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Version: 0.20.0-bp150.2.4
* Sat Mar 11 2017
- updated to version 0.20.0
  see installed ChangeLog
  2017-03-10  Michael Granger  <>
  * .hgignore:
  Ignore .lock files
  [379c198c7185] [tip]
  2017-02-16  Lars Kanis  <>
  * lib/pg.rb:
  Use instead of yield in proc context
  yield in a proc context requires Ruby-2.2.
  2017-01-24  Lars Kanis  <>
  * History.rdoc:
  Update History file regarding RI2 support.
  * lib/pg.rb:
  Add support for RubyInstaller2 to Windows binary gem.
  RI2 ignores PATH setting for DLL search, but provides it's own API.
  2017-01-14  Lars Kanis  <>
  * History.rdoc:
  Update History file. [ci-skip]
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Update Windows binary rubies to support 2.0 to 2.4
  * ext/pg_connection.c, ext/pg_result.c:
  Change all Fixnum to Integer in documentation.
  Fixnum are deprecated in Ruby-2.4.
  * ext/pg_type_map.c:
  Avoid compiler warnings about noreturn-functions:
  ../../../../ext/pg_type_map.c: In function
  ‘pg_typemap_fit_to_result’: ../../../../ext/pg_type_map.c:15:1:
  warning: function might be candidate for attribute ‘noreturn’
  [-Wsuggest-attribute=noreturn] pg_typemap_fit_to_result( VALUE self,
  VALUE result )
  * spec/pg/type_map_by_class_spec.rb:
  Bignum,Fixnum and Integer are the same in Ruby-2.4.
  Fixes #255 :
  * Rakefile, pg.gemspec:
  Update rake-compiler and rake-compiler-dock
  This adds support for Ruby-2.4 on Windows and Ruby version
  constraints for binary gems.
  * ext/pg_coder.c:
  Fix method arguments for Coder#encode in documentation.
  2016-12-04  Lars Kanis  <>
  * History.rdoc, lib/pg/result.rb, spec/pg/result_spec.rb:
  Fix Result#inspect on a cleared result.
  2016-11-09  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Merge branch 'master' of
  2016-11-09  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Don't download gems in the rake-compiler-dock, but use the local
  installed gems.
  This saves traffic and avoids download issues.
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Update cross postgres and openssl versions.
  * Rakefile:
  Fetch the errorcodes from a specific release version.
  This avoids introduction of errorcodes, which are not yet released
  and possibly subject to change.
  * ext/errorcodes.def, ext/errorcodes.txt:
  Update errorcodes to PostgreSQL version 9.6.1
  2016-11-09  Michael Granger  <>
  * History.rdoc:
  Merged with d62b04efb055
  2016-10-21  Lars Kanis  <>
  * lib/pg/text_encoder.rb:
  Fix typo in JSON#encode
  * History.rdoc, lib/pg/text_decoder.rb, lib/pg/text_encoder.rb:
  Use secure JSON methods for JSON (de)serialisation.
  This fixes issue #248 :
  2016-09-21  Michael Granger  <>
  * .hgtags:
  Added tag v0.19.0 for changeset bd2aaa2c5797
  * .hgsigs:
  Added signature for changeset 8beaa5d72670
  [bd2aaa2c5797] [v0.19.0]
  * History.rdoc, lib/pg.rb:
  Bump the minor version, update history.
* Thu Sep 22 2016
- updated to version 0.19.0
  see installed ChangeLog
  2016-09-04  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg_connection.c:
  Replace rb_ary_new_from_args() which is missing in Ruby-2.0
  We don't really need an Array at all, but storing the values on the
  stack is enough.
  [4d9c4ee44d11] [tip]
  * ext/pg_connection.c:
  Use the asynchronous interface for setting the default_encoding.
  This is another attempt to solve issue
  /ruby-pg/issues/245 While setting the encoding per
  PQsetClientEncoding was already adjusted to release the GVL in a
  previous commit, it did not solve the particular issue with
  Using the async interface has the advantage, that signals or
  exception events can be processed by the given thread, while a query
  is running.
  * spec/pg/connection_spec.rb:
  Spec: Use a more effective test for default_internal.
  UFT-8 is the standard for internal_encoding anyway, so that not
  setting it did not result in a failure.
