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Change Logs

* Sun Mar 24 2019 Arjen de Korte <>
- Update to version 0.19.0:
  * 5 new sky cultures
  * Refactoring the code: many improvements and fixes
  * Added many DSO textures
  * Many improvements for Scripting Engine
* Tue Jan 22 2019 Arjen de Korte <>
- Update to version 0.18.3:
  * Improvements and fixes for AstroCalc tool
  * Added new sky cultures
  * Added many DSO textures
  * Refactoring the GUI
  * Many improvements in the code
- Add source verification
* Thu Aug 16 2018
- Update to version 0.18.2:
  * Improvements and fixes for AstroCalc tool and plugins
  * Added support Abell Catalog of Planetary Nebulae and
    ESO/Uppsala Survey of the ESO(B) Atlas
  * Added few new scripts
  * Updated code and data
* Tue Jul 17 2018
- Enable telescope control plugin: this was turned off as it
  didn't build with shared libs enabled. No problem with static
* Sat Jul 14 2018
- Update to version 0.18.1:
  * Improvements and fixes for Hierarchical Progressive Surveys
    [HiPS] support
  * Updated code of plugins
  * Updated code and data
  * Updated GPS handling
  * Added rise, transit and set times for celestial objects
  * Added dithering support
* Tue May 22 2018
- Turn off shared lib building entirely as recommended by upstream
* Tue May 22 2018
- Manually package main library missed by make install; run
  ldconfig as part of post(un) scripts
* Fri May 18 2018
- Update to version 0.18.0:
  * Added support Hierarchical Progressive Surveys [HiPS] (Hello
    visualization of multiwavelength universe in the Stellarium).
  * Updated and extended AstroCalc tool.
  * Added support a Hickson Compact Group collection.
  * Updated code and data.
  * Numerous other changes and bug fixes; see here:
- Changes from version 0.17.0:
  * Added support for nomenclature of planetary surface
  * Added improvements for AstroCalc tool
  * Added improvements for Oculars plugin
  * Added improvements for Exoplanets plugin
  * Added INDI support for Telescope Control plugin
  * Updated code and data
- Updated URL and Source Url: project has now moved to github.
- Pass -DUSE_PLUGIN_TELESCOPECONTROL=OFF to prevent compiling
  libindi and causing build failures.
- Pass export QT_HASH_SEED=0 to avoid complaints during
  compilation about hashing not guaranteed to be reproducible.
- Only run post(un) scriptlets for openSUSE < 1500; they are
  nullpotent for newer versions anyway, with rpm file triggers
  taking care of the needful. For openSUSE < 1500, ensure the post
  scripts also take care of updating the desktop database.
- Add BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libgps): required for building with
  GPS support.
Version: 0.16.1-bp150.2.4
* Mon Oct 02 2017
- Remove irrelevant other OS parts from description.
* Tue Sep 26 2017
- Update to version 0.16.1:
  * Added moons of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.
  * Added improvements for AstroCalc tool.
  * DSO catalog was updated to version 3.2:
  - Added support 'The Strasbourg-ESO Catalogue of Galactic
    Planetary Nebulae'.
  - Added support 'A catalogue of Galactic supernova remnants'.
  - Added support 'A Catalog of Rich Clusters of Galaxies'.
  * Added support asterisms and outlines for DSO.
  * Added improvements for the GUI.
* Thu Aug 17 2017
- Update to version 0.16.0:
  * RemoteSync plugin, which allows running several connected
    instances of Stellarium.
  * Non-spherical models for solar system objects like asteroids
    and small moons.
  * Solar system config file is now split into two parts.
  * AstroCalc feature extension: What's Up Tonight, graphs, ...
  * DSO: Addition of catalogs of peculiar galaxies
  * New Skycultures: Belarusian, Hawaiian Star Lines
  * Telescope plugin: support for the RTS2 telescope system.
  * Location can now be read from a GPS device.
  * See full list of changes at:
- Drop fix-qt-5.9-bzr-rev9474.patch: incorporated upstream.
* Sun Jun 18 2017
- Added fix-qt-5.9-bzr-rev9474.patch to fix build with qt 5.9
* Mon Apr 03 2017
- Update to version 0.15.2
  * main changes:
  + Added new algorithm for DeltaT from Stephenson, Morrison and Hohenkerk (2016)
  + Added orbit visualization data for asteroids
  + Added calculation of extincted magnitudes of satellites
  + Added new type of Solar system objects: sednoids
  + Added classificator of objects into Solar System Editor plugin
- for full list of changes see link:
* Thu Jan 19 2017
- Update to version 0.15.1:
  * Main changes:
  + The Digital Sky Survey (DSS) can be shown (requires online
  + AstroCalc is now available from the main menu and gives
    interesting new computational insight.
  + Stellarium can act as Spout sender (important for multimedia
    environments; Windows only).
