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Change Logs

* Sat May 06 2017
- Add 03_add_build-date_param.patch from Debian to allow overriding
  build date of output html files
* Fri Feb 06 2015
- Move %install_info_delete from %postun to %preun
* Thu Feb 05 2015
- Maintain texi2html as full independent package: there is no need
  to have it interlinked with texinfo.
- Add proper split provides to specify the split away from texinfo.
* Thu Feb 05 2015
- Update texi2html to 5.0 (2010-06-27)
  * The program may be called as makeinfo, with a handling of options
    and defaults matching makeinfo.
    It may also be called as texi2any, with makeinfo defaults and all
    the texi2html command-line arguments that are not obsolete.
  * new info and plaintext backends, ready for world domination!
    Corresponding test results are added.
  * main program handles --xml, --docbook, --info, --html and --plaintext.
  * Handle @DH{}, @dh{}, @TH{}, @th{}, @headitemfont, @part and
    @allowcodebreaks false
  * Handle -o /dev/null (or NUL) like makeinfo.
  * Read TEXINFO_OUTPUT_FORMAT in env to determine the output format.
  * add 0x7F as a comment character.
  * When called as texi2html, output the title page at the beginning.
  * mediawiki backend completed.
  * Translations of error messages available.
  * Handling of @itemize and @table arguments are more in line with makeinfo.
  * ignore @setfilename in @include'd files, as told in the texinfo manual.
  * many warning messages added, especially for Info to match makeinfo.
  * Still provide the default output with --macro-expand.
  * Handle correctly @w in info and html.
  * Much more ...
- Use the external packages perl-libintl-perl and perl-Text-Unidecode
  instead of the otherwise included libintl-perl and perl-Text-Unidecode
- Add patch texi2html-5584.patch as backport of upstream submit #5584
  to fix boo#916186
* Thu Aug 07 2014
- Split from texinfo package
- Import:
  * texi2html-1.78.dif
  * config-guess-sub-update.patch