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Change Logs

Version: 1.0.27-4.27
* Thu Apr 12 2018
- Replaced the non-working saned@.service with the simpler kind
  according to the second template in "man saned" of the therein
  described "systemd configuration for saned" (boo#1074054).
* Wed Mar 21 2018
- Drop BuildRequires for libieee1284-devel and libieee1284
  which is only needed for some parallel port scanners
  but parallel port scanners are no longer supported
  so that the backends canon_pp, hpsj5s, and mustek_pp
  are no longer provided.
- Fixed installation of systemd unit files saned@.service
  and saned.socket that enable socket based saned activation
  which replaces xinetd (boo#1074054).
* Sun Oct 29 2017
- add a 32bit devel package for use in wine32 bit builds
* Fri Jun 16 2017
- Deleted xinetd service in favor of socket based activation
  via systemd unit files saned@.service and saned.socket
* Wed May 24 2017
- Upgraded to sane-backends version 1.0.27:
  There is no 1.0.26 release of sane-backends.
  That number was skipped so that the SANE upstream
  development version numbers would more clearly be
  an extension of the prior release.
  Changes since 1.0.25:
  * Significant enhancements to canon_dr, epjitsu, epsonds,
    fujitsu, genesys, hp3500, pixma and xerox-mfp backends.
  * Minor updates, bugfixes or scanners added in several backends.
  * 30+ new scanner models supported.
  * Made libusb-1.0 the default for USB support.
  * Switched code from C90 to C99 (Thanks to Volker Diels-Grabsch).
  * Updated Linux USB3 workaround:
    The Linux USB3 workaround which was added in version 1.0.25
    is now disabled by default. If you have difficulty using
    a scanner which previously worked, or intermittent scanner
    availability, try setting the new environment variable
    before starting your frontend.
  * Documentation and translation updates.
  * Bugfixes (Avahi, threading, USB, ICC/PNG/JPEG, etc).
  * Reduced compiler warnings, improved code:
    A special thanks goes to Olaf Meeuwissen for picking up
    the janitorial duties in sane-backends. He has found and
    fixed a large number of long-standing bugs, curated the
    SANE upstream bug tracker, improved the build scripts
    and docs, and provided user support.
- CVE-2017-6318.patch is no longer needed because
  the issue is fixed in the upstream sources.
- dell1600n_net-fix-strncat.patch is no longer needed because
  the issue is fixed in the upstream sources.
* Tue Feb 28 2017
- CVE-2017-6318.patch fixes CVE-2017-6318 which is about that via
  access to saned some opcodes could leak uninitialized memory
  back to the requester allowing information disclosure
  of memory content in saned (bsc#1027197).
  In general regarding "access to saned" see
* Mon Jan 11 2016
- sane-backends.builttime.patch: reduce build-compare noise
* Wed Dec 30 2015
- remove gphoto2 backend, as is usefulness is highly questionable,
  but adds many (indirect) build and runtime dependencies
* Tue Oct 06 2015
- Upgraded to sane-backends version 1.0.25:
  Changes since 1.0.24:
  * New backends: epsonds (Epson DS, PX and WF series),
    pieusb (PIE and Reflecta film/slide scanners).
  * Support for JPG and PNG output format in scanimage.
  * Significant enhancements to avision, canon_dr, epjitsu,
    fujitsu, genesys, kodakaio and pixma backends.
  * Minor updates, bugfixes or scanners added in several backends.
  * 300 new scanner models supported.
  * Workaround for USB3 problems in Linux kernel.
  * Added code for IR functionality.
  * Documentation and translation updates.
  * Bugfixes (threading, networking, udev rules).
  A big thanks to Olaf Meeuwissen, for his efforts in bug triage,
  patch wrangling and code cleanups.
- fix-buffer-overflow.patch, fix-mustek_pp_ccd300.c.patch,
  install-umax_pp-tool.patch, MG5550-works.patch are obsolete
  since sane-backends-1.0.24 because it is fixed in the source.
- re-add-SANE_CAP_ALWAYS_SETTABLE.patch should be longer needed
  because there should be longer a fontend that references
  SANE_CAP_ALWAYS_SETTABLE in its source code.
- Recreated adapt_epkowa.desc_for_yast2-scanner.patch
  according to the comment in sane-backends.spec
  so that it applies for sane-backends-1.0.25.
- Dropped avision.c.patch and avision.conf.patch
  (cf. the entry below dated "Mon Sep 15 23:23:23 UTC 2013")
  because it does no longer apply to sane-backends-1.0.25 sources.
  Issues that are not specific for a particular Linux distribution
  must be fixed directly at SANE upstream so that all Linux
  distributions get it properly fixed and not via patches
  at one particular Linux distribution where it falls apart
  each time when SANE upstream changes that sources.
- Added BuildRequires for libpng-devel and libtiff-devel because
  scanimage output format supports PNG and TIFF.
- dell1600n_net-fix-strncat.patch fixes the following build error:
  Statement might be overflowing a buffer in strncat.
