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Version: 3.10.0-bp150.2.7
* Wed Aug 30 2017
- Correct license
- Use more cmake macros
- Use shared qscintilla library
* Tue Aug 29 2017
- update to version 3.10.0
  * Highlights
  - integration
    + Uploading and downloading of databases works
    + Branching, forking, starring works, as does creating tags and releases
    + There's a 100MB per database limit at the moment though, as it's still in development
    + Backups aren't done on it (yet), so don't use it as your only place for storing important things (!!!)
    + The front page is... not great. We're working on it.
    + Still lots of upcoming stuff needing to be done. An API to query your databases, a cli, merging, discussions/issues
    + Please report bugs, ideas, suggestions (etc) on the repo issue tracker as you find them.
  - Many plot improvements (NULL values, progress dialog, remember settings, better colours, and bug fixes)
  - Better table editing (foreign key editor, toggling the WITHOUT ROWID flag, temporary tables, ...)
  - Better Import CSV dialog. It can now handle multiple CSV files at once
  - Improved Index dialog and better index handling in general
  - Better handling of virtual tables
  - Filter improvements (ranges, NULL search)
  - The usual improvements to the grammar parser
  * See the full list of changes under
- switch back to cmake build
- use system antlr on openSUSE, the problems seem to be fixed
- unconditionally build with Qt5, Qt4 support has been dropped in
  this release
* Thu Jan 19 2017
- switch to qmake build: cmake is badly broken ATM
- update to version 3.9.1
  * Major features
  - was recently announced.
  - Future releases of DB Browser for SQLite will optionally be able to save and retrieve your SQLite databases "in the cloud".
  - You can enable/disable this new submenu in Preferences.
  * Enhancements
  - Decreased lagging with long strings (further work still needed) - #761 (thanks to @innermous and @MKleusberg)
  - Indicate when display strings are being truncated - #767 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Focus the newly created field after clicking 'Add field' - 64ee665 (thanks to @Revolter)
  - Improved Execute current SQL line action - #780, 45affc9, 531eddb (thanks to @Revolter)
  * Bug fixes
  - Fixed default font selected being incorrectly detected - b15c7f2, 49786e1 (thanks to @innermous and @justinclift)
  - Increased custom Page Size upper limit - e12e043 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Fixed program not being able to uninstall from "Programs and Features" in Windows 7 - 90c094e (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Fixed executing current line action incorrectly logging the entire SQL - 55d8905 (thanks to @Revolter)
  - Added HTML entities escaping in output when executing SQL - b9dd11d (thanks to @innermous)
  - Fixed Indexes with spaces around their name not being able to be deleted - 8be2c54 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Removed quotes around content when a single cell is copied - 8c510ff (thanks to @Revolter)
  - Help button should not be present in Windows title bar - #796 (thanks to @schdub)
- update to version 3.9.0
  It's been yet another half a year (more precisely, 8 months) since the previous version 3.8.0 was released, and a lot of good things happened.
