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Change Logs

* Wed Oct 03 2012
- Update to version
  + Bump the version number because of an ABI break in 363f8ae
  + Initial support for Audible files (bgo#601543)
- Remove conditionals and use only pkgconfig() calls, spec file
* Tue Jul 03 2012
- Update to version
  - Fix a freeze on some mp3 files where header was at the end of
  - Properly implement partial matching for File.Find and
  - [Mpeg4] Fix parsing of some apple tags (bgo#658920)
  - Add partial support for IPTC-IIM
  - Fix nested UDTA boxes
  - [Mpeg4] Attempt to handle corrupt tags a little better
  - Mark the file as corrupt instead of throwing exception
  - StartTag.ReadTag should not silence exceptions
  - Check for short popularimeter tags
  - On corrupt Id3v2 frame, skip just that frame (bgo#650674)
  - Use O(N) rather than O(N^2) deunsynchronization algorithm
- Enabled support for:
  + gnome-sharp2
  + mono-nunit
* Sun May 29 2011
- Update to version
  + Support for Photo metadata;
  - read/write for EXIF, XMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF;
  - read support for many RAW formats;
  + Support for Matroska metadata reading (eg: WebM and .mkv);
  + Fix File.ReadBlock for slow connections (bgo#639817).
  + Minor spec cleanups/fixes.
* Thu Oct 21 2010
- Fix URL in package (bnc#647572).
* Sat Mar 20 2010
- Update to version
  * Solution/projects migrated to VS format
  * Fix ID3v2 unsyncing (bgo#593138)
  * Fix ID3v2.3 exetended header size calculation (bgo#604488)
  * Make TagLib.File IDisposable (closes any open streams)
  * Don't throw an exception if RVA2 data is partially incorrect
  * Fall back to nunit-console is nunit-console2 not found (bgo#593673)
  * Add build check for `al` tool (bgo#575303)
* Wed Feb 24 2010
- Update to version
  * Fix API break introduced in
* Tue Feb 23 2010
- Update to version
  * Add BitsPerSample property (bgo#610585)
  * Support COMPILATION in ogg (bgo#586336)
  * Fix removing some/all tag-types (bgo#574653)
* Wed Jan 27 2010
- Update to version
  * Bug fix only
  * Fix IndexOutOfRangeException (bgo#607376)
  * Fix issue with converting/parsing year (bgo#606283)
  * Support the 'alis' handler code/track type (bgo#584193)
* Thu Jan 07 2010
- Fix issue with converting/parsing year (bgo#606283)
- Support the 'alis' handler code/track type (bgo#584193)
* Tue Oct 13 2009
- Update to version
- Various bug fixes and new features
  * Be more robust with tags with NULL bytes in the middle (bgo#558123)
  * Support AIFF file format (bgo#579261)
  * Support ADTS AAC files (bgo#580553)
  * Support for m2v files (bgo#574411)
  * Support for Sort* values in Ape tags (bgo#571421)
  * Add new properties: MusicBrainz, ArtistId, ReleaseId, ReleaseArtistId,
    TrackId, DiscId, ReleaseStatus, ReleaseType, ReleaseCountry, MusicIpId,
    and AmazonId (bgo#563170)
  * Add fallback options for album artist getter (bgo#574652)
  * Fixed bug with Ape.Tag's Pictures setter (bgo#575943)
  * Fix crashing when parsing some comment frames (bgo#582735)
  * Fixed CopyTo method (bgo#572382)
  * Fixed typo in Ogg DiscNumber setter that wrote TrackCount
    to the DISCTOTAL field (bgo#572382)
  * Fixed NRE when calling GetTag on FLAC file (bgo#572380)
  * API documentation fixes
* Mon Feb 16 2009
- Update to version
* Wed Jan 21 2009
- Update to version which rolls in previous patches since
  the release from a year ago (bgo#564182, bgo#532561)
* Fri Dec 19 2008
- Patch to fix bug with parsing of ID3v2 headers that have the tag-wide
  Unsychronized flag set like some amazonmp3 files (bgo#564182)
* Thu Nov 06 2008
- Fix bug caused by redundant attribute from patch
* Mon Oct 27 2008
- Merge changes from openSUSE:Factory project
* Sun Oct 26 2008
- Fixes bgo#532561 (recognize oga/ogv extensions)
* Sun Jan 27 2008
- Initial checkin of taglib-sharp
- Version
- Provides tag reading and writing for Banshee and other Mono applications
- Supports all major metadata/container and audio/video formats