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Change Logs

* Thu Jul 27 2017
- Update to version 3.7.5:
  * SciTE adds "Select All Bookmarks" command.
  * SciTE adds a save.path.suggestion setting to suggest a file
    name when saving an unnamed buffer.
  * SciTE examines at most 1 MB of a file to automatically
    determine indentation for to avoid a lengthy pause
    when loading very large files.
  * SciTE user interface uses lighter colours and fewer 3D
    elements to match current desktop environments.
  * SciTE sets buffer dirty and shows message when file deleted if
    load.on.activate on.
- Drop reproducible.patch: incorporated upstream.
Version: 3.7.4-12.1
* Tue May 30 2017
- Add reproducible.patch to sort input files to make build reproducible
* Sat Apr 15 2017
- Update to 3.7.4
  + Requires a C++11 compiler. GCC 4.8 and MSVC 2015 are supported.
  + Support dropped for Windows NT 4.
  + Accessibility support may be queried with SCI_GETACCESSIBILITY.
    On GTK+, accessibility may be disabled by calling
  + Lexer added for "indent" language which is styled as plain text
    but folded by indentation level.
  + The Progress ABL lexer handles nested comments where comment
    starts or ends are adjacent like "/*/*" or "*/*/".
  + In the Python lexer, improve f-string support. Add support for
    multiline expressions in triple quoted f-strings. Handle nested
    "()", "[]", and "{}" in f-string expressions and terminate
    expression coloring at ":" or "!". End f-string if ending quote
    is seen in a "{}" expression. Fix terminating single quoted
    f-string at EOL, (sf#1918).
  + The VHDL folder folds an "entity" on the first line of the file.
  + For IMEs, do not clear selected text when there is no
    composition text to show.
  + Fix to crash with fold tags where line inserted at start.
  + Fix to stream selection mode when moving caret up or down,
  + Drawing fixes for fold tags include fully drawing lines and not
    overlapping some drawing and ensuring edges and mark underlines
    are visible.
  + Fix Cocoa failure to display accented character chooser for
    European languages by partially reverting a change made to
    prevent a crash with Chinese input by special-casing the
    Cangjie input source. (sf#1881).
  + Fix potential problems with IME on Cocoa when document contains
    invalid UTF-8.
  + Fix crash on Cocoa with OS X 10.9 due to accessibility API not
    available, (sf#1915).
  + Improved speed of accessibility code on GTK+ by using
    additional memory as a cache, (sf#1910).
  + Fix crash in accessibility code on GTK+ < 3.3.6 caused by
    previous bug fix, (sf#1907).
  + Fix to prevent double scrolling on GTK+ with X11, (sf#1901).
  + SciTE on GTK+ adds an "accessibility" property to allow
    disabling accessibility on GTK+ as an optimization.
  + SciTE on GTK+ has changed file chooser behaviour for some
    actions: overwriting an existing file shows a warning; the
    default session file name "SciTE.session" is shown and a
    "*.session" filter is applied; appropriate filters are
    applied when exporting; the current file name is displayed in
    "Save As" even when that file no longer exists.
  + SciTE fixed a bug where, on GTK+, when the output pane had
    focus, menu commands performed by mouse were sent instead to
    the edit pane.
  + SciTE on Windows 8+ further restricts the paths searched for
    DLLs to the application and system directories which may
    prevent some binary planting attacks.
  + Fix failure to load Direct2D on Windows when used on old
    versions of Windows, (sf#1653).
- Changes in version 3.7.3
  + Display block caret over the character at the end of a
    selection to be similar to other editors.
  + In SciTE can choose colours for fold markers, (sf#1172).
  + In SciTE can hide buffer numbers in tabs, (sf#1173).
  + The Diff lexer recognizes deleted lines that start with "--- ".
  + The Lua lexer requires the first line to start with "#!" to be
    treated as a shebang comment, not just "#", (sf#1900).
  + The Matlab lexer requires block comment start and end to be
    alone on a line, (sf#1902).
  + The Python lexer supports f-strings with new styles, allows
    Unicode identifiers, and no longer allows @1 to be a decorator,
  + Fix folding inconsistency when fold header added above a folded
    part. Avoid unnecessary unfolding when a deletion does not
    include a line end, (sf#1896).
  + Fix finalization crash on Cocoa, (sf#1909).
  + SciTE on GTK+ can have a wide divider between the panes with
    the split.wide property.
  + Fix display of autocompletion lists and calltips on GTK+ 3.22
    on Wayland. Newer APIs used on GTK+ 3.22 as older APIs were
  + Fix crash in accessibility code on GTK+ due to signal receipt
    after destruction, (sf#1907).
  + Make trackpad scrolling work on Wayland, (sf#1901).
* Tue Feb 07 2017
- Updated to version 3.7.2:
  + Minimize redrawing for SCI_SETSELECTIONN* APIs, (sf#1888).
  + Use more precision to allow selecting individual lines in files
    with more than 16.7 million lines.
  + Fix crash on GTK+ <3.8 due to incorrect lifetime of
    accessibility object. More accurate reporting of attribute
    ranges and deletion lengths for accessibility.
  + In SciTE, if a Lua script causes a Scintilla failure exception,
    display error message in output pane instead of exiting,
- Changes from version 3.7.1:
  + The Scintilla namespace is no longer applied to struct
    definitions in Scintilla.h even when SCI_NAMESPACE defined.
    Client code should not define SCI_NAMESPACE.
  + Structure names in Scintilla.h without prefixes are deprecated
    and will now only be usable with INCLUDE_DEPRECATED_FEATURES
    defined. Use the newer names with the "Sci_" prefix:
  * CharacterRange ? Sci_CharacterRange.
  * TextRange ? Sci_TextRange.
  * TextToFind ? Sci_TextToFind.
  * RangeToFormat ? Sci_RangeToFormat.
  * NotifyHeader ? Sci_NotifyHeader.
  + Previously deprecated features SC_CP_DBCS, SCI_SETUSEPALETTE
    and SCI_GETUSEPALETTE have been removed and can no longer be
    used in client code.
  + Accessibility support allowing screen readers to work added on
  + Textual tags may be displayed to the right on folded lines with
    SCI_TOGGLEFOLDSHOWTEXT. This is commonly something like
    "{ ... }" or "<tr>...</tr>". It is displayed with the
    STYLE_FOLDDISPLAYTEXT style and may have a box drawn around it
  + A mouse right-click over the margin may send an
    SCN_MARGINRIGHTCLICK event. This only occurs when popup menus
    are turned off. SCI_USEPOPUP now has three states:
  + INDIC_POINT and INDIC_POINTCHARACTER indicators added to
    display small arrows underneath positions or characters.
  + Added alternate appearance for visible tabs which looks like a
    horizontal line. Controlled with SCI_SETTABDRAWMODE,
    Feature #1165.
  + Baan folder accommodates sections and lexer fixes definition of
  + EDIFACT lexer and folder added, Feature #1166.
  + JSON folder fixed where it didn't resume folding with the
    correct fold level.
  + Matlab folder based on syntax instead of indentation so more
    accurate (sf#1692).
  + YAML lexer fixed style of references and keywords when followed
    by a comment, (sf#1872).
  + Margin click to select line now clears rectangular and
    additional selections.
  + Fixed a NULL access bug on GTK+ where the scrollbars could be
    used during destruction, (sf#1873).
  + A potential bug on GTK+ fixed where asynchronous clipboard
    could be delivered after its target Scintilla instance was
  + SciTE on GTK+ allows localising tool bar tool tips,
    Feature #1167.
  + SciTE measures files larger that 2 GB which allows it to refuse
    to open huge files more consistently and to show better warning
- Changes from version 3.7.0:
  + Word selection, navigation, and manipulation is now performed
    on characters instead of bytes leading to more natural
    behaviour for multi-byte encodings like UTF-8. For UTF-8
    characters 0x80 and above, classification into word;
    punctuation; space; or line-end is based on the Unicode general
    category of the character and is not customizable, (sf#1832).
  + Two enums changed in Scintilla.iface which may lead to changed
    bindings. There were 2 FontQuality enums and the first is now
    PhasesDraw. The prefix for FoldAction was SC_FOLDACTION and is
    now SC_FOLDACTION_ which is similar to other enums. These
    changes do not affect the standard C/C++ binding.
    displaying multiple vertical edges simultaneously.