  BAD: strncat(buffer,charptr,sizeof(buffer)) is wrong
  GOOD: strncat(buffer,charptr,sizeof(buffer)-strlen(buffer)-1)
  The upstream issue report is
- Disabled use of LaTeX to generate documentation because LaTeX
  blows up the build system and "BuildRequires: texlive-latex"
  causes various cycles and the documentation
  is not for users but for developers who could get
  the "Programmer's Documentation" from SANE upstream
* Wed Jan 14 2015
- MG5550-works.patch: support Canon Pixma MG5500
Version: 1.0.31-6.3.2
* Wed Oct 14 2020
- sane-backends version upgrade to 1.0.31 for SLE15:
  * sane-backends version upgrade to 1.0.30
    fixes memory corruption bugs CVE-2020-12861, CVE-2020-12862,
    CVE-2020-12863, CVE-2020-12864, CVE-2020-12865,
    CVE-2020-12866, CVE-2020-12867 (bsc#1172524)
    cf. the entry below dated "Tue Aug 18 15:15:05 UTC 2020"
  * sane-backends version upgrade to 1.0.31
    to further improve hardware enablement for scanner devices
    (jsc#SLE-15561 and jsc#SLE-15560 with jsc#ECO-2418)
  * The new sane-backends version requires additionally the
    libpoppler-glib8 RPM (because of the new escl backend)
    which is provided by the SLE15 Basesystem-Module.
* Wed Sep 23 2020
- Upgraded to sane-backends version 1.0.31
  Changes since 1.0.30
  * adds the canon_lide70 backend
  * avision: adds support for the KODAK i1120,
    fixes thread cancellation issues,
    disables exposure option for non-filmscanners
  * canon_dr: improves error reporting
  * dmc: fixes compiler warnings on the scan area options
  * epsonds: rewrites the network I/O following changes
    made to the epson2 backend in 1.0.30 to fix security issues.
    Network support is still unsupported.
  * escl: adds ADF support, fixes many minor issues and improves
    error handling. Now also supports devices behind a proxy
    (needs explicit configuration).
  * fujitsu: adds support for the fi-800R and a card scanning
    slot, fixes a bug when reading hardware sensors on the first
    invocation. Adds USB IDs for fi-7800 and fi-7900.
  * genesys: adds support for the Canon 5600F, Canon LiDE 90,
    Plustek OpticFilm 7200 and 7200 (v2), 7400, 7600i, 8100
    and 8200i. Fixes several issues with the Canon 8600F.
    Adds 4800dpi support for the Canon LiDE 210 and fixes 3200dpi
    flatbed support on the Canon 8400F. Adds an option to fill
    dark calibration with a constant. Adds transparency support
    for gl847 chipset based devices. Fixes CIS scanner support
    for gl842 chipset based devices. Removes lineart and image
    enhancement emulation support.
  * gphoto: supports the PLANon DocuPen RC800 (with a recent
    enough version of gphoto2)
  * gt68xx: modifies scan cancellation behaviour
  * hp5400: adds button support, fixes a scan cancellation
    crash issue
  * pixma: add supports for the i-SENSYS MF440 Series and untested
    support for the PIXMMA G7000 Series and GM4000 Series as well
    as the i-SENSYS MF720 Series.
  * plustek: fixes a potential buffer overrun
  * test: adds gamma options
  * removes the SANE Standard. This is now maintained
    as a separate project at
    HTML and PDF versions can be found at
  * adds and updates information for multiple supported and
    unsupported devices
  * translation updates for British English, French, German,
    Italian and Ukranian
  * scanimage: documents the JPEG compression level
  * minor improvements documenting build requirements
  * removes the --with-api-spec option from configure
  * replaces the --enable-avahi option with an --with-avahi
    that defaults to enabling if possible. If the option is given
    and the required support is not available, configure will
    exit with an error.
  * improves checking for libjpeg version dependent requirements
  * has been made reproducable (upstream issue 228)
  * fixes build issues on MinGW
  * various fixes and improvements in the USB record/replay support
  * fixes a file descriptor validation test in sanei_pio
  * adds missing include in sanei_usb
- sane-backends.builttime.patch is no longer needed because the
  is fixed in the upstream sources
* Tue Aug 18 2020
- Update to 1.0.30:
  * epson2: fixes CVE-2020-12867 (GHSL-2020-075) and several memory
    management issues found while addressing that CVE
  * epsonds: addresses out-of-bound memory access issues to fix
    CVE-2020-12862 (GHSL-2020-082) and CVE-2020-12863 (GHSL-2020-083),
    addresses a buffer overflow fixing CVE-2020-12865 (GHSL-2020-084)
    and disables network autodiscovery to mitigate CVE-2020-12866
    (GHSL-2020-079), CVE-2020-12861 (GHSL-2020-080) and CVE-2020-12864
    (GHSL-2020-081).  Note that this backend does not support network
    scanners to begin with.