  2016-08-20  Michael Granger  <>
  * certs/ged.pem, pg.gemspec:
  Correct key+cert upgrade.
  Refs #241.
  * README.rdoc:
  Merged with upstream
  2016-08-20  Lars Kanis  <>
  * History.rdoc, lib/pg/connection.rb:
  Fix wrong exception when running SQL while in #copy_data for output.
  It raised "undefined method `result_status' for nil:NilClass"
  previously and raises "no COPY in progress" now.
  This also fixes the failing test of the previous commit.
  * spec/pg/connection_spec.rb:
  Add tests for running SQL statements while in #copy_data.
  The test for output currently fails.
  2016-08-18  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Rakefile:
  Don't update ext/errorcodes.def with every run of rake gem.
  This fixes the previous commit.
  2016-08-17  Lars Kanis  <>
  * .hgignore, History.rdoc, Rakefile, ext/errorcodes.def:
  Add errorcodes.def to git in order to allow build from git per
  * History.rdoc:
  Update History.rdoc once more.
  * README.rdoc:
  Update README regarding to Ruby and PostgreSQL versions.
  * spec/pg/basic_type_mapping_spec.rb:
  Run JSON test on PostgreSQL-9.4+, only.
  Earlier versions miss the JSONB type.
  * appveyor.yml:
  Update Appveyor to use Ruby 2.3 and remove 2.0 and 2.1.
  * .travis.yml:
  Remove ruby versions before 2.2, because hoe-deveiate isn't
  compatible with these versions.
  * lib/pg/basic_type_mapping.rb, lib/pg/text_decoder.rb,
  lib/pg/text_encoder.rb, spec/pg/basic_type_mapping_spec.rb:
  Add JSON coders and add them to BasicTypeMapForResults and
  Fixes bitbucket issue #212 .
  2016-08-14  Lars Kanis  <>
  * lib/pg/basic_type_mapping.rb:
  Improve documentation to PG::BasicTypeMapForQueries
  * History.rdoc:
  Update History.rdoc
  2016-08-20  Michael Granger  <>
  * BSDL, README.rdoc, ext/pg.c:
  Update copyright year, license files
  * README.rdoc, certs/ged.pem:
  Update/upgrade my signing cert
  Fixes #241.
  2016-08-17  Michael Granger  <>
  * pg.gemspec:
  Bump prerelease version in the gemspec
  2016-08-14  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Merge git master
  2016-08-13  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Update OpenSSL and PostgreSQL for binary Windows gems.
  * History.rdoc:
  Update History.rdoc
  * ext/gvl_wrappers.h, ext/pg_connection.c:
  Release GVL while calling PQsetClientEncoding()
  PQsetClientEncoding() is also called within which
  could block due to network delay.
  This fixes bitbucket issue #245 .
  2016-06-27  Michael Granger  <>
  * ext/extconf.rb:
  Add __EXTENSIONS__ to Solaris/SmartOS for Ruby >= 2.3.x
  Fixes #236.
  2016-04-09  Michael Granger  <>
  * .hgignore, Rakefile, pg.gemspec:
  Deprecate Ruby 1.9, fix license name
  * ext/extconf.rb:
  Add mechanism for trying to build without pg_config
  2015-12-25  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg.h, ext/pg_binary_encoder.c, ext/pg_coder.c,
  ext/pg_connection.c, ext/pg_copy_coder.c, ext/pg_text_encoder.c,
  spec/pg/connection_spec.rb, spec/pg/type_map_by_class_spec.rb,
  spec/pg/type_map_by_mri_type_spec.rb, spec/pg/type_spec.rb:
  Respect character encoding of all strings sent to the server.
  Previously all strings sent to the server were sent in their
  internal binary representation, without respecting the character
  encoding of strings. Now the encoding of all strings is compared
  with the current connection encoding and converted if they are
  Since coders are independent from any database connection, this adds
  a second parameter to PG::Coder#encode, that allows to define the
  destination encoding, which previously was always ASCII_8BIT. This
  encoding should be set to the connection encoding, in practice.
  This also adds a lot of tests for encoding and decoding data.
