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Change Logs

* Wed Jan 12 2022 Peter Simons <>
- Update texmath to version 0.12.4.
  texmath (0.12.4)
  * TeX reader: handle hyperref better (#186).  We don't parse it as a link,
    but we pass its contents through rather than failing.
  * Update scripts and data in `lib/` directory. These are not build
    dependencies, but they were used to produce some of the large
    tables in the source code.  Fixed the scripts and Makefile to work
    with recent texmath and cabal.  Removed two very large unicode data
    files that can be downloaded when needed.  (This reduces the size of
    the source tarball considerably.) Remove `lib/toascii` (no longer used).
  * Update MMLDict using latest unicode.xml.
  * TeX reader: support siunitx `\qty`, `\qtyrange`, `\unit` (#185).
  * Remove Text.TeXMath.Compat.  We can now safely require mtl >= 2.2.1.
  * Use symbolMap from ToTeX to shorten the long hardcoded symbols list.
    Now we only hard-code items that differ what what is in symbolMap.
    This reduces the code size by thousands of lines.
  * Unicode.ToTeX: export `symbolMap` [API change].  This uses the data in
    `records` to create a backwards mapping from TeX commands to Exps (ESymbol
    elements).  This can replace most of the hardcoded list in the current
    TeX reader.
  * Split out TeXMath.Readers.TeX.Commands internal module.
    This makes the TeX reader shorter and should help compile times.
  * OMML reader: better handling of m:t nodes (#151).
    Previously we parsed an m:t element as an EIdentifier if it contains a
    single letter, but an EText TextNormal if it contains more than one.  This
    gave bad results in some cases.  It is better to reserve EText for the
    case where the m:nor property is specified for "normal text."
  * Require base >= 4.11.
  * Remove `network-uri` flag from stack.yaml.
  texmath (
  * OMML writer: use nary only for operators supported by LibreOffice
    (Albert Krewinkel).  LibreOffice (and possibly Word, too) can handle
    only a small set of operators in an `nary` element.
  * TeX writer: use `\xleftarrow`, `\xrightarrow` where sensible
    (Albert Krewinkel).  The commands are generated for expressions over `?`
    or `?`. Besides being more idiomatic, this change also prevents the
    generation of invalid LaTeX, as `\leftarrow` and `\rightarrow` are not
    math operators and hence may not be followed by `\limit`.
    Both commands are part of amsmath.sty.
  * TeX reader:
    + Improve angled-bracket support (Albert Krewinkel).
    The amsmath package allows `\left<` and `\right>` as alternatives to
    `\left\langle` and `\right\rangle`, respectively.
    + Ignore stared version of `\tag` (Albert Krewinkel).
    + Support \dots{c,b,m,i,o} from amsmath (#179).
    + Change symbol returned for \dots{b,i,m} from `?` to `?`
    (Albert Krewinkel).
* Mon Nov 01 2021
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * OMML writer: remove m:nor element in math operators (#178).
    This caused the document's main font, rather than the math
    font, to be used in formatting operators, which is undesirable.
* Mon Aug 16 2021
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * MathML reader: don't allow mfenced attributes to inherit (#177).
    When open and close attributes aren't given on an mfenced,
    we should use defaults rather than inheriting these from a
    parent mfenced.
* Thu May 13 2021
- Update texmath to version 0.12.3.
  texmath (0.12.3)
  * TeX reader: implement logic to convert a Bin symbol to
    an Op to Op when it occurs at the beginning of a group,
    or after an Open, Pun, or Op symbol. This will give much
    better results for unary `-` (#176).
  * OMML writer: fixed rendering of EDelimited (#173).
    We now properly render "middles" (separators).
* Tue Mar 16 2021
- Update texmath to version 0.12.2.
  texmath (0.12.2)
  * MathML input: support mmultiscripts element (#158, #100).
  * Make MathML tag/attr recognition case-insensitive (#158).
  * Pandoc writer: better handling of styling such as `\mathrm` (#145).
    Previously identifiers were always italic, no matter what
    styling was applied.
  * Ignore `\tag` in TeX input (#162).
  * TeX writer: avoid unneeded `\left` and `\right` for delimited.
    We don't need `\left` and `\right` when the contents are
    "standard height."
  * TeX reader: parse implicit EDelimited sections (#172).
    We now parse `(x)` as EDelimited, even though `\right` and `\left`
    are not used.
