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Change Logs

* Wed Jun 06 2018
- add missing requirement python3-cloudpickle, fixes boo#1095587
* Sat Apr 28 2018
- Update to Version 3.2.8
  + New features
    > Editor
  * Add `Ctrl+Shift+Enter` shortcut to introduce new lines at any point.
    > IPython console
  * Always run Cython files in a dedicated console.
  + Issues Closed
  * ValueError trying to open pandas.DateOffset objects in Variable Explorer
  * AttributeError when attempting to edit non-writeable or non-settable attributes of certain (e.g. many common Pandas) objects in CollectionsEditor
  * TypeError and Python hard crash to desktop after modifying _typ attribute of pandas Period in CollectionsEditor
  * Saving session data (spydata) deletes all arrays nested inside other data structures
  * System time change causes Spyder error
  * AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'apply_plugin_settings' when attempting to activate Automatic Connections for Help
  * Typo in introspection.utils.get_words
  * Sphinx html_use_smartypants is deprecated as of 1.6 and removed in 1.7
  * Spyder always open a new instance after updating to 3.2.7 version
  * Strange behavior for Spyder code annotations
  * AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'apply_plugin_settings'
  * AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'load_module'
  * Setting a path containing a single quote
  * ValueError when closing a file whose folder changed name in File Explorer
  * When browsing MultiIndex in Object Explorer, Pandas raises NotImplementedError: isna is not defined for MultiIndex
  * FileNotFoundError generated for
  * Variable Explorer windows don't close when Spyder exits; prevents it from reopening until manually closed
  * Bug: Find and Replace indicate "no matches" when "[", "(", or ")" included in the search string
  * AttributeError when attempting to view dom.minidom.Element object in Variable Explorer
  * How do I move to a new line while I'm in the middle of the current line?
  * pyximport.install() in is not a good idea
  * delete (context="editor", name="delete") keyboard shortcut doesn't work
  * Saving large workspace on network drive crashes Spyder on Windows
  + Pull Requests Merged
  * Error report stopgap to make instructions harder to miss
  * Fix various bugs in Variable Explorer, including an application crash to desktop
  * Replace deprecated function in inline CollectionsEditor tests and add recently supported data types
  * Make several GUI/qtbot tests more reliable by increasing timeouts and tweaking the methods used
  * Add .pytest_cache to gitignore
  * Fix new instance validation on Windows.
  * Fix NotImplementedError when browsing a MultiIndex in the Collection Editor
  * Set parent for Variable Explorer editors so Spyder closes properly
  * Change time elapsed calculation to prevent OSError
  * Fix bugs in session saving to spydata and improve tests
  * Allow TODO check marks with blank line
  * Fix typo in utils.introspection.get_words
  * Pin to a Tornado version less than 5.0 to avoid hangs in our tests
  * Run Cython files in a dedicated console
  * Avoid showing dialogs in IPython console tests to avoid segfaults
  * Be able to open files in the Editor if no template is found
  * Add handling for AttributteError when importing module from path
  * Remove ipyconsole and editor attrs from the Help plugin
  * Update deprecated Sphinx directive html_use_smartypants
  * Allow rename from Explorer to work for directories
  * Fix error when setting a path with a single quote
  * Delay check whether we are running under pytest until run time
  * Allow shortcut key for editor/delete to work like Del key
  * Restore the previous wording for package versions in error report
  * Skip some IPython console tests in PyQt4 because they are segfaulting too much
  * Find/replace - return match counts on unescaped characters
  * Add Ctrl+Shift+Enter to enter a new line in the Editor
- Update to Version 3.2.7
  + New features
    > Main Window
  * Improve the interface to report errors to Github.
    > Variable Explorer
  * Enable the display of many more Numpy array types.
    > Editor
  * Copy text from the search field to the replace one
    after pressing `Tab`.
    > IPython console
  * Make `%edit` open `` in the Editor on
    > Find in Files
  * Remove items from the `Search in` list when hovering
    over them and pressing `Del`.
  * Add a `Clear this list` option below `Select other
    > Under the hood
  * Demand PyQt less than 5.10 for our wheels.
  + Issues Closed
  * Update translations for 3.2.7
  * test_completions_custom_path fails with jedi 0.9.0 (Spyder 3)
  * FileNotFoundError when running code in the IPython console
  * Mouse cursor issue with PyQt 5.10
  * Add the the Collapse All and Expand All buttons to the toolbar of the Outline Explorer
  * PermissionError when Spyder is started
  * Selecting "tutorial" from help menu does not bring up Help pane automatically if not loaded, leading to user confusion
  * IndexError when getting help of an object
  * AttributeError when running code in the IPython console
  * RuntimeError when interrupting kernel
  * pdb history doesn't collapse similar text
  * IOError when trying to write to stderr file
  * Convert re expressions to use raw strings
  * Errors pop up when change the key shortcuts in python 2.7
  * %edit magic command does not work on Windows
  * Color scheme changes after kernel restart
  * Spyder Profiler Hangs/Freezes
  * Bug with saved window layouts
  * Icon should be moved from share/pixmaps to share/icons
  * UnicodeEncodeError when searching text in the Editor
  * Uncaught error when opening a pandas DataFrame with out of bounds timestamps
  * Several tests fail locally under user environment with customized keyboard shortcuts due to relying on hardcoded keybindings
  * TypeError: tabText(self, int) when moving plugin tabs
  * UnicodeEncodeError when using a project with non-ascii characters on it
  * UnicodeDecodeError when moving a file with Project Explorer
  * Add missing Keywords metadata in desktop file
  * Paths in the "Search in" combobox of the "Find in File" plugin becomes corrupted
  * Improve interface to report errors
  * IPython console failing when custom interpreter is removed
  * Use Tab key to copy text to "Replace with:" field
  + Pull Requests Merged
  * Update Spanish translation
  * French translation for 3.2.7
  * Update Japanese translation for 3.2.7
  * Update Brazilian Portuguese translation
  * Update Russian translation
  * Demand PyQt5 less than 5.10 in our wheels
  * Skip test_completions_custom_path if jedi version before 0.10.0
  * Update broken matplotlib project URL in install doc
  * Make projects work on unicode directories
  * Handle errors when writing history to disk in the IPython Console
  * Fix all test files to be run independently
  * Xfail test_auto_backend for certain versions of zmq and ipykernel
  * Add test for file directory change in the Project Explorer.