  * magicolor: fixes a floating point exception and uninitialized data
  * fixes an overflow in sanei_tcp_read()
* Thu Feb 20 2020
- Update to 1.0.29:
  * Backends
    + adds an escl backend (theoretically supporting all AirPrint
    devices with a scan unit)
    + adds support for 23 new scanner models via existing backends
    + significantly changes genesys and pixma backends
    + fixes bugs in canon_dr, fujitsu, hp3900, mustek_usb2,
    plustek and xerox_mfp backends
    + fixes all compiler warnings on Debian 10 (#120)
    + fixes portability issues for uClibc-ng and MacOS builds
    + adds support to record and replay USB I/O traffic
    + adds timestamps to debug logs
  * Frontends
    + fixes a 32-bit arithmetic overflow issue in scanimage
  * Documentation
    + updates translations for British English, Catalan, German,
    Ukrainian, Valencian
    + adds scangearmp2 external backend descriptions
    + updates hpaio and utsushi external backend descriptions
    + adds the ChangeLogs/ directory to the source tarball (#103)
  * Build
    + additionally requires libcurl and libxml2 to build the
    escl backend
    + requires libxml2 for USB I/O recording and replay
    + re-enables pthread support for backends that use its API
    directly, irrespective of the pthread_t type (#153)
    + moves genesys and pixma backends to a directory of their own
- Update to 1.0.28:
  * Backends
    + adds a ricoh2 backend
    + adds support for 40+ new scanner models
    + significantly changes canon_dr, fujitsu, genesys, gt68xx,
    + hp5590 and, pixma backends
    + fixes bugs in as6e, avision, mustek and plustek backends
    + fixes scores of compiler warnings
  * Frontends
    + adds, changes and removes options for saned (see man 8 saned
    for details)
  - adds: -l (listen), -D (daemonize), -o (once),
  - e (stderr), -u (user)
  - removes: -s (syslog). Use -a -d level -o -f for the
    old behavior
  - changes: -d (debug). Use -a -d level -o -f -e for the
    old behavior
    + saned now cancels scans if the data connections appears to
    have gone away (after 4 seconds by default, configurable in
    + adds --output-file option to scanimage
    + adds --help option to scan-find-scanner
    + changes sane-desc to create relative hyperlinks
  * Documentation
    + adds translations for Catalan, Hebrew and Valencian
    + updates translations for British English, Dutch, German and
    + Ukrainian
    + marks unmaintained backends as such
    + documents USB workaround in sane-usb manual page
  * Build
    + requires a C++11 compatible compiler for the genesys backend
    + requires a JPEG library when building the pixma backend
    + fixes unneeded linking when not using preloadable backend
    + disables pthread support for systems with non-integral
    pthread_t type
    + normalizes trailing whitespace in source code files. If you
    have local patches that no longer apply, have a look at the
    whitespace ignoring options of patch and git apply.
- Rebased patches:
  * sane-backends.builttime.patch
- Dropped patches:
  * no-descriptions-external-hpoj.patch
* Tue Dec 03 2013
- Upgraded to sane-backends version 1.0.24:
  Changes since 1.0.23:
  * Significant enhancements to pixma, genesys, kodakaio,
    fujitsu, canon_dr.
  * Minor updates, bugfixes or scanners added in several backends.
  * Added new testsuite.
  * 51 new scanner models supported.
  * USB support improvements.
  * Improved build system (mingw64, bug fixes,
    default pthread on Linux).
  * Documentation updates.
  * Bugfixes.
  For Details see the ChangeLog file.
- sane-backends-1.0.21-SCX4500W.patch that adds usb id for SCX4500W
  is obsolete since sane-backends-1.0.24 because it is fixed
  in the source.
- fix-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch that fixes a
  "control reaches end of non-void function" gcc warning
  in kodakaio.c is obsolete since sane-backends-1.0.24
  because it is fixed in the source.
- Recreated adapt_epkowa.desc_for_yast2-scanner.patch
  according to the comment in sane-backends.spec
  so that it applies for sane-backends-1.0.24.
* Mon Sep 16 2013
- Workaround for hp scanjet 8200: As described in
  when operating on a hp scanjet 8200 the avision driver gets stuck
  in a loop trying to detect an ADF, even if none is present.
  In order circumvent this issue, following workaround has been
  1) create an option "enforce-no-adf" in the file avision.conf
  2) patch the code in avision.c to make use of this option,
    if the conditions that lead to the unsuccessful ADF search
    (namely detection of NO ADF but reporting of SOME ADF type)
    is given.
  Per default the new option is inactive by comment.
  Activate at your own risk!
  An upstream report was added to
- created patch110 (avision.conf.patch) for avision.conf
- created patch111 (avision.c.patch) for avision.c
* Thu Apr 04 2013
- fixed /etc/slp.reg.d/ ownership conflict, just have
  it as %dir and the files as %config.
  (see OBS RQ 162582 decline message)
* Wed Mar 06 2013
- update license to new format
* Sat Jan 19 2013
- require libv4l-devel to enable v4l backend
* Tue Dec 11 2012
- Our own special source file epkowa.desc is dropped because
  the package iscan-free is dropped (bnc#788756). Instead
  adapt_epkowa.desc_for_yast2-scanner.patch adapts the upstream
  epkowa.desc for yast2-scanner which works without additional
  adaptions in yast2-scanner so that the sane-backends package
  works on released openSUSE systems without a RPM requirement
  for a yast2-scanner update (bnc#788756 starting at comment#14).