  + The number of margins can be changed with SCI_SETMARGINS.
  + Margin type SC_MARGIN_COLOUR added so that the application may
    choose any colour for a margin with SCI_SETMARGINBACKN.
  + The WordList class in lexlib used by lexers adds an
    InListAbridged method for matching keywords that have
    particular prefixes and/or suffixes.
  + The Baan lexer was changed significantly with more lexical
    states, keyword sets, and support for abridged keywords.
  + The Progress lexer "progress" has been replaced with a new
    lexer "abl" (Advanced Business Language) with a different set
    of lexical states and more functionality. The lexical state
    prefix has changed from SCE_4GL_ to SCE_ABL_, Feature #1143.
  + The YAML lexer recognizes inline comments, (sf#1660).
  + Fix caret position after left or right movement with
    rectangular selection, (sf#1861).
  + In SciTE, optional prefix argument added to scite.ConstantName
    method, (sf#1860).
  + On GTK+ 3.21+ fix incorrect font size in auto-completion list,
  + Fix SciTE crash when command.mode ends with comma, (sf#1857).
Version: 3.6.7-9.1
* Fri Sep 16 2016
- Updated to version 3.6.7:
  + C++11 range-based for loops used in SciTE so GCC 4.6 is now the
    minimum supported version.
  + SCVS_NOWRAPLINESTART option stops left arrow from wrapping to
    the previous line. Most commonly wanted when virtual space is
    used, (sf#1648).
  + The C++ lexer can fold on #else and #elif with the property, (sf#210).
  + The HTML lexer no longer treats "<?" inside a string in a
    script as potentially starting an XML document, (sf#767).
  + The HTML lexer fixes a problem resuming at a script start where
    the starting state continued past where it should, (sf#1849).
  + When inserting spaces for virtual space and the position is in
    indentation and tabs are enabled for indentation then use tabs,
  + Fix fold expand when some child text not styled. Caused by
    fixes for #1799, (sf#1842).
  + Fix scroll bar size warnings on GTK+ caused by #1831, (sf#1851).
  + Small fixes for GTK+ makefile, (sf#1844, sf#1845 and sf#1846).
  + Fix SciTE indentation after code like "void function () {}".
  + Fix SciTE global regex replace of "^" with something which
    missed the line after empty lines with LF line ends, (sf#1839).
  + Fix SciTE on GTK+ 3.20 bug where toggle buttons on find and
    replace strips did not show active state, (sf#1853).
- Changes from version 3.6.6:
  + C++ 11 <regex> support built by default. Can be disabled by
    defining NO_CXX11_REGEX.
  + SciTE_USERHOME environment variable allows separate location
    for writeable properties files, Feature #965.
  + GObject introspection supports notify and command events.
  + The Progress lexer now allows comments preceded by a tab.
  + Scripts reading Scintilla.iface file include comments for enu
    and lex definitions, (sf#1829).
  + Fix crashes on GTK+ if idle work active when destroyed,
  + Fixed bugs when used on GTK+ 3.20, (sf#1825 and sf#1831).
  + Fix SciTE search field background with dark theme on GTK+
- Changes from version 3.6.5:
  + JSON lexer added, Feature #1140.
  + The C++ lexer fixes a bug with multi-line strings with line
    continuation where the string style overflowed after an edit,
  + The Python lexer treats '@' as an operator except when it is
    the first visible character on a line. This is for Python 3.5.
  + The Rust lexer allows '?' as an operator, Feature #1146.
  + Doubled size of compiled regex buffer, (sf#1822).
  + For GTK+, the Super modifier key can be used in key bindings,
    Feature #1142.
  + For GTK+, fix some crashes when using multiple threads.
  + Platform layer font cache removed on GTK+ as platform-
    independent caches are used. This avoids the use of thread
    locking and initialisation of threads so any GTK+ applications
    that rely on Scintilla initialising threads will have to do
    that themselves.
  + SciTE bug fixed with exported HTML where extra line shown,
* Fri Mar 18 2016
- Update to version 3.6.4:
  + SciTE allows setting the autocompletion type separator
  + The C++ folder folds code on '(' and ')' to allow multi-line
    calls to be folded, Feature #1138.
  + For the HTML lexer, limit the extent of Mako line comments to
    finish before the line end characters.
  + Folds unfolded when two fold regions are merged by either
    deleting an intervening line or changing its fold level by
    adding characters. This was fixed both in Scintilla and in
    SciTE's equivalent code, (sf#1799).
  + The Progress lexer supports hexadecimal numeric literals,
    single-line comments, abbreviated keywords and extends nested
    comments to unlimited levels.
  + Ruby lexer treats alternate hash key syntax "key:" as a symbol,
  + Rust lexer handles bracketed Unicode string escapes like
    "\u{123abc}", (sf#1809).
  + For Qt, release builds have assertions turned off.
  + For SciTE, more descriptive error messages are displayed when
    there are problems loading the Lua startup script,
    Feature #1139.
* Fri Feb 05 2016
- Update to version 3.6.3:
  + Allow painting without first styling all visible text then
    styling in the background using idle-time. This helps
    performance when scrolling down in very large documents. Can
    also incrementally style after the visible area to the end of
    the document so that the document is already styled when the
    user scrolls to it.
  + Support GObject introspection on GTK+.
  + SciTE supports pasting to each selection with the
    selection.multipaste setting, Feature #1123.
  + SciTE can optionally display a read-only indicator on tabs and
    in the Buffers menu.
  + Bash lexer flags incomplete here doc delimiters as syntax
    errors (sf#1789).
  + Support added for using '#' in non-comment ways as is possible
    with zsh (sf#1794).
  + Recognize more characters as here-doc delimiters (sf#1778).
  + Errorlist lexer fixes bug with final line in escape sequence
    recognition mode.
  + Lua lexer includes '&' and '|' bitwise operators for Lua 5.3
  + Perl lexer updated for Perl 5.20 and 5.22.
  + Allow '_' for subroutine prototypes (sf#1791).
  + Double-diamond operator <<>>.
  + Hexadecimal floating point literals.
  + Repetition in list assignment (sf#1793).
  + Highlight changed subroutine prototype syntax for Perl 5.20
  + Fix module ::-syntax when special characters such as 'x' are
  + Added ' and " detection as prefix chars for x repetition
    operator (sf#1800).
  + Visual Prolog lexer recognizes numbers more accurately and
    allows non-ASCII verbatim quoting characters, Feature #1130.
  + Send SCN_UPDATEUI with SC_UPDATE_SELECTION when the application
    changes multiple selection.
  + Expand folded areas before deleting fold header line
  + Treat Unicode line ends like common line ends when maintaining
    fold state.
  + Highlight whole run for hover indicator when wrapped (sf#1784).
  + On GTK+ and Qt, Korean input by word fixed.
  + On GTK+, Qt, and Win32 block IME input when document is
    read-only or any selected text is protected.
  + On GTK+ on OS X, fix warning during destruction (sf#1777).
  + Fix SciTE crashes when using LPEG lexers.
* Fri Jan 01 2016
- Update to version 3.6.2:
  + Whitespace may be made visible just in indentation.
  + Whitespace dots are centred when larger than 1 pixel.
  + The Scintilla framework on Cocoa now contains version numbers.
  + SciTE's standard properties collect values from all active
    .properties file to produce the Language menu and the file
    types pull-down in the File open dialog.
  + The single executable version of SciTE, Sc1, uses 'module'
    statements within its embedded properties. This makes it act
    more like the full distribution allowing languages to be turned
    on and off by setting imports.include and imports.exclude. The
    default imports.exclude property adds eiffel, erlang, ps, and
    pov so these languages are turned off by default.
  + SciTE adds an output.blank.margin.left property to allow
    setting the output pane margin to a different width than the
    edit pane.
  + Markdown lexer treats line starts consistently to always
    highlight *foo* or similar at line start (sf#1766).
  + Optimise marker redrawing by only drawing affected lines when
    markers shown in the text.
  + On GTK+ 2.x, fix height of lines in autocompletion lists
  + Fix bug with SCI_LINEENDDISPLAY where the caret moved to the
    next document line instead of the end of the display line
  + Report error (SC_STATUS_FAILURE) when negative length passed to
    SCI_SETSTYLING (sf#1768).