  * Add keywords to desktop files
  * Change share/pixmaps to share/icons in
  * Add error handling for the lockfile symlink on Windows
  * Harmonized the toolbar of the Outline Explorer with its context menu.
  * Add validation for custom interpreter option
  * Show Help if closed when opening tutorial to avoid user confusion
  * Fix and catch typeerror thrown when from_index is None while moving plugin tab
  * Catch any error in the isdefined method of dochelpers
  * Handle AttributeError when running code in the IPython Console.
  * Catch any error when creating stderr files in the IPython console
  * Catch RuntimeError when no kernel is running
  * Skip test_tab_copies_find_to_replace on Linux because it fails
  * Don't add repeated entries to history while on pdb
  * Skip test_calltip on Python 3 and PyQt < 5.9 because it's failing there
  * Custom layouts not working when hexstate is None
  * Pin pyqt5 to 5.9.2 on tests because 5.10 is giving segfaults during the collection phase
  * Install and run window manager in Travis to fix focus issues and unskip now-passing tests
  * Update Brazilian Portuguese translation
  * Change to re strings for Deprecation Warning
  * Use a temporary config directory to run our tests
  * Preserve color scheme on kernel restart
  * Update super() call to use Python 2 style call
  * Fix %edit magic on Windows
  * Fix Profiler error when run is stopped
  * Catch OutOfBoundsDatetime errors from pandas
  * Use a checkbox in error dialog to dismiss it instead of a button
  * Fix some completion errors in the Editor and show again no docs message in Help
  * Fix error when searching text in the Editor in translated interfaces
  * Find/replace - Copy search text to replace textbox on tabbing between them
  * Add troubleshooting blurb and OS version to issue template and enhance UI
  * Add Troubleshooting links and blurb to various appropriate places in Spyder and doc
  * Enable the display of many more numpy array types in the Variable Explorer
  * Fix 3 bugs and add 4 improvements to Find in Files
  * Major overhaul of Readme, contributing and install docs
  * Differenciate between ), }, and ] when closing brackets
  * Change error report dialog to enter issue description before submitting it
- Update to Version 3.2.6
  + New features
    > Editor
  * Make `Shift+Del` to cut text if users have some text
  * Make `Shift+Ins` to paste text.
  * Make `Ctrl+PgUp`, `Ctrl+PgDn` and `Ctrl+Tab` shortcuts
    > Variable Explorer
  * Display date/times in human readable format.
  * Disable editing for immutable types (e.g. tuples).
    > Under the hood
  * Fix installation of wheels with `pip`.
  + Issues Closed
  * Error on Maximize Current Pane
  * AttributeError when resetting console namespace
  * Not able to change layouts after resetting
  * DataFrame Editor raises TypeError when editing any complex type
  * Fix errors when entering a value for a cell larger than the max int in Array and Dataframe editors
  * Consoles get renamed when moved in the IPython console
  * 3.2.5 fails to activate Matplotlib Qt5 backend
  * Variable Explorer throws an error instead of displaying contents when attempting to inspect any loaded modules
  * Spyder not starting in macOS because pyopengl is present
  * Update to 3.2.5 with pip fails for Python 2.7 as it pulls pyqt5
  * Spyder crashes upon typing `net(` in editor
  * When comparing a generated and loaded profile, any negative deltas show (actual_value - ?) 1h:60min, not actual value
  * Improve how we detect that Spyder is running under Anaconda
  * Shift+del should delete line only when empty selection, otherwise clipboard cut
  * Tuples can be "edited" in Variable Explorer but changes are discarded
  * "ValueError: malformed node or string" when evaluating code that contains Path elements
  * Window layout setting error
  * Segmentation fault when trying to change keyboard shortcuts in Preferences
  * File switcher error
  * ValueError: not enough values to unpack in the File Explorer
  * Add ability to change Ctrl+PgUp and PgDn shortcuts
  * Keyboard shortcut hint is missing from menu item Search/Find in files
  * Tab in-between find and replace text boxes
  + Pull Requests Merged
  * Fix error when trying to maximize plugins that don't have a dock widget
  * Catch error when resetting console namespace and no kernel_client is available
  * Skip some tests because they are failing locally or segfaulting
  * Cannot change windows layout on first start after reset
  * Add shortcut to Find in Files in Search menu
  * Mark introspection test slow and re-enable it on certain CIs
  * Add test to verify that the Automatic backend is working correctly
  * Run slow tests only in our CIs
  * Fix TypeError editing any complex val in DataFrameEditor, and bug resulting in bool_s being treated as uneditable
  * Prevent an error in the FileSwitcher when all tabs are closed in the last focused widget.
