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Change Logs

Version: 1.0.6-bp150.2.2
* Sat Apr 07 2018
- Update to version 1.0.6:
  * Rename dlg canonicalise Copy Target/Link Target target when
  * [GTK+2] Fix black background directory load regression.
  * [GTK+3.20] Fix theme parse warnings re close btn css.
  * [GTK+2] Iconview no longer responds to theme change.
  * Fix a compilation failure due to glibc include changes.
  * User manual minor updates.
  * Default Devices|Root|Check fsck command add -r for repair.
  * File|Open URL add example mtp://.
  * Add sftp to ssh protocol handler default whitelist (allows
  * settings.c: (style) Clarify expression with parentheses.
  * Fix a segfault in ptk/ptk-dir-tree.c.
  * Fix newly imported file handlers appear in Plugins menu.
  * Dbl-click to enter a directory selects a file.
  * Fix a segfault when dragging a directory or a file to the
  * [desktop] Fix GTK+3 icon movement, reliably get mouse state.
  * Load icon using icon name in theme if removed suffix fails.
  * [desktop] Paint root window when there is no wallpaper.
  * Fix source file permissions.
  * [GTK+3.22] Fix segfault dragging files to directory tree.
  * Fix drag & drop segfaults.
  * Fix segfault on drag to reorder bookmarks.
  * Fix davfs is not mounted.
  * Fix fuse default protocol handler not added due to false
    positive test.
  * Fix bookmark pane and toolbar two-finger right-click.
  * Fix file list new bookmark with topmost bookmark selected.
  * Fix mktemp in mtp handler being not busybox compatible.
  * Update translations.
- Build with ffmpegthumbnailer on openSUSE Leap 15.0 and later.
- Remove the gtk2 bcond.
* Sun Mar 12 2017
- Explicitly package %{_docdir}/%{name}/.
* Thu Jan 21 2016
- Update to 1.0.5:
  * Recreate too small cached thumbnails.
  * Read $XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR via glib for user-dirs.dirs support.
  * Devices|Settings|Auto-Mount|Mount Dirs accept XDG vars, mkdir.
  * Fix Paste in directory tree pastes to a wrong directory.
  * Menu key in directory tree changes directory and acts on the
    correct directory.
  * [desktop] Show video thumbnails on desktop.
  * Preferences add 384x384 icon size option.
  * Obey StartupNotify when opening with an desktop application.
  * set G_LOG_DOMAIN.
  * Fix main.c debug_gdk_threads_leave.
  * Change detection, blacklist detect new files.
  * Get mime type of only reg and link files, not char dev.
  * Fix segfault in ptk_bookmark_view_reload_list to vfs_load_icon.
  * Prevent filesystem find loop hang in new file/directory dialog.
  * Fix crash on GTK+ icon theme reload; fix liststore memory leaks.
  * udevil iso unmount device handler new whitelist/blacklist.
  * Fix broken key shortcuts in Open|In Panel menu.
  * Add lxqt-sudo and lxsu to list of su frontends.
  * Add support for qterminal in list of terminals.
  * Make Paste As Target paste canonicalised final target when
* Mon Oct 19 2015
- Update to 1.0.4:
  * ifdef malloc_trim for non-glibc libraries.
  * Fix HAL build.
  * Fix older Gtk2 build.
  * Menu and Shift+F10 show side pane menus.
  * Design Menu shown with Menu key in addition to F2.
  * Directory tree allow keyboard navigation, keep focus.
  * Directory tree double-click expands/collapses row.
  * Directory tree context menu|New|Tab Here opens a selected
  * Correct location for Gtk3 bookmarks import; use basename.
  * Don't continuously refresh copying video thumbnails.
  * New in /etc/spacefm/spacefm.conf: terminal_su and graphical_su.
  * Build system now installs /etc/spacefm/spacefm.conf.
  * New configure option --sysconfdir=/etc to set location of /etc.
