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Version: 9.22-bp150.2.3
* Wed Apr 04 2018
- added rxvt-unicode-secondarywheel.patch from to add the new
  option: secondaryWheel to enable mouse scrolling for the pagers,
  e.g. less, man, vim, etc.
* Wed May 31 2017
- added rxvt-unicode-hardening.patch: (boo# 1036456)
  While urxvt is not directly affected by CVE-2017-7483. We add a
  patch to harden urxvt to avoid similar bugs in the future.
* Mon Nov 07 2016
- update to 9.22
  - NOTICE: this release updates terminfo.
  - add terminfo capabilities for various ctrl and shift-ctrl key variants
  - fix longstanding core font encoding bug where some character
    ranges could not be mapped from unicode to the font: affected
    encodings are big5, gb2312, iso8859-8 (hebrew), jis0201 and
    ksc5601 .
  - fix crash when the number of columns is 1 and a 0 width character is inserted
  - fix a crash when parsing an invalid color specification
  - fix a buffer overflow in font name parser
  - do not start blinking cursor if the window is unfocused
  - change the width of underline and i-beam cursor to 2 pixels (based on
  a patch by Omar Sandoval).
  - add pointerShape resource to change the mouse pointer shape
  - a keysym resource for a key which is already bound to an
  action now properly rebinds the key.
  - do not report mouse motion events if Shift is active
  - put the alpha component last in responses to OSC color queries
  - the key_press hook is now invoked before processing the
  event, as documented. This change was done in 9.21 but not
  announced and fixes debian bugs #511377, #531751 and red hat
  bug #1105069. Note that this change breaks a few scripts,
  such as mark-yank-urls, which rely on the previous buggy
  behaviour that urxvt processes the event (in particular
  keysym bindings) before invoking the hook.
  - the tabbed extension now properly refreshes the active tab
  on a key press when the mouse pointer is outside the terminal
  - add 'lookup_keysym' perl method to lookup the action bound
  to a key combination.
  - a key combination bound to 'matcher:select' can now be used
  to cycle through the matches in matcher.
  - change perl integer accessors (->width et al.) into mutators.
* Fri Jul 17 2015
- move requires for the terminfo files from terminfo to
  terminfo-base (boo #936332)
* Wed Jun 24 2015
- install COPYING
* Tue Jun 23 2015
- remove %{_terminfo}/r/rxvt-unicode
* Tue Jun 23 2015
- %clean section removed, moved makeinstall to %install
* Thu Jun 18 2015
- update to 9.21
  - fix pixel droppings on overdraw when a secondary core font has the
    same height but different ascent.
  - implement cvvis in terminfo as blinking cursor, to distinguish it
    from cnorm (emacs uses cvvis which is commonly a blinking cursor).
  - when xft support was compiled in, colour queries erroneously returned
    premultiplied values, this also affected internal queries, for example
    when calculating faded colour. alpha is now divided out when possible,
    which is more correct but loses colour resolution.
  - add DECSCUSR xterm extension to set the cursor to a vertical bar.
  - add 'extension:string' action, and associated on_action perl
    hook, for keysym resources that invokes actions provided by
    perl extensions. The 'perl:string' action and
    on_user_command hook are deprecated but still supported.
  - add 'builtin-string' action for keysym resources that restores string
    mappings for keys that have predefined actions in urxvt.
  - add -k option to urxvtc for killing the daemon process.
  - document urxvtd's -e/--eval option that was implemented in 9.16,
    but not documented.
  - add -dockapp option to make the wm treat urxvt as a dockapp.
  - add -mc option and multiClickTime resource to set the maximum time
    between multi-click select events (patch by Joe Peterson).
  - new 'eval' extension to evaluate arbitrary perl code with keysym
    bindings. The extension also provides methods that implement basic
    actions, such as pasting selections and scrolling.
  - the macosx-clipboard and macosx-clipboard-native extensions have been removed.
  - kuake extension now uses the kuake.hotkey resource to specify the hotkey.
  - new 'matcher:select' mode of matcher to iterate over the matches with the keyboard.
  - the 'matcher:list' feature of matcher now honours the launcher
    associated to a matched pattern.
  - speed-up matcher underlining on very long lines (reported by Edward Z. Yang).
  - fix up/down commands of searchable-scrollback so that they always move
    to the previous/next logical line with a match, if any.
  - searchable-scrollback resource has been deprecated (use keysym instead).
  - extension parameter passing is deprecated (use resource mechanism instead).
  - upgrade to GPLv3 (see COPYING).
  - compile out of the box on Solaris 10, again.
  - fix height and position of the stippled area in next scrollbar (patch
    by Thomas Otto).