  * Allow tab cycling shortcuts to be configurable in Editor
  * Patch ipykernel to avoid errors when setting the Qt5 Matplotlib backend
  * Fix crash and error dialog when triggering OverflowError (too large int) when editing arrays and dataframes
  * Fix renames when moving IPython console tabs
  * Fix negative deltas on profiler
  * Avoid a calltip crash when docstring is None
  * Fix mime type error detection in the File Explorer
  * Remove unnecessary flaky from introspection test, minor cleanup
  * Make Tab key properly switch between find and replace fields
  * Fix segfault on shortcut preferences when using mouse
  * Improve how we detect if we are running under Anaconda
  * Avoid errors when importing pyopengl at startup
  * Make pyqt5 a wheel dependency only for Python 3
  * Fix error when attempting to view module contents in CollectionsEditor
  * Add expected default behavior for Shift+Del and Shift+Ins
  * Add coverage files and Notepad++ backups to gitignore
  * Skip several failing tests on Windows and one on a specific CI build
  * Add test coverage reporting with AppVeyor to Codecov
  * Display date/times in human readable format in Variable Explorer
  * Make bullets/numbers/headings more consistent and add Anaconda for Linux in install doc
  * Properly disable editing in Variable Explorer for values in immutable collections (e.g. tuples)
  * Manage types that extend str in value_to_display
- Update to Version 3.2.5
  + New features
    > IPython Console
  * Improve kernel startup time.
  * Add option to show kernel elapsed time.
  * Add button and option to remove all user-defined variables.
  * Load `%autoreload` magic at kernel startup to make changes to
    modules take effect instantly in the console.
  * Use `cloudpickle` to serialize/deserialize data between kernels
    and Spyder.
    > Variable Explorer
  * Add support for `datetime.timedelta` objects.
    > Under the hood
  * Add `pyqt5` as a new wheel dependency.
  * Add a new `--hide-console` option and deprecate `--show-console`
    on Windows.
  + Issues Closed
  * Update translations for 3.2.5
  * Remove 'DMG Installers' option from documentation
  * UserWarning: Config option use_jedi not recognized by IPCompleter
  * Error when choosing rename option after editing tuple value from Variable explorer.
  * Code from one file not updating when called from another if run directly in the console
  * "Real-time code style analysis" checkbox in Prefs > Editor > Introspection checks for pep8, not pycodestyle
  * Return value of EditorStack.has_filename not checked properly
  * IPython console missing features with respect to the old Python console
  * AttributeError is thrown when trying to get help of an object
  * Improve working directory dropdown box
  * TypeError: disconnect() failed between 'sig_prompt_ready' and all its connections
  * Missing python doc in help menu
  * Problems with backend "TkAgg" on Linux
  * NameError when running isdefined
  * Save after moving editor tabs with split panes changes wrong files
  * Symbol finder gives error message
  * Cannot run static code analysis on Spyder 3.2.4
  * Error when trying to explore empty numpy array
  * Variable explorer broken because of DeprecationWarning in ipykernel
  * Close parenthesis when unmatched
  * Crash on profiler because of lack of profiler.results
  * Can't open preferences anymore as I get an error message
  * Runtime Error raised while closing IPython Console instance
  * AttributeError: 'InternalShell' object has no attribute 'is_running'
  * Keyboard shortcuts reset button cannot be canceled/undone and too easy to trigger
  * Explicitly stated default Russian encoding on Windows not recognized
  * Automatic graphics backend throws an error
  * Can't enable debug mode
  * Spyder crashes after typing plt.plot( at the ipython console
  * Change --show-console for --hide-console
  * "Replace Selection" Erroneously Removing/Interpreting Escape Sequences
  * 'Show in external file explorer' on editor menu more than once for split panels
  * ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: b''
  * Error when replacing "\" by "\\"
  * Add Clear button to (find) entry boxes
  * Don't set current working directory for external kernels
  * Error when drag and drop file from zip
  * Fast file switch and fast symbol search do not work properly if the editor is splitted
  * Exploring variables in debugging mode is giving focus to the Editor
  * Spyder always opens a new instance
  * Variable explorer should list datetime.timedelta variables
  * Spyder is not installing the PyQt5 wheel when using pip
  * Outline explorer doesn't work with second Editor window
  * Breakpoint doesn't appear in gui (red circle) but is listed in Debug > Breakpoints > List breakpoints
  * There should be a way to donate money to support the project
  + Pull Requests Merged
  * Update Japanese translation for 3.2.5
  * Update French translation for 3.2.5
  * Update Spanish translations for 3.2.5
  * Update Russian translation for 3.2.5
  * Load %autoreload magic at kernel startup
  * Remove/update outdated refs to Mac OS X, Mac DMG installers and
  * Skip a test that started to fail on Windows and Python 2
  * Disable renames for list, set and tuple in the Variable Explorer
  * Make tabs drag behavior in the IPython console to be the same as the Editor one
  * Several improvements to the IPython console
  * Fix missing documentation links
  * Add PyQt5 as a new wheel dependency
  * Change pep8 check_executable for pycodestyle.