  This implements issue #231 :
  2016-03-22  Michael Granger  <>
  * Rakefile, pg.gemspec:
  Remove GPL from the `licenses` of the Hoespec/gemspec (fixes #72)
  2016-01-31  Michael Granger  <>
  * Rakefile, pg.gemspec:
  Fix `hg:precheckin` task to re-generate the gemspec.
  * .hoerc, Gemfile, Rakefile, certs/ged.pem:
  Add gem cert, trying out gemspec-based setup.
  Hopefully Travis and Appveyor will work this way.
  * lib/pg/basic_type_mapping.rb:
  Fix the example for PG::BasicTypeMapForQueries.
  Fixes #213.
  * ext/pg_connection.c, ext/pg_result.c, lib/pg/connection.rb,
  Small documentation fixes.
  - Make PG::Connection and PG::Result show up instead of PGconn and
  - Add docs for PG::Result#inspect.
  - Swap `` for `PG.connect` in an example.
  - Add explicit returns to a few methods.
  * ext/pg_connection.c:
  Clarify differences between class and instance escape methods.
  Borrow the wording from the PostgreSQL docs about the difference
  between class and instance variants of `escape_string` and
  `escape_bytea` for PG::Connection. Fixes #205.
  2016-01-30  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Gemfile:
  Update hoe-deveiate
  * Rakefile.cross:
  rake-compiler-dock-0.5.1 fixes the issue with bundler while cross
  So we no longer need to disable rubygems.
  2016-01-30  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Merge pull request #13 from akito19/update_openssl
  update version OpenSSL
  2016-01-30  Akito Kasai  <>
  * Rakefile.cross:
  update version OpenSSL
  2016-01-30  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Merge pull request #12 from akito19/fix_indent_on_README
  fix indent sample code [skip ci]
  2016-01-30  Akito Kasai  <>
  * README.rdoc:
  fix indent sample code
  2016-01-12  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg_connection.c:
  Add missing ifdef for PostgreSQL < 9.5
  2016-01-11  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/extconf.rb, ext/pg_connection.c, lib/pg/connection.rb,
  Add PostgreSQL-9.5 functions PQsslInUse(), PQsslAttribute() and
  2016-01-12  Lars Kanis  <>
  * spec/helpers.rb:
  Add rspec filter for PostgreSQL-9.5.
  2016-01-11  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg.h:
  Avoid compiler warning about undeclared function gettimeofday().
  ../../../../ext/pg_connection.c: In function ‘wait_socket_readable’:
  ../../../../ext/pg_connection.c:2393:3: warning: implicit
  declaration of function ‘gettimeofday’ [-Wimplicit-function-
  declaration] gettimeofday(&currtime, NULL);
  2016-01-09  Lars Kanis  <>
  * spec/pg/connection_spec.rb:
  Adjust timings in tests for better compat with Windows, which has
  less exact timers.
  * .travis.yml:
  Bundler is not installed per default on ruby-2.3.0 on travis-ci.
  * .rvmrc:
  Remove .rvmrc from repository.
  This currently breaks the build on travis-ci.
  2015-08-29  Lars Kanis  <>
  * .travis.yml:
  Switch windows binary gem build on travis-ci to docker.
  This is faster and the recommended ways to buid the gems now.
  2016-01-09  Lars Kanis  <>
  * .travis.yml, appveyor.yml:
  Update appveyor and travis-ci tests from 9.4 and 9.0 to 9.5 and 9.1.
  2015-08-29  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Rakefile, Rakefile.cross, lib/pg.rb:
  Remove needless platform specific subdirectory for libpq.dll.
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Don't abort 'rake gem:windows' when there are no key/certs for gem
  * Rakefile:
  Don't abort the tests, if the pg_ext file is missing.
  This is required to run the tests with fat binary gems.
  2016-01-09  Lars Kanis  <>
  * .travis.yml:
  Use ruby '2.3.0' in travis-ci, since the alias '2.3' isn't
  * .travis.yml:
  Remove ruby 1.9.3 from travis-ci, since it fails anyway.
  2016-01-08  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg_connection.c:
  PQescapeString takes size_t, so RSTRING_LEN is correct.
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Update PostgreSQL version for cross build to 9.5.0
  2015-12-31  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg_connection.c:
  Fix description of encoder_for_put_copy_data
  2015-12-30  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg_connection.c:
  Mark local functions as static.