  - fix off-by-one bug causing the iso14755 window not to jump out of the
    way properly.
  - fix crash that may happen if a lib to which urxvt is linked to calls setenv.
  - fix memory leak in special_{encode,decode} perl methods.
  - fix refresh bug that occurs when reverse video is set on a cell
    containing a space and with the same bg and fg colour, red hat bug
  - fix crash that may happen if an x error is received after a terminal
    window/popup has been destroyed already.
  - removed superfluous 0 digit from sgr terminfo sequence.
  - greatly improve colour allocation on colour-starved pseudocolour
    displays to avoid read-write cells instead of simply failing
    (this is only relevant for antique 8bpp frame buffers).
  - do not free fade colours when not doing fading (this is likely
    only relevant for antique 8bpp frame buffers).
  - do not specialcase 2 or 4 colour visuals, leading to
    simpler and actually more correct code.
  - hopefully no longer leak colours on !truecolour visuals.
  - use consistent method names (scr_recolour => scr_recolor).
  - use simpler (but slightly less bogus) formula for nearest
    colour choice (this is likely only relevant for antique 8bpp
    frame buffers).
  - remove fallback behaviour when initialising colours - the
    behaviour was inconsistent between startup vs. later and
    was only effective when valid colours couldn't be allocated.
  * add rxvt-unicode-9.21-xsubpp.patch to correct wrong harcoded patch in makefile
  * add rxvt-unicode-0001-Prefer-XDG_RUNTIME_DIR-over-the-HOME.patch
  * removed unused rxvt-unicode-remove_unused_attribute.patch
* Mon Jun 15 2015
- sync categories in desktop files with xterm
* Sun Nov 02 2014
- Switch to individual pkgconfig() build requires
  instead of using metapackage xorg-x11-devel
* Tue Jun 10 2014
- update to 9.20 (bnc#876101 CVE-2014-3121)
  - (libptytty) fix bug that prevented urxvtd from writing utmp
    entries when using --fork (reported by Ryan Kavanagh).
  - security bugfix: window property values could be queried even
    in secure mode (reported by Phillip Hallam-Baker).
  - fix build when perl is enabled and fading is disabled.
  - fix regression that broke continuous scrolling when pressing
    and holding the scrollbar up or down button, gentoo bug
  - increase the maximum length of a command sequence to 32k bytes,
    to allow longer OSC sequences (previous limit was 2k).
  - new Ctrl-Meta-c and Ctrl-Meta-v bindings to interact with the
    CLIPBOARD selection.
  - new extension: selection-to-clipboard.
  - the extensions macosx-clipboard and macosx-clipboard-native are
    deprecated and will be removed in the next release.  Support
    for the clipboard on OS X can be more generally enabled by
    setting the XQuartz preference to sync the OS X pasteboard
    and the X11 clipboard.
- dropped rxvt-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch included upstream
- refreshed patches:
  old name: rxvt-unicode-9.14-CVE-2008-1142-DISPLAY.patch
  new name: rxvt-unicode-9.20-CVE-2008-1142-DISPLAY.patch
* Fri Dec 06 2013
- Add rxvt-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch: removes build failure
  from not returning from nonvoid function
- rename README.SuSE to README.SUSE for rpmlint
* Fri Dec 06 2013
- Add rxvt-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch: removes build failure
  from not returning from nonvoid function
- rename README.SuSE to README.SUSE for rpmlint
* Fri Dec 06 2013
- Add rxvt-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch: removes build failure
  from not returning from nonvoid function
- rename README.SuSE to README.SUSE for rpmlint
* Sun Jan 22 2012
- enable support for libstartup-notification
- update to 9.15:
  * finding a matching font (e.g. bold version of the base font) was broken
  * fix parsing of bg image styles: they really work now
  * fix blurring of bg image borders when using xrender
  * fix xrender blur on common xrender implementations that do not behave
    correctly when the same pixmap is used as source and destination in
    composite operations
  * fix regression that caused tabbed to compute the wrong size for tabs
  * allow again an empty suffix in a keysym list spec
* Wed Dec 21 2011
- update to 9.14:
  * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the urxvtd default socket path is now
  * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the "list" keysym expansion now requires loading of
    the "keysym-list" perl extension
  * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: A scale value of 0 in the bg image geometry no longer
    enables tiling, so as to make it possible to disable both scaling and
  * overhaul of the bg image operations. The old operations have been
    deprecated in favour of elementary operations and styles built on top of
    the new operations and scale/position settings
  * support for libafterimage is deprecated and will be removed in the next
  * fix a crash caused by selection_check not properly resetting out-of-bounds
    mark values (can happen when extending a selection while scrolling up in
    curses programs for example)
  * do not move the selection when scrolling up and the selection is outside