  * Add new event for tab change dir evt_tab_chdir; update manual.
  * Replace show-menu socket method with activate for all item types.
  * [Dialog] Add non-visible element --click to run cmd on click.
  * [Dialog] Fix some internal var names always set to %v.
  * Increase Max icon/thumbnail size from 256x256 to 512x512.
  * [Gtk3] Fix wrong colours with dark variants of Gtk themes.
* Fri Aug 28 2015
- Update to 1.0.3:
  * Add Devices|Settings|Auto-Mount|Mount Dirs option.
  * Proto hand keep %a for lxterminal, urxvtc, konsole,
  * Convert non-latin keycodes to latin.
  * Add ltg locale, update it, lt, and pt_BR.
  * define G_DISABLE_ASSERT to disable g_assert.
  * Rename gphoto handler as ptp; whitelist ptp.
  * [Gtk3] add icon chooser dialog.
  * Double-click in icon chooser clicks OK.
  * [Gtk 3.14] Prevent empty rubberband selection Gtk3.14 bug avoid.
  * Provide export and import of handler plugin files; update manual.
  * Create %O archive in user-selected destination.
  * Fix LilyTerm not working correctly eg unzipping file.
  * Update spacefm.desktop for protocol handling.
- Remove -mmmx CFLAGS hack and do not ExcludeArch PowerPC anymore.
* Mon Aug 10 2015
-  explicit ExcludeArch for ppc ppc64 ppc64le
  (do not build mmx)
* Thu Jun 04 2015
- Update to 1.0.2:
  * Toolbar redesign with design mode right-click ability.
  * Add built-in toolbar items: Show Hidden, Show Thumbnails,
    Large Icons.
  * Fix Compact view sometimes fails to scroll to selected file.
  * malloc_trim calls to flush out the free heap back to the OS
    when needed.
  * Fix forgets compress handler after extract to.
  * No re-import bookmarks when up-down-upgrade from < 1.0.1.
  * Missing pixbuf unref in main_task_view_update_task.
  * Add keyboard shortcut for handler list in handler dialogs.
  * Fix ftp handler ignores custom port in URL.
  * Add Run As Task option to file handlers.
  * Allow escape of underscore in item names.
  * Fix Item Prop context opposite of Disable is Show instead of
  * Get mime type icon from .local XML file before guess.
  * Fix right-click on Bookmarks activates bookmark after menu.
  * Fix right-click detailed view clears multiple-file selection.
  * Add panel View context menu to main View menu.
  * Add View|Style|Thumbnails (global).
  * Add show_thumbnails socket property.
  * Fix missing paths on command line hangs.
  * Fix hang on access error on startup.
  * Fix icon/compact view left-click doesn't unselect other files.
  * Write/read new mimeapps.list Default Applications.
  * Archive handlers take precedence over file handlers.
  * Scale menu item icons loaded from file.
  * Force rebuild of folder_view for font change in exo_icon_view.
  * Always reap async child with or without exec_keep_tmp.
  * Default scroll desktop fix openbox.
  * Always update status bar Reading msg.
  * Item prop dlg text view scroll add shadow.
  * Fix linefeeds in .desktop item names.
* Tue May 05 2015
- Update to 1.0.1:
  * Extended bookmarks system.
  * Added users manual Bookmarks section.
  * Fix --enable-hal build errors.
  * Fix segfault in vfs_thumbnail_loader_free on abort thumbnail
  * _vfs_thumbnail_load unref after
  * MIME Menu prompt before creating files.
  * Open menu archive functions move to top if default.
  * Rewrite ptk_file_browser_refresh; reselect cursor after
  * Status bar shows Reading msg while dir loading.
  * New protocol handler http/webdav to top of list.
  * Bookmarks|New Bookmark default key shortcut Ctrl+D.
- Switch to Gtk3.
* Wed Apr 15 2015
- Initial package.