  + When SC_MARK_UNDERLINE is not assigned to a margin, stop
    drawing the whole line.
  + When reverting an untitled document in SciTE, just clear it
    with no message about a file (sf#1764).
  + SciTE on GTK+ allows use of Ctrl+A (Select All) inside find and
    replace strips (sf#1769).
* Sun Oct 04 2015
- Update to version 3.6.1:
  + The oldest version of GTK+ supported now is 2.18 and for glib
    it is 2.22.
  + On GTK+, SC_CHARSET_OEM866 added to allow editing Russian files
    encoded in code page 866, Feature #1019.
  + The errorlist lexer understands some ANSI escape sequences to
    change foreground colour and intensity. This is sufficient to
    colour diagnotic output from gcc and clang when
  - fdiagnostics-color set.
  + The errorlist lexer allows the line number to be 0 in GCC
    errors as some tools report whole file errors as line 0.
  + MySql lexer fixes empty comments /**/ so the comment state does
    not continue.
  + VHDL folder supports "protected" keyword.
  + Treat CRLF line end as two characters in SCI_COUNTCHARACTERS
  + On GTK+ 3.x, fix height of lines in autocompletion lists to
    match the font. Switch from deprecated style calls to CSS
    styling. Removed setting list colours on GTK+ 3.16+ as no
    longer appears needed.
  + On GTK+, avoid "Invalid rectangle passed" warning messages by
    never reporting the client rectangle with a negative width or
  + Fix SciTE disk exhaustion bug by reporting failures when
    writing files (sf#1760).
  + On GTK+ the keyboard command for View | End of Line was changed
    to Ctrl+Shift+N to avoid clash with Search | Selection Add
    Next (sf#1750).
* Wed Aug 05 2015
- Update to version 3.6.0:
  + External interfaces use the Sci_Position and Sci_PositionU
    typedefs instead of int and unsigned int to allow for changes
    to a 64-bit interface on 64-bit plactforms in the future.
    Applications and external lexers should start using the new
    type names so that they will be compatible when the 64-bit
    change occurs. There is also Sci_PositionCR (long) for use in
    the Sci_CharacterRange struct which will also eventually become
  + Multiple selection now works over more key commands. The new
    multiple-selection handling commands include horizontal
    movement and selection commands, line up and down movement and
    selection commands, word and line deletion commands, and line
    end insertion. This change in behaviours is conditional on
  + Autocompletion lists send an SCN_AUTOCCOMPLETED notification
    after the text has been inserted.
  + The case mode style attribute can now be SC_CASE_CAMEL.
  + The Python lexer supports substyles for identifiers.
  + SciTE adds support for substyles.
  + SciTE's Export as RTF and Copy as RTF commands support UTF-8.
  + SciTE can display autocompletion on all IME input with
    ime.autocomplete property.
  + SciTE properties files now discard trailing white space on
    variable names.
  + Calling SCI_SETIDENTIFIERS resets styling to ensure any added
    identifier are highlighted.
  + Avoid candidate box randomly popping up away from edit pane
    with (especially Japanese) IME input.
  + Fix drawing problem when control characters are in a hidden
    style as they then have a zero width rectangle to draw but
    modify that rectangle in a way that clears some pixels.
  + Report error when attempt to resize buffer to more than 2GB
  + Fix bug on GTK+ with scroll bars leaking (sf#1742).
  + LexOthers.cxx file split into one file per lexer: LexBatch,
    LexDiff, LexErrorList, LexMake, LexNull, and LexProps.
  + SciTE exporters handle styles > 127 correctly now.
  + SciTE implements on all platforms.
- Add optflags to build to remove warning in rpmlint.
Version: 3.5.7-6.1
* Sat Jun 20 2015
- Update to version 3.5.7:
  + Added SCI_MULTIPLESELECTADDNEXT to add the next occurrence of
    the main selection within the target to the set of selections
    as main. If the current selection is empty then select word
    around caret. SCI_MULTIPLESELECTADDEACH adds each occurrence of
    the main selection within the target to the set of selections.
  + SciTE adds "Selection Add Next" and "Selection Add Each"
    commands to the Search menu.
  + Added SCI_ISRANGEWORD to determine if the parameters are at the
    start and end of a word.
  + Added SCI_TARGETWHOLEDOCUMENT to set the target to the whole
  + Verilog lexer recognises protected regions and the folder folds
    protected regions.
  + A performance problem with markers when deleting many lines was
    fixed (sf#1733).
  + On GTK+ 3.4+, when there are both horizontal and vertical
    scrollbars, draw the lower-right corner so that it does not
    appear black when text selected (sf#1611).
  + Fixed most calls deprecated in GTK+ 3.16. Does not fix style
    override calls as they are more complex.
  + SciTE on GTK+ 3.x uses a different technique for highlighting
    the search strip when there is no match which is more
    compatible with future and past versions and different themes.
* Sun May 31 2015
- Update to version 3.5.6:
  + On Qt, use fractional positioning calls and avoid rounding to
    ensure consistency.
  + C++ lexer fixes empty backquoted string (sf#1711).
  + C++ lexer fixes #undef directive (sf#1719).
  + Fortran folder fixes handling of "selecttype" and "selectcase"
  + Verilog folder folds interface definitions.
  + VHDL folder folds units declarations and fixes a case
    insensitivity bug with not treating "IS" the same as "is".
  + Fix bug when drawing text margins in buffered mode which would
    use default encoding instead of chosen encoding (sf#1703).
  + Fix for reading a UTF-16 file in SciTE where a non-BMP
    character is split over a read buffer boundary (sf#1710).
  + Fix exporting from SciTE when using Scintillua for lexing.
  + SciTE does not report twice that a search string can not be
    found when "Replace" pressed (sf#1716).
  + SciTE on GTK+ 3.x disables arrow in search combo when no
    entries (sf#1717).
- Changes from version 3.5.5:
  + The wxWidgets-specific ascent member of Font has been removed
    which breaks compatibility with current wxStyledTextCtrl
  + IME on Qt supports multiple carets and behaves more like other
  + Always use inline IME on GTK+ for Korean.
  + SQL lexer fixes handling of '+' and '-' in numbers so the '-'
    in '1-1' is seen as an operator and for '1--comment' the
    comment is recognized.
  + TCL lexer reverts change to string handling (sf#1642).
  + Verilog lexer fixes bugs with macro styling. Verilog folder
    fixes bugs with `end completing an `if* instead of `endif and, and implements folding at preprocessor `else.
  + VHDL lexer supports extended identifiers.
  + Fix SciTE bug with missing file open filters and add hex to
    excluded set of properties files so that its settings don't
    appear (sf#1707).
  + Fix SciTE bug where files without extensions like "makefile"
    were not highlighted correctly.
* Mon Mar 23 2015
- Drop scite-fix-desktop-categories.patch: adjust the .desktop
  categories using suse_update_desktop_file instead of a patch.
- Add scite.changes as source, as it's used during build to inject
  the last change date / time into the build.
* Sun Mar 22 2015
- Update to version 3.5.4:
  + Adds minor features.
  + Bug fixes.
* Tue Aug 05 2014
- Updated to version 3.4.4:
  + Style byte indicators removed. They were deprecated in 2007.
    Standard indicators should be used instead. Some elements used
    by lexers no longer take number of bits or mask arguments so
    lexers may need to be updated for LexAccessor::StartAt,
    LexAccessor::SetFlags (removed), LexerModule::LexerModule.
  + When multiple selections are active, autocompletion text may be
    inserted at each selection with new SCI_AUTOCSETMULTI method.
  + C++ lexer fixes crash for "#define x(" (sf#1614).
  + C++ lexer fixes raw string recognition so that R"xxx(blah)xxx"
    is styled as SCE_C_STRINGRAW.
  + The Postscript lexer no longer marks token edges with
    indicators as this used style byte indicators.
  + The Scriptol lexer no longer displays indicators for poor
    indentation as this used style byte indicators.
  + TCL lexer fixes names of keyword sets (sf#1615).
  + Shell lexer fixes fold matching problem caused by "<<<"
  + Fix bug where indicators were not removed when fold
    highlighting on (sf#1604).
