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Change Logs

Version: 4-bp150.2.3
* Mon Sep 25 2017
- update to version 4
  - Pos1 jumps mostly to the end of a program list
  - TV-Browser freezes at startup
  - Filter components wrongly added
  - Allow disabling of plugin sub menu items in context menu of program
  - Better focus handling for tabs in main frame
  - Context menu entry for setup of plugin in tabs
  - Show icons in tabs
  - Allow setup of line spacing for program panel font setting
  - Show channel groups in filterable program panel filter selection
  - Add option to show new found Favorite programs
  - Allow disabling of short description in ProgramInfo
  - Keyboard shortcuts for plugin actions should also work in fullscreen mode
  - Allow plugins to show more than one context menu action directly in context menu
  - Toolbar button for showing of menu
  - Allow displaying of original title if available
  - Function to highlight channel in program table that is scrolled to
  - Cancel search when search result dialog is closed
  - Longer pre data update waiting time
  - Allow deletion of single entries of search history
  - Colored backgrounds for channel label
  - Add easy copying of links
  - Use same logic for user defined font
  - Option to select more than 1 mouse action for plugin
  - Option to default to horizontal scroll in program table
  - Better reminder dialog
  - More exclusion options for Favorites
  - Wrong text for FAYT filter
  - Allow setup of reminder minutes for Favorites
  - AppData.xml file for Linux software stores
  - .deb package: symbolic link to init-script doesnt work
  - Time zone normalization might miss daylight savings time
  - Possible NPE in creation of tray programs menu
- Update NewsPlugin to
- Raise Java dependencies to 1.8
- Drop tvbrowser.appdata.xml and install the file included in the
  source tarball
- increase java heap space
* Fri Apr 21 2017
- use strip-nondeterminism to make build fully reproducible
* Sun Nov 20 2016
- add appdata.xml for
- enable unit tests (except 2 broken ones)
* Wed Jun 29 2016
- Update to version 3.4.4
- Allow deletion/reminder change for multiple favorites
- Make first day of week configurable
- Allow usage of filter to determine picture showing
- Preselect channels based on user country/language
- Prevent buttons in ConfiAssistant to be hidden
- Add whole term search as search option
- Allow separators in channel list
- Mark filters as broken if it contains broken filter components
- Single channel filter lost at removing of channel
- Plugin selection for picture settings mostly empty
- Provide restart after changing of plugin picture settings
- Allow plugins to add additional information to programs
- Allow different download ranges for manual and automatic update
- Allow deletion of data plugins from context menu
- Add auto update to channel list with user info
* Mon Jan 04 2016
- Update to version 3.4.3
  fixes a critical bug of the previous version
* Fri Dec 25 2015
- Update to version 3.4.2
- Allow to show program table icons with text in tool tip
- User should be able to select order of data postprocessing
- Allow change of visibility of progress bar in ProgressMonitor
- Allow access to progress monitor from PluginManager
- Identify label of persons in program info
- Allow plugins to set indeterminated state of progress bar
- Fix GTK+ theme with never Java
- Add parameter for channel sort number
- Allow export/import of channels
- Filter favorite ignores filter on data update
- Command line parameter not forwared for Linux packages
- Allow origin in parameter library
- Allow channel synchronization with Android
- Wrong codepage for theme downloads
- Weekdays switched in weekday filter component
- Favorites not save after sorting
- tooltip wrong in program list
- Search hint not deleted if search value inserted from clipboard
* Wed Dec 24 2014
- Update to version 3.4.1
- Only now and next programs in tray use filter settings value
- Allow instant advanced search for repetition search
- Make download handling more safe for not reacting servers (use threaded timeouts)
- Use at least picture with if available for picture display
- Speed up date change for program table
- Missing ProgramReceiceIfs are causing problems
- Create backup files for plugin data
- Better search for running and next program in tray
- Show channel logo in program panels
- Show restart entry in tray and after changing of locale
- Speed up marking
- Allow plugins to disable artificial plugin tree
- Create new favorite type for direct usage of filters
- Add fallback to auto download of plugin list
- Favorite exclusion window too small
- FilterManager should also handle ChannelGroups
- Show sort number in reminder and tray
- Internet connection check may have threading problem
- Add alphabetically sort function to filter tree
- Allow easy creation of channel filter
* Sat Sep 13 2014
- Update to version
  Fix for TV-Browser might not start because of a configuration fault
  in the change of the channel charing of Comedy Central (de),
  VIVA (de) and Nickelodeon (de).
* Wed Jul 02 2014
- Update to version 3.4
  This version brings many new features that were often suggested like
  showing of program numbers or yers on our to do list. TV-Browser 3.4
  makes it easy to install new icon themes directly in TV-Browser.
  The Favorites can be viewed filtered and can be created as filter themself.
