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Change Logs

* Tue Dec 18 2012
- package NEWS file
Version: 1.6.14-2.1
* Sat May 18 2019
- Added patch thunar-SEGV-11-on-USB-flash-connection.patch
  Fixes boo#1135362
* Sun Feb 18 2018
- Ensure neutrality of description.
* Sat Feb 17 2018
- update to 1.6.14:
  * Do not translate "Trash" files and folders (bxo#14211)
  * Crash in thunar_file_is_gfile_ancestor (bxo#14202)
  * Fix potential buffer overflow (bxo#12444)
  * Fix crash on unavailable file move copy (bxo#14056)
  * Translation updates
- partly spec-cleaner fixes
* Tue Nov 28 2017
- update to 1.6.13:
  * Handle cases when file watch is not supported (bxo#13881)
  * Missing Trash Translation String (bxo#13409)
  * Handle g_mem_is_system_malloc deprecation
  * Prefer local (file://) URIs than native ones (e.g. smb://)
    (bxo#13845), fixes drag-and-drop to third-party apps.
  * Translation updates
* Fri Jul 07 2017
- Update to 1.6.12:
  * Fix deadlock in mutex causing Thunar to hang (bxo#13481)
  * Add support for Exif:ImageDescription and Exif:UserComment
  * Do not pass NULL to g_file_test
  * Bump libxfce4panel version for TPA plugin to 4.9.0
  * Switch from XfcePanelImage to GtkImage
  * Fixed a compilation error with the newest dev panel API
  * Translation updates: Catalan, Dutch (Flemish), Galician,
    Korean, Lithuanian, Spanish, Thai
* Mon Apr 17 2017
- Update to 1.6.11:
  * Fix a crash for on cut/pasting of multiple files (bxo#12260)
  * Fix a crash when renaming files (bxo#12264)
  * Fix missing return value for debug in thunar_file_reload
  * Fix thunar history being deleted after view change (bxo#12708)
  * Expand the name column by default in details view (bxo#11357)
  * Silently ignore G_IO_ERROR_FAILED_HANDLED (bxo#8695)
  * Fixing missing return value in standard view
  * Fix crashes when reloading target file after move (bxo#11983)
  * Translation updates: Arabic, Asturian, Basque, Bulgarian,
    Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Dutch (Flemish), English
    (Australia), English (Great Britain), Finnish, French,
    Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian,
    Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmal, Norwegian Nynorsk,
    Occitan, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Slovak, Swedish
- Remove thunar-bugfixes.patch (fixed upstream)
* Wed Feb 22 2017
- Created patch thunar-bugfixes.patch fixing the following upstream bugs:
  - Fix a crash for on cut/pasting of multiple files (bxo #12260)
  - Fix a crash when renaming files (boo #1011518, bxo #12264)
  - Fix missing return value for debug in thunar_file_reload (bxo #12827)
  - Fix thunar history being deleted after view change (bxo #12708)
  - Fixing missing return value in standard view
  - Fix crashes when reloading target file after move (bxo #11983)
* Tue Jan 26 2016
- Created thunar-appdata.patch to correct mismatched names between
  thunar.appdata.xml and thunar.desktop. Renamed Thunar.desktop to
  thunar.desktop to solve installation system problems see:
* Fri May 22 2015
- update to version 1.6.10
  - Do not track thunar/thunar-marshal.{c,h}
  - Remove Makefile and files when running distclean
  - Remove subversion $Id$ tags
  - Really fix trash state at startup (bxo#9513, bxo#11913)
  - Use proper return type for thunar_file_reload (bxo#11913)
  - Revert "Fix loading the trash bin status at startup (bxo#9513)"
* Sun May 17 2015
- update to version 1.6.9
  - fix ThunarBulkRename script not supporting spaces (bxo#9713)
  - use "Name" column for drag & drop instead of first column
  - update the path entry icon when current file changes
  - revert changes for restoring the trash in the session client
  - fix loading the trash bin status at startup (bxo#9513)
  - turn off building gtk-docs API reference
  - fix cppcheck warning about uninitialized variable
  - disable "Set as default application" by default in the chooser
  - remember chosen application in the chooser dialog as last used
  - remember the last used application when opening files
  - fix reload when file is replaced with directory of the same
  - fix comments for toggle-menubar
  - allow opening by middle-click in tree view only for mounted
    devices and resources
  - keep selection in original tree view when middle-clicking for
    new tab/window
  - keep path selected after unmounting a device via KEY_Left
  - unmount device if collapsing a collapsed device tree with
    KEY_Left in the tree view
  - fix wrong network icon shown in tree view
  - fix tree view opening mounted devices in new tab
  - use only open selection instead of open action with KEY_Up and
  - fix assertion when hitting KEY_Left on a top-level item in the
    tree view
  - revert workaround for desktop toplevel item in the tree view
  - always select the proper toplevel item in the thunar tree view
  - unescape URI in history error message