  * Change for file save on split editor when tabs are moved
  * Disable smartpants quotes in Sphinx to prevent crash with MathJax
  * Catch AttributeError while using the Help plugin
  * Adjust calls to use has_filenames return value of None
  * Simplify how pyopengl is declared in
  * Add a tooltip showing the full path of highlighted item in the working directory dropdown box
  * Improve how Matplotlib backend is set in the IPython console
  * Catch TypeError while executing code instructions in the IPython console
  * Prevent Editor dockwidget to become visible when clicking on the outline explorer if the Editor is in a separate window
  * Skip test_load_kernel_file in PyQt4 because it segfaults too much
  * Catch NameError in isdefined
  * Add validation for mimedata2url in Editor's dragEnterEvent
  * Ignore warning generated by ipykernel.datapub
  * Skip test_issue_4066 in our CIs with PyQt >= 5.9
  * Set focus for filter line when doing symbol search
  * Handle 3d empty numpy arrays
  * Change position of data loading to prevent not calling validation in the Pylint plugin
  * Change default behavior of --show-console option
  * Catch not found file error when loading profiler results.
  * Skip some dataframe tests on Linux
  * Add validation for attribute 'is_running' in the Help plugin
  * Support datetime.timedelta in variable explorer
  * Catch search regexp error while doing replace/find
  * Better feedback for regexp errors in find/replace
  * Do not overwrite unmatched braces
  * Fix ValueError when switching Python interpreters
  * Fix typo in Solarized color schemes.
  * Add confirmation message to reset shortcuts.
  * Add handling for RuntimeError while closing an IPython console instance.
  * Fix syncing of line number and plugin list for breakpoints and add unit tests.
  * Make clear line shortcut configurable in the IPython console
  * Don't unescape control characteres in replace in selection
  * Add cp1251 (default Russian) encoding on Windows to be recognized by the Editor
  * Reduce row height in dependencies dialog
  * Add clear button to find comboboxes
  * Fix --debug
  * Add validation to not publish pdb_state after getting values of variables
  * Fix EditorSplitter menu_actions and add test.
  * Don't rely on process name when detecting a previous instance
  * Trade ipykernel.serialize for cloudpickle and remove use of publish_data
  * Make the fileswitcher aware of split editorstacks
- Update to Version 3.2.4
  + New features
  * Add compatibility with Jedi 0.11
  * Display lists with all types of elements in the Variable Explorer.
  + Issues Closed
  * Cannot get past splash screen
  * Sorting by column in variable explorer
  * Error in variable explorer for dicts with mixed-type keys
  * Spyder crashes because of race condition in ZMQ
  * Error when opening a new project
  * Not all lists are supported by the variable explorer
  * Error when pressing Ctrl+C in the terminal where Spyder was started
  * Increase kernel_client.hb_channel.time_to_dead even more
  * Variable Explorer: sort by values not working
  * Checking/Unchecking path in the pathmanager is not working as expected in the IPython console
  * Enter in IPython console inserts new line when big Dataframes are in namespace
  * Problem when closing files with split editors whose tabs order are not synced.
  * Variable explorer crash when viewing numpy structured array
  * Profiler incorrectly detects recursion
  * Variable explorer raise error when try to sort dict by values
  * error when closing a file
  * Error when trying to sort dataframe with duplicate columns
  * Error when Selecting Fig from Variable Explorer
  * In ipdb, the up and down keys have a strange behaviour
  * raises an Error
  * Issues with recognizing directory renaming
  * Closing last open file while being in non-existing working dir raises exception
  * AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'execute'
  * Error when trying to edit elements of a float numpy array in variable explorer
  * Some issues with dedicated consoles
  * "Save as" dialog extremely slow
  + Pull Requests Merged
  * Add an error message when sorting a dataframe on categorical dtypes
  * Make consoles to start without an stderr file
  * Update minimal QtPy required version
  * Skip a Matplotlib test in PyQt4 because it's failing too much
  * Backport PR 5159
  * Fix crashing of the fileswitcher after closing the last file of the Editor.
  * Change spyderproject for spyproject in some missing places.
  * Add an error message when failing to serialize an object
  * Skip some tests to prevent recurrent failures and segfaults
  * Prevent a race condition with ZMQ during startup
  * Fix history browsing while debugging
  * Add handling for OSError's when changing directories.
  * Display all lists in the variable explorer
  * Add a safe getcwd function to handle errors when the current working was deleted
  * Show error when trying to sort dataframe with duplicate columns
  * Fix editing floats in array editor
  * Sync correctly the closing of files in multiple editorstacks.
  * Wait until console is ready before executing code for dedicated consoles
  * Fix some execution delays in the IPython console
  * A couple of fixes for Jedi 0.11
  * Enable sorting by values in Variable Explorer
  * Prevent unchecked paths in the pathmanager to be added to the IPython console sys.path
  * Fix recursion error in profiler
  * Prevent hard crash when inspecting certain structured arrays
  * Don't show errors when kernel_client is None
  * Fix some issues with the Editor Save dialog
  * Apply window style only if it's not None
  * Handle error when using deepcopy in the collections editor.
  * Editor historystack improvements
  * Fix calling in a console
- Update to Version 3.2.3
  + New features
  * Add a button to the Variable Explorer to remove all variables at
  + Issues Closed
  * AttributeError when using outline and split code
  * 'Execute in external system terminal' unwantedly uses python2 on ubuntu16.04
  * AttributeError: 'super' object has no attribute '_handle_error' in IPython console
  * Renaming file containing folders yields IndexError.