  2015-12-29  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg_connection.c:
  Improve performance of conn.escape by 50%.
  Copying the string twice and calling rb_obj_is_kind_of() twice isn't
  * ext/pg_connection.c:
  Describe more exactly the difference between quote_ident and
  2016-01-08  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/errorcodes.txt:
  Add new error codes introduced in PostgreSQL-9.5 per 'rake
  2015-12-26  Lars Kanis  <>
  * .travis.yml:
  Add ruby-2.3 on travis-ci.
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Update libraries for Windows cross build.
  * Gemfile, Rakefile, Rakefile.cross:
  Enable Windows cross build for Ruby-2.3.
  * README.rdoc:
  Merge branch 'master@1' of ../ruby-pg.git.bare
  * README.rdoc, ext/pg_copy_coder.c, lib/pg/basic_type_mapping.rb,
  Add a lot more of documentation, how COPY can be used with type
  coders and type maps.
* Wed Mar 23 2016
- Force fixed timestamps for patched gems (bsc#916047)
* Sat Nov 14 2015
- updated to version 0.18.4
  see installed History.rdoc
  == v0.18.4 [2015-11-13] Michael Granger <>
  - Fixing compilation problems with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. GH #10
  - Avoid name clash with xcode and jemalloc. PR#22, PR#23
  - Avoid segfault, when quote_ident or TextEncoder::Identifier
    is called with Array containing non-strings. #226
* Fri Sep 04 2015
- updated to version 0.18.3
  see installed ChangeLog
  2015-09-03  Michael Granger  <>
  * History.rdoc:
  Added recent fix to the History file
  [f12dc2f1ce14] [tip]
  2015-09-01  Lars Kanis  <>
  * lib/pg/text_decoder.rb:
  Add missing require
  * Merge pull request #9 from ramfjord/date-decoder-return-dates
  Date decoder to return real Dates
  2015-06-21  Thomas Ramfjord  <>
  * lib/pg/text_decoder.rb, spec/pg/basic_type_mapping_spec.rb:
  modified TextDecoder::Date to return an actual ruby Date instead of
  a Time
  2015-08-20  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Rakefile:
  Add include for Hoe::MercurialHelpers as a temporary solution for
  the error:
  Packaging tasks require the hoe-mercurial plugin (gem install hoe-
  * History.rdoc:
  Update History.rdoc
  * Merge branch 'master' of
  * README.rdoc:
  Add Appveyor status badge to the README.
  * appveyor.yml:
  Use 9.3 because 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2 segfault in PG.init_openssl
  * spec/pg/connection_spec.rb:
  Skip conn#host test on Windows-x64, because it segfaults, currently.
  * spec/pg/connection_spec.rb:
  libpq on Windows doesn't respect the PGPORT env variable, so we
  accept both.
  * spec/helpers.rb:
  Older versions of PostgreSQL don't have a pid column, so this could
  raise an exception: TypeError: can't convert nil into Integer
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Update OpenSSL version for Windows cross build.
  * appveyor.yml:
  Add CI-tests on appveyor.
  2015-06-29  Lars Kanis  <>
  * History.rdoc:
  Merge branch 'master' of
  Conflicts: History.rdoc
  * History.rdoc, ext/util.c, spec/pg/type_spec.rb:
  Fix data type resulting in wrong base64 encoding.
  2015-06-17  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Gemfile, Rakefile, Rakefile.cross:
  Update versions of rake-compiler-dock, OpenSSL and PostgreSQL.
  2015-06-12  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Update OpenSSL and PostgreSQL versions for cross build.
  2015-06-11  Lars Kanis  <>
  * History.rdoc, README-Windows.rdoc:
  Update README-Windows in regards to rake-compiler-dock.
  2015-06-09  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Cross build: Ensure ChangeLog file is built on the host side before
  entering the docker container.
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Cross build: Add workaround for missing symlink support on Windows.
  * Rakefile.cross:
  Explicitly set the gcc-toolchain, instead of deriving from the rake-
  compiler config.
  Now, that we use the libpq.dll (instead of static linking), we can
  mix the gcc-toolchains. So we better build the dll with the newer
  mingw-w64 toolchain (instead of the old mingw32) and build only the
  extension for ruby-1.9 with the old mingw32-gcc.