  - remove unmounted files from history when going back or forward
  - translation updates
* Tue May 05 2015
- update to version 1.6.8
  - watch for CHANGES_DONE_HINT instead of CHANGED and
    ATTRIBUTE_CHANGED (bxo#8377)
  - shortcut view: Fix "selection in selection" graphical bug when
    renaming shortcut
  - fix broken shortcut renaming (bxo#11885)
  - unescape URIs in the shortcut view (bxo#10831)
  - fix compiler warning because of missing curly braces
  - fix compilation error because of wrong variable name
  - fix unescaping of local paths in path entry (bxo#8190)
  - fix escaping and unescaping URI in path entry (bxo#8910)
  - let the tree view keep the focus when clicking on an item
  - fix switching to the 10th tab via <alt>-<0> keyboard shortcut
  - fix removal of a directory wrongly affecting the current tab
  - keep the scroll position when restoring the file selection
  - restore selection only when rows-reordered signal is received
  - for folders copied always append "copy #" to the end of their
    names (bxo#11862)
  - update F5 binding for new ThunarWindow::reload signal
  - do not perform the complete folder reload in idle (bxo#11849)
  - Coverity CID 60623: Unused value
  - Coverity CID 60621: Missing return statement
  - Coverity CID 60620: Explicit null dereferenced
  - Coverity CID 60619: Explicit null dereferenced
  - Coverity CID 60617: Unchecked return value
  - remove unused variable in thunar_standard_view_set_history
  - remove startup notification dependencies (bxo#11837)
  - translation updates
* Mon Apr 20 2015
- update to version 1.6.7
  - Improve drag & drop and selecting in the details view
  - Let row changes accumulate a bit before restoring selection
  - Implement reloading file information on manual reload
  - Extend reload functions to allow a full reload
  - Check in thunar-marshal with new
  - Reload files changed by jobs in an idle loop (bxo#11008)
  - Refactor code for moving thumbnail cache file on renames/moves
  - Rework thunar_file_monitor to properly register moved files
  - Add function to reload parent file of a file
  - Fix updating file info for moved files (bxo#11008)
  - Revert "Refresh file info after getting it from cache
  - Fix comments
  - Update the location bar after reload (bxo#10518)
  - Fix updating custom actions (bxo#11749)
  - Update rows on changes of case-sensitive and folders-first
  - Fix typos and grammar mistakes in a few comments
  - Make new windows inherit the history of the origin view
  - Make new tabs inherit the history of the origin view (bxo#5538)
  - Keep the history across view changes (bxo#10171)
  - Implement functions for copying the history of a view
  - Rename tsv_restore_selection to tsv_select_after_row_deleted
  - Redraw the details view on row changes
  - Restore selection on row changes too (bxo#9886)
  - Improve mouse wheel zoom behaviour
  - Remember and restore file selection on view changes
  - Restore file selection when changing sort order (bxo#9886)
  - Update model with changed binary file size setting immediately
  - Fix typo busy_pulse in thunar-shortcuts-model.c
  - Fix typo in thunar-clipboard-manager
  - Fix Gdk-CRITICAL error
  - Clean up more files with make clean
  - Rework usage of binary file size properties (bxo#11450)
  - Remove duplicate break statement in thunar-standard-view
  - Fix compiler warning about shadowing 'basename' (bxo#11633)
  - thunar/thunar-dbus-service-infos.xml corrections
  - Fix startup id handling for launch requests over D-Bus
  - Fallback to non-cached version of source file (bxo#9142)
  - Translation updates
* Sat Feb 28 2015
- update to version 1.6.6
  - Removed GNU extension -i from sed
  - Bump default size of file properties dialog a bit
  - Respect the "View new folders using" preference (bxo#11606)
  - Improve check for shell scripts and add hidden option for
  - Fix some GTK_STOCK icon usages resulting in missing icons
  - plugins/thunar-wallpaper: Fix icon
  - Fix icon name for folders and a memory leak (bxo#11608)
  - Also query for network location icons
  - Don't use deprecated function
  - Secure threading in the idle thumbnail loading
  - Sidepane treeview: Do not switch folder when clicking a row
  - Fix cppcheck possible errors/warnings
  - Hide template file extensions in context menu (bxo#11571)
  - thunar-wallpaper: Fix translation in applications other than
  - thunar-wallpaper: Check if file is really an image (bxo#11565)
  - Update another copyright string
  - Fix endless rename loop in case of error on the properties
    dialog (bxo#11557)
  - Translation updates
* Fri Feb 20 2015
- update to version 1.6.5
  - bump autotools versions
  - add .gitignore
  - do not execute but only open shell scripts by default
    (bxo#7596) (Harald Judt)
  - fix typo in error message (Nick Schermer)
  - improve keyboard navigation for thunar-tree-view (bxo#4519)