  In addition, a lot of bugs have been fixed.
  + wait() and waitFor() in the Scripting Engine no longer inhibits
    performance of moves.
  + DE430/431 DeltaT may be OK now. We still want to test a bit
    more, though.
  + ArchaeoLines also offers two arbitrary declination lines.
  + Added support of time zones dependent by location.
  + Added new skyculture: Sardinian.
  + Added updates and improvements in catalogs.
  + Added improvements in the GUI.
  + Added cross identification data for stars from Bright Star
    Catalogue, 5th Revised Ed. (Hoffleit+, 1991)
- for full list of changes see link:
* Thu Aug 18 2016
- Require Qt5Script instead of Qt5Declarative to fix build
* Sun Aug 14 2016
- Run %fdupes only inside the %{_datadir}/stellarium directory
  instead of entire buildroot to avoid hicolor icons being
  replaced by links. Replacing actual icon images by links leads
  to appdata being vetoed: "Failed to load icon: image format was
  not recognized:
  /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps/stellarium.png, Has no
* Wed Aug 10 2016
- Update to version 0.15.0
  * Major changes:
    + Added StelProperty system
    + Added new plugin for exhibitions and planetariums - Remote Control
    + Added new skycultures: Macedonian, Ojibwe, Dakota/Lakota/Nakota,
    + Updated code of plugins
    + Added Bookmarks tool and updated AstroCalc tool
    + Added new functions for Scripting Engine and new scripts
    + Added Miller Cylindrical Projection
    + Added updates and improvements in DSO and star catalogues (include initial
    support of The Washington Double Star Catalog)
    + azimuth lines (also targetting geographic locations) in ArchaeoLines plugin
    + Many fixes and improvements...
- for the full list of changes see link:
* Fri Jul 01 2016
- Update to version 0.14.3
- added deppendency to qt5serialport for TelescopeControl plugin
- use %cmake macro for install
* Sun Nov 08 2015
- Update to version 0.14.0
  * List of changes:
- Remove stellarium-0.13.3-missing_includes.patch; fixed on upstream
- Use %cmake macro
* Fri Oct 09 2015
- add stellarium-0.13.3-missing_includes.patch to fix missing
  includes for libQt 5.5 [bnc#949493]
* Thu May 14 2015
- Update to version 0.13.3:
  + Full list of changes at
* Thu Apr 23 2015
- Update to version 0.13.2 (boo#928024):
  - Long list of changes, see for the
    full list.
- Changes from version 0.13.1:
  - New features:
    + Light layer for old_style landscapes
    + Auto-detect location via network lookup.
    + Seasonal rules for displaying constellations
    + Coordinates can be displayed as decimal degrees (lp#1106743)
    + Support of multi-touch gestures on Windows 8 (lp#1165754)
    + FOV on bottom bar can be displayed in DMS rather than
    fractional degrees (lp#1361582)
    + Oculars plugins support eyepieces with permanent crosshairs
    + Pointer Coordinates Plugin can displayed not only RA/Dec
    (J2000.0) (lp#1365784, lp#1377995)
    + Angle Measure Plugin can measure positional angles to the
    horizon now (lp#1208143)
    + Search tool can search position not only for RA/Dec
    (J2000.0) (lp#1358706)
  - Bugs fixed:
    + Galactic plane renamed to correct: Galactic equator
    + Speed issues when computing lots of comets (lp#1350418)
    + Spherical mirror distortion work correctly now (lp#676260,
    + Location coordinates on the bottom bar displayed correctly
    now (lp#1357799)
    + Ecliptic coordinates for J2000.0 and grids diplayed
    correctly now (lp#1366567, lp#1369166)
    + Rule for select a celestial objects (lp#1357917)
    + Loading extra star catalogs (lp#1329500, lp#1379241)
    + Creates spurious directory on startup (lp#1357758)
    + Various GUI/rendering improvements (lp#1380502, lp#1320065,
    lp#1338252, lp#1096050, lp#1376550, lp#1382689)
    + "missing disk in drive <whatever>" (lp#1371183)
- Update BuildRequires to QT5 >= 5.2.0 - minimum version of QT5
  required to build stellarium.