  + Fix crash on GTK+ with Ubuntu 12.04 and overlay scroll bars.
  + Avoid creating a Cairo context when measuring text on GTK+ as
    future versions of GTK+ may prohibit calling gdk_cairo_create
    except inside drawing handlers. This prohibition may be
    required on Wayland.
  + Fix crash in SciTE when stream comment performed at line end
  + For SciTE on GTK+ fix bug with initialisation of toggle buttons
    in find and replace strips (sf#1612).
- Changes from version 3.4.3:
  + N/A for linux.
- Changes from version 3.4.2:
  + Insertions can be filtered or modified by calling
  + DMIS lexer added. DMIS is a language for coordinate measuring
    machines, Feature #1049.
  + Line state may be displayed in the line number margin to aid in
    debugging lexing and folding with SC_FOLDFLAG_LINESTATE (128).
  + C++ lexer understands more preprocessor statements. #if defined
    SYMBOL is understood. Some macros with arguments can be
    understood and these may be predefined in keyword set 4
    (keywords5 for SciTE) with syntax similar to
    CHECKVERSION(x)=(x<3), Feature #1051.
  + C++ lexer can highlight task marker keywords in comments as
  + C++ lexer can optionally highlight escape sequences in strings
  + C++ lexer supports Go back quoted raw string literals with
    lexer.cpp.backquoted.strings option, Feature #1047.
  + SciTE performs word and search match highlighting as an idle
    task to improve interactivity and allow use of these features
    on large files.
  + Bug fixed where caret remained invisible when period set to 0
  + Fixed display flashing when scrolling with GTK+ 3.10 (sf#1567).
  + Fixed calls and constants deprecated in GTK+ 3.10.
  + For SciTE, protect access to variables used by threads with a
    mutex to prevent data races.
  + For SciTE on GTK+ fix thread object leaks. Display the version
    of GTK+ compiled against in the about box.
  + For SciTE on GTK+ 3.10, fix the size of the tab bar's content
    and use standard icon names where possible.
  + SciTE's highlight current word feature no longer matches the
    selection when it contains space.
- Changes from version 3.4.1:
  + Display Unicode line ends as [LS], [PS], and [NEL] blobs.
  + Bug fixed where cursor down failed on wrapped lines (sf#1585).
  + Caret positioning changed a little to appear inside characters
    less often by rounding the caret position to the pixel grid
    instead of truncating (sf#1588).
  + Bug fixed where automatic indentation wrong when caret in
    virtual space (sf#1586).
  + Crash fixed in SciTE with recursive properties files (sf#1507).
  + Bug fixed with SciTE where Ctrl+E before an unmatched end brace
    jumps to file start (sf#315).
- Changes from version 3.4.0:
  + The Unicode line ends and substyles features added as
    provisional in 3.2.5 are now finalised. There are now no
    provisional features.
  + Added wrap mode SC_WRAP_WHITESPACE which only wraps on
    whitespace, not on style changes.
  + SciTE find and replace strips can perform incremental searching
    and temporary highlighting of all matches with the
    find.strip.incremental, replace.strip.incremental, and
    find.indicator.incremental settings.
  + Additional assembler lexer variant As(SCLEX_AS) for Unix
    assembly code which uses '#' for comments and ';' to separate
  + Fix crashes and other bugs in Fortran folder by removing
    folding of do-label constructs.
  + Deleting a whole line deletes the annotations on that line
    instead of the annotations on the next line (sf#1577).
  + Changed position of tall calltips to prefer lower half of
    screen to cut off end instead of start.
  + Fix Qt bug where double click treated as triple click
  + On Qt, selecting an item in an autocompletion list that is not
    currently visible positions it at the top.
* Wed Feb 12 2014
- Update to version 3.3.9:
  + Fix 3.3.8 bug where external lexers became inaccessible
- Updates from 3.3.8:
  + DropSelectionN API added to drop a selection from a multiple
  + CallTipSetPosStart API added to change the position at which
    backspacing removes the calltip.
  + SC_MARK_BOOKMARK marker symbol added which looks like bookmark
    ribbons used in book reading applications.
  + C++ lexer fixes bug where keyword followed immediately by
    quoted string continued keyword style (sf#1564).
  + Matlab lexer treats '!' differently for Matlab and Octave
    languages (sf#1571).
  + Rust lexer improved with nested comments, more compliant
    doc-comment detection, octal literals, NUL characters treated
    as valid, and highlighting of raw string literals and float
    literals fixed, Feature #1038 (sf#1570).
  + On Qt expose the EOLMode on the document object.
  + Fix hotspot clicking where area was off by half a character
    width (sf#1562).
  + Tweaked scroll positioning by either 2 pixels or 1 pixel when
    caret is at left or right of view to ensure caret is inside
    visible area.
  + Send SCN_UPDATEUI with SC_UPDATE_SELECTION for Shift+Tab inside
  + SciTE uses a bookmark ribbon symbol for bookmarks as it scales
    better to higher resolutions than the previous blue gem bitmap.
  + SciTE will change the width of margins while running when the
    margin.width and fold.margin.width properties are changed.
  + SciTE displays a warning message when asked to open a
    directory (sf#1568).
- Updates from 3.3.7:
  + Lexer added for DMAP language. Feature #1026.
  + Bash lexer allows '#' inside words (sf#1553).
  + C++ lexer recognizes C++11 user-defined lierals and applies
    lexical class SCE_C_USERLITERAL.
  + C++ lexer allows single quote characters as digit separators in
    numeric literals like 123'456 as this is included in C++14.
  + C++ lexer fixes bug with #include statements without "
    or > terminating filename (sf#1538).
  + C++ lexer fixes split of Doxygen keywords @code{.fileExtension}
    and @param[in,out] (sf#1551).
  + C++ lexer styles Doxygen keywords at end of document.
  + Cmake lexer fixes bug with empty comments (sf#1550).
  + Fortran folder improved. Treats "else" as fold header.
    Feature #962.
  + Fix bug with adjacent instances of the same indicator with
    different values where only the first was drawn (sf#1560).
  + When scroll width is tracked, take width of annotation lines
    into account.
  + On GTK+, chain up to superclass finalize so that all
    finalization is performed (sf#1549).
  + On GTK+, fix horizontal scroll bar range to not be double the
    needed width (sf#1546).
  + On Qt, bug fixed with drawing of scrollbars, where previous
    contents were not drawn over with some themes.
  + On Qt, bug fixed with finding monitor rectangle which could
    lead to autocomplete showing at wrong location.
  + SciTE fix for multiple message boxes when failing to save a
    file with save.on.deactivate (sf#1540).
  + SciTE on GTK+ fixes SIGCHLD handling so that Lua scripts can
    determine the exit status of processes they start (sf#1557).
* Mon Oct 28 2013
- Updated to version 3.3.6:
  + Added functions to help convert between substyles and base
    styles and between secondary and primary styles.
  + Lexer added for Rust language. Feature #1024.
  + Avoid false matches in errorlist lexer which is used for the
    SciTE output pane by stricter checking of ctags lines.
  + Perl lexer fixes bugs with multi-byte characters, including in
    HEREDOCs and PODs (sf#1528).
  + SQL folder folds 'create view' statements. Feature #1020.
  + Visual Prolog lexer updated with better support for string
    literals and Unicode. Feature #1025.
  + For SCI_SETIDENTIFIERS, \t, \r, and \n are allowed as well as
    space between identifiers (sf#1521).
  + Gaining and losing focus is now reported as a notification
    with the code set to SCN_FOCUSIN or SCN_FOCUSOUT.
  + On Qt, turn off idle events on destruction to prevent
    repeatedly calling idle.
  + Qt bindings in ScintillaEdit changed to use signed first
  + Compilation errors fixed on GTK+ with SCI_NAMESPACE.
  + Avoid attempts to redraw empty areas when lexing beyond the
    currently visible lines.
  + Control more attributes of indicators in SciTE with
    find.mark.indicator and highlight.current.word.indicator
  + Fix SciTE bug with buffers becoming read-only (sf#1525).
  + Fix SciTE on GTK+ 3.x incremental search to change foreground
    colour when no match as changing background colour is
- Updates from 3.3.5:
  + Characters may be represented by strings. In Unicode mode C1
    control characters are represented by their mnemonics.