  TV-Browser 3.4 also fixes bugs so it will run even better than the
  previous version. We suggest to update to TV-Browser 3.4 as soon
  as possible, to profit from the new features an bug fixes.
- New Feature: Allow exclusions from favorites depending on the program category
- New Feature: Let plugins request to be click action plugin
- New Feature: detect configuration changes and reload settings
- New Feature: have generic filter possibility for plugin markers
- New Feature: "Add own URL-Handler for ""tvbrowser://"" - Links "
- New Feature: "New program fields ""part number"" and ""part total number"" "
- New Feature: Make display of data in program table customizable
- New Feature: have menu item to create a debug log
- New Feature: show warning for useless search option combination
- Improvement: Allow user to create filter for single Favorite
- Improvement: Provide way for plugins to communicate with each other in an
    indirect and save way
- Improvement: Allow filter usage in Favorite tab/dialog
- Improvement: Use time buttons for navigation in tab
- Improvement: Store paths relative if possible
- Improvement: show no warning for self-deleted data files
- Improvement: Store window position of reminder window
- Improvement: Don't remove channels automatically if they aren't available
- Improvement: have different additional info icon sets or allow changing those
    icons easily
- Improvement: Show Info when no channels are displayed
- Improvement: Redesign search dialog to make it more easy to use
- Bug: ConcurrentModificationException while update of TV Browser data
- Bug: Wrong default reminder time causes exception at opening settings
- Bug: Internet connection check dialog not removed for update started after
- Bug: Found favorites window opens with empty favorites
- Bug: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException whenn adding programs to ProgramList
- Bug: Timezone correction doesn't work properly in countries with different
    daylight saving time than the channel's country
- Bug: No more updates possible for a channelgroup when all mirrors changed
    since the last update
- Bug: empty plugin tree for some plugins if tvb started with closed plugin
    tree view
- Bug: Background color of currently running programs is displayed false
- Bug: Program data files are not treated if the next 7 days none of them exists
* Sat Feb 08 2014
- actually build from source
* Thu Nov 21 2013
- Update to version 3.3.3
- Make pictures of expired program darker not gray
- Show list of available plugins sorted alphabetically
- Allow plugins to prepare for data update
- Allow more than one episode number in field value (encoded)
- Plugins should be able to set custom program field type name.
- Highlight programs that run at time scroll time
- Plugin autoupdate is not shown
- Reminder recreated on favorite programs after update
- Make programs easy accessible that start at the same time on the
  same channel on the same date
- NPE in day selection calendar under Mac OS X
- Add warning if user deactiavtes the program table tab
- Original ProgramReceiveTargets are sorted by TV-Browser
- AIOOBE in ProgramList
- Filter changes should be trackable for plugins
- Date range for auto update changes with user initiated update
- Allow programs with duplicate start times
- option to enable/disable/configure highlighting of mouse menu colors
- Webpages in Plugin-Install-Dialog should be clickable
- Scroll to now after download (if there was no data available before)
- ask for minimize to tray on first close
* Mon Sep 02 2013
- Update to version 3.3.2
- Allow filter usage in search dialog
- Scroll automatically to next/previous day when mouse wheel is
  used in program table
* Thu Jul 18 2013
- Update to version 3.3.1
- Centralize mouse actions and make it more customizable
- Make filter editable from edit favorite dialog
- Search accepts German UND, ODER
- Description in FilterComponent classes, removed from settings panel
- Browsing with keyboard in filter-list
- Ability to remind after program start
* Sat Mar 23 2013
- Update to version 3.3
- new languages, Croatian and Greek. It is possible to install
  additional languages in the program settings.
- Date separators added for better orientation in the program lists
  of the plugins.
* Mon Oct 29 2012
- use a URL for Source0.
* Sun Oct 28 2012
- Update to version 3.2.1
- TV-Browser 3.2.1 improves the performance, fixes some minor bugs
  and a mayor one that could destroy users filter components.
- TV-Browser 3.2 fixes bugs for better stability.
  New features are tab support, plugins can show their information
  the main window, many new predefined filters.
* Mon Dec 05 2011
- convert the included license to Unix line endings instead of
  shipping a separate copy of the license
- create a tailored launch script instead of relying on the
  guesswork in the upstream script and do not create symlinks
  bypassing the packaging system in %post
- create desktop file via %suse_update_desktop_file instead of
  patching the upstream one
- create explicit symlinks for application icons
- use %desktop_database_post/un and %icon_theme_cache_post/un to
  have the menu and icon caches updated on GTK-based desktops
- correct the RPM group
* Sun Oct 30 2011
- Update to version 3.1
* Fri Sep 16 2011
- Update to version 3.0.2
- Description and LICENSE.txt updated
* Thu May 12 2011
- Update to version 3.0.1, tvbrowser-desktop fixed