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Version: 0.6.0-bp150.2.4
* Mon Jan 15 2018
- Add patch to avoid cmake bugs:
  * 0001-Remove-whitespace-padding-from-PYTHON3_LIBRARIES-var.patch
* Sat Oct 07 2017
- Build only against python3
* Wed Jun 28 2017
- Trim irrelevant filler wording from description.
- RPM group corrections.
* Tue Jun 20 2017
- Small spec file cleanup
- Enable tests
* Fri May 05 2017
- Update to version 0.6
  Device C API changes:
  * Device readI2C - make numBytes an in/out argument
  * Device read/write registers switch to named variant
  * Status return for Device C API calls with void return
  General additions and changes:
  * Added frequency corrections API for fine adjustments
  * Added getSampleRateRange() API for continuous ranges
  * Device factory table keys based on enumeration results
  * Added optional step size to the range type
  * Added rate testing to SoapySDRUtil application
  * Added listSearchPaths() API and SoapySDRUtil print
  * Added Kwargs type to/from markup string API calls
  * Added read/writeRegisters() API for bulk register IO
* Thu Apr 13 2017
- Update to version 0.5.4 (tagged release)
  - renamed package from SoapySDR to soapy-sdr
  - specfile cleanup
* Tue Jan 03 2017
- Update to version 0.5.4.git1482113728.5e823fc:
  * python: CMake override for PYTHON_INSTALL_DIR
  * cmake: Fixes for SOAPY_SDR_MODULE_UTIL destination
  * python: use cache type STRING for PYTHON_INSTALL_DIR
  * soapy: changelog entry for 0.4.2 tag
  * fix soapy device decl for a C compiler
  * fixed missing memset for SoapySDRKwargs
  * cleaner fix for the SoapySDRDevice decl
  * soapy: updated lib version
  * soapy: added channel-specific settings API
  * soapy: fix SOAPY_SDR_SOVER variable cache
  * soapy: changelog entry for channel settings API
  * soapy: DLL path determines install root
  * debian: rename to match SO version
  * added getBandwidthRange() for continuous ranges
  * C bindings return status, stash error message
  * soapy: changelog entry for 0.4.3 tag
  * Fix FindPython3Libs.cmake use of python3-config
  * probe also prints channel settings
  * probe indent for multi-line argInfo.description
  * Added getChannelInfo(dir, channel) to Channel API
  * Added buildkite script
  * Added C functions for getChannelInfo
  * Modified channel information printing in probe
  * channel info api - docstrings and API define
  * Bastille Networks copyright on changes
  * added named register interface API
  * Add known python version 3.5 to FindPython3Libs.cmake
  * Moved time source calls to time API section
  * cmake rpath handling enabled
  * Added device factory lock to the python enumerate wrapper
  * wait trigger flag for triggered streaming
  * support NULL for empty SoapySDRKwargs list
  * c++11 flags for cmake config
  * make use of auto and ranged for loops
  * make factory thread-safe with mutex
  * remove factory lock from python bindings
  * recursive mutex for nested factory calls
  * use c++11 nullptr for null device/stream
  * Deprecated setCommandTime, use setHardwareTime
  * debian: updated packaging for soversion 0.5-2
  * debian: override dh_auto_test
  * debian: fix CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH detection
  * Fix "Ingore" typo in Device.cpp
  * Substitute full license text in CMake scripts
  * Give debian/rules execute permissions
  * changelog entry for 0.4.4 tag
  * changelog entry for 0.5.0 tag
  * Added the ABI version to the modules directory
  * Change logger to always use stderr by default
  * changelog entry for logger stderr
  * debian: allow any swig >= 2.0.0
  * changelog entry for debian swig change
  * Added SoapySDR_getLibVersion() and SOAPY_SDR_API_VERSION
  * changelog entry for 0.5.1 tag
  * python config hints
  * build helpers for python development
  * docs: update to Doxyfile 1.8.11
  * docs: Fixes for Doxygen warnings
  * debian: fixed lintian error for multiarch-support
  * changelog entry for 0.5.2 tag
  * added read write for block memory
  * removed deprecated calls
  * added def macro for memory block operation
  * bump version and changelog entry
  * fix regex for ABI version
  * memory io: tweaks, warnings, comments
  * moved macros to error helpers hdr
  * improved catch macro for specified return
  * try/catch for factory make
  * try/catches for several device calls
  * Added Kwargs type to/from markup string
  * added missing cctype include
  * try/catches for more device calls
  * remaining try/catches
  * changelog entry, API increment
  * added SoapySDRDevice_lastStatus()
  * appveyor: build maint branch as well
  * cleanup warnings for some returns
  * bump SOAPY_SDR_LIBVER to 0.5.3
  * Status return for Device C API calls with void return
  * C API - readI2C numBytes readback
  * fix size_t python issue on arm 32-bit
  * try/catch for remaining factory calls
  * travis ci - maint/master whitelist
  * Device read/write registers switch to named variant
  * changelog entry for 0.5.3 tag
  * debian: tweaks, exand desc, soapysdr-modules-all
  * Windows: disable error pop-ups when DLLs not found
  * Dynamic root environment variable to support snappy packages
  * default SOAPY_SDR_ROOT supports empty prefix
  * Added listSearchPaths() API and SoapySDRUtil print
  * rate testing options
  * work on rate test executor
  * working rate test
  * also record+print underflows
  * changelog entry for rate testing app
  * Added manpage for SoapySDRUtil
