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Version: 2.16-bp150.2.4
* Wed Nov 01 2017
- units 2.16:
  * Fix missing USD currency code (update to units_cur and
  definitions.units only).
- includes changes from 2.15:
  * The old timegenie service has vanished.  A new units_cur script
    uses server. The new script works directly in Python 2
    or Python 3 and no longer depends on unidecode.
  * Some currency definitions (e.g. currencies pegged to the euro)
    have moved out of definitions.units into currency.units.
  * Added bitcoin to currency.units
  * Fixed a memory leak bug for invalid exponent operations
* Mon Apr 03 2017
- units 2.14:
  * Eliminated parser memory management limitation affecting long
    input expressions (e.g. a sum of more than 100 units)
  * Control characters are treated as white space rather than
    producing an error about invalid UTF-8.
* Thu Jun 23 2016
- units 2.13:
  * Corrected error in heat of vaporization of water
  * Fixed bug where single character unicode prefixes couldn't
    combined with the second "s", so microsecond couldn't be
  * Fixed bug where -H '' option would write history to ~/.history.
  * Added -fpic compile option so that it is possible to compile to
    a library
* Thu Oct 15 2015
- Update to 2.12
  * Updated and revised units database, with constants now based
    on 2014 CODATA.
  * Readline history is persistent and is saved to
    ~/.units_history, or to the file specified with --history (-H)
  * Fixed bug where '_' didn't give last result after conversion
    to function.
  * Fixed sporadic segmentation fault with --log.
  * Comments allowed on interactive input with '#', most useful
    with logging.
  * Added configure test for rl_completion_suppress_append, which
    helps compilation under MacOS.
  * Comment processing happens before checking UTF-8
    validity---comments are allowed to contain bogus UTF-8.
  * Changed units_cur to skip bogus precious metals data from
    timegenie and to skip currencies with no rate.
- Cleanups spec file with spec-cleaner
- Update usage of gpg signature
- Move info scriplet to preun
- Enable units_cur builiding by default
* Mon Apr 07 2014
- GNU Units 2.11:
  * Many long options didn't work
  * units_cur wouldn't print to stdout
* Sat Mar 29 2014
- install documentation files, including COPYING
* Thu Mar 27 2014
- GNU Units 2.10:
  * Added '_' to represent the previous result.
  * Added support for rational exponents with numerators larger
    than 1 so you can do calculations like liter^2|3.
  * Added logging with --log (-L) option.
  * Fixed some unit definitions (R_infinity, planckmass), and added
    R_K90 and K_J90 for the conventional values of the von Klitzing
    and Josephson constants.
  * Don't use readline unless reading from a tty.
  * Display of nonlinear unit definitions shows the range over which
    the unit is defined and the required dimensions of the argument.
  * Unit completion with readline will now complete nonlinear units,
    functions  (e.g. cuberoot), prefixes, and unit list aliases. It
    will no longer insert a space after the completion.
  * Running "units --version" returns success.
  * Combining "--version" with "--terse" gives a terse version
  * Combining "--version" with "--verbose" or running with "--info"
    gives a detailed output of how units was compiled and where its
    supporting files are found.
  * A nonlinear unit can be defined equal to another nonlinear unit
    using the syntax: "newfunc() oldfunc".
  * Domain and range specified with nonlinear units can be open
    intervals, indicated  by parentheses instead of brackets.
  * The "noerror" keyword on a nonlinear unit supresses error
    checking with "units --check" for that unit.
  * Changes to units_cur to work with timegenie changes and to
    support Python 3.
    The Python module unidecode is now required for units_cur.
  * The method for finding supporting files has changed when units
    is compiled to be relocatable.
  * Fix to compile with Bison 3.0.
  * Improved error messages for various cases.
  * Some simple icons are included.
- licence is GPL-3.0+
- run minimal unit tests
- spec file cleaning
- note that make install fails with smp_flags
- support optional build with units_cur for updating units
  (requires python-Unidecode, not in Factory)
* Mon Sep 09 2013
- updated to version 2.02:
  * Added support for %a and %A output formats (hexadecimal floating point), and
    eliminated the restriction on the number of displayed digits when specifying
    an output format with the --output-format (-o) option.  Improved error
    handling for formats specified with --output-format.
  * Added --digits (-d) to specify the number of digits to display.  Giving
    '--digits max' (-dmax) will use the full available precision.