* Tue Sep 09 2014
- Update to version 0.13.0:
  + New modulated core
  + Refactored shadows and introducing the normal mapping
  + Sporadic meteors and meteors has the colors now
  + Comet tails rendering
  + New types of landscapes
  + New translatable strings and new textures
  + New plugin: Equation of Time - provides solution for
    Equation of Time
  + New plugin: Field of View - provides shortcuts for quick
    changes field of view
  + New plugin: Navigational Stars - marks 58 navigational stars
    on the sky
  + New plugin: Pointer Coordinates - shows the coordinates of the
    mouse pointer
  + New plugin: Meteor Showers - provides visualization of meteor
  + New version of the Satellites plugin: introduces star-like
    satellites and bug fixes
  + New version of the Exoplanets plugin: displaying of the
    potential habitable exoplanets; improvements for performance
    and code refactoring
  + New version of the Angle Measure plugin: displaying of the
    position angle
  + New version of the Quasars plugin: improvements for
    performance; added marker_color parameter
  + New version of the Pulsars plugin: improvements for
    performance; display pulsars with glitches; setting color for
    marker for different types of the pulsars
  + New versions of the Compass Marks, Oculars, Historical
    Supernovae, Observability analysis and Bright Novae plugins:
    bug fixing, code refactoring and improvements
- Packaging changes:
  + Now requires qt5 >= 5.1.0
  + Switch to using pkgconfig based build dependencies as it is
    convenient to use for listing all qt5 dependencies
  + Also package appdata file
  + Translations can no longer be found by find_lang; comment it
    out for now
  + Apache licensed file no longer included in upstream tarball,
    remove deletion snippet from specfile.
* Wed Nov 27 2013
- Update to version 0.12.4:
  - Fix lp#1222742, bnc#852525: Clicking on arrows in Ocular view
    crashes stellarium
  - Feature lp#1223052: Render nighttime landscapes without
* Mon Sep 09 2013
- Update to version 0.12.3 (new plugin + bug-fix release):
  + New plugin - Bright Novae
  + Bugs fixed:
  - Added intermediate value to ZHR of shooting stars between 80
    and 10000 (lp#1208106)
  - Fixed search tool (lp#1208296, lp#1211198)
  - Fixed behaviour for shortkeys of few plugins (lp#1208291)
  - Fixed Flamsteed designations for few Virgo stars
  - Fixed saving Milky Way brightness via GUI (lp#1220477)
* Sun Aug 04 2013
- Update to version 0.12.2 (feature + bug-fix release):
  + New version of the Satellites plug-in (0.8.1):
  - Automatic adding of new satellites on update from selected
    update sources
  - Automatic removal of satellites if they are no longer listed
    in the update sources
  - "user-defined" flag protecting satellites from
  - Satellites can be added to/removed from satellite groups
    from the GUI
  - Custom satellite groups can be defined
  - Default satellite group names and satellite descriptions
    are translatable
  + Added:
  - Variable stars support (lp#665014)
  - Automatic change of landscape on planet change
  - Flamsteed designation for stars and search tool (LP:
  + Changed:
  - Repacked default star catalogs (lp#926588)
  - Update DSO features (lp#1115035, #1172402, #1180493)
  - Improved Quasars plugin (lp#1169232, #1181688)
  - Improved Pulsars plugin (lp#1169230, #1181688)
  - Improved Oculars plugin (lp#1170239, #1188340)
  - Improved Historical Supernovae plugin (lp#1180962)
  - Improved Observability analysis plugin (lp#1171182)
  - Improved Exoplanets plugin (lp#1177871)
  - Improved Satellites plugin (lp#955780)
  - Improved search tool (lp#1181534, #1184599, #1180962)
  - Improved scripting engine (lp#1202637, #1091626)
  + Fixed:
  - Satellites plugin cause crash when enabled in distant past
  - Landscape colour saturation at summer noon (lp#1115364)
  - Wrong rendering of Planet's shadow (lp#1131847)
  - Stellarium crashes (lp#1157930, #1177871, #1194838,
    [#1173355], #1184599)
  - Mismatched malloc/delete (lp#1172931)
  - Error in template code (lp#1178257)
  - Undefined template function in vecmath (lp#1178391)
  - Setting Startup date and time (Other:) sets time to UTC,
    not my local (EDT) time (lp#1198570)
  - Debug messages don't completely convert paths to local
    directory separator (lp#682633)
  - Garbled text hovering over time/date (lp#1176424)
  - Set time to now (Icon not illuminated) (lp#1178498)
  - Tongan translation discrepancies (lp#1181945)
  - POD document (lp#1184459)
  - No orbits displayed for some planets' satellites
- Drop stellarium-fix-non-ASCII-chars-in-source.patch, patch
  incorporated upstream.
* Wed Jul 10 2013
- Add stellarium-fix-non-ASCII-chars-in-source.patch to remove
  non-ASCII code from pod source file which caused build failures
  for Factory (fix applied for all versions of openSUSE since it
  is not desirable to have such non-ASCII characters in source
  files anyway); patch came from upstream. Fixes lp#1184459.
* Sun Apr 21 2013
- Update to version 0.12.1:
  + New features:
  - Caldwell catalog for nebulae
  - Re-packed star catalogs (Hipparcos and Tycho-2)
  - Delta-T manager, star magnitude limit control
  - Updates textures of galaxies and nebulae
  - Various small GUI changes
  + Over 30 closed bugs in the core application and plugins.