  * man pages - installation rules and additional comments
  * man pages - use pothosware email
  * python: larger 1 second timeout in
  * changelog entry for 0.5.4 tag
  * fix merge cruft in changelog
  * Fix for cache overwrite of PYTHON_INSTALL_DIR variable
* Tue Feb 16 2016
- Update to version 0.4.1.git1455391782.aee78eb:
  + soapy: changelog entry for 0.4.0 tag
  + soapy: Added official modules to debian Recommends
  + debian: fix upstream changelog and license install
  + soapy: notes on stream timeout
  + soapy: added section divider comments
  + soapy: print version and sover in cmake summary
  + soapy: Added readStreamStatus() to python bindings
  + soapy: changelog entry for 0.4.1 tag
  + python: increase timeout for the MeasureDelay demo
  + set BW param for delay test
  + python: simple siggen app
* Tue Dec 08 2015
- Update to version 0.4.0.git1449600912.f724acc:
  + soapy: should be using find_package(SWIG)
  + S / U documentation (fixes #47)
  + soapy: fix error C linkage
  + soapy: Added defines for common stream formats
  + soapy: use std::string in c++ formatToSize
  + soapy: fix copypasta typo for compat defines
  + soapy: compat define for format work
  + soapy: individual feature enables for various build components
  + soapy: make use of PROJECT_NAME variable in summary
  + soapy: documentation about readStream() and active state
  + soapy: Workaround for multiple null module load
  + soapy: Added check for driver present to util
  + soapy: suppress warning 4251 in msvc
  + appveyor: disabled python bindings - link issue on VM
  + travis: update to trusty, and build python3 as well
  + travis: added unit testing for python3 bindings
  + travis: fully quality python paths
  + travis: fix prints for python3 style
  + python: help FindPythonLibs with version string
  + python: build with -threads to release GIL while blocking
  + soapy: minor changes for subproject support
  + soapy: same change for ConfigVersion file
* Fri Oct 30 2015
- Update to version 0.4.0.git1446186919.aee4870:
  + soapy: Set library SOVERSION using SOAPY_SDR_ABI_VERSION
  + soapy: Added API to query available clock rates
  + soapy: Added API to query AGC mode availability
  + soapy: work on the arg into structs
  + soapy: helper functions for arg info
  + soapy: Added API to query stream argument info
  + soapy: Added API to query setting argument info
  + soapy: added calls to clear a list of args and infos
  + soapy: Added API to query sensors meta info
  + soapy: Added API to query tune argument info
  + soapy: Added C++ typedef for list of Kwargs
  + soapy: Added API to query native stream format
  + soapy: CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE automatically defaults to Release
  + soapy: Added setLogLevel() and default log threshold
  + soapy: Missing virtual defs in Device.hpp
  + soapy: no tuning options with single components
  + soapy: New query information for SoapySDRUtil --probe
  + soapy: improved prints for arg info
  + soapy: rename settings print to other settings
  + soapy: registry destructor removes entry
  + soapy: new loader functions, and stash module path
  + soapy: error reporting for load/unload modules
  + soapy: get registration results from load
  + soapy: common header for type converters
  + soapy: loadModules() skips modules manually loaded
  + soapy: changelog entry for loader work
  + soapy: fix unsued result warning for vasprintf
  + soapy: windows format string error message
  + soapy: check that python versions match
  + soapy: conditional check versions when available
  + soapy: duplicate keys to fix (changed size during iteration)
  + soapy: support simultaneous python2 and 3 builds
  + soapy: tweaks for debian build
  + soapy: duplicate keys to fix (changed size during iteration)
  + soapy: readme for python3 directory
  + soapy: when all else fails, use the python3-config executable
  + soapy: added swig definition for arg info list
  + soapy: swig adjustments for python3 stream buffers
* Mon Oct 12 2015
- separate python package
- specfile cleanup
* Sun Oct 11 2015
- Update to version 0.3.0.git1444587967.7583091:
  + soapy: removed git submodules from project (#24)
  + soapy: Added GPIO API data direction modification mask
  + soapy: direction register readback api
  + soapy: separate calls for masked implementations
  + soapy: channel sensors api
  + soapy: error code to string function
  + soapy: checks for frontend corrections support
  + soapy: additions to chanelog file
  + soapy: fix order of name param in readSensor
  + soapy: update project number to v0.3.0
  + soapy: fix comment copypasta in util app
  + soapy: whitespace fix for setGainMode comments
  + soapy: Util --probe option for detailed info summary
  + soapy: skip probe print on empty bws
  + soapy: linker flags should be appended
  + soapy: changelog entry for 0.2.3 tag
  + soapy: changelog entry for 0.3.0 tag
  + soapy: Added -DSOAPY_SDR_ROOT=<path> option to build
  + soapy: Fixed missing python bindings for Errors.hpp
  + soapy: support in-tree SOAPY_SDR_ROOT as well
  + soapy: changelog entry for 0.3.1 tag
* Sat Sep 19 2015
- add support for airspy
* Mon Aug 10 2015
- update to version 0.2.0.git20150810
* Wed Mar 18 2015
- update to version 0.2.0.git20150318
* Sun Mar 15 2015
- update to version 0.2.0.git20150315
* Sat Feb 28 2015
- update to version 0.2.0.git20150228
* Sun Feb 22 2015
- initial package, version 0.2.0.git20150222