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Version: 2.7.1-bp150.2.4
* Mon Aug 28 2017
- Update to version 2.7.1
  * Fix inclusion mechanism for FFTs which could cause a host
    application to crash in certain circumstances due to
    conflicting versions of C-linkage symbols
  version 2.7:
  * Add ability to PluginLoader to list plugins only in (or not in)
    certain library files
  * Fix fixed-sample-rate output timestamps in printout from the
    simple host, and add regression test script using test plugin
  * Switch the convenience FFT interface for plugin usage from the
    very slow reference implementation previously provided, to the
    somewhat faster KissFFT
  * Add a top-secret compiler flag to switch internal FFTs to
    single-precision only
  * Fix some small but long-standing memory leaks and minor bugs
  version 2.6:
  * Add a simple C-linkage API for plugin library discovery and
    loading -- the missing part when trying to use Vamp plugins
    from C or a language with only C-linkage foreign-function
  * Fix bug in PluginBufferingAdapter reset() function, which
    failed to reset timestamp rewrites (symptom: timestamps
    appeared to continue to ascend from end point on next run after
    a reset)
  * Fix sometime 1-sample rounding error in
  * Update build files for more recent OS versions
  * Add -L option to simple host, as synonym for --list-full
  * Add a combined Visual C++ solution that includes the plugin
    SDK, host SDK, example plugins, and simple host projects
* Mon Jul 13 2015
- Build with -fPIC
* Wed Apr 08 2015
- Update to version 2.5
  * Fix incorrect handling of FixedSampleRate outputs in the
    PluginBufferingAdapter. Un-timestamped features on these outputs
    were incorrectly being timestamped from the process timestamp,
    where they should have been timed relative to the previous
    feature on the output according to the output's sample rate.
  * Fix return of uninitialised memory through getCurrentProgram
    when plugin specifies no programs
  * Ensure output sample rate is initialised (to 0) for variable-rate
    outputs where the plugin forgets to set a rate
- Use download Url provided by upstream
- Remove vamp-plugin-sdk-2.0-libdir.patch; use a hack instead
- Remove redundant documentation related files with fdupes
- Perform spec-cleaner on spec file
* Mon May 23 2011
- Update to version 2.2.1, split libs into libvamp-hostsdk3 and
  libvamp-sdk2 sub packages and moved binaries into main package.
- Enabled api doc build and generate man pages with help2man.
- Upstream changes :
  * Add ProcessTimestampMethod to PluginInputDomainAdapter,
  offering the ability to decide how data buffering and
  timestamping works for frequency-domain plugins (whose process
  timestamps have to be at the centre of each processing block
  rather than the start)
  * Make PluginBufferingAdapter take into account any timestamp
  shift introduced by a PluginInputDomainAdapter that it wraps.
  * Fix crash in PluginAdapter when plugin library getDescriptor
  fails on plugin construction.
  * Add plugin skeleton files as starting point for new developers.
* Tue Jul 07 2009
- initial package created from fedora spec
Version: 2.10.0-bp154.1.107
* Mon Sep 07 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 2.10
  * Add a method to PluginWrapper, the host-side base for
    adapters like PluginInputDomainAdapter that modify the
    processing behaviour of a plugin, that tells it to "disown"
    the wrapped plugin. The former behaviour, and still the
    default, is for the wrapper to take ownership of the wrapped
    plugin. The alternative behaviour makes it easier to mix
    these classes with some modern C++ styles that use managed
  version 2.9
  * Fix non-thread-safe behaviour in PluginAdapter. Plugins built
    using the adapter classes in version 2.8 or earlier cannot
    safely be used simultaneously across threads with other
    instances of themselves or of other plugins in the same
    library (i.e. shared object). Hosts have been required to
    provide synchronisation for such cases. Version 2.9
    introduces synchronisation in the plugin, making this
    usage safe. Unfortunately this does not make host code safe
    when using older plugin builds, as the problem and its  fix
    are in the plugin side of the SDK. Caution is still required,
    but this fix does allow updated plugin builds to avoid
    problems with some existing hosts
  * Change required C++ language standard from C++98 to C++11.
    This is because of the use of std::mutex in the above fix
  version 2.8:
  * Fix off-by-one rounding errors in frame-to-ns conversions.
    Unlike the other changes here which are invisible to plugin
    code, this change can lead to different results in the lowest
    significant figures from existing plugins if relinked against
    the newer code
  * Fix theoretical possibility of integer overflow in RealTime
  * Fix use of undefined behaviour in PluginRateExtractor
- Spec cleanuo