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Change Logs

Version: 2.0.1-bp150.2.4
* Wed Feb 21 2018
- update to version 2.0.1
  see installed
* Tue May 23 2017
- updated to version 2.0.0
  see installed
* Mon Jan 30 2017
- updated to version 1.4.8
  see installed
* Mon Jan 25 2016
- updated to version 1.4.7
  CHANGES removed upstream
* Tue Mar 24 2015
- updated to version 1.4.6
* Mon Sep 29 2014
- regenerate with new template
* Sun May 18 2014
- updated to version 1.4.5
  * Improve tests and documentation. (Seiichi Yonezawa, Mike Gehard, Andrew
    Deitrick, Matthew Nicholas Bradley, GoGo tanaka, Carlos Lazo, Shim Tw,
    kyoendo, Roman Kuznietsov, Stanislav Chistenko, Ryunosuke SATO, Ben Lewis,
    wuleicanada, Patricio Mac Adden, Thais Camilo)
  * Fix Ruby warnings. (Vipul A M, Piotr Szotkowski)
  * Fix template cache memory leak. (Scott Holden)
  * Work around UTF-8 bug in JRuby. (namusyaka)
  * Don't set charset for JSON mime-type (Sebastian Borrazas)
  * Fix bug in request.accept? that might trigger a NoMethodError. (sbonami)
* Thu Oct 31 2013
- updated to version 1.4.4
  * Allow setting layout to false in specifically for a singe rendering engine.
    (Matt Wildig)
  * Allow using wildcard in argument passed to `request.accept?`. (wilkie)
  * Treat missing Accept header like wild card. (Patricio Mac Adden)
  * Improve tests and documentation. (Darío Javier Cravero, Armen P., michelc,
    Patricio Mac Adden, Matt Wildig, Vipul A M, utenmiki, George Timoschenko,
    Diogo Scudelletti)
  * Fix Ruby warnings. (Vipul A M, Patricio Mac Adden)
  * Improve self-hosted server started by `run!` method or in classic mode.
    (Tobias Bühlmann)
  * Reduce objects allocated per request. (Vipul A M)
  * Drop unused, undocumented options hash from (George Timoschenko)
  * Keep Content-Length header when response is a `Rack::File` or when streaming.
    (Patricio Mac Adden, George Timoschenko)
  * Use reel if it's the only server available besides webrick. (Tobias Bühlmann)
  * Add `disable :traps` so setting up signal traps for self hosted server can be
    skipped. (George Timoschenko)
  * The `status` option passed to `send_file` may now be a string. (George
  * Reduce file size of dev mode images for 404 and 500 pages. (Francis Go)
* Sat Jun 08 2013
- updated to version 1.4.3
  * Running a Sinatra file directly or via `run!` it will now ignore an
    empty $PORT env variable. (noxqsgit)
  * Improve documentation. (burningTyger, Patricio Mac Adden,
    Konstantin Haase, Diogo Scudelletti, Dominic Imhof)
  * Expose matched pattern as env["sinatra.route"]. (Aman Gupta)
  * Fix warning on Ruby 2.0. (Craig Little)
  * Improve running subset of tests in isolation. (Viliam Pucik)
  * Reorder private/public methods. (Patricio Mac Adden)
  * Loosen version dependency for rack, so it runs with Rails 3.2.
    (Konstantin Haase)
  * Request#accept? now returns true instead of a truthy value. (Alan Harris)
* Mon May 13 2013
- updated to version 1.4.2
  * Fix parsing error for case where both the pattern and the captured part
    contain a dot. (Florian Hanke, Konstantin Haase)
  * Missing Accept header is treated like */*. (Greg Denton)
  * Improve documentation. (Patricio Mac Adden, Joe Bottigliero)
  = 1.4.1 / 2013-03-15
  * Make delegated methods available in (Konstantin Haase)
  = 1.4.0 / 2013-03-15
  * Add support for LINK and UNLINK requests. (Konstantin Haase)
  * Add support for Yajl templates. (Jamie Hodge)
  * Add support for Rabl templates. (Jesse Cooke)
  * Add support for Wlang templates. (Bernard Lambeau)
  * Add support for Stylus templates. (Juan David Pastas, Konstantin Haase)
  * You can now pass a block to ERb, Haml, Slim, Liquid and Wlang templates,
    which will be used when calling `yield` in the template. (Alexey Muranov)
  * When running in classic mode, no longer include Sinatra::Delegator in Object,
    instead extend the main object only. (Konstantin Haase)
  * Improved route parsing: "/:name.?:format?" with "/foo.png" now matches to
    {name: "foo", format: "png"} instead of {name: "foo.png"}. (Florian Hanke)
  * Add :status option support to send_file. (Konstantin Haase)
  * The `provides` condition now respects an earlier set content type.
    (Konstantin Haase)
  * Exception#code is only used when :use_code is enabled. Moreover, it will
    be ignored if the value is not between 400 and 599. You should use
    Exception#http_status instead. (Konstantin Haase)
  * Status, headers and body will be set correctly in an after filter when using
    halt in a before filter or route. (Konstantin Haase)
* Tue Jan 29 2013
- updated to version 1.3.4
  * Improve documentation. (Kashyap, Stanislav Chistenko, Konstantin Haase,
    ymmtmsys, Anurag Priyam)
  * Adjustments to template system to work with Tilt edge. (Konstantin Haase)
  * Fix streaming with latest Rack release. (Konstantin Haase)
  * Fix default content type for Sinatra::Response with latest Rack release.
    (Konstantin Haase)
  * Fix regression where + was no longer treated like space. (Ross Boucher)
  * Status, headers and body will be set correctly in an after filter when using
  halt in a before filter or route. (Konstantin Haase)
* Mon Aug 27 2012
- updated to version 1.3.3
* Wed Aug 01 2012
- updated to version 1.3.2
* Thu Oct 06 2011
- Update to version 1.3.1
* Mon Aug 22 2011
- Update to version 1.2.6
- Fix building.
* Fri Mar 04 2011
- Updated to version 1.2
* Wed Dec 01 2010
- update to version 1.1
  - allows to render 'slim' templates
  - Tilt as a seperate dependency
  - translation updates
* Mon Jun 14 2010
- update to version 1.0
  Sinatra reached 1.0, breaking backward compatibility for the
  first time in two years.
  For more see and
* Fri Jun 11 2010
- use rubygems_requires macro
* Fri Dec 25 2009
- updated to 0.9.4