  * Major features
  - Strong encryption is now supported on Windows, using SQLCipher! - 5d98a19 (thanks to @huy-cong and @justinclift for figuring this out)
  - Keyboard navigation in the "Browse Data" tab now works well
  - Our releases are now digitally signed on both Windows and MacOS
  * Enhancements
  - Add Fedora install instructions - #467, #470 (thanks to @subdriven)
  - Add Windows DATE display format - #471 (thanks to @MyRoGeertGit)
  - Remove ampersands from windows title - d9d2f96 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Feature request: Option to turn off "intellisense"-like suggestions - #537 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add select and deselect all options for Export SQL dialog - #549 (thanks to @wierzba3)
  - Add Homebrew Cask install instructions - #564, #566 (thanks to @timbroder)
  - Add decimal support to display format - #569 (thanks to @jungle-boogie)
  - Add Edit Database Cell update when selecting a cell from the Execute SQL tab - #570 (thanks to @larsimmisch)
  - Cannot view binary data on BLOB columns containing image - #580 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Update Fedora install instructions - #586, #587 (thanks to @FreedomBen)
  - Add preference setting for exports line ending - #592, #597 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Adjust executable/app name according to the project's name - #593 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Add duplicate record option - #594 (thanks to @innermous)
  - Change default button to No in removal message dialogs - #618 (thanks to @innermous)
  - Add default field type preference setting - #652 (thanks to @revolter)
  - Add option to export only the data in an SQL export - c8f0203 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Remove buggy Edit Dialog and improved Edit Dock - #668, #679 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Add Ubuntu install instructions on the website - #671 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Add Rackspace logo on the website - 6fda155 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Add binary data size to the Edit Dock - #699 (thanks to @revolter)
  - Update installer .dmg on Mac OS - #693 (thanks to @justinclift and @revolter)
  - Add Create Index button in the toolbar and fixed Create Index dialog sizing - #704 (thanks to @revolter)
  - Add backspace alongside delete key for cell empty, for laptops missing the delete key - #705 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Optimize choosing displayed text for cell - 6b42af7 (thanks to @innermous)
  - Improve copy/pasting in ExtendedTableWidget - #709 (thanks to @innermous)
  - Feature request: We should sign our official releases - #711 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Reimplement data handling in the Edit Cell widget - #713 #410 (thanks to @justinclift)
  * Bug fixes
  - Fix building on CentOS - #572 (thanks to @Maxim-Mazurok)
  - Fix crash when browsing data in some cases - 730a272 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Fix font blur on retina displays in the SQL Log - #575 (thanks to @nickberry17)
  - Fix crash when trying to delete records from empty table - #590 (thanks to @innermous)
  - Fix database toolbar actions not updating after deleting a table - #600 (thanks to @revolter)
  - Fix cancel button not working in the Export SQL dialog - #608 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Fix Field separator and Quote character preferences not restoring correctly - #609 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Fix various small bugs with the quote and separator choices - #611 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Fix primary keys not being quoted when creating/modifying tables - 7e0adab (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Fix crash in Browse Data tab when pasting empty string over non-empty cell - 1ce62d7 (thanks to @innermous)
  - Fix cell Edit Dialog not showing up centered - #644 (thanks to @DelphiGit)
  - Fix Show rowid column option not correctly refreshing the table view - #645 (thanks to @revolter)
  - Fix crash when hovering over any row from the rowid column - #646 (thanks to @revolter)
  - Fix for unquoted path vulnerability in the Windows app - #649 (thanks to @DelphiGit and @justinclift)
  - Fix incorrect app version in Finder's Info view - #658 (thanks to @revolter)
  - Fix crash when trying to Export table(s) as CSV in some cases - 2c1ab5b (thanks to @innermous)
  - Fix navigation keyboard shortcuts not working in Browse Data tab in some cases - 2bcc603 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Fix DB Toolbar visibility preference setting not restored in some cases - #666 😈 (thanks to @innermous)
  - Fix Alt-Delete not setting the selected cell to NULL - #663 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Fix transactions not being ignored when executing SQL - #656 (thanks to @revolter)
  - Fix elements focus order on Tab press - #676 (thanks to @chrisjlocke)
  - Fix Edit Dialog opening when pressing Enter - a7b5c3f (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Fix Filter Input row in RTL Locales - #685 (thanks to @SafaAlfulaij)
  - Fix Edit Dock default position - 30d2ce3 (thanks to @revolter)
  - Fix crash when closing unsaved database (or some other rare cases) - #690 (thanks to @revolter)
  - Fix font preference settings not being reflected in the Edit Dock - 7eb733b (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Fix Arabic translations not showing up correctly - #702 (thanks to @justinclift)
  - Fix cell binary data getting corrupted when trying to edit in place - #708 (thanks to @SafaAlfulaij)
  - Fix foreign key preview not showing up for foreign keys in the first column - #718 (thanks to @schdub)
* Mon Jul 04 2016
- Comment out antrl dependency as it causes build issues on x86_64
* Sun Jul 03 2016
- Pass -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF to %cmake to fix static linking with
  the included libraries (boo#984828)
* Thu May 12 2016
- Update dependencies
* Sun Apr 10 2016
- Drop some build dependencies
  * autotools are not used
- Add macros for icons
- Add correct dependencies for post/postun macros
- Use cmake macros
- Drop some conditional build dependencies for unsupported releases
- Build with qt5 where possible
* Sat Apr 09 2016
- update to version 3.8.0
  * Enhancements