* Mon Feb 08 2021
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * Fix compilation with GHC-9.0.1 (#169, Simon Jakobi).
  * Add eqn to online demo.
  * Improve error messages for unknown control sequences, and restructure
    tex parser to be more efficient (#167).
* Tue Dec 29 2020
- Update texmath to version 0.12.1.
  texmath (0.12.1)
  * OMML writer: explicitly mark symbols as non-italic (#109).
    Otherwise, for some reason, they appear as italic by default.
  * Improve error messages in reading tex arrays.
  * Improve support for `\bmod`, `\mod`, etc. (#165).
    Allow them to take complex arguments like `\left( 1 \right)`.
  * Improve support for `\genfrac` (#164).
  * Ignore `\textstyle`, `\scriptstyle`, `\scriptscriptstyle`,
    as we currently ignore `\displaystyle`.
  * Parse siunitx commands in reading tex (#157).
  * Improve handling of `\not` in reading tex (#161).
    Previously we only handled `\not` in front of certain symbols.
  * Support `\pod` and `\pmod` and clean up spacing and font for
    `\mod` and `\bmod` (#160).
* Thu Dec 17 2020 Ond?ej Súkup <>
- disable %{ix86} build
* Tue Sep 22 2020
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * Allow pandoc-types 1.22.
* Tue Aug 18 2020 Peter Simons <>
- Replace %setup -q with the more modern %autosetup macro.
* Tue Jul 21 2020 Michel Normand <>
- Add _constraints for PowerPC avoid "no space left on device" build error
* Tue Jun 16 2020 Peter Simons <>
- Re-generate file with latest version of spec-cleaner.
Version: 0.11.2-bp151.1.7
* Fri Feb 01 2019
- Update texmath to version 0.11.2.
  texmath (0.11.2)
  * Improved handling of \mathop etc (#126).  We now allow operators like
    `arg\,min`, converting the space into unicode.
  * Support \hspace (#126).
  * Support \hdots as synonym of \ldots (#126).
  * Support \mathds (#126).
  * In parsing array, ignore `|` in column specs (#127).
    We have no way to represent this in EArray, currently.
    Ignoring them seems better than failing altogether.
* Mon Oct 29 2018
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * Eqn writer: properly escape `{` and `}`.
  * Set more accurate bounds (Herbert Valerio Riedel).
* Thu Oct 04 2018
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * Fix building with ghc-8.6.1 by removing need for now missing
    MonadFail instances (Jonas Scholl).
  * TeX reader: Allow operators like `/` to be scaled (#120).
  * TeX reader: Improved efficiency of basicEnclosure.
  * TeX reader: Handle `\bmod` (#115).
  texmath (0.11.1)
  * OMML writer: Use m:acc for accents in OMML (#119).  This fixes
    some spacing issues for e.g. the translation of `\dot{m}`.
* Wed Jul 18 2018
- Cosmetic: replace tabs with blanks, strip trailing white space,
  and update copyright headers with spec-cleaner.
* Fri Jul 13 2018
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * OMML writer: use zero-width space to avoid dashed box (#118).
    In Word, a dashed box shows up for empty text runs in
    exponents and bases, or empty exponents and bases.  So
    we use a zero-width space in these contexts.
* Mon May 14 2018
- Update texmath to version 0.11.
  * Changed treatment of non-ASCII characters.
    Previously we ensured that the output of conversion to tex
    was pure ASCII.  This meant rendering "ä" as "a", for
    example, and it meant that many characters (e.g. Chinese)
    simply got replaced with an empty string, while others
    got replaced with "[?]".
    This was not a particularly helpful behavior.  Including
    the unicode characters verbatim doesn't interfere with
    latex compilation.  They often won't show up in the generated
    math, but that is no worse than what happened before.
    This change passes through unicode characters unchanged
    when they can't be converted to standard LaTeX commands.
    An important reason for including the unicode characters
    is that pandoc uses TeX to represent math in its AST.
    So, for example, if you convert HTML with mathml to docx,
    you'll currently lose all Chinese characters, since they'll
    disappear in the TeX intermediary, even though a direct
    mathml to ooml conversion would have passed them through.
    With this change, these conversions will work better
    (see jgm/pandoc#4642).
    + Removed Text.TeXMath.Unicode.ToASCII (API change).
