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Change Logs

Version: 3.4-bp150.2.4
* Fri Mar 27 2015
- Update to version 3.4
  * t-prot, t-prot.1: Make documentation match Getopt::Long syntax:
  e.g. -c=1 is not supported, use -c1 instead.
- Changes from version 3.3
  * t-prot: Removed trailing whitespace.
  * t-prot: Small speedup: Run --pgp-short specific code only with
  - -pgp-short.
  * t-prot: Fixed a bug with -Mmutt and pgp signed and encrypted
    MIME/Multipart messages.
- Changes from version 3.2
  * t-prot: Make bigq work when MS Tofu is detected with no text
    above the quote, as with ZimbraWebClient.
  * t-prot.1: Fix spelling error.
  * t-prot.1: Update date string.
- Changes from version 3.1
  * t-prot, t-prot.1: Support mutt-kz
    ( using -Mmutt-kz.
  * t-prot: Unicode fix for MS Outlook.
- Use download Url as source
* Wed Feb 26 2014
- fix requires and install section
* Tue Jan 14 2014
- update to 3.0
  * t-prot: Umlauts always are so wrong. Hopefully Outlook mails in
    German are handled fine now.
  * t-prot.1: Make clear that --pgp-move and --pgp-move-vrf also work
    on SSL output.
  * t-prot: Coding style cleanup in pgp().
  * t-prot: Fix detection of unified diffs in the message body when
    using --diff.
  * t-prot.1: Update year.
  * contrib/ Reflect transition to slang2 in comments.
  * contrib/ Drop support for slang-1, default to slang-2.
  * t-prot, contrib/muttrc.t-prot: Drop support for mutt-1.4. Default
    to mutt-1.5.x strings.
  * t-prot: Fix eYou Webmail Tofu.
  * t-prot: Fix text/plain content-type detection with several user
* Tue Mar 27 2012
- license update: BSD-4-Clause
  BSD with advertising - use SPDX format
* Mon Nov 01 2010
- update to 2.101
  * t-prot: Add line to make -m filter Lotus Domino Webserver
    produced TOFU.
  * t-prot: Use uniform syntax notation for parameters in command
    line options.
  * t-prot, t-prot.1: New command line option --fixind to fix broken
    quoting (regarding to RFC 3676).
* Fri Apr 09 2010
- update to 2.98
  * Clarify --lax-security description.
  * Use descriptive temp variable names when parsing command line.
* Mon Mar 15 2010
- update to 2.97.1
  * Mention configuration files for Heirloom mailx and
    metamail. Avoid false impression with --lax-security.
  * Another Typo.
  * Fix spelling error. Thanks to Gerfried Fuchs!
  * Standard diff(1) output now is protected by --diff, too.
* Fri Mar 05 2010
- update to 2.96
  * Man page update.
  * Several small fixes and cleanups.
* Thu Mar 04 2010
- update to 2.95
  * Use Getopt::Long.
  * The command line option -c now accepts an optional parameter
    specifying the number of empty lines to remain. Thanks to Simon
* Fri Feb 19 2010
- update to 2.15
  * Fine-tune some regex.
  * Fix merging of multiple blank lines within pgp output
    using -Mmutt.
  * Add --reply and --sani for fixing annoying headers. Add
    documentation for both.  Many thanks to Matthias Kilian and
    Martin Neitzel for suggesting and providing some script invoked
    by procmail rules.
  * Code cleanup for --pgp-short. Should get better performance now.
  * By now, --bigq is pretty much standard and
    extremely well-tested, so we include it into default configuration.
* Mon Feb 01 2010
- update to 2.13
  * Fix long standig false positive for mutt<1.5.18 with
  Microsoft TOFU inside a PGP signed message and no lines above the
  full quote (indicating a forwarded message rather than a lazy full
  quote).  Thanks to Gerfried Fuchs.
  * Fix newline stripping for locales.
* Tue Jan 19 2010
- update to 2.12
  * Exit with exit status EX_OK when --max-lines
  hits and -Mmutt is set (mutt is picky when a display_filter
  fails). Provide a notification line in that case. Update man page.
* Tue Jan 05 2010
- Update to 2.11
  * contrib/ Command line default has changed, check
  flags must be set now.
  * Fix initialization and command line parsing for
  - -check (this should work as advertised now). Make the ratio check
  code a little easier to read. Add the default value for the ratio
  check to the man page.
  * Do not check for message length in attachments (we
  checked already for the entire message). Do exit with proper exit
  code if message is longer than set in --max-lines (so scripts can
  see if we gave up processing).
  * Change check order and remove duplicated code for
  - -max-lines.
  * Fix a typo, thanks to Michael Hunger. Tweak the MS-TOFU
  pattern, thanks to Simon Ruderich.
* Thu Oct 18 2007
- Update to 2.5 which officially incorporates the Groupwise
  * Hide TOFU produced by Novell Groupwise.
* Wed Sep 05 2007
- Incorporate upstream patch that adds filtering groupwise
  style TOFU.
- Add an entry for --groupwise to the man page.
* Mon Mar 12 2007
- Update to 2.4. Changes since 1.99:
  - Add feature to skip processing very large messages.
  - Fix formatting for better reading.
  - Add string to detect's M$ style TOFU.
  - More tolerant handling of signatures -- trailing newlines
  are no longer counted as signature lines, thus fixing some
  mailing list software behaviour.
  - Detected MS TOFU hidden in MIME attachments.
  - The case-sensitivity of the Content-Type: header (vs.
    Content-type:) seems not to be absolutely clear. RFC 1049
    should be obsoleted by RFCs 2045-2049 by now, but to be
    sure, we will accept both strings.
  - More regex fixes.
  - Many fixes to many regexes, fixing performance issues und
    readability.  Some were entirely replaced by faster means.
  - We must not forget to remove ad and mailing list footers
  within the first MIME/Multipart attachment when processing
  raw messages (lacking -M).
  - Mailing list footers (and probably ad footers) were not
    detected when processing raw MIME/Multipart messages: We
    have to look at the very end of the message, not only at
    the end of the first attachment.  Fix this by calling
    remove_footers() before dealing with raw multipart
  - Fix spelling and grammar.
  - Add section about performance issues.
  - Add section about exit status.
  - LICENSE CHANGE! it is the Right Thing to simply switch
  to a BSD license (slightly modified, as there is no binary
  code in t-prot).
  - RFC 822 is no longer important. RFC 2822 should
  - Add some clarifications and missing details.
    t-prot, t-prot.1:
  - Add --body to make sure we are not looking for
    any headers when there are none in the input.
  - Use S-Lang calls popen(), fputs(), and remove() instead of
    system() and pipe_article() to reduce flickering (and for
    cleaner code).
  - Mention mimedecode as filter for Quoted Printable.
  - Change key bindings: ESC-0 and ESC-1 are prefixes for
    other commands, so we should not overwrite those.
  - Make sure users get a hint if they look why does
    not work on their system (just as I did and wondered what
    was wrong).
  - We don't submit any headers, so use --body. Use unlink()
    instead of system(). Mention the temp file problem.
* Fri Feb 09 2007
- build as nonroot.
* Wed Jan 25 2006
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Tue Mar 29 2005
- Update to 1.99
* Mon Jan 10 2005
- Update to 1.48.1