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Change Logs

* Fri Apr 10 2020
- Update to 2.22.1
  * Correction: Date 31/12 => 02/12 (kde#417163)
  * Correction: no sounds from Skrooge flatpak app (kde#418686)
  * Correction: kdeapps "nightly" flatpak isn't using latest KDE/Qt
    runtime version 5.14 (kde#419006)
  * Correction: Set the "Date of import" and "Import balance" when
    importing from OFX
  * Correction: Merge of number of operation
  * Correction: Fix Get Hot New Stuff legacy Endpoints
  * Correction: Files not able to be checked out on Windows
  * Correction: Bad display in dashboard when all accounts of a
    type are closed
  * Correction: With last version of KDE, KMessageWidget are
    sometimes empty
  * Correction: Add missing "Full screen" menu
  * Correction: Fix "coinmarketcap" source (need an API key)
  * Correction: Remove warning due to QML dashboard
  * Feature: Add new source "cryptocompare" (need an API key)
* Mon Dec 02 2019
- Update to 2.21.1
  * Correction: Import CSV fails if account is empty (kde#411958)
  * Correction: skrooge appdata.xml missing release 2.20.0
  * Correction: No guide or tooltip for + icon in Categories form,
    and inconsistent (kde#409703)
  * Correction: skrooge appdata.xml gets warnings from
    validation-strict on flathub (kde#409165)
  * Correction: Skrooge flatpak silently fails to import anything
    from Amex QFX (kde#412494)
  * Correction: Filter for custom properties have to be prefixed
    with v_operation_display_all (kde#412831)
  * Correction: Get rid of obsolete methods
  * Correction: Build flatpak with latest libofx 0.9.15
  * Correction: Import CSV with comma when headers are forced (no
    automatic detection)
  * Correction: blank spaces at units "Internet code" (see:
  * Correction: Import CSV file with footer line
  * Correction: Dashboard readability improvement (see:
  * Feature: Support using category, account, payee  or unit
    properties in reports
  * Feature: New source of unite: (see:
- Drop Fix-build-with-Qt-5_13.patch, merged upstream
* Mon Aug 12 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Add Fix-build-with-Qt-5_13.patch
* Sun Jul 07 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Trim filler and marketing wording from description.
* Sun Jun 23 2019
- Update to 2.20.0
  * Correction: no message when Skrooge can't open .skg file given
    on command line (kde#406903)
  * Correction: skrooge command-line help "--+[URL]" doesn't match
    its behavior (kde#406904)
  * Correction: QFX Date Import (kde#406741)
  * Correction: Skrooge flatpak unintentionally builds unused tests
  * Correction: Skrooge flatpak needs later libofx (kde#407279)
  * Correction: Importing GNUcash (Account name instead of
    AccountID) (kde#407257)
  * Correction: skrooge appdata.xml fails validation on flathub,
    needs release and content_rating tags (bug#409026)
  * Correction: aqbanking corrections:
    + Added auto repair for certain banks (Sprada, Netbank,
    + Added --disable-auto-repair command line option
    + Added --prefer-valutadate command line option
    + Removed --balance command line option
  * Correction: getNetWorth (used to compute PFS) is now computed
    by using all accounts
  * Correction: Remove color of hyperlinks in dashboard for a
    better rendering in dark theme
  * Correction: Remove broken quotes sources (BitcoinAverage,
  * Correction: Better handling of the mode and comment field using
    the aqbanking import backend
  * Feature: New REGEXPCAPTURE operator in "Search & Process" to
    capture a value by regular expression
  * Feature: Import backend aqbanking allows to import accounts
    without an IBAN (See
- Build with QtWebKit on architectures that don't have QtWebEngine
* Wed Apr 24 2019
- Update to 2.19.1
  * Fix QFX Date Import (kde#406741)
* Mon Apr 22 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 2.19.0
  Bugs fixed:
  * kde#406321 ERR-8/ERR-5 importing qfx file, "More than one object returned in
    'v_account' for 't_number='''"
  * kde#406243 Skrooge does not import share operations in QIF file correctly
  * kde#406270 Skrooge does not import investment operations in QIF correctly
  * kde#406271 Skrooge does not import description of tags in QIF file into
    Tracker comment
  * kde#406266 Skrooge does not import shares in QIF correctly
  * kde#405578 build a nightly debug Skrooge flatpak
  * kde#406488 crash importing a CSV
  * kde#406549 Edit menu in Skrooge handbook is missing Skip, adds Find; missing
    context menu documentation
  * Migration failure with sqlite >= 3.25.0 due to ALTER TABLE behavior
