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Change Logs

Version: 0.15.1-bp150.2.4
* Sat Dec 30 2017
- cleanup spec file
  - update urls
  - fix macro usage
  - add some vesion numbers to requirements
  - add ImageMagick and ffmpeg dependency required by swaygrab
* Thu Dec 28 2017
- bump to 0.15.1
  - Update to json-c 0.13
  - Documentation corrections
  - Portability fixes
  - Output scale now preserved upon reloads/hotplugs
  - Closing fullscreen windows in nested containers no longer
  - swaygrab more gracefully handles errors
  - Fixes to some minor tray issues
  - Fix security grants for swaylock -f
  - Clear password buffer after checking it in swaylock
- partial cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Thu Nov 09 2017
- bump to 0.15.0
  * Default wallpapers are now in /usr/share/backgrounds/sway
  * README translated into 9 more languages
  New Features
  * Improved clipboard support via swaymsg commands
  * Raspberry Pi support
  * swaylock indicator size is now configurable
  * swaybar now supports scroll events over IPC
  Bugs Fixed
  * IPC now uses nonblocking I/O
  * Tray icon theme parsing support handles getline failure
  * Correctly handle empty security policies
  * Fix zsh completion for swaylock
  * Use after free in bindsym fixed
  * Pointer accuracy bugs fixed via wlc
  * swaybar crash with invalid SNI names fixed
  * Race condition in kill command fixed
  * swaygrab no longer uses the shell to execute subprocesses
  * An issue with variables set via set $xyz was fixed
  * A number of bugs with the output command were fixed
  * Fixed move to workspaces with spaces in their names
  * Skip dotfiles when loading security configuration
  * Several issues with the scratchpad were fixed
  * swaygrab now handles permissions errors more gracefully
  * swaybar click events had an extra comma
  * FreeBSD compatability fixes
  * Fix tray when dbus is not present
* Tue Jun 20 2017
- bump to 0.14 rc1 prerelease
* Tue May 09 2017
- bump to 0.13
  * The new_window and new_float commands are deprecated in favor of
    default_border and default_floating_border. A similar change is
    expected from i3. (@zandrmartin - #1105)
  * 444 is now an acceptable file mode for security configs (@jnsaff
  - #1117)
  * Any executable that is not owned by root will receive the
    default security policy regardless of any additional configured
    permissions (@JerziKaminsky)
  New features
  * i3-style marks are now supported (@4e554c4c - #1145 & #1155)
  * You may now configure the color of swaylock UI elements via the
    command line (@4e554c4c - #1078)
  * Floating containers may now be moved with the move command
    (@4e554c4c - #1092)
  * swaymsg pretty-prints its output if stdout is a tty (@SirCmpwn -
  * [criteria] command has been implemented (@4e554c4c - #1149)
  * nvidia proprietary driver support has been implemented in wlc
    (@vially - Cloudef/wlc#245) and sway was updated as necessary
    (@SirCmpwn - #1147)
  * Security policies can now refer to symlinked executables
    (@JerziKaminsky - #1173)
  * Version string can now be specified at build time (@snoack -
  Bugs fixed
  * Missing swaylock security settings were added (@SirCmpwn - 21ad45b)
  * -Werror issues on the latest gcc have been corrected (@Fale - #1086)
  * The codebase is more POSIXly correct and does not rely on
    GNUisms (@SirCmpwn - 9aed9d9)
  * Issues building against a local copy of wlc has been fixed
    (@snoack - #1115)
  * A problem with keyboard code in sway's Wayland clients was fixed
    (@zandrmartin - #1121)
  * Focus could be stolen from fullscreen windows under some
    conditions (@zandrmartin - #1126)
  * Spaces are now permitted in workspace names (@4e554c4c - #1101)
  * Issues with workspace assignment have been corrected
    (@zandrmartin - #1105)
  * Man page typos fixed (@johnchen902 - #1113)
  * Crashiness with move [next|prev] was fixed (@oranenj - #1130)
  * Regular expressions are now handled with PCRE for better i3
    compatibility (@ascent12 - #1151)
  * Dangling file descriptors on IPC client termination was fixed
    (@SirCmpwn, @ascent12 - #1153)
  * libcap is now explicitly required in our CMakeLists.txt
    (@JerziKaminsky - #1150)
  * move [to] scratchpad did not support the "to" syntax (@wasamasa
  - #1180)
  * Windows leaving the scratchpad are now sized to match i3
    behavior (@wasamasa - #1181)
  * Specifying fewer than 5 colors with client.* now matches i3
    behavior (@SirCmpwn - #1201)
* Wed May 03 2017
- bump to 0.13-rc1 prerelease
* Wed Apr 19 2017
- bump to 0.13-rc1 prerelease
* Tue Mar 14 2017
