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Version: 20171204-bp150.2.4
* Mon Dec 04 2017
- remove new-openssl.patch, included upstream
- update to version 20171204:
  - scamper:
  * add a blind-fin tbit test, which tests receiver behavior to TCP FIN
    packets which could have come from an off-path attacker.
  - sc_radargun:
  * add -d 2 option, which dumps interface IP-ID behavior classifications.
* Thu Nov 30 2017
- add patch new-openssl.patch to compile with new openssl versions
* Thu Aug 24 2017
- update to version 20170822
  * replace recursive versions of some functions with iterative versions.
  * add cycle-start and cycle-stop json record implementations.
  * fix traceroute json record: the hop transmit time value it reported
    was junk.
  * add support for sending json over the control socket.  use
    "attach format json" to get this mode; "attach" by itself still
    returns uuencoded warts.  Initial patch supplied by Young Hyun.
  * fix possible memory leaks detected with static analysis.
  * quality assurance on research paper cites in manual pages.
  * spelling errors noticed by Iain R. Learmonth.
  * add feature to dump inferred aliases from the collected data.
  * add threaded implementation of pairwise comparison to form candidate
    alias sets, if pthreads are detected at compilation time and
  - -disable-threads configure option is not supplied.
  * new scamper driver to infer IPv6 device reboot windows if the device
    returns an incrementing identifier field in the IPv6 fragmentation
    header.  the driver is not built by default, as it expects sqlite3.
    use --with-sc_uptime configure option to build.
* Thu Jun 22 2017
- update to 20161204a
  * More fixes to libscamperfile caught with fuzz testing.  corrupt
  warts files provided by Greg Ward of Dyn
  * if targets or commands are specified in a file, and that file
  ends after all probing of commands in that file has completed,
  finish the source, allowing scamper to exit.  this scenario is
  most likely when stdin is the input file.  Reported by Alex
  Colvin of Dyn
  * use select/poll/epoll/kqueue to look for read events on stdin files
  * malloc enough memory for a prefix6_t in the prefixtree code.  reported
  by Sebastian Wagner via gcc7.  only sc_bdrmap uses that code
  * increase size of string buffers for some ping and trace fields for text
  output to silence gcc7 warning.
  * allow source IP address to be null when outputting a trace with json
  * update sc_tbitblind.1 man page to show correct use of scamper's IPFW
  firewall support, which changed in the 20161204 release
  * fix unlikely unaligned access when computing checksums with IPv6
* Wed Jun 21 2017
- update to 20161204
  * add remote control socket support to scamper.  scamper can be
  configured to connect to a remote controller at run time to
  allow remote systems to control a scamper instance.  the
  remote controller is handled by the sc_remoted utility, and
  is documented in the sc_remoted manual page (see below).
  * fixes to libscamperfile caught with fuzz testing.  corrupt
  warts data files provided by Greg Ward of Dyn.
  * add a PATRICIA trie implementation based off Sedgewick's
  Algorithms in C++ book.  this improves the performance
  of scamper compared to holding addresses in splaytrees.
  * improve speed of warts(5) code.
  * improve speed of scamper_writebuf by allocating pagesize blocks
  at a time.
  * begin to document ping warts records in warts(5).
  * fix debug printf implementation so that all features will
  be built in as long as --without-debugfile is not used.
  backported to 20141211g.
  * silence compiler warnings from Microsoft Visual Studio.
  backported to 20141211g.
  * sc_prefixscan:
  * add a utility, sc_prefixscan, that provides a convenient
    interface to scamper's prefixscan alias resolution method.
  * sc_radargun:
  * add a utility, sc_radargun, that provides a convenient
    interface to scamper's radargun implementation.
  * sc_remoted:
  * add a utility, sc_remoted, that provides an interface to a
    collection of remote scamper instances.
  * sc_ally:
  * use writebufs so sc_ally is event driven and will not block.
  * add code to probe candidate sets in pairs, with transitive
    closure to save probes.
  * allow inter-probe gaps of less than 1 second.
  * sc_attach:
  * add support for remote control sockets.
  * add an option to randomise the order tasks are run.
  * sc_speedtrap:
  * stricter default test for inferring if two IP addresses may
    share a single shared counter.
    backported to 20141211g.
  * code cleanup.
  * sc_warts2json
  * add support for printing ICMP extensions included in traceroute
    responses, prompted by Quirin Scheitle
* Sat Oct 08 2016
- update to version 20141211e
  - upstream does not provide a changelog
* Sun Aug 21 2016
- moved man3/* from lib- to -devel subpackage
- removed useless provides from libscamperfile0
* Wed Aug 17 2016
- initial package, version 20141211e