    (Harald Judt)
  - allow ctrl + middle click in shortcut and treeview panes
    (Harald Judt)
  - set correct dialog window hint for progress dialog (bxo#11467)
    (Matt Thirtytwo)
  - refresh file info after getting it from cache (bxo#11008)
    (Peter de Ridder)
  - remove unused enum for signal handlers (bxo#11493) (Matt
  - simplify, generated files are separated from typed
    source files (Matt Thirtytwo)
  - thunar-tpa: Install desktop file to
    $(datadir)/xfce4/panel/plugins (Robby Workman)
  - fix anchor offset in xfce_dialog_show_help () function
    (Olivier Duchateau)
  - properly handle m4 stuff (Harald Judt)
  - TWP: Single-workspace-mode = TRUE is the default (bxo#11047)
    (Eric Koegel)
  - thunar-wallpaper: Do not use escaped filenames for xfconf
    (Harald Judt)
  - use xfconf and handle xfdesktop's single workspace (bxo#11047)
    (Eric Koegel)
  - revert "Workaround for crashes on RHEL5" (Andrzej)
  - revert "Fallback to image surface, workaround for bug in
    Cairo/RENDER" (Andrzej)
  - renaming a file from another file manager, file disappears in
    Thunar window (bxo#11430) (Andrzej)
  - make usage/free string more clear (bxo#11345) (Harald Judt)
  - make single middle click open files and folders (bxo#10587)
    (Harald Judt)
  - add a progressbar to the freespace indicator in the properties
    dialog (Harald Judt, Simon Steinbeiss)
  - change resize style in thunar-wallpaper plugin (Thaddaeus
  - add vim modeline, remove obsolete '$Id$' line (Matt Thirtytwo)
  - right click context menu with wrong icon (bxo#10652) (Andrzej)
  - translation updates
* Mon Jan 05 2015
- update to version 1.6.4
  - make distcheck fix (reference docs linking error) (Andrzej)
  - Add support for binary file size units (bxo#10864)
    (Andre Miranda)
  - Strip trailing spaces/Github test (Nick)
  - Fix case of Xfce in appdata description (Simon)
  - Update intltool (Eric)
  - Add pkexec policy (bxo#11122) (Eric)
  - Remove trailing whitespace from Makefile to prevent warning
  - Add appdata file for Thunar (Bug 11172) (Eric)
  - Check for thumbnails in the new location (bxo#11263) (Eric)
  - Default application not respected with glib >= 2.41
    (bxo#11212) (Guido)
  - Add support for the GTK 3 bookmarks file (bxo#10627)
  - Update xfconf setting for thunar-wallpaper plugin (Eric)
  - Update copyright. (Nick)
  - thunar-tpa: fix libxfce4panel version checking macros
  - Fallback to image surface, workaround for bug in
    Cairo/RENDER (Andrzej)
  - Fixed missing inode-directory/folder icons on old systems.
  - Change name of file copies (and links) (bxo#7518). (Nick)
  - Improve the extension selection to not match hidden names.
  - Safe accels 10 sec after changes (bxo#10139). (Nick)
  - Force icons on the toolbar (bxo#10179). (Nick)
  - Improve handling of renames (bxo#10242). (Nick)
  - Smarter file extension selecting (bxo#10268). (Jeff Shipley)
  - I18n: Remove broken / unsupported translations. (Nick)
  - Force reference on files from the cache. (Nick)
  - Drop README.thunarrc. (Nick)
  - Translation updates.
- remove obsolete thunar-fix-default-application-lookup.patch.
* Tue Oct 14 2014
- add thunar-support-gtk3-bookmarks.patch in order to add support
  for the GTK 3 bookmarks file (bxo#10627)
- add thunar-fix-default-application-lookup.patch in order to fix
  the default application lookup with gio >= 2.41 (bxo#11212)
* Thu Oct 02 2014
- Do not BuildRequire xorg-x11-devel, just pkgconfig(sm)
  and pkgconfig(x11)
* Sun May 05 2013
- update to version 1.6.3
  - autotools updates
  - allow keyboard shortcuts for user customizable actions
  - prepend and later reverse for collecting selection
  - some optimizations in renamer loop
  - plug leak in file renamer
  - escape name for sidepane tooltips
  - revert "Remove image resolution from statusbar."
  - fix segfault when going back to removed directory
  - translation updates
* Thu May 02 2013
- modified thunar-use-xdg-icon-spec-icons.patch in order to fix the
  thuar-sento-email icon
* Fri Dec 28 2012
- update to version 1.6.2
  - don't abort startup if dbus failed
  - put * around string if * and ? are not used in the pattern
  - revert "Remove right-click drag possibility (bug #3549)."
  - revert "Directly popup menus on selected items (bug #3550)."
  - update shortcuts headers when removing a shortcut
  - implement tab middle click in location buttons
  - add new tab option to right-click menu of location buttons
  - small improvement in thumbnail frame
  - key combos not working with location buttons
  - open tree node if expanded and mounted
  - use some more cairo rendering
  - make Desktop in Go menu translatable
  - send to menu not updated for directories
  - fix freeze on /proc/kmsg
  - show all volumes in the devices list
  - removed translations: Dzongkha, Kazakh, Kurdish, Macedonian
  - translation updates