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Change Logs

* Sun May 07 2017
- disable global PIE support, untangling the static libs of the
  squirrel compiler is too tricky.
* Tue Mar 14 2017
- Corrected docs handling
- Corrected the rights of /usr/share/supertux2/sounds/
* Thu Feb 02 2017
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Fri Dec 02 2016
- Removed patch system-tinygettext.patch
- Removed patch fix-cmake.patch
* Thu Dec 01 2016
- Build version 0.5.1
  * Editor: Tilemap: Add an option to change the draw target
  * Editor: Add an option to snap objects to the grid (this will make it easier to add objects to a nice location in levels)
  * Editor: Camera: Remove autoscroll option, as it is deprecated and should not be used anymore
  * Editor: Fix an issue where some areas in the editor would be excessively large relative to the window/screen size
  * In-game level editor
  * Improved levels in Antarctica and Forest Island
  * Language packs are fixed
  * Engine performance improvements
  * Extended the scripting API: gradients are now scriptable
  * Added a few more tiles and music
  * New console commands and command line options (related to the editor)
  * Various other bugfixes of issues reported since the v0.4.0 release
  * And more (minor) improvements and changes
  * Fixed build system in order to correctly support SemVer pre-release tags
  * Fixed miniswig compilation
  * Editor: correctly join paths (using FileSystem::join())
  * Editor: LevelDot: add a NULL check to prevent a crash when editing worldmaps
  * Editor: correctly save BadGuy and Dispenser direction
  * Editor: reorder layer objects when their object menu is closed
  * Editor: allow setting z-pos of decals
  * Editor: display a notile when the tile ID is invalid
  * Editor: make it possible to switch tilesets
  * Editor: Torch: make it possible to change the sprite (#541)
  * Don't turn Tux into stone above ground when using earth bonus (#537)
  * WillOWisp: get name property in order to fix a scripting issue (#529)
  * Editor: don't play WillOWisp sound
  * Editor: move moving objects to the center of the mouse pointer when adding
  * Editor: Switch: make sprite option visible again
  * Make use of auto pointers and modern iterators where appropriate
  * README: various updates related to download count
  * Save and load visibility of SpriteChange tiles in squirrel table (#342)
  * Editor: Fix an issue where the name of a scripted object wouldn't be saved (#557)
  * Editor: add an alignment option for background (#547)
  * Editor: Better approach for layer removal (#510)
  * Add a launcher script for Windows builds (#443)
  * Fixes for the build system and updates with regard to the automatic deployment of releases
  * More code style fixes
  * Editor: verify some level properties have been set
  * Add the possibility to add sawblade/hurting platforms using the editor
  * Jump with Up: mark as deprecated in KeyboardMenu and JoystickMenu (addresses #499)
  * Fix an issue with odd behavior of music playback (#583)
  * Update some parts of the (user) documentation
  * Editor: multiple fixes to levelset and worldmap creation, including UX improvements
  * Editor: Angle option for spotlight
  * Unify string spelling for consistency
  * String freeze for translators is now in effect
  * Editor: sort layer in ascending order
  * Scripting: deduplicate code using the ExposedObject template class
  * Update the translations to reflect the translation progress as of 2016-09-12
  * Use PhysFS file system abstraction for is\_directory checks
  * Prevent statistics text from overlapping
  * Fix a bug with Level.edit() in squirrel (#207)
  * Stop looping sounds when dead
  * Final translation update
* Mon Aug 01 2016
- Added fix-cmake.patch to build supertux with system libsquirrel
  and with system libtinygettext.
- Added system-tinygettext.patch to fix usage of tinygettext
  (bundled version is slightly modded).
- Some cleanup
* Tue Dec 22 2015
- Update to 0.4.0:
  * Update translations
  * Rework add-on manager to support downloadable and updatable
    localization packs
  * Many bugfixes
  * Add iced-graphics to some more badguys
  * Melting animation for some badguys
  * Update more levels (fix playability, ...)
  * Update build system, featuring unit tests, libraries as git
    submodules and improved Travis-CI builds to support nightly
  * More levels in Incubator Island
  * Support for horizontal and vertical gradients that span the
    length/height of a sector. Add (direction "horizontal_sector/
    vertical_sector") to your gradient.
- Deleted fixed supertux2-0.3.5a-fix-no-return-in-func.patch
* Wed Aug 05 2015
- Update to 0.3.5a:
  * CMakeLists: fix error with cmake lower than 3.x.
  * Improve building of version.h.
  * Minor bugfixes.
  * Update translations.
- Add supertux2-0.3.5a-fix-no-return-in-func.patch from commit
  0e444e9: fix assignment operators with no return statement.
* Wed Apr 22 2015
- Update to 0.3.5:
  * Move to SDL2 for graphics rendering.
  * Glow effects.
  * New badguys: iceflame, ghostflame, livefire, goldbomb,
  * New bonuses: coinrain, coinexplode.
  * Statistics improved.
  * Icy island levels tweaked.
  * New sounds.
  * Massive improvements to localization.
  * Efficiency tweaks.
  * Menus reworked.
  * Addon manager improved.
  * New tilemap: halloween.
  * New powerups: air- and earth-flower.
  * Support for horizontal gradients in levels
    (add (direction "vertical|horizontal") to your level).
- Spec cleanup.
* Sun Aug 31 2014
- use supertux2.png to not conflict with supertux (bnc#894296)
* Sat Jan 04 2014
- update to 0.3.4
- removed all patches because they have been fixed upstream
* Wed Dec 26 2012
- openal-devel is now called openal-soft-devel
* Fri Nov 23 2012
- Replaced make_install macro by make DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT install
  so it also build for SLE
* Tue May 01 2012
- Fixed gcc 4.7 build
  Using Dimstar's devel:libraries:c_c++ squirrel, squirrel-gcc47.patch
* Wed Dec 21 2011
- Added missing clean
* Wed Dec 21 2011
- Run spec-cleaner
- Add CURL BuildRequire
- Move away from /games directories
- Compile with debug informarion
* Wed Nov 02 2011
- Remove redundant/unwanted tags/sections (cf. specfile guidelines)
- Enable parallel build
* Tue Nov 01 2011
- cleaned the spec file
* Wed Sep 08 2010
- updated to 0.3.3
* Thu Oct 23 2008
- updated to 0.3.2 SVN