  - Add proper file extension filters to all file dialogs - 6b8f57d (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Improved error handling, e.g. more error messages with more detailed error descriptions - #362, #363, 1696ad1 (thanks to @schdub and @MKleusberg)
  - Allow changing table columns even when there is a foreign key constraint on the table - #362 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - When holding Ctrl and Shift while clicking on a cell with a foreign key set, the browser now jumps to the referenced record - #192 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add option for disabling the SQL error indicators in the Execute SQL area - #302 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add an option for setting the colours of fields with regular and binary data - #377 (thanks to @schdub)
  - Use the name of the imported file as default suggestion for a table name during CSV import - #376 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Save filter values, sort order and column widths for all tables when switching the current table or tab; also save the settings in the project file - 748f06d (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Show a small clear button inside each filter box - 944e22a (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add basic support for different 'display formats', i.e. a conversion of the contents of a column into a different format for display purposes (e.g. converting a Unix epoch into an actual date) - 7c1d237, 22e858d (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Remove deleted files from list of recently opened files - #379 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add a new option for horizontal tiling of the code and result view in the Execute SQL area - #380 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Move execution time of the SQL statement to the top of the result view in the Execute SQL area - #381 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add 'x rows affected' information to the result view of the Execute SQL area - 82292c2 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add built-in UTF16 and UTF16CI collation - #391 (thanks to @sebastian-philipp)
  - Add Ctrl+R shortcut (besides F5) for the refresh table button - #388 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add option for setting the font and font size of the text in the table browser view - #383 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Support opening of read only database files - #402 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add option for showing the rowid column in the data browser view - #408 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add option for showing the text in the data browser view using a different encoding - #414 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add option for setting an escape character for the filters in the data browser - #421 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add a small delay before applying a new filter value instead of performing an instantaneous search to improve performance on large tables - #415 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Automatically add '%...%' wildcards to a filter query - #415 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add Delete and Alt+Delete keyboard shortcuts for setting the current cell to empty string or NULL in the data browser view - #443 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add new option for moving the Edit cell data dialog into a dock which is locked to the main window and stays opened - #416, #440, #441 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Allow drag-&-dropping text and files on a cell in the data browser - #441 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add keyboard shortcuts for recently opened files - #432 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Add new option for setting a SQL script which gets executed whenever any database file is opened - #451 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Allow pasting data (e.g. from a spreadsheet) directly into the data browser view - #453 (thanks to @MilosSubotic)
  * Bug fixes
  - Fix missing SQL log when query contains a line break, also trim the log - #337, #356 (thanks to @schdub and @MKleusberg)
  - Also set foreign key settings when creating a new database instead of just setting them when opening a file - 212116a (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Fix drawing of Unicode characters in the SQL editor where the font settings wouldn't apply as they should have - #365 (thanks to @SevenLines)
  Allow values greater than 10000 in the user_version pragma of a database - #366 (thanks to @schdub)
  - Fix adding new a record into a table where all fields are set to a default value - #369 (thanks to @schdub)
  - Fix resizing of the code and result view in the Execute SQL area - 6806a9b (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Fix error message when changing table - #390 (thanks to @MKleusberg and @GeorgijK)
  - Fix parsing of double backticks and double quotes used to escape a single one in create table statements - 160bc87, dce47b3 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Fix handling of tables when their name contains a backtick - #387 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Try to set a better window position when opening the Edit cell data dialog - #342, #394 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Fix possible infinite loop in the Edit cell data dialog - #444 (thanks to @manisandro)
  - Fix bug when pressing the cancel button in the dialog you see when you're closing a database with unsaved changes - #432 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  - Don't allow conflicting field names in the Edit Table dialog - #460 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  * Translations
  - Add translation into Traditional Chinese - #425 (thanks to @PeterDaveHello)
* Thu Aug 13 2015
- update to version 3.7.0
  * Among many bug fixes 3.7.0 also contains these upstream enhancements:
  - Add option to remember last location for file dialogs
  - Add option for setting the font used in the SQL code editor
  - Preserve filters in Browse Data tab when changing tabs
  - Allow setting the line type and the point shape in the plot area
  - Add a 'Copy Create statement' popup action to Database Browser tab
    See the full list of 3.7.0 changes under
  * Major new features that were added by upstream for version 3.6.0:
  - Better SQL export
  - REGEXP support (see the wiki page for details...)