    the scrolling region
  * fix display of bold bright black
  * fix memory leak when urgentOnBell is set
  * fix a redraw bug that occurs when a bg pixmap is set and the wm does not
    honour the size hints set by urxvt. Now urxvt forces the size of the
    terminal window to be a multiple of the cell size
  * sanitise the argument of SD / SU sequences. Fixes a possible crash when the
    argument is big enough, red hat bug #711137
  * correctly split long lines when scrolling
  * urxvt now looks for perl extensions also in $HOME/.urxvt/ext
  * add bell-command perl extension to execute a command when a bell event
  * add set_urgency perl binding to set/reset the urgency hint
  * consume button release event in matcher (exg)
  * keyboard accessible list of recent matches in matcher
  * properly process 'keysym' sequences in tabbed when using 'focus follows
    mouse' and the focus is on the main window but not on the active terminal
  * support for the freedesktop startup-notification protocol
  * the direction of VPR and VPB commands was reversed
  * fix alignment of inherited root pixmap when it is a different size than the
    root window and the terminal window is off the left or top edge
  * make $self visible in "eval perl expression" popup action, also handle
    exceptions better
  * fix parsing of '-e' when it occurs as an option argument, such as in 'urxvt
  - title -e'
- changes from 9.12:
  * fix regression in processing of SelectionNotify events. urxvt would fail to
    request a selection if the owner did not support the UTF8_STRING target
  * fix rendering of double width chars in certain circumstances, more likely
    to happen if urxvt is compiled with 256 colors support as urxvt runs out of
    fonts much earlier then. Fixes gentoo bug #358151
  * restore support for 'list' syntax in keysym resources
  * always premultiply colour values - while this increases differences between
    core fonts and xft, it is "more correct" in practical situations
  * disable PTYTTY_REENTRANT option - not needed for urxvt and saves a bit of
  * remove lucidatypewriter from the list of fallback fonts, it was the only
    non-xft non-cellfont in the list anyway
- changes from 9.11:
  * remove 'list' syntax for keysym resources, as it serves no useful purpose.
    If you need it, poke us and provide a use case
  * fix alpha channel support. Premultiply alpha in colours if the visual
    supports an alpha channel, as xrender expects premultiplied alpha
  * fix reply to a selection request sent by an obsolete client such as
  * fix crash when the window is resized and the overlay is active
  * match character-wise rather than byte-wise in selection extension again.
    perl 5.8.9+ is required to avoid extreme slowdowns. Fixes debian bugs
    [#523072], #616463
  * fix a possible crash if the INCR transfer process for a selection property
    timeouts and at least one chunk is received
  * work around a memory corruption bug in xorg's XrmSetDatabase (apparently
    broken since
  * fix memory corruption bug when custom command sequences bound to keys were
    injected into an already-full pty input buffer
  * gdk-pixbuf is autodetected by default and preferred over libafterimage
  * do not prepend a newline to the selection text when the starting line of
    the selection is not highlighted
  * don't swap perl env with real env, save and restore it, just in case we
    ever get recursive perl invocations. also saves a bit of codespace with gcc
  * fix various memory leaks
  * fix typo in kIC terminfo capability, debian bug #446444
  * document 'thickness' resource
  * fix debian bug #504817, to the extent possible
  * add support for previewing the pasted data in confirm-paste
  * added "newlines to spaces" option in selection-popup
  * revert to 38400 baud max., mission accomplished
  * no longer create scary "pty_fill: PLEASE REPORT" message, instead, silently
    drain the input (problem is well understood now)
  * no longer swallow rob nation's own graphics mode commands
* Fri Apr 29 2011
- run suse_update_desktop_file
* Fri Apr 29 2011
- add desktop files (based on the desktop file from arch linux)
* Fri Apr 29 2011
- fix packaging of terminfo files
* Mon Dec 27 2010
- update to version 9.10
  * fix minor memory leaks in urxvt and urxvtd
  * fix regression in urxvtd that prevented options from being
    correctly set
  * implement xterm's horribly broken 1005 mouse reporting mode,
    and an alternative 1015 mode that works in non-utf-8 locales
    and has fewer limitations
  * fix a possible bug where mouse notifications didn't work after
    startup for the upper left corner
  * implement our own pixbuf to pixmap rendering to get rid of
    dependency on buggy gdk-pixbuf-xlib; only truecolor visuals are
  * apply tinting before shading when both operations are
    requested: previously they were intermixed when lightening and
    the result was inaccurate and confusing; note that now a black
    tint yields a completely black image, regardless of shading
  * avoid spurious redraws of the bg image when bg is transparent
    or when using 'root' mode
  * dynamically number options according to compiletime requirements