  * pip created executable name changes between versions
  * KeyboardInterrupt error in waitingspinner
  * Debug: "Run Current Line" past the end of a script doesn't exit the debugger
  * "unblockcomment" incompatible with "automatically remove trailing spaces"
  * RuntimeError when using outline and split code editor
  * Variable Explorer: Add a button to remove all variables at once
  + Pull Requests Merged
  * Use get_python_executable to run in external terminals
  * Fix RuntimeError and AttributeError when using outline and split code editor
  * Stop creating universal wheels
  * Add handling for IndexError in the Editor when renaming folder containing file
  * Don't use super in _handle_error method of IPython console
  * Avoid KeyboardInterrupt to raise an error in waitingspinner
  * Exit the debugger if we are about to enter to
  * Fix unblock comments
  * Add a button in the Variable Explorer toolbar to reset namespace
- Update to Version 3.2.2
  + New features
  * Add a button to Find in Files to make searches case sensitive.
  * Extend Find in Files to select other search directories.
  * Add an option to set cursor blinking speed in miliseconds in
    `Preferences > General > Interface > Cursor blinking`.
  * Add checkboxes to PYTHONPATH manager to enable/disable paths.
  * Show the number of matches in the Find/Replace widget.
  + Issues Closed
  * Unable to save file in Python
  * Editor - Cannot close a (vertical) split after open
  * Word operators do not have a color style in the IPython console
  * Increase the limit of DPI setting for IPython inline graphics
  * IPython consoles can't start if Spyder temp directory is missing
  * BUG: Error editing element of numpy array in variable explorer
  * Spyder Issue when using ctrl+P : goto line
  * Unable to start Array builder using keyboard shortcut
  * Console slow to close when debugging
  * Consistent layout in different panes
  * "Replace selection" adds "\." anytime the string to be added contains "."
  * IPython: Run Code at Startup - Magics
  * Force-stop does not work on hanged progress.
  * Run Configuration per file: Working Directory not remembered
  * Error when trying to load third-party plugins
  * Pressing Ctrl+Tab wanting to switch to another tab raises an IndexError
  * Make Spyder remember tab order
  * Kernels fail to start because they can't create stderr files in non-ascii accounts on Windows
  * SPYDER_DEBUG=3 is failing on Windows
  * Find in Files should have ignore case flag
  * Extend Find in Files to select other directories
  * Array editor: Change default float formatter from %.3f to %.6g
  * Debug: If a breakpoint is on the first line of a script the whole script runs
  * Exceptions swallow the prompt!
  * Add icon to mac dock when running with bootstrap
  * Editor autocompletion and help extraction not working in Spyder 3.1.4
  * Option to Disable Blinking Cursor
  * Spyder stops executing commands if Variable explorer shows complicated objects
  * Ctrl+F should show the number of appearances in the file as #current/#total
  * Spyder 3 opens a command prompt window when running certain commands
  * Add the possibility to disable entries in the PYTHONPATH manager
  + Pull Requests Merged
  * Skip package names that end in certain suffixes when loading third-party plugins
  * Correctly move to first breakpoint after entering debugging
  * Fix error when creating some error messagebox
  * Add handling for non existing indexes in IPython Console clients
  * Add more handling to actions with reference deleted
  * Deactivate editor actions when Tab Swither is shown
  * Skip some tests in our CIs
  * Don't run continue when starting debug if there is a breakpoint in the first line with code.
  * Create Spyder TEMPDIR if it does not exist when creating new consoles
  * Fix cwd issues in the "Run > Configuration per file" dialog
  * Increase waiting time and repetitions for tests that enter debugging
  * Fix 1D Numpy arrays edition in the Variable Explorer
  * Make inactive paths to be ignored when Spyder's path list is synchronized with PYTHONPATH on Windows
  * Increase dpi limit of inline plots
  * Allow values with '%' in config system
  * Add a style for word operator tokens in the IPython pygments dictionary
  * Make value_to_display more robust
  * Increase tries for a couple of flaky tests
  * Add test with non-ascii directory for consoles stderr file
  * Fix setting SPYDER_DEBUG variable on Windows
  * Fix handling of line count in the fileswitcher
  * Prevent subprocess.Popen calls to create visible consoles on Windows.
  * Remove regex escape characters from replacement string on the Find/Replace widget
  * Fix shortcut to make array builders appear in the IPython Console
  * Minor fixes in Find in Files
  * Stop console before closing it
  * Send Spyder python path to introspection plugins
  * Reduce row height in shortcut dialog
  * Clean Spyder config before re-running our tests
  * Change format in array and dataframe editors
  * Unify layout for panes and widgets
  * Display prompt after errors
  * Preserve order when saving/loading files from a project.
  * Extend Find in Files to select other search directories
  * Add a button to Find in Files to make searches case sensitive
  * Add an option to set cursor blinking speed in miliseconds
  * Add checkboxes to PYTHONPATH manager to enable/disable paths
  * Add icon earlier when running application
  * Show the number of matches in the Find/Replace widget
* Mon Aug 28 2017
- Update to version 3.2.1
  * See:
- Update dependencies
* Mon Oct 17 2016
- Update descriptions
* Fri Oct 14 2016
- Fix pylint dependency.
* Thu Oct 13 2016
- Update to version 3.0.0
  * See:
- Remove spyderlib subpackage.  spyderlib no longer exists.
  Everything that was in spyderlib is now in the spyder namespace.
- Split plugins into their own subpackages.  Plugins are each in
  their own namespace, and third-party plugins are now possible.
  Further, some plugins can pull in dependencies that some users
  may not want.
- Update URL to new upstream URL.