  + Added SCI_POSITIONRELATIVE to optimize navigation by
  + Option to allow mouse selection to switch to rectangular by
    pressing Alt after start of gesture. Feature #1007.
  + Lexer added for KVIrc script. Feature #1008.
  + Bash lexer fixed quoted HereDoc delimiters (sf#1500).
  + Structured Text lexer fixed styling of enumeration members
  + Fixed bug with horizontal caret position when margin changed
  + Ensure selection redrawn correctly in two cases. When
    switching from stream to rectangular selection with
    Alt+Shift+Up. When reducing the range of an additional
    selection by moving mouse up. Feature #1007.
  + Initialize extended styles to the default style.
  + Qt bindings in ScintillaEdit made to work on 64-bit Unix
  + Easier access to printing on Qt with formatRange method.
  + Fixed SciTE failure to save initial buffer in single buffer
    mode (sf#1339).
  + SciTE crash fixed for negative line.margin.width (sf#1504).
  + SciTE fix for infinite dialog boxes when failing to
    automatically save a file (sf#1503).
  + SciTE settings buffered.draw, two.phase.draw, and technology
    are applied to the output pane as well as the edit pane.
- Updates from 3.3.4:
  + Handling of UTF-8 and DBCS text in lexers improved with
    methods ForwardBytes and GetRelativeCharacter added to
    StyleContext (sf#1483).
  + For Unicode text, case-insensitive searching and making text
    upper or lower case is now compliant with Unicode standards
    on all platforms and is much faster for non-ASCII characters.
  + A CategoriseCharacter function was added to return the Unicode
    general category of a character which can be useful in lexers.
  + SciTE 'immediate' subsystem added to allow scripts that work
    while tools are executed.
  + Font quality exposed in SciTE as font.quality setting.
  + ECL lexer regular expression code fixed (sf#1491).
  + Haskell lexer fixed to avoid unnecessary full redraws. Don't
    highlight CPP inside comments when styling.within.preprocessor
    is on (sf#1459).
  + Lua lexer fixes bug in labels with UTF-8 text (sf#1483).
  + Perl lexer fixes bug in string interpolation with UTF-8 text
  + Fixed bugs with case conversion when the result was longer or
    shorter than the original text. Could access past end of
    string potentially crashing. Selection now updated to result
  + Fixed bug where data being inserted and removed was not being
    reported in notification messages. Bug introduced in 3.3.2.
  + Word wrap bug fixed where the last line could be shown twice.
  + Word wrap bug fixed for lines wrapping too short on GTK+.
  + Word wrap performance improved.
  + Minor memory leak fixed (sf#1487).
  + On Qt, fixed layout problem when QApplication construction
  + On Qt, find_text reports failure with -1 as first element of
    return value.
  + Fixed SciTE on GTK+ bug where a tool command could be
    performed using the keyboard while one was already running
    leading to confusion and crashes (sf#1486).
  + Python scripts used for building and maintenance improved and
    moved into scripts directory.
  + Testing scripts now work on Linux using Qt and PySide.
  + Tk platform defined. Implementation for Tk will be available
    separately from main Scintilla distribution.
- Updates from 3.3.3:
  + Lexer and folder added for Structured Text language.
    Feature #959.
  + Out of bounds access fixed for GTK+ (sf#1480).
  + Crash fixed for GTK+ on Windows paste.
  + Bug fixed with incorrect event copying on GTK+ 3.x (sf#1481).
  + Bug fixed with right to left locales, like Hebrew, on GTK+
  + Bug fixed with undo grouping of tab and backtab commands
- Updates from 3.3.2:
  + Basic implementations of common folding methods added to
    Scintilla to make it easier for containers to implement
  + Add indicator INDIC_COMPOSITIONTHICK, a thick low underline,
    to mimic an appearance used for Asian language input
  + C++ lexer adds style for preprocessor doc comment.
    Feature #990.
  + Haskell lexer and folder improved. Separate mode for literate
    Haskell "literatehaskell" SCLEX_LITERATEHASKELL (sf#1459).
  + LaTeX lexer bug fixed for Unicode character following '\'
  + Fix multi-typing when two carets are located in virtual space
    on one line so that spaces are preserved.
  + Fix lexer problem where no line end was seen at end of
  + Fix Qt window positioning to not assume the top right of a
    monitor is at 0, 0.
  + Fix Qt to not track mouse when widget is hidden.
  + Qt now supports Qt 5.0 (sf#1448).
  + In SciTE, do not call OnSave twice when files saved
- Updates from 3.3.1:
  + Autocompletion lists can now appear in priority order or be
    sorted by Scintilla. Feature #981.
  + Most lexers now lex an extra NUL byte at the end of the
    document which makes it more likely they will classify
    keywords at document end correctly (sf#574, sf#588).
  + Haskell lexer improved in several ways (sf#1459).
  + Matlab/Octave lexer recognises block comments and ...
    comments (sf#1414).
  + Ruby lexer crash fixed with keyword at start of document.
  + The PLAT_NCURSES platform now called PLAT_CURSES as may work
    on other implementations.
  + While regular expression search in DBCS text is still not
    working, matching partial characters is now avoided by moving
    end of match to end of character.
- Updates from 3.3.0:
  + SCI_SCROLLRANGE added to scroll the view to display a range of
    text. If the whole range can not be displayed, priority is
    given to one end.
  + C++ lexer no longer recognises raw (R"") strings when the
    first character after " is invalid (sf#1454).
  + HTML lexer recognises JavaScript RegEx literals in more
    contexts (sf#1412).
  + Fixed automatic display of folded text when return pressed at
    end of fold header and first folded line was blank (sf#1455).
  + SCI_VISIBLEFROMDOCLINE fixed to never return a line beyond the
    document end.
  + SCI_LINESCROLL fixed for a negative column offset (sf#1450).
  + On GTK+, fix tab markers so visible if indent markers are
    visible (sf#1453).
* Wed Mar 20 2013
- Updated to version 3.2.5:
  + To allow cooperation between different uses of extended
    (beyond 255) styles they should be allocated using
  + For Unicode documents, lexers that use StyleContext will
    retrieve whole characters instead of bytes. LexAccessor
    provides a LineEnd method which can be a more efficient way to
    handle line ends and can enable Unicode line ends.
  + The C++ lexer understands the #undef directive when
    determining preprocessor definitions. Feature #978.
  + The errorlist lexer recognises gcc include path diagnostics
    that appear before an error.
  + Folding implemented for GetText (PO) translation language
  + HTML lexer does not interrupt comment style for processing
    instructions (sf#1447).
  + Fix SciTE forgetting caret x-position when switching
    documents (sf#1442).
  + Fixed bug where vertical scrollbar thumb appeared at beginning
    of document when scrollbar shown (sf#1446).
  + Provisional features are new features that may change or be
    removed if they cause problems but should become permanent if
    they work well. For this release Unicode line ends and
    substyles are provisional features.
- Changes from version 3.4.2:
  + Caret line highlight can optionally remain visible when window
    does not have focus. Feature #964.
  + Delegate mechanism for notifications added on Cocoa.
  + NUL characters in selection are copied to clipboard as spaces
    to avoid truncating at the NUL (sf#1289).
  + C++ lexer fixes problem with showing inactive sections when
    preprocessor lines contain trailing comment (sf#1413).
  + C++ lexer fixes problem with JavaScript regular expressions
    with '/' in character ranges (sf#1415).
  + LaTeX folder added. Feature #970.
  + LaTeX lexer improves styling of math environments.
    Feature #970.
  + MySQL lexer implements hidden commands.
  + Only produce a single undo step when autocompleting a single
    word (sf#1421).
  + Fixed crash when printing lines longer than 8000 characters
  + Fixed problem in character movement extends selection mode
    where reversing direction collapsed the selection.
  + Fixed scaling bug when printing on GTK+ (sf#1427).
  + SciTE on GTK toolbar.detachable feature removed.
  + Fixed some background saving bugs in SciTE (sf#1366, sf#1339).
- Changes from version 3.2.3:
  + Improve speed when performing multiple searches.
  + SciTE adds definition of PLAT_UNIX for both PLAT_GTK and
    PLAT_MAC to allow consolidation of settings valid on all
    Unix variants.
  + Signal autoCompleteCancelled added on Qt.
