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Update Info: openSUSE-2019-582
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Change Logs

* Mon Aug 13 2018
- Fix shebang
* Thu Aug 02 2018
- Recommend lsb-release as it is needed for correct detection of
  distribution (boo#1103527)
* Fri Nov 24 2017
- Require bc to avoid error on startup
* Wed May 10 2017
- Update to stable release 3.8.0
  * Additional Intel GPU checks
  * Gentoo release check (whether it's stable/testing/experimental)
  * Chromebrew detection for Chrome OS pkgs
  * OpenBSD fixes
  * Manjaro logo updated
  * Added Fux logo
* Sun Jan 29 2017
- Update to version 3.7.0+git.20170127:
  * Add SwagArch to detectpkgs()
  * Add SwagArch to infoDisplay()
  * New distro: Parrot Security (close #425)
  * add GrombyangOS distro
  * Fixed RAM display, corrected OpenBSD section for sub-100MiB output.
  * Added OpenBSD kernel version detection.
  * Patch number added to OpenBSD kernel version.
  * Install instructions: Fedora now uses DNF
  * screenfetch-dev: fixed theme & font name for BunsenLabs desktop.
  * screenfetch-dev: added GTK3 theme detection for BunsenLabs.
* Sun Oct 09 2016
- Update to version 3.7.0+git.20161002:
  * ChromeOS/ChromiumOS instruction added
  * Update README.mkdn
  * Disable line wrapping by default
  * document `-w' command in README.mkdn
  * document `-w' command in manpage
  * Update CHANGELOG
  * show CPU temperature
  * Update Solus logo
  * No longer gets iTerm's font while in
Version: 3.7.0+git.20160826-2.1
* Sat Aug 27 2016
- Update to version 3.7.0+git.20160826 (boo#995916):
  * silence gsettings if schema wasn't found
  * handle s390 processor IDs and print the marketing name (close #359)
  * New Manjaro logo (closes #373)
  * manpage: MSYS -> MSYS2
  * rename MSYS to MSYS2
  * Add new GNU/Linux distro ROSA
  * corrected screenfetch.1 from distro ROSA
  * Update CHANGELOG
  * identify DE on Windows >= 8 as "Mordern UI/Metro"
  * implement explaination for Crux Linux
  * correct detection of SLES
- Add _service and use git snapshot as stable release is outdated
* Sat Jul 16 2016
- Update dependencies
- Small spec file cleanup
* Tue Jul 05 2016
- Fix Group tag.
* Tue Jul 28 2015
- Update to 3.7.0
  * Fixing package detection in apt/dpkg distros
  * Fix xmonad detection
  * Add detection for Sabayon, Haiku, Logos and Chapeau
  * Add ChromeOS logo (without distro detection)
  * Add an option to supply custom ASCII art
  * Combine GTK 2/3 themes if they are the same
  * Reimplement '-d' (allows for setting what information is
    displayed on the command line)
* Fri Nov 28 2014
- Update to 3.6.5:
  - Added missing Evolve OS package detection.
  - Added Evolve OS detection. No ASCII yet.
  - Added imgur to configured upload hosts
  - Fine tuned more of the upload function.
  - Added upload support via -u flag
  - Added pre-configured hosts for -u uploading: teknik, pomf, hmp, and mediacrush
  - Added a configurable section for an scp upload to a specified destination
  - Removed -m flag
  - Added PowerPC support for OS X
  - Added support for Korora and Void Linux
  - Readme: added installation instruction for Debian
  - update list of supported systems
  - Fix Parabola pkg detection.
  - Adding support for the echinus (dwm fork) WM.
  - Add 2bwm support.
  - Various Parabola GNU/Linux-libre aesthetic fixes.
  - Adding NetBSD to supported distros in --help.
  - Fix OpenBSD total RAM output.
  - Un-camelCase the *box WMs, matching the documentation for the *box WMs.
  - Added support for Windows 8.1 (Cygwin)
  - Removed resolution from screenfetch when resolution cannot be found (Win8.1 cygwin)
  - Fix detection of PowerPC G3 to be more exact instead of triggering on UltraSparcs
  - Fixing shrx's URL.
  - add manpage
  - update header license text to GPLv3
  - Red Hat Linux -> Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  - Fix Parabola in --help.
  - improved GPU detection formatting, fixed dual GPU detection formatting
  - Fixes for OS X
  - Fix Arch Linux detection for updated lsb_release
  - Fix for Debian
  - Added support for Raspbian, Antergos and KaOS
  - Fixes for Cinnamon
  - Fix for Android being detected if getprop exists. Disabling Android support until I figure out a better detection method.
  - Redirect STDERR to function to make errors prettier.
  - Commenting gsettings usage for GTK3 theme detection. Causes glib core dump in some places. Removed until I figure out why.
- Add missing dependencies (xdpyinfo and xprop)
* Wed Nov 12 2014
- Rename project
* Sun Nov 09 2014
- Repackage from  home:andisugandi