- bump to 0.12.1
  Bugs Fixed
    Workspace output assignment issues (@zandrmartin - #1105)
    Typo in sway(5) (@johnchen902 - #1113)
* Thu Mar 09 2017
- bump to 0.12
    /etc/sway/security has been moved to
    /etc/sway/security.d/00-defaults and users are now encouraged to
    add their own security configurations as additional files in
    /etc/sway/security.d/. Maintainers of software that integrates
    with sway and require special permissions are encouraged to ship
    security configs in this directory as well (@SirCmpwn - #1080)
    If not specified at build time, LD_LIBRARY_PATH will be unset,
    rather than defaulting to /usr/lib (@Hummer12007 - #1050)
    Default backgrounds have been losslessly re-compressed and should
    reduce the package weight if enabled (@Jesin - #1032)
    Previously undocumented features (swaygrab -f and
    hide_edge_borders) are now covered by their respective manuals
    (@Hummer12007, @ametisf - #1073, #1051)
    Environment logging now occurs prior to compositor initialization,
    which helps diagnose certain kinds of problems (@SirCmpwn -
  New Features
    New automatic layouts unique to sway have been implemented that
    behave like similar features in WMs like Awesome. See sway(5) and
    look for layout auto for details. (@willakat - #1024)
    Sway now supports gamma adjustment, which you can take advantage
    of with a patched redshift (@SirCmpwn - #1019)
    IPC features can now be secured on a per-application basis - see
    sway-security(7) (@SirCmpwn - #1080)
    focused is now available in window criteria (@Hummer12007 - #1053)
    output [left|right] now matches i3's wrapping behavior (@dkess -
    XWayland window instances are now shown in title bars if necessary
    (@Hummer12007 - #1052)
    hide_edge_borders smart is now implemented, following i3 4.13
    (@ametisf - #1044)
  Bugs Fixed
    Issues compiling sway on gcc 7 have been resolved (@Fale - #1086)
    Capabilities are more carefuly handled when transitioning from
    euid 0 to a normal user, which fixes some problems on systems
    without logind (@Hummer12007 - #1043)
    xdg-shell v6 support has been fleshed out in both wlc and sway,
    which should fix things like broken right click menus on GTK apps
    (@Hummer12007 - #1070, #1055)
    Floating windows were created with the incorrect geometry, which
    has been corrected (@zandrmartin - #1075)
    Image scaling specified at the swaylock command line was ignored,
    and now works correctly (@zandrmartin - #1017)
    Inconsistencies with workspace layouts in IPC messages between i3
    and sway were corrected (@Hummer12007 - #1030)
    Workspaces with spaces in their names are now supported more
    consistently with i3 (@4e554c4c - #1011)
* Tue Feb 28 2017
- bump to 0.12-rc2 pre-release
* Sat Dec 31 2016
- bump to 0.11
    Sway now depends on libcap on Linux
    Moving between containers now wraps according to i3 behavior
    Alpha blending is now done with CAIRO_OPERATOR_SOURCE
    bar pango_markup defaults to false, following i3 change
  - Denable-binding-event is no longer available - see sway-security(7)
    New floating windows now spawn in the center of the screen
  New Features
    Clicking titlebars now focuses that window
    Changing focus between floating containers is now supported
    Numeric character references in bar are now supported
    Pango markup in workspaces names is now supported
    Input device configuration can now enable left_handed
    Improvements to logging
    New bar colors following new i3 features - see sway-bar(5)
    New security-related features - see sway-security(7)
  Bugs Fixed
    Errors in swaybar's hidpi rendering were corrected
    Bug fixed where IPC events were emitted before IPC initialization
    Segfault during edge case on workspace switching was fixed
    An IPC tree response compatability issue was corrected
    Buggy font selection issues were fixed in swaylock
    Fixes to scale factor in text scaling
    Issue creating a sibling of a floating window fixed
    Some commands were not matched during command matching
    Indicator border no longer shown on floating windows
    An issue with for_window [] move scratchpad was fixed
    You can now move empty workspaces
    Fixes with default workspace layouts
    layout toggle split behavior fixed for tabbed/stacked layouts
    When swaylock exited, it would not focus whatever you were using
* Wed Oct 26 2016
- bump to 0.10
  New Features
    sway now runs on FreeBSD! (thanks @yohanesu75!)
    swaymsg now pretty prints the JSON response (thanks @acrisci!)