  * Migration failure when some i_number are NULL
  Other changes:
  * Add missing file categories_previous_period_table.html in monthly report
  * build skroogeconvert as a regular ("nongui") executable instead of an app
  * prevent runtime discarding of the app icon if icon-from-theme lookup doesn't
    work (which it doesn't by default on OS X)
  * generate a multi-scale icon from all png icons size 256px and smaller
  * Tracker with running balance in "Operations" page
  * Better performances in payee view to compute recommended categories
  * Better performances in dashboard and monthly report when amounts by accounts
  * Better performances in dashboard to find all payee without operation
  * Better performances in "Delete payees without operation"
* Tue Feb 12 2019
- Updated to 2.18.0
  * Correction: skrooge w/ -DSKG_WEBENGINE=ON:
    ui_skgtablewithgraph.h:15:10: fatal error:
    QtWebKitWidgets/QWebView: No such file or directory
  * Correction: App crashes with segfault after second import
  * Correction: error importing QIF File
    "SKGImportPluginQif::importFile() RC=[ERR-5]:
    SKGCategoryObject::addCategory failed because linked object is
    not yet saved in the database (kde#402330)
  * Correction: import Quicken tags from QIF as Skrooge trackers
  * Correction: kgbasegui/skgwebview.h:28:10: fatal error:
    qwebview.h: No such file or directory (kde#403985)
  * Correction: Import KMYMONEY with non utf8 characters doesn't
    work (see
  * Correction: Import KMYMONEY of scheduled operations from the
    next operation to add instead of the first one (to avoid
  * Correction: Import KMYMONEY of shares with only one split must
    be done with the unit of the share
  * Correction: Nb occurrences and last date are not aligned on
    weekly schedules
  * Correction: Display all occurrences of a schedule in dashboard
    not only the first one
  * Correction: Display the currency symbol at the right place in
    scheduled operations
  * Correction: Display correctly the amount in "highlighted
    operations" in dashboard
  * Correction: The advice "Advice are very long to compute" can
    now be rejected
  * Correction: Add date in "Bank (light)" widget in html mode
  * Correction: Remove template from "Highlighted operation" widget
  * Feature: Better help for "Internet code" of sources in unit
  * Feature: New MSN source of download for quotes
  * Feature: File can be made anonymous in a reversible mode
  * Feature: In "Operations" page, possibility to view all
    operations of an account + its credit cards associated
  * Feature: The number of years for forecasts based on scheduled
    operations can be choosen from settings
  * Feature: Possibility to choose the max date of schedules in
  * Feature: New action to skip scheduled operations
  * Feature: Possibility to skip scheduled operations from
  * Feature: Addition of options (Incomes, Expenditures, Transfers,
    ...) in contextual menu of graphs in "Account" page
  * Feature: Addition of options (Days, Weeks, Months, ...) in
    contextual menu of graphs in "Account" page
* Tue Dec 18 2018
- Updated to 2.17.0
  * Correction: Designer plugins get installed as versioned
    libraries (kde#400695)
  * Correction: Import of Quicken 2012 .QIF file failed due to tags
  * Correction: ERR-4/ERR-5 opening relative path to .skg from
    command line, then zombie Skrooge (kde#402031)
  * Correction: Transfer created with value at 0. Regression due to
    399672. (see
  * Correction: QIF import with transfer on split (see
  * Correction: Add delay (300 ms) on text filter
  * Correction: "Search & Process" create a duplicate a duplicated
    category in some cases
  * Correction: Compliance with SQLCipher 4
  * Correction: Close SQL database in mmb import
  * Feature: Like on transfer, the ratio is requested when creating
    a share operation (see
  * Feature: Progress bar in taskbar
  * Feature: Support only QT >= 5.7.0
- Run spec-cleaner
* Sun Nov 04 2018
- Updated to 2.16.2
  * Correction: Periodic crashes on dashboard (kde#398683)
  * Correction: [ERR-5]: Format de date non pris en charge
    importation boobank (kde#397611)
  * Correction: Grammar mistake in .po file / - s missing in simple
  * Correction: Wrong plural form in .po-File (kde#399482)
  * Correction: Spelling mistake in .po file "Transfert" should be
    "Transfer" (kde#399483)
  * Correction: Modifying multiple selected operations into
    transfers creates empty category and tracker if not identical
  * Correction: Ofx import must import FEE as debit
  * Correction: Document migration fails if format is "d.MM.yy '?"
