but it needs testing)
  (vdr-2.0.3-dynamite.patch -> vdr-2.2.0-dynamite.patch)
* Sat May 30 2015
- reapply changes which got lost in a conflicting submit request
  (originally done by Marcel Witte)
  * removed a lot of unused files (e.g. openvt.diff)
  * fixed the readme to current version
  * split out the very large devel-doc package
* Wed Mar 04 2015
- update to version 2.2.0, most important new features:
  * rotor support
  * VDR now reads command line options from *.conf files in
    /etc/vdr/conf.d, see vdr.1 and vdr.5 for details.
  * Added support for systemd
  * Channels that are not listed in the SDT are now only marked as
    OBSOLETE if "Setup/DVB/Update channels" is set to a value other
    than "no" or "PIDs only".
  * Added support for "Satellite Channel Routing" (SCR) according
    to EN50607, also known as "JESS"
  * Added support for LCN (Logical Channel Numbers), which plugins
    may use to sort channels
  * dropped support for distributed video directory over multiple
  * lots of bug fixes
  * see HISTORY for more details
- see the UPDATE-2.2.0 file for migration hints, too
- the dynamite patch is disabled for now as it does not apply
- vdrapi version changed to 2.2.0
* Wed Feb 04 2015
- update to 2.0.7:
  * Fixed a possible division by zero in frame rate detection.
  * Fixed jumping to an absolute position via the Red key in case
    replay was paused
  * Now returning from removing deleted recordings after at most
    10 seconds, or if the user presses a remote control key, to
    keep the system from getting unresponsive when removing a huge
    number of files
  * Fixed generating the index file of an existing recording in
    case at the of a TS file there is less data in the buffer than
    needed by the frame detector. In such a case it was possible
    that frames were missed, and there was most likely a distortion
    when replaying that part of a recording. This is mostly a
    problem for recordings that consist of more than one *.ts file.
    Single file recordings could only lose some frames at their
    very end. At any rate, if you have generated an index file with
    VDR version 2.0.6 you may want to do so again with this version
    to make sure the index is OK.
- vdrapi version stays at 2.0.6
* Wed Sep 03 2014
- fixed wrong writing of SUSE
- added template for SuSEfirewall2
* Fri Jul 25 2014
- Do not provide runvdr subpackage anymore; vdr builds for systems
  which support systemd
- Split languages files in a lang subpackage
- Do not copy INSTALL file in the documentation directory; vdr
  is not installed from sources
* Tue Apr 22 2014
- remove support for ancient distributions
- list of patches which fix stuff:
  vdr-1.7.21-pluginmissing.patch - don't die on missing plugin
  vdr-1.7.36-wareagle.patch - wareagle icons
  vdr-2.0.3-dynamite.patch - allow the dynamite plugin
* Thu Apr 10 2014
- vdr.macros: remove vdr_old_plugin_* and vdr_install_plugin_*,
  all current users are converted now
* Sun Apr 06 2014
- fix broken record filenames in e.g. streamdev, bug in wareagle
  patch (vdr-2.0.6-wareagle-fix.patch)
* Wed Apr 02 2014
- small fix for classic runvdr init script
- recommend instead of suggest runvdr-extreme on >=12.1, vdr-runvdr
  on < 12.2
* Sun Mar 30 2014
- fix build on SLES11
- remove unused vdr_old_dvbapi.diff and Make.config
* Sun Mar 30 2014
- split off init script into vdr-runvdr package
  It is recommended to use runvdr-extreme-systemd instead
* Sun Mar 30 2014
- avoid putting build time into locale files, causing republishing
- install msgmerge wrapper to /usr/share/vdr to make it usable
  by plugins
* Sun Mar 30 2014
- update to vdr 2.0.6
  - see HISTORY file for changes
  - vdrapi version bumped to 2.0.6
* Sat Mar 29 2014
- vdr.macros: allow empty srcdir in vdr_old_plugin_make
* Sat Mar 29 2014
- vdr.macros: set vdr_includedir back to /usr/include/vdr