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Change Logs

* Sun Nov 28 2021 Dirk Müller <>
- update to 2.6.1:
  - The logic behind new-uuid verbosity option changed. New-uuid now overrides
    new-id if set and will cause Taskwarrior to display UUIDs instead of IDs
    for new tasks (machine friendly).
  - If ~/.taskrc is not found, Taskwarrior will look for its configuration in
    $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/task/taskrc (defaulting to ~/.config/task/taskrc). This
    allows users to setup their Taskwarrior to follow XDG standard without
    using config overrides.
  - Newer Unicode characters, such as emojis are correctly handled and displayed.
    Taskwarrior now supports all Unicode characters up to Unicode 12.
  - Datetime values until year 9999 are now supported.
    Duration values of up to 1 000 000 years are now supported.
  - 64-bit numeric values (up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807) are now supported.
  - Later/someday named datetime values now resolve to 9999-12-30 (instead of
  - Calendar now supports displaying due dates until year 9999.
  - Calendar now displays waiting tasks with due dates on the calendar.
  - Calendar supports highlighting days with scheduled tasks.
  - Multi-day holidays are now supported.
  - Holiday data files for fr-CA, hu-HU, pt-BR, sk-SK and sv-FI locales are now
    generated and shipped with Taskwarrior.
  - The task edit command can now handle multi-line annotations and UDAs in a
    user friendly way, withouth having to handle with JSON escaping of special
  - A large portion of currently known parser-related issues was fixed.
  - The taskrc file now supports relative paths, which are evaluated with
    respect to (a) current directory, (b) taskrc directory and (c) now also the
    installation directory of configuration files.
  - The currently selected context is now applied for "task add" and "task log"
    commands. Section on contexts in the manpage was updated to describe this
  - Users can specify per-context specific overrides of configuration variables.
  - The `task import` command can now accept annotations with missing entry
    values. Current time will be assumed.
  - The new 'by' filter attribute modifier compares using '<=' rather than '<'
    as 'before' uses.  This allows the last second of the day to match with
    '', which it would not otherwise.  It also works with
    whole units like days, e.g. 'add test due:2021-07-17' would not match
    'due.before:tomorrow' (on the 16th), but would match ''.
  - Waiting is now an entirely "virtual" concept, based on a task's
    'wait' property and the current time. Task is considered "waiting" if its
    wait attribute is in the future. TaskWarrior no longer explicitly
    "unwaits" a task (the wait attribute is not removed once its value is in
    the past), so the "unwait' verbosity token is no longer available.
    This allows for filtering for tasks that were waiting in the past
    intervals, but are not waiting anymore.
  - The configuration file now supports environment variables.
  - Taskwarrior can now handle displaying tasks in windows with limited width,
    even if columns contain long strings (like URLs).
  - The nag message is emitted at most once per task command, even with bulk
    operations. Additionally, the urgency of the task considered is taken
    before the completion, not after.
  - The export command now takes an optional argument that references an
    existing report. As such, "task export <report>" command will export
    the same tasks that "task <report>" prints, and in the same order.
  - The burndown command now supports non-cumulative display, where tasks only
    get plotted within the interval segment when they got completed.
* Mon Jan 25 2021 Michael Bryant <> - 2.5.3
- Update to 2.5.3 upstream release 2.5.3, skipping 2.5.2
  Refer to /usr/share/doc/packages/task/Changelog for full list of changes
  * Deprecated the 'DUETODAY' virtual tag, which is a synonym for the 'TODAY'
    virtual tag.
  * Removed deprecated 'alias._query' setting.
  * Fixed ambiguity in the esp-ESP localization
  * Deprecated the 'new-uuid' verbosity option, since its functionality can be
    removed by merging with 'new-id'.
  * Correct a false-positive warning when a due date is removed and a wait is
  * Added 'QUARTER' virtual tag.
  * Fixed unquoted glob in bash completion script
  * Deprecated use of alternate Boolean configuration settings. Use values "0" for
    off, and "1" for on. Avoid used of "on", "off", "true", "t", "false", "f",
    "yes", "y", "no", "n".