  * Correction: Inconsistency in "Incomes vs Expenditures" on sub
    operations with trackers
  * Correction: Build on windows
  * Correction: Use CPU instead CPU for QML (needed for printing)
  * Correction: Set background color on print to avoid print
    preview with black background on dark theme
  * Feature: Selection above, below or parent when delete an object
  * Performances: Solve performance issue due to new feature : More
    tooltips on "Operations" table
* Fri Aug 17 2018
- Updated to 2.15.0
  * Correction: Check sqlcipher installation (issue detected on
    GENTOO) (kde#397018)
  * Correction: Crash when sort a grouped view
  * Correction: Avoid to create 2 categories with the same name
    under the same category by using drag and drop
  * Correction: Avoid too many computation in
  * Feature: Addition of a new option to check if import has been
  * Feature: More tooltips on "Operations" table
* Fri Jun 29 2018
- Updated to 2.14.0
  * Correction: Reports do not graph operations by week correctly
  * Correction: Bad perfo in SKGAccountObject::getPossibleReconciliations
    when too many operations (kde#395328)
  * Correction: Sort on second column does not work with grouping
  * Correction: Change bootstrap url in templates
  * Correction: Better grouping for "Week", "Month", "Semester", ...
  * Correction: Report with forecast based on budget use the
    account using the most the category
  * Correction: Respan of group header must work when auto resize
    is disabled too
  * Correction: Import backend of account with "." in name
  * Correction: Remove error in boobank commands
  * Correction: Set automatically the bank account only when the
    icon is changed
  * Correction: The application is hidden when the dashboard is
    opened on an empty document
  * Correction: On operation page, the sort by the
    attribute sorts operations by date+id to have correct balances
  * Correction: Weboob backend doesn't work with option if account
    name has "id"
  * Feature: Addition of "Import date" on account object
  * Feature: Possibility to merge accounts with or without updating
    the initial balance
  * Performances: Improvement of performance of SKGTreeView::selectObjects
    and SKGTreeView::getState when grouping with many groups
* Tue May 08 2018
- Updated to 2.13.0
  * Correction: Choose what to display on selection (kde#392828)
  * Correction: Simple search in "Search & Process" doesn't escape
  * Correction: Add notification (sound) on all creations /
    modifications of objects
  * Feature: Possibility to open concerned operations when auto
    reconciliation failed
  * Feature: Option on report to show decimals or not
  * Feature: Option "Execute on not checked operations" on
    "Search & Process" page
  * Feature: Addition of "Reconciliation balance" attribut on
    "Account" + icon to check if previous reconciliation has been
    broken or not
  * Feature: Addition of a new option to check if reconciliation
    has been broken
- Mark license file as %license instead of %doc
- Use %kf5_find_htmldocs macro to generate list of doc files, and
  remove all explicit entries from -lang package's file list
- Move english docs to the main package
* Sat Mar 17 2018
- Updated to 2.12.0
  * Correction: Amount Input Changes Value Prematurely (kde#389867)
  * Correction: Date Input Field Not Localized (kde#389866)
  * Correction: Split dates aren't updated when copying previous
    entry (kde#389899)