    + Removed cbits that were needed for that module.
    + Modified Tex.TeXMath.Unicode.ToTeX to pass through
    unicode characters that can't be converted, rather
    than trying to asciify them or remove them.
  * Render degree symbol in tex as `{^\circ}`.
  * eqn writer:  use uppercase letters in unicode escapes (jgm/pandoc#4597).
  * Handle multicharacter operators better in Eqn, TeX, OMML (#109).
  * OMML reader: unwrap `<w:...>` tags immediately under `<m:oMath>`
    (#111, Jesse Rosenthal).
  * Expose Text.TeXMath.TeX (TeX rendering functions) (#108).
    This is needed in order to use getTeXMath from Text.TeXMath.Unicode.ToTeX.
  * Pandoc writer: don't insert punctuation space before explicit space
    (#107).  E.g. in `2,\!4`.
  * Fix end-line command ('\\') in AMSmath environments (ARATA Mizuki).
    The end-line command in AMSmath environments does not allow spaces
    before its optional argument.
  * Use `\in` for SMALL ELEMENT OF in "base" (Vaclav Haisman).
  * Use `\ni` in base for U+220D (#103).
  * Improved unicode -> tex symbol lookup.  Previously we had many
    cases where the lookup table would map a unicode character to
    the empty string for the base package, and this would print finding
    a good match in another package in the environment.
  * Added support for `\symbf` (#101).
  * Revert "migrating the lookup structures for Unicode/ToTex.hs to
    use C source files to accelerate builds."  This change gave us somewhat
    faster builds (using less memory), but at a huge cost of
  * Removed AlignDefault from Alignment (API change, #102).
    AlignDefault doesn't make sense for a converter between
    formats that may have different defaults.  We now properly treat
    centering as the default in MathML and OMML input.
  * Update tests that should have been updated for
  * MathML writer: put linethickness attribute directly on mfrac
    element. This fixes binomial rendering.
  * Pandoc writer: better handle accented characters (jgm/pandoc#3922).
* Wed May 06 2020
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * Allow pandoc-types 1.21.
  * Pandoc output: omit empty Emph for sub/superscript without base (#155).
  * tex writer: Use `\overline{\overline{B}}` instead of unicode
    double line accent (#153).
* Thu Feb 27 2020
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * OMML writer: Fix overline and accent rendering (#152).
  * OMML reader: Fix dropped arrows (#153). Add tests.
* Wed Nov 13 2019
- Update texmath to version 0.12.
  texmath (0.12)
  * Use Text instead of String in data types and functions
    (Christian Despres) [API change].  Note that there are still a few
    places where we unpack Text to String with a view pattern:
    performance could likely be increased with further rewriting.
  * Avoid use of !! with negative index (jgm/pandoc#5853).
* Fri Nov 08 2019 Peter Simons <>
- Drop obsolete group attributes.
* Sat Oct 05 2019
- Update texmath to version 0.11.3.
  texmath (0.11.3)
  * Use error instead of fail to allow building with ghc 8.8.
  * Test output: remove superfluous spaces after control sequences,
    superfluous groups, and unicode VARIATION SELECTOR 1.
  * renderTeX: add space between control sequence and any non-ASCII
    character.  There are differences in behavior of isAlphaNum between
    different ghc versions that would affect test output otherwise.
  * charToLaTeXString: Ignore 65024 VARIATION SELECTOR 1 to avoid putting
    it literally in the output ; it is used in mathml output and occurs
    in many of the test cases.
  * Add cabal.project.
  * Use actions rather than travis for CI.
* Wed Sep 25 2019
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * OMML reader: properly distinguish normal text from math (#136).
    If `m:nor` or `m:lit` is set in `m:rPr`, we interpret the
    contents as literal text and not as math.
  * TeX reader: use different symbol (`_`) for `\underline` (#142).
    This gets the right accent properties on MathML output, so
    that the underline is not lower than it should be.
  * TeX reader: Treat `\bmod` as a relational symbol rather than
    an operator (#143).  This fixes spacing problems in several
    output formats.
* Sat Mar 09 2019
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * OMML writer: use m:nor for normal text (#135).
* Sun Mar 03 2019
- Update texmath to version
  texmath (
  * OMML reader: Don't collapse `fName` to a string (#133).
    This fixes cases where fName has some complexity, e.g.
    a subscript or limit.