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Change Logs

* Sun Jan 24 2021 Andrey Karepin <>
- update to 0.18.1
  * Solved crash when undoing chat input with ctrl-z (@siburec) (d841c3e)
    groups: load group topics from Tox save (d6f9b68)
  * Fix heap-use-after-free when creating new group chats (@siburec) (c47612e)
    langs: Remove strings that are not supposed to be translated (b1fc2f3)
  * Use correct type for pthread entry point (@krobelus) (cadab94)
  * Pass enum value with correct type when cancelling file transfers (@krobelus) (7bf108d)
  * Copy text from chat without nicks via ctrl-c in Windows (@redmanmale) (88bf58d)
  * Add Spanish to the list of complete translations (4b8cda7)
  * Add Debian installation instructions (@garetethan) (c5595be)
  * docs: fix simple typo, precomplied -> precompiled (@timgates42) (fd2ad87)
  * Complete Spanish translation (@siburec) (f840779)
* Sat Nov 28 2020 Andrey Karepin <>
- update to 0.18.0
  * Fix crash when changing toxcore-related settings (92102bf)
  * fix dragging friend list (#1470) (@w23rd) (70127ba)
  * utox_settings struct: give proxy_ip[] a size (fix UB) (072d29e)
  * Update and refactor settings loading and saving:
  - Drop obsolete save and load settings format (@redmanmale) (6ead537)
  - Rename (and fix usages) SETTINGS fields to match UTOXSAVE struct to be able to load it from config directly (@redmanmale) (751ea57)
  - Remove unused function config_osdefaults() (@redmanmale) (fe8cfe0)
  - Use settings instead of separate variables (@redmanmale) (94d474a)
  - Refactoring save and load uTox settings (@redmanmale) (acb2787)
  - Save settings before killing Tox threads (@redmanmale) (a615853)
  - Style fixes (@redmanmale) (0a0b171)
  - Update mock settings (@redmanmale) (0c8c74e)
  - Try create Tox folder before saving settings (@redmanmale) (93aaef8)
  - settings.c: Write macros for write_config_value_*() (6347681)
  * getopt: Exit on wrong usage (c7353a3)
  * Fix offset of the typing notification (@redmanmale) (c92dfe6)
  * Fix file size formatting in chatlog (@redmanmale) (60a0085)
  * Fix handling large files (@redmanmale) (590efb8)
  * Update Japanese (@xfm00mm) (6ef32a4)
  * Update German (Markus V) (b4c8682)
Version: 0.17.2-bp152.1.2
* Thu Apr 16 2020 Andrey Karepin <>
- drop patch fix_build_with_openAL_1.20.patch
- update to 0.17.2
  * Implement ctrl+F: toggle flist online status filter (b7fdac2)
  * Implement ctrl+f: focus on flist search input field (0b401eb)
  * Search friend list also by Tox ID (ae85208)
  * Implement ontab and onshifttab callbacks for text fields in add friend page (4842553)
  * Handle Home & End key in friend list (ctrl+Home, ctrl+End; go to first and last friend) (f1de42b)
  * Handle Home & End key in messages panel (For going to the top and bottom of the chat log) (8f19de0)
  * Make Esc key unfocus from text input fields (This allows to scroll the chat log without having to click into it.) (b227afe)
  * Focus message input field when starting to type (e4cc50c)
  * Implement ontab and onshifttab callbacks for all text fields in settings (7194761)
  * Fix a crash when adding a friend to a group (cb451de)
  * Load window position from config file (0bcfead)
  * Unbreak build with OpenAL 1.20.0 (@t6) (b608d58)
  * Friend list fixes (1504fc0 195553d 58707ee)
  * Fix Up key in message input field (118298e)
  * Fix memory leaks (8b04e6f)
  * Fix compilation error on GNU/kFreebsd (@yangfl) (bb790c5)
  * Fix typos (@yangfl) (23e9e9b)
  * Use correct evdev header on FreeBSD (@t6) (37271f9)
  * Remove auto-updater (@robinlinden & @avoidr) (3d1b1df)
  * Show value of $ENABLE_LTO in cmake output (fb57530)
  * Static linking fixes (02c5898 bc048af 812ad6d 507ea0a 6ca51bd ea876ca)
  * Don't pass 2 of every flags in CFLAGS (@robinlinden) (4b1228d)
  * Travis: Linux: disable auto-update test (e5a564f)
  * CMakeLists.txt: add CFLAG -fno-common (ee15dbe)
  * Make uTox gcc10-ready (-fno-common fix) (@eclipseo) (c7cb563)
  * Remove WinXP support (eb81ba5)
  * add tools/relnotes_to_cstring.sed (bb8ce78)
  * add instructions to install from Guix (@metallicmole) (60fb4ee)
  * add keybindings to manpage (@metallicmole) (192ed8d)
  * docs/ minor rephrasing (c4d101f)
  * docs/ add note about musl+clang linking issue (9a8a632)
* Sat Feb 22 2020 Andrey Karepin <>
- added patch fix_build_with_openAL_1.20.patch to fix build with openAL 1.20
* Sun Sep 22 2019 Andrey Karepin <>
- update utox.keyring
- update to 0.17.1
  * Add --allow-root option: Now you can't run uTox as root by accident (1b491cd)
  * Add right click menu to Xlib (5f5f570)
  * Add support for loading groupchats (049ca56)
  * More *BSD support! (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD) (@mazocomp)
  * Groupchat creation screen implemented
  * Fix a crash when changing to a video input device that fails to init (e36e475)
  * Fix: a friendlist bug related to the Tox profile having no friends and
    groups (d81d276)
  * Don't flip video preview button status if preview fails (8f73ee2)
  * Xlib: Clean up zombies if xdg-open is not installed (dfc5f50)
  * Add border to QR code to make it actually readable to QR code scanners
  * Fix file transfer text (72b7347)
  * Prevent a crash related to having too many friends (1e41307)
  * Fix crash related to dropdowns (b0b3167)
  * Fix ignoring friend requests (ed55880)
  * Close dropdowns on changing tabs (4dd4ae0)
  * Fix crash on startup related to QR code (@ColumPaget) (41c5044)
  * Fix group settings layout
  * Fix a crash related to Tox savedata being too large (363e486)
  * Fix two possible memory leaks (a549f11 168eb78)
  * Fix a crash related to text undo in message input field (@cyisfor) (e1371e4)
  * Fix a crash related to the password input field (8891616)
  * Fix crash related to FPS value input field (d297e0d)
  * Fix selection bug: Selection on double-click doesn't leak into neighbouring
    line anymore (06f85ab)
  * Fix HOME key (3833c13)
  * Fix END key and make ctrl+shift+end work (6fa9df6)
  * Sort languages enum by their native names alphabetically (b8d33d4)
  * Move Language setting from "Profile" to "User Interface" tab (234f027)
  * Updated translations: German (d96d309 4328777 9757f05),  English (e2901e8),
    Polish (96f7c02 542b19a), Swedish (@jony0008) (eda5a41 38e4ae7), Hungarian
    (@baloo79) (9d9f24b)
* Wed Sep 26 2018 Andrey Karepin <>
- initial