  + Bash lexer supports nested delimiter pairs (sf#1515556,
    sf#3008483, sf#3512208 and sf#3515392) Feature #3569352.
  + For C/C++, recognize exponent in floating point hexadecimal
    literals (sf#3576454).
  + For C #include statements, do not treat // in the path as a
    comment (sf#3519260).
  + Lexer for GetText translations (PO) improved with additional
    styles and single instance limitation fixed.
  + Ruby for loop folding fixed (sf#3240902, sf#3567391).
  + Ruby recognition of here-doc after class or instance variable
    fixed (sf#3567809).
  + SQL folding of loop and case fixed (sf#3567905).
  + SQL folding of case with assignment fixed (sf#3571820).
  + Fix hang when removing all characters from indicator at end of
  + Fix failure of \xhh in regular expression search for values
    greater than 0x79.
  + On GTK+ 3 Ubuntu, fix crash when drawing margin.
  + On ncurses, fix excessive spacing with italics line end.
- Changes from version 3.2.2:
  + Implement INDIC_SQUIGGLEPIXMAP as a faster version of
    INDIC_SQUIGGLE. Avoid poor drawing at right of INDIC_SQUIGGLE.
    Align INDIC_DOTBOX to pixel grid for full intensity.
  + Implement SCI_GETSELECTIONEMPTY API (sf#3543121).
    commands Feature #3561433.
  + Allow specifying SciTE Find in Files directory with property Feature #3558594.
  + Override SciTE global strip.trailing.spaces with
    strip.trailing.spaces by pattern files Feature #3556320.
  + Fix long XML script tag handling in XML lexer (sf#3534190).
  + Fix rectangular selection range after backspace (sf#3543097).
  + Send SCN_UPDATEUI with SC_UPDATE_SELECTION for backspace in
    virtual space (sf#3543121).
  + Avoid problems when calltip highlight range is negative
  + Limit time allowed to highlight current word in SciTE to 0.25
    seconds to remain responsive.
  + Fixed SciTE read-only mode to stick with buffer.
  + Remove limit on logical line length in SciTE
    .properties files (sf#3544312).
  + Improve performance of SciTE Save As command.
  + Fix SciTE crash with empty .properties files (sf#3545938,
  + Fix repeated letter in SciTE calltips (sf#3545938).
  + Refine build time checking for Direct2D and DirectWrite.
  + Added ncurses platform definitions. Implementation is
    maintained separately as Scinterm.
* Sun Aug 26 2012
- Updated to version 3.2.1:
  + In Scintilla.iface, specify features as properties instead of
    functions where possible and fix some enumerations.
  + In SciTE Lua scripts, string properties in Scintilla API can
    be retrieved as well as set using property notation.
  + Added character class APIs: SCI_SETPUNCTUATIONCHARS,
    SCI_GETPUNCTUATIONCHARS. Feature #3529805.
  + Less/Hss support added to CSS lexer. Feature #3532413.
  + C++ lexer style SCE_C_PREPROCESSORCOMMENT added for stream
    comments in preprocessor (sf#3487406).
  + Fix incorrect styling of inactive code in C++ lexer
  + Fix incorrect styling by C++ lexer after empty lines in
    preprocessor style.
  + C++ lexer option "lexer.cpp.allow.dollars" fixed so can be
    turned off after being on (sf#3541461).
  + Fortran fixed format lexer fixed to style comments from column
    73 (sf#3540486).
  + Fortran folder folds CRITICAL .. END CRITICAL (sf#3540486).
  + Fortran lexer fixes styling after comment line ending with
    '&' (sf#3087226).
  + Fortran lexer styles preprocessor lines so they do not trigger
    incorrect folding (sf#2906275).
  + Fortran folder fixes folding of nested ifs (sf#2809176).
  + HTML folder fixes folding of CDATA when
    fold.html.preprocessor=0 (sf#3540491).
  + On Cocoa, fix autocompletion font lifetime issue and row
    height computation.
  + In 'choose single' mode, autocompletion will close an existing
    list if asked to display a single entry list.
  + Fixed SCI_MARKERDELETE to only delete one marker per call
  + Properly position caret after undoing coalesced delete
    operations (sf#3523326).
  + Ensure margin is redrawn when SCI_MARGINSETSTYLE called.
  + Fix clicks in first pixel of margins to send SCN_MARGINCLICK.
  + Fix infinite loop when drawing block caret for a zero width
    space character at document start.
  + Crash fixed for deleting negative range.
  + For characters that overlap the beginning of their space such
    as italics descenders and bold serifs, allow start of text to
    draw 1 pixel into margin (sf#699587 sf#3537799).
  + Fixed problems compiling Scintilla for Qt with GCC 4.7.1 x64.
  + Fixed problem with determining GTK+ sub-platform caused when
    adding Qt support in 3.2.0.
  + Fix incorrect measurement of untitled file in SciTE on Linux
    leading to message "File ...' is 2147483647 bytes long"
  + In SciTE, fix open of selected filename with line number to go
    to that line.
  + Fix problem with last visible buffer closing in SciTE causing
    invisible buffers to be active.
  + Avoid blinking of SciTE's current word highlight when output
    pane changes.
  + SciTE properties files can be longer than 60K.
* Mon Jun 25 2012
- Update to version 3.2.0:
  + Long list of changes since the last packaged version, see for a detailed
* Thu Feb 23 2012
- Updated to version 3.0.3:
  + Printing works on GTK+ version 2.x as well as 3.x.
  + Lexer added for the AviSynth language (sf#3475611).
  + Lexer added for the Take Command / TCC scripting language
  + CSS lexer gains support for SCSS (sf#3268017).
  + CPP lexer fixes problems in the preprocessor structure caused
    by continuation lines (sf#3458508).
  + Errorlist lexer handles column numbers for GCC format
    diagnostics. In SciTE, Next Message goes to column where this
    can be decoded from GCC format diagnostics (sf#3453075).
  + HTML folder fixes spurious folds on some tags (sf#3459262).
  + Ruby lexer fixes bug where '=' at start of file caused whole
    file to appear as a comment (sf#3452488).
  + SQL folder folds blocks of single line comments (sf#3467425).
  + Further support of fractional positioning. Spaces, tabs, and
    single character tokens can take fractional space and wrapped
    lines are positioned taking fractional positions into account
  + For autocompletion lists Page Up and Down move by the list
    height instead of by 5 lines (sf#3455493).
  + For SCI_LINESCROLLDOWN/UP don't select into virtual space
  + Fix fold highlight not being fully drawn (sf#3469936).
  + Fix selection margin appearing black when starting in wrap
  + Fix crash when changing end of document after adding an
    annotation (sf#3476637).
  + Fix problems with building to make RPMs (sf#3476149).
  + Fix problem with building on GTK+ where recent distributions
    could not find gmodule (sf#3469056).
  + Fix problem with installing SciTE on GTK+ due to icon
    definition in .desktop file including an extension
  + Fix SciTE bug where new buffers inherited some properties from
    previously opened file (sf#3457060).
  + Fix focus when closing tab in SciTE with middle click. Focus
    moves to edit pane instead of staying on tab bar (sf#3440142).
  + Fix SciTE bug where files became read-only after saving. Drop
    the "*" dirty marker after save completes (sf#3467432).
  + For SciTE handling of diffs with "+++" and "---" lines, also
    handle case where not followed by tab. Go to correct line for
    diff "+++" message (sf#3467143, sf#3467178).
  + SciTE on GTK+ now performs threaded actions even on GTK+
    versions before 2.12.
  + Various windows platform changes.
- Drop scite-fix-missing-gmodule-reference.patch, scite-fix-
  desktop-icon.patch and scite-fix-scite-optflags.patch as these
  have been upstreamed.
- Add scite-fix-desktop-categories.patch: update the desktop
  categories (sf#3491187).
- Pass date and time based on changes file instead of hardcoding a
  date, so we don't need manual updates later on.
- Add SLE condition for skipping post/postun macros now that
  11.3 is dropped.
* Thu Jan 19 2012
- Add scite-fix-missing-gmodule-reference.patch: Add linker flag
  for gmodule-2.0 sf#3469056.
- Drop scite-fix-desktop-file.patch.
- Add scite-fix-desktop-icon.patch: Drop desktop file icon
  extension sf#3476117.