- Add additional dependencies.
- Check which dependencies are really needed and which ones are
  optional and divide them into Requires and Recommends
* Thu Jun 09 2016
- Update to Version 2.3.9
  * Issue #3067 - File left open in sitecustomize when executing it in Python 3
  * Issue #3031 - Variable Explorer freezes when certain binary data is loaded
  * Issue #2991 - RuntimeWarning with pandas.dataframes that contain np.nan values
  * Issue #2984 - Can't access Preferences in spyder
  * Issue #2983 - Freeze while assigning data from numpy array when the data is a string
* Sun May 08 2016
- specfile:
  * updated source url to
* Wed Mar 09 2016
- Update to Version 2.3.8
  + New features
  * Python and IPython consoles
  * Fix a sitecustomize error when using Matplotlib 1.5 with Python 2 on Linux
  * Variable Explorer
  * Add support for Pandas Series when using Pandas 0.17+
  * Fix a freeze when creating empty DataFrames in Python 2
  * Fix a freeze when working with big Numpy recarray's
  * Under the hood
  * Avoid startup crashes when there are errors importing Numpy, SciPy or Pillow
  + Bug fixes
  * [Issue 2819](../../issues/2819) - Spyder fails to start because of an error with scipy
  * [Issue 2815](../../issues/2815) - Variable explorer is not recognizing Pandas Series objects
  * [Issue 2793](../../issues/2793) - Connecting to kernel fails because of update to Matplotlib 1.5
  * [Issue 2791](../../issues/2791) - DataFrame with no rows gives error when trying to view it
  * [Issue 2783](../../issues/2783) - Spyder freezes on assigning a fits table data
  * [Issue 2744](../../issues/2744) - Spyder hangs when creating an empty DataFrame on Python 2
- Fixes bug BNC#966417
* Tue Oct 27 2015
- Remove optional dependencies from BuildRequires
* Tue Oct 06 2015
- Update to 2.3.7
  + New features
  * Editor
  * Remove support for Jedi 0.9 because it was causing crashes
  * Variable Explorer
  * Fix crashes and freezes when working with DataFrames on Python 2
  * Under the hodd
  * Restore support for PySide
  + Bug fixes
  * Issue 2709 - IPython console error when trying to use SymPy
  * Issue 2693 - README should link to manual
  * Issue 2689 - "Resize" button in variable explorer chops off the array
  * Issue 2684 - Applications directory link is broken in Spyder 2.3.6 dmg's
  * Issue 2680 - "Close all files" hangs Spyder
  * Issue 2661 - Conda package manager is packed in 2.3.6 win32 distribution leading to errors
  * Issue 2659 - Crash while getting completions of DataFrames on the Editor because of Jedi 0.9
  * Issue 2654 - Creating DataFrames in Python or IPython consoles make Spyder 2.3.6 to hang
  * Issue 2649 - PySide can not be used on 2.3.6
  * Issue 2296 - Line numbers misaligned when zooming and scrolling in Mac
  * Issue 2036 - Code analysis and tooltips are not displayed in Ubuntu
  + Pull requests
  * PR 2650 - Failed sip import blocks fallback to PySide
* Fri Aug 28 2015
- Update to 2.3.6
  + New Features
  * IPython Console
  * Make it fully compatible with IPython/Jupyter 4.0
  * Variable Explorer
  * Don't refresh it when focused to avoid slow downs when
    working with big data
  * Add variable name to DataFrame editor
  * Fix several crashes and freezes when working with DataFrames
  * Under the hood
  * Use PyQt4 API #2 by default (API #1 is not supported anymore).
    This is necessary to support IPython/Jupyter 4.0
  + Bug fixes
  * Multiple untitled files generate at close
  * Indenting at the first position in file fails/crashes
  * Crash after update IPython to 4.0
  * Call tips and auto completion tips go out of screen on a second monitor
  * Having a lof of data in the Variable explorer slows down Spyder considerably
  * Spyder crash on launch with Babel 2.0/Python 3.4
  * List of pandas dataframes in variable explorer slows down Spyder
  * Variable explorer auto-refreshes after kernel restarts
  * DataFrames with headers that contain BOM utf-8 data are freezing/crashing Spyder (in Python 2)
  * Spyder crashes when displaying DataFrames with duplicate column names in the Variable Explorer
  * Don't ask to confirm exit on default untitled files
  * Display object name in DataFrame editor
  + Pull requests
  * Fix missing exception on Windows when importing data on the Variable Explorer
  * Show call tips at right position when there are multiple screens
  * Fix error when indenting on the first line of a file
- Switch dependencies to jupyter versions
* Mon Jun 29 2015
- Update to
  * Note: Versions 2.3.5 and have serious startup bugs on
    Windows and Mac respectively. Hence they are not listed here.