  * Improved certificate validation diagnostics
  * Updated the 'timesheet' command with a more compact report
  * Added 'history.weekly', 'history.daily', 'ghistory.weekly', 'ghistory.daily'
    report variations, with code refactoring.
  * New DOM references: annotations.count, tw.syncneeded, tw.program, tw.args,
  * tw.width, tw.height, tw.version.
  * The message telling you to sync now indicates how many local changes will be
  * Workaround for alias grep=rg in fish
Version: 2.5.1-bp150.2.4
* Sat Mar 05 2016
- update to 2.5.1 (bugfix and performance release)
- refresh task-skip-INSTALL.patch, remove also LICENSE from the list,
  which is just duplicate of COPYING
* Sun Dec 13 2015
- update to 2.5.0 release
- drop taskwarrior-gcc47.patch
* Fri May 29 2015
- Update to 2.4.4 bugfix release
- Drop taskwarrior-no-return.patch
* Mon Feb 16 2015
- Use standard %cmake and %cmake_install macros
* Tue Jan 13 2015
- add taskwarrior-no-return.patch to shut up gcc's complaining about
  no return in non-void function
- replace __DATE__ and __TIME__ by values from source tarball
* Mon Jan 12 2015
- Update to 2.4.0
  - New dateformat space handling
  - New date support: 'february', extensive support for ISO-8601
  - New column formats: description.truncated_count, uda.NAME.indicator, recur.short, tag sorting
  - New color rules: color.uda.NAME.VALUE, color.label.sort, color.until
  - New verbosity tokens: new-uuid
  - New command: calc, _zshattributes
  - New theme: dark-gray-blue256.theme
  - New report feature: listing breaks
  - New Python testing framework for higher-level testing
  - and many more, see
- Refresh task-skip-INSTALL.patch
- don't remove dir with bash scripts, it contains more tools
* Sat Aug 30 2014
- install fish completion scripts to the proper directory
* Fri Feb 28 2014
- added gnutls dependency for making sync with taskd available
* Sun Feb 09 2014
- bump 2.3.0
  - New Taskserver sync capabilities.
  - New shell (tasksh) with Readline support replaces old 'task shell' command.
  - The 'dateformat' settings now default to the ISO-8601 standard of 'Y-M-D'.
  - Italian translation.
  - French translation has begun.
  - UDA fields now allow default values.
  - Now requires libuuid.
  - New virtual tags: WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, PARENT.
  - New 'remaining' format for date columns.
  - New '_get' DOM accessor helper command.
  - New task-sync(5) man page.
* Tue Apr 16 2013
- update to taskwarrior 2.2.0:
  * 'blocking' report and new color rule
  * 'statistics' shows total number of blocked/blocking tasks
  * new date shortcuts 'socm', 'eocm' - start/end of current month
  * 'collumns' command can use search strings from collumn name
  * and many more, see Changelog
- install documentation in proper SUSE place
- remove executable bit from add-ons scripts to not require perl/python/ruby
* Tue Apr 16 2013
- install zsh completion scripts to the proper directory
* Thu Sep 27 2012
- update to taskwarrior 2.1.2
  * User defined attributes
  * new 'until' date, after which they're deleted
  * allow duplication of completed tasks
  * new 'udas' subcommand
  * new 'indended' format for the 'project' attribute, defaults in 'projects'
    and 'summary' reports
  * several performance optimizations, and a lot of bugfixes
    se ChangeLog for details
* Mon Apr 02 2012
- update to taskwarrior 2.0.0
- changes from beta4
  * 'age' component for urgency
  * improved text wrapping in utf-8
  * 'diagnostics' commands checks duplicated UUIDs
- remove external task-2.0.0.ref.pdf and install the one
  bundled in source code
- ignore already upstreamed taskwarrior-lua52.patch
* Wed Mar 21 2012
- Add taskwarrior-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.
* Wed Feb 15 2012
- fix build with lua 5.2
  * taskwarrior-lua52.patch
* Tue Nov 22 2011
- initial packaging of taskwarrion 2.0.0 beta4 for openSUSE