- Drop fix-scintilla-optflags.patch and combine with the
  scite-fix-scite-optflags.patch and use CXXFLAGS sf#3476149.
- Work on a GTK+ 3 build:
  + Add favor_gtk2 to switch between gtk2 and gtk3 builds.
  + For gtk3 build, use gtk3-devel BuildRequires instead of
    gtk2-devel and pass GTK3=1 to make.
  + Enable the gtk3 build with a gtk3_ready macro, since the gtk3
    support is ready.
* Tue Jan 03 2012
- Updated to 3.0.2:
  + SciTE saves files in the background without blocking the user
  + Printing implemented in SciTE on GTK+ 3.x.
  + ILoader interface for background loading finalised and
  + CoffeeScript lexer added.
  + C++ lexer fixes crash with "#if defined( XXX 1".
  + Crash with Direct2D on Windows fixed.
  + Backspace removing protected range fixed. Bug #3445911.
  + Cursor setting failure on Windows when screen saver on fixed.
    Bug #3438780.
  + SciTE on GTK+ hang fixed with -open:file option. Bug #3441980.
  + Failure to evaluate shbang fixed in SciTE. Bug #3441801.
  + SciTE failure to treat files starting with "<?xml" as XML
    fixed. Bug #3440718.
  + Made untitled tab saveable when created by closing all files.
    Bug #3440244.
  + SciTE crash fixed when using Scintillua.
  + SciTE revert command fixed so that undo works on individual
    actions instead of undoing to revert point.
  + Focus loss in SciTE when opening a recent file fixed.
    Bug #3440142.
  + Fixed SciTE SelLength property to measure characters instead
    of bytes. Bug #3283519.
- Updates from 3.0.1:
  + SciTE on Windows now runs Lua scripts directly on the main
    thread instead of starting them on a secondary thread and then
    moving back to the main thread.
  + Highlight "else" as a keyword for TCL in the same way as other
    languages. Bug #1836954.
  + Fix problems with setting fonts for autocompletion lists on
    Windows where font handles were copied and later deleted
    causing a system default font to be used.
  + Fix font size used on Windows for Asian language input methods
    which sometimes led to IME not being visible. Bug #3436753.
  + Fixed polygon drawing on Windows so fold symbols are visible
    again. Bug #3433558.
  + Changed background drawing on GTK+ to allow for fractional
    character positioning as occurs on OS X as this avoids faint
    lines at lexeme boundaries.
  + Ensure pixmaps allocated before painting as there was a crash
    when Scintilla drew without common initialisation calls.
    Bug #3432354.
  + Fixed SciTE on Windows bug causing wrong caret position after
    indenting a selection. Bug #3433433.
  + Fixed SciTE session saving to store buffer position matching
    buffer. Bug #3434372.
  + Fixed leak of document objects in SciTE.
  + Recognize URL characters '?' and '%' for Open Selected command
    in SciTE. Bug #3429409.
- Updates from 3.0.0:
  + Carbon platform support removed. OS X applications should
    switch to Cocoa.
  + On Windows Vista or newer, drawing may be performed with
    Direct2D and DirectWrite instead of GDI.
  + Cairo is now used for all drawing on GTK+. GDK drawing was
  + Paletted display support removed.
  + Fractional font sizes can be specified.
  + Different weights of text supported on some platforms instead
    of just normal and bold.
  + Sub-pixel character positioning supported.
  + SciTE loads files in the background without blocking the user
  + SciTE can display diagnostic messages interleaved with the
    text of files immediately after the line referred to by the
  + New API to see if all lines are visible which can be used to
    optimize processing fold structure notifications.
  + Scrolling optimized by avoiding invalidation of fold margin
    when redrawing whole window.
  + Optimized SCI_MARKERNEXT.
  + C++ lexer supports Pike hash quoted strings when turned on
    with lexer.cpp.hashquoted.strings.
  + Fixed incorrect line height with annotations in wrapped mode
    when there are multiple views. Bug #3388159.
  + Calltips may be displayed above the text as well as below.
    Bug #3410830.
  + For huge files SciTE only examines the first megabyte for
    newline discovery.
  + SciTE on GTK+ removes the property
    and check box as this was buggy and GTK+ now supports an
    equivalent feature. Bug #3413630.
  + SciTE on GTK+ supports mnemonics in dynamic menus.
  + SciTE on GTK+ displays the user's home directory as '~' in
    menus to make them shorter.
* Wed Oct 12 2011
- Updated to version 2.29:
  + To automatically discover the encoding of a file when opening
    it, SciTE can run a program set with
  + Cairo always used for drawing on GTK+.
  + The set of properties files imported by SciTE can be
    controlled with the properties imports.include and
    imports.exclude. The import statement has been extended to
    allow "import ". The properties files for some languages are
    no longer automatically loaded by default. The properties
    files affected are avenue, baan, escript, lot, metapost,
    and mmixal.
  + C++ lexer fixed a bug with raw strings being recognised too
  + LaTeX lexer improved with more states and fixes to most
    outstanding bugs.
  + Lua lexer updates for Lua 5.2 beta with goto labels and "\z"
    string escape.
  + Perl string styling highlights interpolated variables.
  + Perl lexer updated for Perl 5.14.0 with 0X and 0B numeric
    literal prefixes, break keyword and "+" supported in
    subroutine prototypes.ed with CRLF line endings.
  + Markdown lexer fixed to not change state with "_" in middle of
  + Cocoa restores compatibility with OS X 10.5.
  + Mouse pointer changes over selection to an arrow near start
    when scrolled horizontally.
  + Indicators that finish at the end of the document no longer
    expand when text is appended.
  + SparseState merge fixed to check if other range is empty.
  + On Windows, autocompletion lists will scroll instead of
    document when mouse wheel spun.
  + SciTE performs more rapid polling for command completion so
    will return faster and report more accurate times.
  + SciTE resizes panes proportionally when switched between
    horizontal and vertical layout.
  + SciTE on GTK+ opens multiple files into a single instance more
- Updates from 2.28:
  + GTK+ Cairo support works back to GTK+ version 2.8. Requires
    changing Scintilla source code to enable before GTK+ 2.22.
    Bug #3322351.
  + Translucent images in RGBA format can be used for margin
    markers and in autocompletion lists.
  + INDIC_DOTBOX added as a translucent dotted rectangular
  + Asian text input using IME works for GTK+ 3.x and GTK+ 2.x
    with Cairo.
  + On GTK+, IME works for Ctrl+Shift+U Unicode input in
    Scintilla. For SciTE, Ctrl+Shift+U is still Make Selection
  + Cocoa port supports different character encodings, improves
    scrolling performance and drag image appearance. The control
    ID is included in WM_COMMAND notifications. Text may be
    deleted by dragging to the trash.
  + SciTE on GTK+ uses a paned widget to contain the edit and
    output panes instead of custom code. This allows the divider
    to be moved easily on GTK+ 3 and its appearance follows GTK+
    conventions more closely.
  + SciTE builds and installs on BSD. Bug #3324644.
  + Cobol supports fixed format comments. Bug #3014850.
  + Mako template language block syntax extended and ## comments
    recognised. Feature #3325178. Bug #3318818.
  + Folding of Mako template language within HTML fixed.
    Bug #3324563.
  + Python lexer has
    option to avoid highlighting second set of keywords following
    '.'. Bug #3325333.
  + Python folder fixes bug where fold would not extend to final
    line. Bug #3349157.
  + SciTE treats LPEG lexers the same as script lexers by setting
    all 8 style bits.
  + For Cocoa, crashes with unsupported font variants and memory
    leaks for colour objects fixed.
  + Shift-JIS lead byte ranges modified to match Windows.
  + Mouse pointer changes over selection to an arrow more
    consistently. Bug #3315756.
  + Bug fixed with annotations beyond end of document.
    Bug #3347268.
  + Incorrect drawing fixed for combination of background colour
    change and translucent selection. Bug #3377116.
  + Lexers initialized correctly when started at position other
    than start of line. Bug #3377148.
  + Fold highlight drawing fixed for some situations.
    Bug #3323015. Bug #3323805.
  + Case insensitive search fixed for cases where folded character
    uses fewer bytes than base character. Bug #3362038.