  * New features
  - Editor
    + Add support for Jedi 0.9
  - IPython Console
    + Add initial support for IPython/Jupyter 4.0
  - Main Window
    + Improve how Spyder looks in MacOS X
    + Several fixes to prevent startup crashes
  * Bug fixes
  - Issue 2468 - 'Connect to existing kernel' fails if json file not in PWD
  - Issue 2466 - No Notification of Running Instance
  - Issue 2463 - Failure to preserve Matplotlib backend when using symbolic math
  - Issue 2456 - Launching IPython console fails because of errors importing Pandas or Matplotlib
  - Issue 2452 - os.system causes TypeError in Python 3
  - Issue 2448 - Spyder crashes using Variable Explorer with BeautifulSoup
  - Issue 2446 - When importing putting two periods in a row produces an error in a Python console
  - Issue 2363 - Spyder fails to start because of problems with lockfile
  - Issue 2356 - Block comment incorporating whitespace excludes last line
  - Issue 2341 - IPython console: "sre_constants.error: unbalanced parenthesis" while typing
  - Issue 2314 - Cell highlighting not updated after closing the FindReplace widget
  - Issue 2302 - Closing all files in editor shouldn't leave it empty
  - Issue 2299 - IPython preference "Automatically load Pylab and Numpy Modules" not followed
  - Issue 2298 - Cannot stop executing when runing a flask app with debug=True
  - Issue 2285 - Copying from Spyder and pasting into LibreOffice displays strange comments
  - Issue 2228 - Shortcut to run cells on Mac is not working
  - Issue 2188 - can't run win_post_install from pip
  - Issue 2171 - Spyder Mac apps (for Python 2 and 3) hang on startup with OSX 10.9.5
  - Issue 2028 - Background color of theme is not set properly on Mac OSX
  - Issue 1957 - Python 3 Mac app can't start Python or IPython consoles
  - Issue 1844 - "Set as current console's working directory" button not working on Python 3
  - Issue 1615 - Mac app - Matplotlib does not work with Canopy
  * Pull requests
  - PR 2486 - Stop using IPython.lib.kernel 0.13.2 shim and add initial support for Jupyter
  - PR 2484 - Remove unnecessary changes to detected kernel json file when connecting to external kernels
  - PR 2434 - Match for pylint when parsing pylint version
  - PR 2411 - Improve github issue template
  - PR 2377 - Fix the fact that can't be run from pip
  - PR 2293 - Hide menu icons on Mac OS X
  - PR 2247 - Add support to run Python programs on xfce and xterm external terminals
  - PR 2216 - Fix broken png files: libpng 1.6.2 and newer has stricter iCCP rules
* Tue Mar 24 2015
- Update to 2.3.4:
  * New features
  - Debugging
    + After pressing the Debug button (or Ctrl+F5) move to the first
  - IPython Console
    + Drop support for Sympy versions less than 0.7.3
  - Python Console
    + Remove support to run system commands with ! (like !diff)
  - Editor
    + Accept drops from compressed files on Windows
  * Bug fixes
  - spyder crashes if ipython installed but not pygments
  - Cannot plot inline in IPython console on Linux
  - Update French translations for 2.3.4
  - Importing a module with debugger causes "TypeError: decoding Unicode is
    not supported"
  - SyntaxErrors with Python 3.2
  - Object Inspector is not showing "No documentation available" for objects
    without docstring
  - IPython does not work with brewed or virtualenv Python(s) in MacOSX
  - Spyder2.3.3 Code completion breaks
  - Spyder's WM_CLASS is empty, resulting in unexpected behavior for task
  - Code completion issue with Jedi
  - IPython consoles are not named correctly when connecting to existing
    kernels and passing the full kernel path
  - runfile with path containing apostrophes (quotes) will not work
  - Long NumPy arrays throw off errors
  - Special character "!" is not processed correctly when debugging in Python
  - Spyder crashes on Windows because of non-ascii chars in working directory
  - Don't execute external commands (!) when running pdb in python consoles
  - Execute until first breakpoint when pressing the Debug button
  - Dragging (not dropping) file from 7zip over spyder window causes
    TypeError in dragEnterEvent
  - spyderlib.utils.external overrides modules for script execution
  - spyder 2.3 ipython console startup code or file not working
  - Running in external system terminals is not working on Windows and Python
  - Spyder crashes on launch trying to load the project config file
  - raw_input borks with '!'
  - Plot A List Of Floats In Variable Explorer Not Possible
  - Problems with sitecustomize because of pickleshare library
  - "Highlight occurrences" setting is lost after IDE restart
  - Mac app - Sometimes it's not possible to get the user env vars
  - The PYTHONPATH manager on the Mac app does not work with the EPD64
  - Ctrl-C doesn't copy to clipboard in object inspector
  * Pull requests
  - Update French translations
  - Improve message for no docstring
  - catch a reason to crash on startup
  - Fix a bug in completion if callback value is not converted to string
  - Open configuration file with utf-8 encoding on Windows and Python 2
  - Fix zlib segmentation fault in Anaconda 3.4 Linux
- Update to 2.3.3:
  * New features
  - Editor
    + Use the Jedi library to do code completions
    + Add Ctrl+= as a shortcut to do Zoom in and Ctrl+0 to reset zoom
    + Add an option to show blank spaces, under the Source menu. There is
    also an option to make this permanent under Preferences > Editor.
  - IPython Console
    + Don't print DataFrames as html tables because this won't be supported
    since IPython 3.0
    + Drop support for IPython 0.13
    + Support the upcoming 3.0 version
    + Add Ctrl+T as shortcut to open new consoles
    + Simplify how consoles are named
  - Variable Explorer
    + More optimizations to handle big DataFrames and NumPy arrays (i.e. with
    more than 1e6 elements).