  * Correction: Opening d/l QFX file opens new skrooge file instead
    of importing into existing - opened file (kde#390223)
  * Correction: Remove compilation warning (-Wsign-promo)
  * Correction: Can't resize the window and its width exceeds the
    screen (
  * Correction: Search and process doesn't work in template mode
    with category used
  * Correction: No sound notification when an operation is created
  * Feature: All bookmarked report can be easily added to the
    dashboard with the + menu
  * Feature: New "Treemap" graph mode in reports
  * Feature: Automatic merge of payees, accounts and units when
    updated with another existing name
  * Feature: Alpha numerical values are now supported for number of
  * Feature: Addition of a new option to display the environment
    variables used by Skrooge
* Sun Feb 04 2018
- Updated to 2.11.0
  * Correction: .py scripts in /usr/bin (kde#386942)
  * Correction: Splitting Currency and Amount into separate columns
  * Correction: Better account number in weboob import
  * Correction: Weboob import is now importing account with better
    name (use of "label")
  * Correction: Weboob import compliant with utf8
  * Correction: Failure when launching "skrooge" when is a file to import
  * Correction: "Switch closed" is available on unit but units are
    not closable
  * Correction: When a transfer is created only one of both
    operation has the tracker set:
  * Correction: Export of selection when selection size > 1 doesn't
  * Correction: Define alternative icons when a "poor" icon set is
    used (like by default on gnome: Tango)
  * Feature: Tips of the day are now clickable and in the main page
    (not more popup panel)
  * Feature: Skrooge knows now 100 cryptocurrencies and is able to
    download their quotation
  * Feature: Enable AA_EnableHighDpiScaling if Qt version >= 5.6
  * Performances: Better performances by resizing only visible
    columns (this is useful on payee table when category is hidden)
  * Performances: Better performances in the computation of the
    automatic category for a payee
  * Performances: Improvement of performance in
    11552 ms => 285 ms
* Sat Nov 11 2017
- updated to 2.10.5
  * Correction: Can not load share prices for French stocks
* Fri Nov 03 2017
- updated to 2.10.3
  * Correction: Report unreadable because element outlines are too
    thick (kde#383758)
  * Correction: Operation without suboperation after a kmy import
  * Correction: Quick fill: select/enter item does not lock payee
  * Correction: Converting multiple operations with different
    amounts to "transfer" type changes all amounts to 0
  * Correction: When creating multiple transfers into a different
    currency use the correct exchange rate for each date
  * Correction: Display and edit default category for payee
  * Correction: Wrong budget for split-operations with unaligned
    dates (kde#385277)
  * Correction: Creating many transfers to a different currency
    leads to uninterruptible series of dialog boxes (kde#384803)
  * Correction: Altered budgets aren't displayed until you reload
    the tab (kde#385990)
  * Correction: The minimum/maximum limit in account definition is
    interpreted as Primary Currency (kde#386285)
  * Correction: Bad english in help on rules
  * Correction: Memory leaks
  * Correction: The source of unit download is now able to support
    date in "en_EN" locale event if this is not the system locale.
    Mandatory for implementing a Google Finance source.