    The application class is displayed in titlebars if the title is
    missing (thanks @thejan2009!)
    Disabling outputs at runtime might work (thanks @thejan2009!)
    i3's indicator border color feature is now supported (thanks
    @guiniol, @thejan2009!)
    Input device names in input configurations now support * (thanks
    Initial support for HiDPI was added to swaybar, swaybg, and
    swaylock (thanks @SirCmpwn, @thejan2009!)
    Moving views across an output's edge is now supported (thanks
    swaygrab can now screenshot the focused container via -f (thanks
  Bugs Fixed
    A security issue was fixed - you are affected if you have users on
    your system that use sway but do not have root access - details in
    [#884] (thanks @Fale!)
    A number of changes were made to IPC for better i3 compatability
    (thanks @acrisci, @zandrmartin!)
    An uninitialized variable fixed the default config for wrap_scroll
    (thanks @minus7!)
    Color parsing previously could cause values to clamp and lose
    information (thanks @progandy!)
    workspace back_and_forth and workspace_auto_back_and_forth had
    issues getting along (thanks @thejan2009!)
    Weirdness in edge cases with moving windows was fixed (thanks
    Edge case in workspace handling during view creation was fixed
    (thanks @thejan2009!)
    A problem with move container to workspace was fixed (thanks
    Null pointer dereference during config load edge case was fixed
    (thanks @kb100!)
    The behavior of hide_edge_borders was fixed (thanks
    Fullscreen windows previously had input priority over swaylock
    (thanks @SirCmpwn!)
    The behavior of pango markup on swaybar was fixed (thanks
    swaybar previously couldn't switch between workspaces with spaces
    in their names (thanks @thejan2009!)
    swaybars could be loaded before all outputs were loaded, which
    could cause a segfault (thanks @RyanDwyer!)
    An IPC-related segfault during initialization was fixed (thanks
    Possible use-after-free in focus handling was fixed (thanks
    Some improvements were made to the default config (thanks
    @mayhewj, @goetzc, @zandrmartin!)
    Some internal refactoring around focus (thanks @acrisci!)
    Some internal refactoring around commands (thanks @zandrmartin!)
    Improvements were made to man pages (thanks @minus7, @mmlb!)
    pango_markup in your bar config now defaults to false, following
    the same change in i3 (thanks @Hummer12007!)
* Wed Oct 05 2016
- bump to 0.10-rc2
* Tue Sep 27 2016
- bump to 0.10-rc1
  check GIT commit messages for complete changelog
* Sun Jul 31 2016
- bump to 0.9
  New Features
    Experimental HiDPI support. Add scale 2 to your output line, see
    sway(5) for details and #797 for status (thanks @SirCmpwn and the
    wlc team!)
    Mouse support for swaybar (thanks @deklov!)
    New bar command wrap_scroll [yes|no] allows you to wrap when
    scrolling through workspaces with swaybar (thanks @SirCmpwn!)
    Windows that have a parent (i.e. most dialog windows) are now
    floated by default (thanks @SirCmpwn!)
    The IPC get_tree message is implemented (thanks @zandrmartin!)
    IPC window events have been implemented (thanks @Hummer12007!)
    Swaylock has a new -f option which will cause it to fork into the
    background (which matches i3lock's behavior) (thanks
    The focus child i3 command has been implemented (thanks @acrisci!)
    Spawned processes now keep track of what workspace was active when
    they were started and will open subsequent windows there (thanks
    Backgrounds can now be a solid color (thanks @zandrmartin!)
  Bugs Fixed
    A crash could occur in tabbed/stacking parent checks (thanks
    Strange split{h|v} regressions were corrected (thanks
    A corner case with tacked/stabbed containers as the default layout
    was fixed (thanks @thejan2009!)
    An edge case that could cause crashes when destroying workspaces
    was fixed (thanks @Hummer12007!)
    An error with the move position command was fixed (thanks
    Event bitmasks in the IPC server were incorrect and fixed (thanks
    A regression and a bug in hide_edge_borders was fixed (thanks
    @zandrmartin and @thejan2009!)
    A bug with smart_gaps and outer gaps 0 was fixed (thanks
    floating_scroll events are no longer passed through to windows
    (thanks @thejan2009!)
    IPC command results are encapsulated in a JSON array to match i3
    behavior (thanks @acrisci!)
    focus parent no longer attempts to focus anything higher than a
    workspace (thanks @acrisci!)