  - Main Window
    + Add Ctrl+W and Ctrl+F4 to close tabs in all platforms
    + Show shortcuts to move to each pane in View > Panes
  * Bug fixes
  - Visual help for indentation: draw spaces and tabs
  - Allow the file explorer to open any file into the editor as text
  - Augment or replace rope with Jedi
  - Kill button 'clicked' signal is connected but never disconnected on the
    python shell
  - Add support to get code completions for compiled modules (e.g. OpenCV)
  - Debug ignores breakpoints, if there's no ASCII characters in a file path
  - Creating file gives TypeError on Python 3
  - Keyboard shortcut to come back to normal zoom level
  - Shortcuts to create and close IPython consoles
  - Transition to git and github
  - Evaluating cell or selection in Python consoles takes ages
  - Spyder with GTK/GTKAgg backend on GNOME freezes
  - Matplotlib backend in Mac can't be changed when using PySide
  - exception in spyder internal console when typing 'exit(' in editor
  - autocomplete in the middle of a word
  - Your IPython frontend and kernel versions are incompatible
  - Winpdb (F7) doesn't work in Python 3
  - TkAgg backend unresponsive window on Linux and OS X
  - Improve inline backend options
  - Pandas Dataframe not opening in Variable Explorer
  - "About spyder" and "Report issue ..." output errors
  - Profiler - sorting by Total Time sorts by string order, not numeric order
  - Unable to bring up tutorial
  - Bug on Variable Explorer while viewing DataFrames, with timestamp columns
  - Missing py27 dmg download
  - PYTHON pathmanager on windows 8 does not work properly
  - Spyder 2.3.2 freezes when viewing big collections on the Variable
  - UnicodeDecodeError in the Internal console when trying to run a file with
    non-ascii chars and synatx errors in it
  - Go to definition menu item inactive with rope present.
  - iPython console rendering of pandas.DataFrame.repr_html() note in
  - Small typo in Help : Plotting examples
  - Closing takes a long time with Python 3.4
  - UnicodeDecodeError when inspecting pandas DataFrame in ipython console
  - Update French translations for 2.3.3
* Sat Dec 06 2014
- Update to 2.3.2:
  * Editor
  - Improve cells visualization
  - Add support for drag selection and improve look of
    line number area
  - Open on it any text file present in the Variable Explorer
  - View and edit IPython notebooks as Json files
  - Syntax highlighting for Json and Yaml files
  * Variable Explorer:
  - Import csv files as Pandas DataFrames
  - Improve browsing speed for NumPy arrays and DataFrames with more
    han 1e5 elements
  * IPython Console
  - Add a stop button to easily stop computations
* Mon Oct 13 2014
- Fix icon directory ownership
* Thu Sep 18 2014
- Update to 2.3.1
  * New features since
  * Variable Explorer
  * Support for Pandas DataFrame's and TimeSerie's types
  * Support for Numpy 3D arrays
  * Drag and drop works for all its supported file types
    (e.g. images, mat files, json files, etc)
  * Editor
  * F9 runs the current line under the cursor if nothing is
  * Focus remains on it after evaluating cells and selections
    (an option was added to return to the old behavior)
  * IPython console
  * Connect to external kernels through ssh
  * Object Inspector
  * Add a tutorial for beginners
  * Main Window
  * Improve style on Mac
  * Bug fixes
  * Issue  93  Variable explorer: allow array editor to deal
    with arrays with more than 2 dimensions
  * Issue  1160  Variable Explorer: add support for pandas
  * Issue  1305  mayavi plot hangs when IPython graphics backend
    is inline (default)
  * Issue  1319  Spyder is not getting its taskbar icon right in
    Win 7/8
  * Issue  1445  Linux style middle mouse button paste not
    executed in console
  * Issue  1530  Wrong encoding for date in pylint widget
  * Issue  1590  Add numpy matrices as a supported type to the
    Variable Explorer
  * Issue  1604  spyder 2.2.5 freezes with netCDF4-python
  * Issue  1627  Run selection (F9) changes focus to Python
    interpreter, but ex-Matlab users expect the
    focus to remain on the editor
  * Issue  1670  Provide a "Run current line" feature
  * Issue  1690  Feature request: connect to existing IPython
    kernel over ssh
  * Issue  1699  Option to disable middle button paste
  * Issue  1783  The new cell delimiter when converting a
    notebook to python file is # In[`*`]
  * Issue  1863  Ctrl-C doesn't work in a *restarted* IPython
  * Issue  1893  Matplotlib plots do not display correctly in
    2.3.0 (when running in dedicated python
- Update dependencies
* Thu Jul 17 2014
- Add spyder3-rpmlintrc to sources
- Remove unused version_check.patch
* Mon Jul 14 2014
- Update to 2.3.0 final
  - New features
  * Python 3 support
  * Editor
  * Use the Tab key to do code completions
  * Highlight cells, i.e. portions of a file delimited by separators of the form `# %%`
  * First-class support for Enaml files
  * Syntax highlighting for Julia files
  * Use Shift+Tab to show the signature corresponding to a function/method while it's been called
  * Do code completions using the tokens (or words) found in a file
  * Token-based completions work for any file type supported by the Editor
  * Add a new tooltip widget (borrowed from the IPython project) to better handle how to show function signatures
  * IPython console
  * Assign the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I to move to it
  * Open a console by default at startup
  * Give visual feedback when opening a console
  * Show kernel error messages in the client tab
  * Object Inspector
  * Add an intro message to explain how to use it
  * New style based on the Bootswatch Cerulean theme
  * Main Window
  * Reorganize several menus
  * Under the hood
  * Improve startup time
  * Develop a new way to update configuration defaults (that doesn't involve resetting user settings)
  - Bug fixes
* Fri May 30 2014
- Initial python 3 version
- Update to 2.3.0rc
  * No upstream changelog