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Change Logs

* Wed Oct 23 2019 Martin Hauke <>
- Do not longer use rpm macros that are not longer needed on
  recent distros:
  * %desktop_database_post
  * %icon_theme_cache_post
* Tue Oct 15 2019 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 1.20
  * Fixed crash on Linux when the prince fell out of the level
    while a guard was active.
  * FIXED: With start_in_blind_mode enabled, moving objects were
    not displayed until blind mode was toggled off+on.
  * Fix upside-down screen when using PRINCE.EXE from v1.3 or v1.4.
  * Added customization option for loose floor delay. (Used in
    Neon Persia.)
  * Fix detection of "allow triggering any tile" hack.
  * Enable use_custom_options by default in the INI.
  * Fix priorities of sword and spike sounds. (As in PoP 1.3.)
    The "spiked" sound didn't interrupt the normal spikes sound when
    the prince ran into spikes. With PoP 1.3 sounds, the "guard hurt"
    sound didn't play when you hit a guard directly after parrying.
- Add patch:
  * 184.patch (CMake: Don't link SDL2main on Linux)
* Sun Mar 31 2019 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 1.19
  * Fix looping "sword moving" sound if the player leaves a room
    exactly when a guard attacks.
  * Support 8-bpp images in DAT files. For example the Pyramid mod
    contains some of these.
  * Improved map-making on levels with broken room links: If a room
    is mapped to an already used place, then put it to the bottom of
    the map.
  * Better support for high-DPI (Retina) displays.
  * Disable integer scaling menu item if SDL version is too old.
  * Made the exit door fix configurable.
  * Torches appearing in the leftmost column are now animated. (They
    are actually in the rightmost column of the left-side room.)
  New Features:
  * Load custom options from DOS PRINCE.EXE files.
  * Added a hotkey to display SDL versions. (Ctrl-C)
  * Save screenshots and maps into a separate folder and add numbers
    to the filenames.
  * Added support for PC speaker sounds. Use command-line parameter
  * Added support for colored torch flames.
* Sun Jun 10 2018
- Use CMake for building
- Package data files
- Update to version 1.18.1
* Sat Jul 15 2017
- update to version 1.17
- add .desktop file with icon
* Sat May 21 2016
- use source tarballs
* Sat Mar 26 2016
- initial packaging of version 1.16