  - NULL value highlighting - customisable in the preferences
    See the full list of 3.6.0 changes under
* Tue Apr 28 2015
- Use QT5 for Factory builds
* Thu Apr 02 2015
- Update licensing information
* Thu Mar 26 2015
- Update to version 3.5.1 from 3.4.0
  Upstream changes for 3.5.1:
  Bug fixes
  - Default Location field can't be changed in v3.5.0 on OSX - #197
  - Crash when a table name is empty - #194
  - CSV Import bug - final row being missed - #193
  - Attach database when main is encrypted - #174
  - Failure to delete some SQLite entries (.s3db) - #172
  Important upstream changes for 3.5.0:
  One of the major improvements in this release, is support for encrypted
  databases. This is done using the SQLCipher encryption library.
  - I18N - Simplified Chinese language support - #138
  - Add tooltip for all table items - #139
  - Remember CSV export options - #149
  - Distinguish Save and Save As when saving SQL files in the Execute SQL tab
  - #152
  - Add two buttons to navigate to the head and the tail - #169
  - Support Indices without sorting - #176
  Enhancements with progress, though more still needs to be done
  - Open Encrypted Database - #12
  - Add full support for tables without rowid - #51
  - NULL field values are not highlighted - #163
  - Ability to change language - #182 #187
  Bug fixes
  - Foreign Key in Edit Create Table - #109
  - CSV export bug - Fields aren't automatically quoted when separator
    character is present in the data - #144
  - [feature request]"Execute SQL": clear output if query returns nothing -
  - #151
  - Export to SQL INT Datatype Expression - #156
  - Crash when opening db without rowid and composite primary key - #159
  - Database Structure view: wrong parsing of CHECK constraints - #179
  - tests: fix QCoreApplication parameters #185
* Mon Dec 08 2014
- update to 3.4.0
  + CSV file import and export code has been extensively modified
    for better RFC compatibility
  + support for custom collation sequences. This lets people use
    SQLite3 databases copied from their Android phone or tablet.
  + several fixes in our SQL grammar parser
  + Make adding new rows less confusing by showing automatically
    generated data by default values, triggers or the PK right after
    the new row is added
  + Edit Table dialog: Add option for adding a unique constraint to columns
  + UI improvements: Show line numbers in the SQL log
  + Add a database schema pane (can be torn off)
  + Added a Russian translation, fixed German translation
  + new Project files feature, for saving metadata about your SQLite
    Database files
  + New: Plotting, a quick and dirty way to draw graphs from your
    table data
  + Bi-licensed under MPLv2 and GPLv3
- adapt package license string for the bi-license
- use cmake now instead of old qmake
- let make install the sqlitebrowser binary
- build-require hicolor-icon-theme for the directory ownership
* Sun Feb 16 2014
- update to 3.0.2:
  + Fix a memory leak
  + Allow space characters in table and index names, disallow ` chars
  + Update execute query table view when no results returned
  + Fix non tables/column names with non ascii characters
* Sun Dec 15 2013
- update to 3.0.1:
  + key names in table/column names
  + copy/paste of single cell
* Thu Nov 07 2013
- update to 3.0:
  + Qt3Support was removed
  + Recent files menu added
  + Improved UI, making it more modern, replacing some dialogs etc.
  + Syntax highlighting for SQL code
  + Cleaned up the code, reducing the SLOC quite a bit
  + Added basic support for triggers and views
  + Added pragma editing
  + Added BLOB support
  + Added a new filter row for searching
  + Improved performance when opening large tables
  + Extended the SQL tab
  + Added SQLite extension support
  + Fixed a ton of bugs
  + Probably more
- removed edittableform-fix-qdebug-use.patch
- removed sqlitebrowser-libs.patch
* Thu Sep 29 2011
- add -ldl to the linker (sqlitebrowser-libs.patch)
* Thu Aug 25 2011
- initial version 2.0b1, but using SVN revision 69 instead