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Change Logs

Version: 3.0.1-bp152.1.1
* Wed Apr 15 2020 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 3.0.1
  * Fix hang in BEAST check when there are ciphers starting with
    SSL_* but which are no SSLv2 cipher
  * Fix bug in setting DISPLAY_CIPHERNAMES when
  * Fix basic auth LF problem
  * Fix printing percent chars
  * Fix minor HTML generation bug
  * Fix security bug: sanitizing DNS input
  * make --ids-friendly work again
  * Update sneaky user agent
  * Update links in code comments
  * Cosmetic code updates
  * Fix output bug when >1 PTR records returned
  * More output fixes
* Fri Apr 03 2020 Christian Boltz <>
- fix bash path for Leap 15.x
* Thu Jan 23 2020 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 3.0
  * Full support of TLS 1.3, shows also drafts supported
  * Extended protocol downgrade checks
  * ROBOT check
  * Better TLS extension support
  * Better OpenSSL 1.1.1 and higher versions support as well as
    LibreSSL >3
  * DNS over Proxy and other proxy improvements
  * Decoding of unencrypted BIG IP cookies
  * Initial client certificate support
  * Warning of 825 day limit for certificates issued after
  * Socket timeouts (--connect-timeout)
  * IDN/IDN2 servername/URI + emoji support, supposed
    libidn/idn2 is installed and DNS resolver is recent)support
  * Initial support for certificate compression
  * Better JSON output: renamed IDs and findings shorter/better
    parsable, also includes certficate
  * JSON output now valid also for non-responding servers
  * Testing now per default 370 ciphers
  * Further improving the robustness of TLS sockets (sending
    and parsing)
  * Support of supplying timeout value for openssl connect
  - - useful for batch/mass scanning
  * File input for serial or parallel mass testing can be also in
    nmap grep(p)able (-oG) format
  * LOGJAM: now checking also for DH and FFDHE groups (TLS 1.2)
  * PFS: Display of elliptical curves supported, DH and FFDHE
    groups (TLS 1.2 + TLS 1.3)
  * Check for session resumption (Ticket, ID)
  * TLS Robustness check GREASE and more
  * Server preference distinguishes between TLS 1.3 and lower
  * Mark TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 as deprecated
  * Does a few startup checks which make later tests easier and
    faster (determine_optimal_\*())
  * Expect-CT header detection
  * --phone-out does certificate revocation checks via OCSP
    (LDAP+HTTP) and with CRL
  * --phone-out checks whether the private key has been
    compromised via
  * Missing SAN warning
  * Added support for private CAs
  * Way better handling of connectivity problems (counting those,
    if threshold exceeded -> bye)
  * Fixed TCP fragmentation
  * Added --ids-friendly switch
  * Exit codes better: 0 for running without error, 1+n for small
    errors, >240 for major errors.
  * Better error msg suppression (not fully installed OpenSSL)
  * Better parsing of HTTP headers & better output of longer HTTP
  * Display more HTTP security headers
  * HTTP Basic Auth support for HTTP header
  * experimental "eTLS" detection
  * Dockerfile and repo @ docker hub with that file (see above)
  * Java Root CA store added
  * Better support for XMPP via STARTTLS & faster
  * Certificate check for to-name in stream of XMPP
  * Support for NNTP and LMTP via STARTTLS, fixes for MySQL and
  * Support for SNI and STARTTLS
  * More robustness for any STARTTLS protocol (fall back to
    plaintext while in TLS caused problems)
  * Renegotiation checks improved, also no false potive for Node.js
  * Major update of client simulations with self-collected
    up-to-date data
  * Update of CA certificate stores
  * Lots of bug fixes
  * More travis/CI checks -- still place for improvements
  * Bigger man page review
- specfile cleanup
- Add
* Wed Dec 11 2019 Matthias Fehring <>
- Update to 2.9.96 (aka 3.0rc6)
  * Socket timeouts (--connect-timeout)
  * IDN/IDN2 servername support
  * support
  * Initial support for certificate compression
  * Initial client certificate support
  * Better indentation for HTTP header outputs
  * Better parsing of HTTP headers
  * Penalize absence of TLS 1.2 anymore if server supports TLS 1.3 only
  * Several improvements related to protocol determination and downgrade responses
  * Some logic related using TLS 1.3 aware OpenSSL binaries more or less automagically
  * Internal improvements to server preference checks
  * Lots of internal and some speed improvements in "pre-flight checks" (comes before outputting any test)
  * Mark TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 as deprecated
  * Support newer OpenSSL/LibreSSL versions
  * Improved detection of wrong user input when file was supplied for --csv,--json and --html
  * Update client handshakes with newer client data and deprecate other clients
  * Regression in CAA RR fixed
  * Session resumption fixes
  * Session ticket fixes
  * Fixes for STARTTLS MySQL and PostgreSQL
  * Unit tests for (almost) every STARTTLS protocol supported
  * A lot of minor fixes
* Sat Apr 27 2019 Matthias Fehring <>
- Update to 2.9.95 (aka 3.0rc5)
  * Modernized client handshakes
  * Further code sanitizing
  * Fixes in CSV files and JSON files creation and some ACE
    loadbalancer related improvements
  * Fix session tickets and resumption
  * OpenSSL 1.1.1 fixes
  * Darwin OpenSSL binary
  * Updated certificate store
  * Add SSLv2 to SWEET
- update to
* Tue Feb 19 2019 Matthias Fehring <>
- Update to 2.9.94 (aka 3.0rc4)
  * Documentation fixes and additions
  * Add new openssl helper binaries
  * Bug fix: Scan continues if one of multiple IP addresses per
    hostname has a problem
  * "eTLS" detection ("visibility information")
  * Minimize initial warning "doesn't seem to be a TLS/SSL enabled
    server" by using sockets
  * Several improvement for SSLv2 only servers
  * Handle different cipher preference < TLS 1.3 vs. TLS 1.3
  * Clarify & improve Standard Cipher check (potentially breaking
  * Improve SWEET32 test
  * Finding certificates is faster and independent on openssl
* Sat Dec 01 2018 Matthias Fehring <>
- Update to 2.9.93 (aka 3.0rc3)
  * add SSLv2 ciphers *total ciphers now being tested for: 370)
  * updated client simulation data
  * TLS 1.3 improvements
  * STARTTLS NNTP support
  * STARTTLS XMPP faster and more reliable
  * include DH groups (primes) in pfs section
  * Fix TCP fragmentation under remaining OS: FreeBSD / Mac OS X
  * further bugfixes and clarifications
* Wed Nov 28 2018 Matthias Fehring <>
- initial package version 2.9.92 (aka 3.0rc2)