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Change Logs

* Tue Apr 24 2018
- Update to bug fix release 18.03.06
- Upstream changes:
  * Fix multiply handled KeyEvent regression in Fix #344 shortcut
  not working with undocked Timeline.Fix multiply handled KeyEvent
  regression in Fix #344 shortcut not working with undocked
  * Fix added Fade Out Volume shows incorrect on Timeline.
  * Fix track name not editable regression in Fix #344 shortcut not
  working with undocked Timeline.
  * Add Mosaic filter.
* Mon Mar 05 2018
- Update to release 18.03
- Upstream changes:
  * Add Estonian translation.
  * Fix existing mask filter loading incorrect values.
  * Fix #500 add transition by trimming may shift a clip.
  * Fix #362 Size filter not using correct decimal symbol.
  * Fix #503 crash setting Video Mode after New.
  * Swap role of Alt+Wheel for timeline scroll.
  * Improve timeline track pad behavior.
  * Fix #497 mouse wheel/trackpad scrolling.
  * Fix #344 shortcut not working with undocked Timeline.
  * Fix #486 JACK transport glitches.
  * Fix #361 JACK client connects itself.
  * Fix #487 split validation off by one frame.
  * Avformat properties improvements.
* Wed Jan 03 2018
- Update to 18.01
- Upstream changes:
  * Add a Mask video filter.
  * Add support for size and italics of font.
  * Add Audio Spectrum Visualization filter.
  * Fix duration on image clips with in point > 0.
  * Fix memory leak calling Mlt::Playlist::replace_with_blanks().
  * Fix regression in Fix #474 changing properties of color clip
  changes duration. broke trimmed avformat clips.
  * Fix checkbox on low free space dialog not working.
  * Fix #474 changing properties of color clip changes duration.
  * Fix states for showing convert clip dialog.
  * Fix #431 multi-line text may cause export to hang.
* Sat Dec 09 2017
- Update to 17.12 and rebase shotcut-noupdatecheck.patch.
- Upstream changes:
  * Adjust timeline faders with filters in panel.
  * Fix #472 adjust timeline faders when add/rm filters in panel.
  * Fix filter on wrong half after a split shows in transition.
  * Show job percentage as text again.
  * Fix #473 JS error in export EDL on orphan transition.
  * Fix #471 GPU processing not switched when needed by project.
  * Make new strings conform to "anymore."
* Thu Dec 07 2017
- Escape the usage of %{VERSION} when calling out to rpm.
  RPM 4.14 has %{VERSION} defined as 'the main packages version'.
* Sat Nov 04 2017
- Update to 17.11 and rebase shotcut-noupdatecheck.patch.
- Upstream changes:
  * Allow toggle GPU processing in any Display Method.
  * Remove the frameDisplayed throttle.
  * Reduce free space theshold to 50 GiB.
  * Add Nepali translation.
  * Add warning if the drive for export is low on space.
  * Display warning if file to export is in project.
  * Pause upon changing timeline zoom.
  * Hide the gif format and codec.
  * Fix adding transition changes selection.
  * Fix #411 Ripple All Tracks not fully splitting clips.
  * Fix Add All to Timeline not including filters.
  * Do not adjust Timeline zoom until slider is released.
* Tue Oct 03 2017
- Update to 17.10 and rebase shotcut-noupdatecheck.patch.
- Upstream changes:
  * Fixed multi-threaded decoding with FFmpeg v3.2.
  * Added 1080p 59.94 and 60 fps video modes.
  * Added support for NVENC to Export panel.
  * Updated SDL to v2.0
  * Updated FFmpeg to v3.2
* Mon Aug 21 2017
- Recommend lame unconditionally
* Sat Aug 05 2017
- Update to 17.08 and rebase shotcut-noupdatecheck.patch.
- Upstream changes:
  Add Norwegian Bokmål translation.
  Increase maximum of speed field.
  Fix unlinked files dialog not using folder for next open.
  Add another decimal digit of precision to speed.
  Fix fade in/out on clip-only project.
  Fix #442 all image sequences reported missing.
  Increase maximum Timeline zoom level.
  Prevent O key (set out) from pausing playback.
* Fri Jun 09 2017
- Update to 17.06
- Require qmelt created in new package webvfx see boo#1043070.
- Upstream changes:
  Add Hungarian translation.
  Fix #428 unable to make image longer than 10 minutes.
  Pin x264 to version before requiring nasm.
  Update Chinese translation file.
* Mon May 08 2017
- Trim filler words from description
* Thu May 04 2017
- Update to 17.05
- Remove auto update with shotcut-noupdatecheck.patch. This also
  enables reproducible builds.
- Rebase shotcut-desktopfile.patch
- Enable libvpx build.
- Upstream changes:
  Fix #412 disable waveform generation when hidden.
  Fix #406 extension included in EDL reel name.
  Fix #405 JavaScript error in Export EDL.
  Use MLT to determine decimal point. (#416)
* Wed May 03 2017
- Update to 17.04
- Fix desktop file with shotcut-desktopfile.patch
- Upstream changes:
  Added Japanese translation.
  Added Turkish translation.
  Fix #399 crash after trying to save empty file.
  Do not include <profile> with internal MLT XML.
  Fix missing period before suggested extension.
* Sun Mar 05 2017
- Update to 17.03
- Upstream changes:
  Converted the track toggle buttons to icons.
  Now, you can press Del or Backspace to delete a selected item in
  the Recent panel.
  Playback now pauses at the out point in the Source player. (After
  pause, you can press play again to continue beyond the out point.)
  Some stability improvements.
  Performance boost for Size & Position and Rotate filters on
  multi-CPU systems.
* Mon Feb 20 2017
- Trim description
- Proper shell quoting and replacement of Useless Use Of Cat
  (ls -1).
* Sun Feb 05 2017
- version update to 17.02
- drop fix-building.patch (included upstream)
* Fri Oct 28 2016
- version update to 16.10
- fixing build for qt 5.5: fix-building.patch
* Tue Oct 25 2016
- Update version 16.08, the highest version to work with qt-5.5
- Required specific version of frei0r-plugins to prevent segfault
- Upstream changes:
    Added count-down (or up) generator: File > Open Other > Count
    Major performance boost for opaque clips on video tracks higher
    than V1 with track Composite enabled and Blend mode: Over.
  Release 16.07
    Added File > Export Frame?
    Added Remove transition to History by trimming a neighboring
    clip to remove it.
    Fixed version checker.
* Sun Oct 23 2016
- Required libqt5-qtgraphicaleffects, this is needed for the
  timeline to work. See :
* Wed Jun 15 2016
- Update to 16.06:
  * see:
- Add Requires: libvpx