  + SciTE bookmark.alpha setting fixed. Bug #3373907.
- Updates from 2.27:
  + On recent GTK+ 2.x versions when using Cairo, bug fixed where
    wrong colours were drawn.
  + SciTE on GTK+ slow performance in menu maintenance fixed.
    Bug #3315233.
  + Cocoa platform supports 64-bit builds and uses only
    non-deprecated APIs. Asian Input Method Editors are supported.
    Autocompletion lists and calltips implemented. Control
    identifier used in notifications.
  + On Cocoa, rectangular selection now uses Option/Alt key to be
    compatible with Apple Human Interface Guidelines and other
    applications. The Control key is reported with an SCMOD_META
    modifier bit.
  + API added for setting and retrieving the identifier number
    used in notifications.
  + SCI_SETEMPTYSELECTION added to set selection without scrolling
    or redrawing more than needed. Feature #3314877.
  + Added new indicators. INDIC_DASH and INDIC_DOTS are variants
    of underlines. INDIC_SQUIGGLELOW indicator added as shorter
    alternative to INDIC_SQUIGGLE for small fonts. Bug #3314591
  + Margin line selection can be changed to select display lines
    instead of document lines. Bug #3312763.
  + On Windows, SciTE can perform reverse searches by pressing
    Shift+Enter in the Find or Replace strips or dialogs.
  + Matlab lexer does not special case '\' in single quoted
    strings. Bug #948757 Bug #1755950 Bug #1888738 Bug #3316852.
  + Verilog lexer supports SystemVerilog folding and keywords.
  + Font leak fixed. Bug #3306156.
  + Automatic scrolling works for long wrapped lines.
    Bug #3312763.
  + Multiple typing works for cases where selections collapse
    together. Bug #3309906.
  + Fold expanded when needed in word wrap mode. Bug #3291579.
  + Bug fixed with edge drawn in wrong place on wrapped lines.
    Bug #3314807.
  + Bug fixed with unnecessary scrolling for SCI_GOTOLINE.
    Bug #3303406.
  + Bug fixed where extra step needed to undo SCI_CLEAR in virtual
    space. Bug #3159691.
  + Regular expression search fixed for \$ on last line of search
    range. Bug #3313746.
  + SciTE performance improved when switching to a tab with a very
    large file. Bug #3311421.
  + On Windows, SciTE advanced search remembers the "Search only
    in this style" setting. Bug #3313344.
  + On GTK+, SciTE opens help using "xdg-open" instead of
    "netscape" as "netscape" no longer commonly installed.
    Bug #3314377.
  + SciTE script lexers can use 256 styles.
  + SciTE word highlight works for words containing DBCS
    characters. Bug #3315173.
  + Compilation fixed for wxWidgets. Bug #3306156.
- Drop scite-use-xdg-open-for-help.patch as fixed in 2.27.
- Rebase scite-fix-file-contains-date-and-time.patch.
- Use direct source link instead of bzipped file.
* Fri Jun 10 2011
- Enabled the experimental support for GTK3
* Thu Jun 09 2011
- Add upstreamed patches for sf#3314371 and sf#3314377
* Thu Jun 09 2011
- Updated to 2.26
  * Folding margin symbols can be highlighted for the current
    folding block. Feature #3147069.
  * Selected lines can be moved up or down together.
  Feature #3304850.
  * SciTE can highlight all occurrences of the current word or
    selected text. Feature #3291636.
  * Experimental GTK+ 3.0 support: build with "make GTK3=1".
  * INDIC_STRAIGHTBOX added. Is similar to INDIC_ROUNDBOX but
    without rounded corners. Bug #3290435.
  * Can show brace matching and mismatching with indicators
    instead of text style. Translucency of outline can be
  Feature #3290434.
  * SciTE can automatically indent python by examining
    previous line for scope-starting ':' with
  * Batch file lexer allows braces '(' or ')' inside variable
  * The cpp lexer only recognises Vala triple quoted strings
    when lexer.cpp.triplequoted.strings property is set.
  Bug #3239234.
  * Make file lexer treats a variable with a nested variable
    like $(f$(qx)b) as one variable. Bug #3298223.
  * Folding bug fixed for JavaScript with nested PHP.
    Bug #3193530.
  * HTML lexer styles Django's {# #} comments. Bug #3013798.
  * HTML lexer styles JavaScript regular expression correctly
    for /abc/i.test('abc');. Bug #3209108.
  * Inno Setup Script lexer now works properly when it
    restarts from middle of [CODE] section. Bug #3283880 and
  Bug #3129044.
  * Lua lexer updated for Lua 5.2 with hexadecimal
    floating-point numbers and '\*' whitespace escaping in
  strings. Feature #3243811.
  * Perl folding folds "here doc"s and adds options and fold.perl.comment.explicit.
  Fold structure for Perl fixed. Feature #3112671 and
  Bug #3265401.
  * Python lexer supports cpdef keyword for Cython.
    Bug #3279728.
  * SQL folding option renamed to Bug #3271474.
  * SQL lexer no longer treats ';' as terminating a comment.
    Bug #3196071.
  * Text drawing and measurement segmented into smaller runs
    to avoid platform bugs. Bug #3277449. Bug #3165743.
  * SciTE on Windows adds temp.files.sync.load property to
    open dropped temporary files synchronously as they may be
  removed before they can be opened asynchronously.
  Bug #3072009.
  * Bug fixed with indentation guides ignoring first line in
    SC_IV_LOOKBOTH mode. Bug #3291317.
  * Bugs fixed in backward regex search. Bug #3292659.
  * Bugs with display of folding structure fixed for wrapped
    lines and where there is a fold header but no body.
  Bug #3291579 and Bug #3265401.
  * SciTE on Windows cursor changes to an arrow now when over
    horizontal splitter near top of window. Bug #3286620.
  * Fixed default widget size problem on GTK+. Bug #3267892.
  * Fixed font size when using Cairo on GTK+. Bug #3272662.
  * Fixed primary selection and cursor issues on GTK+ when
    unrealized then realized. Bug #3256153.
  * Right click now cancels selection on GTK+ like on Windows.
    Bug #3235190.
  * SciTE on GTK+ implements z-order buffer switching like on
    Windows. Bug #3228384.
  * Improve selection position after SciTE Insert Abbreviation
    command when abbreviation expansion includes '|'.
- Updates from 2.25
  * SparseState class makes it easier to write lexers which
    have to remember complex state between lines.
  * Visual Studio project (.dsp) files removed. The make files
    should be used instead as described in the README.
  * Modula 3 lexer added along with SciTE support.
    Feature #3173374.
  * Asm, Basic, and D lexers add extra folding properties.
  * Raw string literals for C++0x supported in C++ lexer.
  * Triple-quoted strings used in Vala language supported in
    C++ lexer. Feature #3177601.
  * The errorlist lexer used in SciTE's output pane colours
    lines that start with '<' as diff deletions.
  Feature #3172878.
  * The Fortran lexer correctly folds type-bound procedures
    from Fortran 2003.
  * LPeg lexer support? improved in SciTE.
  * SciTE on Windows-64 fixes for menu localisation and Lua
    scripts. Bug #3204502.
  * SciTE on Windows avoids locking folders when using the
    open or save dialogs. Bug #1795484.
  * Diff lexer fixes problem where diffs of diffs producing
    lines that start with "----". Bug #3197952.
  * Bug fixed when searching upwards in Chinese code page 936.
    Bug #3176271.
  * On Cocoa, translucent drawing performed as on other
    platforms instead of 2.5 times less translucent.
  * Performance issue and potential bug fixed on GTK+ with
    caret line for long lines.
- Update patches and spec file
* Sat Feb 12 2011
- PATCH-FIX-OPENSUSE scite-use-xdg-open-for-help.patch -- Use xdg-open when using help with
  default browser
* Sat Feb 12 2011
- Fix typographical error in Description
* Sat Feb 12 2011
- Intial build
- PATCH-FIX-OPENSUSE scite-fix-desktop-file.patch -- Fix SuSE desktop file entries
- PATCH-FIX-OPENSUSE scite fix-scintilla-optflags.patch -- Add rpm optflags to makefile
- PATCH-FIX-OPENSUSE scite fix-scite-optflags.patch -- Add rpm optflags to makefile
- Add missing man page in install