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Change Logs

Version: 0.9.10-bp151.2.3
* Fri Sep 21 2018 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
- Drop build date from build output (boo#1047218)
- Fix % escaping where %H:%M:%S turned into 17:53:56OURCE
* Thu Aug 16 2018
- Replace old %__ macros and $RPM_* shell vars.
- Use more "xargs -exec +".
* Wed Aug 15 2018
- update to 0.9.10
  * Bug Fixes
  - Fix signal handling to prevent double launch of plugins
    immediately after plugin installed
  - Fixed incorrect named entity tooltips for many of the
    Insert-> Special Characters
  - Fixed lack of recognition of woff2 fonts inside Sigil and for
  - Fix segfault when .xml is first file in BookBrowser and add
    new html or split at cursor is invoked
  - Fix bug that allowed multiple audio/video tabs of the same
    resource to be opened
  - Fix plugin related bug when adding/removing last xhtml file
  - Fix Text Direction setting inside body to use structural dir
    attribute under epub3
  - Fix duplicate group-position property in epub3 MetaData
  - Use absolute path references when first opening Sigil with
    an ebook so that Open Recent works better
  - Fix "issue" in handling self-closing script tags in head
    (similar issue that we had with self-closing title tags)
  - Fix issue converting Qt Strings to their Python equivalent
    when outside the BMP
  - Fix issue with trying to add existing html files when names
    clash due to case insensitive file systems
  - Fix crash bug after styling text in BookView and immediately
    going to CodeView without moving cursor
  - Fix crash bugs after deleting resources contained in a Report
    in the BookBrowser
  - Fix bug that destroys nav if left in unparseable state by
    user even temporarily
  - Fix bug that moved cursor to beginning of tag block when save
    is done in CodeView
  * New Features
  - allow plugins to supply their own icon (plugin.png 48x48) for
    use on the Quick Launch Toolbar icons
  - extend plugin interface to include the status of the epub
    inside Sigil (modified or saved)
  - extend plugin interface to include the path to the saved epub
    file or the null string if never saved
  - extend Insert->Special Characters to include both a Greek
    letter panel and a mathematical symbol panel
  - add support for calibre:series and calibre:series_index to
    Metadata Editor for epub2
  - add support for calibre:title_sort to Metadata Editor for
  - add support for clicking internal links in Preview to load
    the proper destination tab
  - add support for loading Qt's base translation files if
    present. Allows buttons on native qt dialogs to
  - be translated (Windows users may need to manually copy newer
    qtbase_xx.qm files to Sigil's translation
  - directory if they didn't exist in Qt5.6.2)
  - allow user to add custom css rules to Preview/Book View by
    creating a file called "custom_preview_style.css"
  - in the Sigil preferences folder (not responsible for custom
    css and ebook css fighting with each other)
- Drop sigil-fix_deprecated_macro.patch because now in upstream.
* Mon Jun 11 2018
- insert sigil-fix_deprecated_macro.patch to fix build error