    Window titles are now rendered appropriately when a parent of them
    is focused (thanks @acrisci!)
    Windows spawned on empty workspaces with the tabbed/stacked
    layouts could spawn with 0x0 geometry (thanks @thejan2009!)
    Killing a container now kills all of its children (thanks
    Edge cases with various border styles in tabbed/stacked were fixed
    (thanks @thejan2009!)
    Edge cases with tabbed/stacked layouts on layout switch were fixed
    (thanks @thejan2009!)
    Focus handling was improved to better handle cases when containers
    were being focused (thanks @acrisci!)
    Floating containers cache their size when being fullscreened and
    return to that size when unfullscreened (thanks @zandrmartin!)
    The mouse cursor used over the wallpaper and bar can be customized
    with the SWAY_CURSOR_THEME and SWAY_CURSOR_SIZE environment
    variables (thanks @SirCmpwn!)
    SIGSERV and SIGABORT are no longer handled. We just let the core
    dump happen, which we'll be asking you to upload for us when
    reporting crashes (thanks @SirCmpwn!)
    Title bars of containers are now constructed based on their
    children's app IDs instead of their titles, which matches i3
    behavior more or less (thanks @thejan2009!)
    Log messages are now timestamped (thanks @acrisci!)
    Some performance improvements in the form of more timely window
    arrangement calls were made (thanks @zandrmartin!)
    Various improvements to the documentation (thanks lots of people)
* Mon Jun 20 2016
- bump to 0.8
  New Features
    You can clear the password buffer in swaylock with ESC or C-u
    swaylock now supports the --no-unlock-indicator option
    Floating views now have sane (and configurable) minimum and
    maximum sizes
    Escaping line breaks in your configuration file is now supported
    Using exec to launch applications now opens their windows on the
    workspace they were exec-d on (thanks @zandrmartin!) - note: does
    not presently work with x clients
  Bugs Fixed
    When hotplugging an output, workspace assignment rules are
    Spaces in quoted output command arguments now behave properly
    Changing focus into an output with a fullscreen view now behaves
    A number of IPC-related memory leaks were closed
    A segfault was fixed involving an edge case of include with *
    Your wallpaper is now updated on config file reload
    hide_edge_borders with smart_gaps enabled now behaves correctly
    Creating a variable via set without the leading $ is automatically
    corrected to include it
    When hotplugging outputs, workspaces are now sorted correctly and
    maintain their sort order on replug
    The documentation was corrected to remove the (currently
    unimplemented) left/right bar placement options
    Missing layout modes (stacking and tabbed) were documented in
    The assign command was documented in sway(5)
    Several other small improvements to the man pages were made
- drop 0001-Match-definition-with-declaration.patch
* Mon May 23 2016
- bump to 0.7
  New Features
    Bind actions to $mod+[scroll whell] via floating_scroll (thanks @Hummer12007!)
    Set the acceleration profile for input devices via accel_profile (thanks @tajjada!)
  Bugs Fixed
    Window titles are updated when the application requests it (thanks @mikkeloscar!)
    Screwing with the border settings on tabbed and stacking layouts caused breakage (thanks @tajjada!)
    Several memory leaks, double frees, etc were fixed (thanks @neosilky!)
    Several double closes, buffer overflows, etc were fixed (thanks @1ace!)
    Many other small bugs were fixed (thanks @mikkeloscar, @xerpi, @1ace!)
    Some typos were found and fixed in the man pages (thanks @cyberhuman!)
    The hardcoded $mod+scroll actions introduced in sway 0.4 has been removed.
    You can now use a relative path to your wallpaper (thanks @Hummer12007!)
    ZSH completions are no longer included in the default build
    Cairo and Pango are now required dependencies (previously they
    were only required if you wanted swaybg or swaybar support)
- match definition with declaration using patch
* Sun May 01 2016
- bump to release 0.6
  New Features
    Tabbed & stacking layouts
    Pango markup on swaybar
  Bugs Fixed
    bindcode was incorrectly implemented and was corrected
    Window borders no longer render under transparent fullscreen windows
    swaylock's PAM configuration has been fixed on Debian derivatives
    A double free issue was discovered and fixed
    Some improvements were made to the build process
    Several clang warnings were squelched
    Small fixes were made to the default config
- dropping patches
* Thu Apr 28 2016
- with huge help of scarabeus_iv all the workarounds were removed and
  fixes were already accepted by upstream - until next release we'll
  live with:
* Thu Apr 28 2016
- Xwayland was split from xorg-x11-server into separate subpackage
  xorg-x11-server-wayland - let's fix this requirement