  * Added support for various Unicode minus sign symbols.  Units now treats the
    figure dash (U+2012), the en dash (U+2013), and the minus (U+2212) as
    identical to the ASCII hyphen/minus symbol (U+002D).
  * The !message command in units data files has been fixed so it does not
    produce output when the --quiet option is given.
  * Improved error handling when unit names end with numbers without a '_'.
  * Modified units_cur to work with XML format as the txt format disappeared.
  * Corrected error in definition of the nat.
  * Improved manual.
- employ gpg-offline
* Thu Nov 01 2012
- updated to version 2.01:
  * Fixed error in electronmass
  * New definition for au
  * Fixed DESTDIR support for installation
  * Changed configure script for success with Solaris
  * Small changes to manual
- removed build.patch
* Tue Aug 07 2012
- updated to version 2.00:
    General changes:
  * Unit lists provide conversion to sums of units (e.g. feet and inches).
  * Added --round (-r) and --show-factor (-S) options for use with unit lists.
  * Added unit lists aliases (e.g. time, usvol).
  * A python script, units_cur, can update currency data.
  * Units now flushes its output so you can talk to it with a pipe.
  * Units now works in UTF-8 if the system supports it.
  * Added --locale (-l) option to set the locale.
  * English units such as the gallon are defined in all locales, with US
    definitions by default except in the en_BG locale.  You can force
    the desired definition (Great Britain or US) by setting the
    environment variable UNITS_ENGLISH to GB or US.
  * Revised and extended the documentation, with more examples.
  * Added locale mapping to address Windows locale names.
  * Updated and revised units database, including UTF-8 definitions and
    the 2010 CODATA.
  * Fixed parsing bug for "1..2" or "1.2.3".  These now give an error.
  * Unit names can end with a number in the form of a subscript that
    starts with a '_', as in 'X_3'.
    Changes for units definition files:
  * Changed location and names of unit database, splitting off currency
    Files are /usr/local/share/units/{definitions,currency}.units and
    the personal units file is $HOME/.units instead of $HOME/units.dat.
  * Personal units filename can be changed with MYUNITSFILE environment variable.
  * Prefixes can be defined in any order: it is no longer necessary to
    define longer ones before shorter ones.
  * New definitions replace previous ones.  Personal units file is read
    after the system file rather than before.
  * Changed syntax for function definitions.  Instead of [in-unit,out-unit]
    you must now write units=[in-unit,out-unit].  Use 'units -c' to find
    places in your personal data files that need to be updated.
  * Add optional domain and range to function definitions with syntax
    domain=[min,max] and range=[min,max].  Either min or max can be
    omitted to signal infinity.
  * Unit list aliases can be defined with !unitlist command.
  * Added !var and !varnot and !endvar to include definitions based on
    environment variable settings.
  * Added !set to set environment variables (if they aren't already set).
  * Added !message to display a message
  * Data files are in UTF-8, with !utf8 and !endutf8 commands to mark
    definitions that require UTF-8 support.
  * Improved error handling when reading units.dat.
* Thu Aug 26 2010
- Updated to version 1.88
  * Updated units.dat
  * Fixed bug involving readline version 4.2
* Wed Feb 13 2008
- Update to units 1.85.
  * Units reads ~/.units.dat if it exists before reading the standard
    units database.
  * Added support for ** as an exponent operator.
  * Type 'search text' to list units that contain 'text' in their name.
  * Precedence of '*' changed to match precedence of '/'.
    (Multiplication by juxtaposition retains a higher precedence than
    '/'.)  The --oldstar option selects the old precedence and --newstar
    forces the new precedence.
* Thu Mar 29 2007
- Add bison to BuildRequires.
* Mon Dec 04 2006
- Update to units 1.85.
  * Added --one-line (-1) option which causes the program to print only
    one line of output.
  * Added --compact option which causes the program to print only the
    conversion factors and a newline on output.
  * Added build support for DESTDIR.
  * Made minor changes that allow the program to be compiled into a
    library and linked with other programs.
  * Fixed bugs (including bus error on Intel Mac) and added
* Wed Jan 25 2006
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Sun May 22 2005
- Update to units 1.85.
* Thu Oct 07 2004
- Update to units 1.80.
* Fri Sep 10 2004
- Fix missing declarations.
* Sat Apr 17 2004
- Pacify autobuild.
* Fri Feb 27 2004
- Add %defattr.