  * Correction: Don't display the page of operations when the
    import is canceled
  * Correction: Better error messages in backend import
  * Correction: Optimisation in backend import
  * Correction: Optimise html of monthly reports
  * Correction: Port from QWebKit to QWebEngine
  * Correction: Avoid to compute too many combinations (and take
    hours) when trying to do an automatic reconciliation
  * Correction: Backend import must match account with id with
    letter like this 123456A@ldl
  * Correction: Never merge 2 accounts with same name in backend
  * Correction: Crash when selecting many lines in search &
    process page
  * Correction: Enable print functions only when at least one page
    is opened
  * New feature: New "Google Finance" source of download for units
  * New feature: The source of unit download can be now an external
  * New feature: New import backend "weboob_coming" importing
    coming operations (can be used for card with deferred debit)
  * New feature: A payee can be closed. Then it won't be available
    in combo boxes in operation page
  * New feature: A category can be closed. Then it won't be
    available in combo boxes in operation page
  * New feature: New parameters in boobank backend to be able to
    import operations only since a specified date
  * New feature: Export ledger format
  * New feature: The tooltip of "Search" explains now how the
    entered value is understood
  * Performances: Better performances on initial load (avoid to
    intialise a document before loading one other)
* Sun Aug 13 2017
- updated to 2.9.0
  * Correction: Reports table view: missing characters (kde#380235)
  * Correction: Yahoo api discontinued (kde#380232)
  * Correction: Shares always use the current rate/value. On unit
    page, you can choose if you want to see the history of the unit
    value or the history of the amount owned (kde#380187)
  * Correction: Pie chart alignment (kde#380827)
  * Correction: Failure when loading file from skrooge 1.12
  * Correction: Add keyboard shortcut to rename bookmarks
  * Correction: Custom banks do not use their custom icon/image
  * Correction: Cash account is not associated with a bank
  * Correction: Going back and forth from "fullscreen mode"
    (Ctrl+Shift+F) loses the focus on "pages" tab on the left
    sidebar (kde#380802)
  * Correction: Dashboard portfolio widget: Wrong percentage values
  * Correction: csv file import: unable to detect matching account
  * Correction: Change tab order of properties editor (kde#381168)
  * Correction: Income & Expenditure widget does not match
    corresponding report (kde#381847)
  * Correction: Wrong budget in root categories if subcategories
    also include subcategories (kde#382162)
  * Correction: Multithreading SQL connections must be compliant
    with SQLite mode
  * Correction: Temporary skg file protected by password are not
    well restore
  * Correction: Replacement of missing icons
  * Correction: Auto apply on advice duplicates remaining advice
  * Correction: The "duplicate" function creates operation with
    invalid creation date
  * Correction: Regular expressions for CSV import are now
  * Correction: Values are not refreshed in amortization table
    when annual rate or insurance rate are modified
  * Correction: Zoom on dashboard widget in QML doesn't work
  * Correction: No refresh of "month" in the title of some
    dashboard widgets
  * Correction: In about, the authors of sub plugins are now
  * New feature: New import backend using aqbanking
  * New feature: Import backends can now have parameters
  * New feature: Skrooge is now able to export only the selected
    accounts or operations
  * New feature: Bulk mode in import backends
  * New feature: In "Monthly Report", possibility to get attributes
    on pointed objects
  * New feature: Addition of new BitcoinAverage source to be able
    to download bitcoin rates (due to unavailability of BitcoinCharts)
  * Performances: Avoid advice computation in dashboard when the
    dashboard is not the current page
  * Performances: Better performance in advice "Some payees seem to
    be identical"
  * Performances: Better performances on load and save
* Sun Apr 16 2017
- updated to 2.8.1
  * Correction: Bad display of information of current account when
    a second document is opened
* Wed Apr 05 2017
- updated to 2.8.0
  * Correction: Right-click (context menu) reload view (kde#375721)
  * Correction: Changing password does not work (kde#375875)
  * Correction: See operation for a payee (kde#375712)
  * Correction: Clear fields don't restore currency (kde#376025)
  * Correction: Quick fill: select/enter item does not lock payee
    is not well computed (kde#375865)
  * Correction: The "Other" category in dashboard and report widget
    name "5 main categories of expenditure"
  * Correction: Sometimes the sort on date in operation table is
    not the same than the sort used to compute the balance, this
    causes troubles
  * Correction: Create fake operation doesn't work on account not
    having the primary unit
  * Correction: "Income vs Expenditure" dashboard widget is not
    refreshed when data are modified
  * Correction: Bad display in "5 main categories of expenditure"
    in QML dashboard widget
  * Correction: Better performance in "Incomes vs Expenditures"
    dashboard widget
  * Correction: Duplication of operation must not duplicate the
    creation date
  * New feature 375866: Quick fill find operations in other account
  * New feature: New columns visible in operation table
  * New feature: New "budget" dashboard widget in QML
  * Performances: Better performances by using multithreading and caching
  * Performances: Better performances in "Apply all recommended corrections"