  * Merge
  2015-05-25  Michael Granger  <>
  * lib/pg/basic_type_mapping.rb:
  Whitespace fixes
* Fri May 15 2015
- updated to version 0.18.2
  see installed ChangeLog
  2015-05-14  Michael Granger  <>
  * .rvmrc:
  Bump default rvm Ruby to 2.2
  [128b075d5800] [tip]
  2015-03-13  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg_text_encoder.c, ext/util.c, ext/util.h:
  Avoid possible symbol name clash when linking againt static libpq.
  This should fix issue #209 .
  2015-02-11  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg.c, spec/pg/connection_spec.rb:
  Merge from git branch.
  * ext/pg.h, ext/pg_text_decoder.c:
  Merge branch 'non-c99-compiler'
  2015-02-06  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/extconf.rb, ext/pg.h, ext/pg_result.c, ext/pg_text_decoder.c,
  Use fixed size arrays in case the compiler doesn't support C99
  variable length arrays.
  This is notably the MSVC compiler.
  Note: The MSVC build environment is currently not tested on a
  regular base, so is not fully supported.
  2015-02-11  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg_connection.c:
  Replace quote_ident implementation with that of
  PG::TextEncoder::Identifier .
  This allowes quoation of array of strings in addition to plain
  strings and removes duplicated code.
  It also removes the 63 byte limitation and therefore obsolets pull
  request #21
  * ext/pg.c, ext/pg.h, ext/pg_text_decoder.c, ext/pg_text_encoder.c,
  spec/pg/connection_spec.rb, spec/pg/type_spec.rb:
  Derive PG::TextDecoder::Identifier from PG::SimpleDecoder instead of
  .. and equally for Encoder.
  Identifiers are strings, so there is no good reason to compose it
  from other element types. This change allows a faster quoting
  2015-02-03  Michael Granger  <>
  * README.rdoc, ext/pg.c:
  Update copyright notices
  [447962e0dcba] [github/master]
  * spec/pg/connection_spec.rb:
  Whitespace fixes
  2014-08-22  Chris Bandy  <>
  * lib/pg/connection.rb, spec/pg/connection_spec.rb:
  Allow URI connection string
  (Imported from
  2015-01-27  Lars Kanis  <>
  * lib/pg/text_decoder.rb, spec/pg/type_spec.rb:
  Fix decoding of fractional timezones like "-00:25:21".
  2015-01-27  Lars Kanis  <>
  * History.rdoc, lib/pg/text_decoder.rb, spec/pg/type_spec.rb:
  Fix decoding of fractional timezones like "04:30".
  This fixes .
  2015-01-16  Lars Kanis  <>
  * History.rdoc, ext/extconf.rb, ext/pg_connection.c,
  Revert "Add PG::Connection#hostaddr. This is new in PostgreSQL-9.4."
  PQhostaddr was removed from final PostgreSQL-9.4.0.
  This fixes issue #202 :
  This reverts commit 03deab7aa63f9a00984014ce59617d552b4eac34.
  * History.rdoc:
  Add a missing enhancement for pg-0.18.0
  * .travis.yml:
  Update ruby and postgresql versions for travic-ci
  2015-01-06  Lars Kanis  <>
  * Merge from git.
  2015-01-05  Lars Kanis  <>
  * ext/pg_type_map_in_ruby.c:
  Use a simpler fix for
  2015-01-05  Michael Granger  <>
  * .hgtags:
  Added tag v0.18.1 for changeset f97dd6cb4f34
  * .hgsigs:
  Added signature for changeset ba5aff64b5cb
  [f97dd6cb4f34] [v0.18.1]
  * History.rdoc, lib/pg.rb:
  Bump the patch version, update history
  * Rakefile:
  Fix the minimum Ruby version (closes #199)
  2015-01-03  Michael Granger  <>
  * .hgtags:
  Added tag v0.18.0 for changeset cfb2bfc0f661
  * .hgsigs:
  Added signature for changeset c519766e3ec9
  [cfb2bfc0f661] [v0.18.0]
  * History.rdoc:
  Update the History
  * Manifest.txt:
  Keep the manifest sorted so it can be diffed.
  * Rakefile:
  Add a Rake task for generating the gemspec
* Fri Feb 06 2015
- updated to version 0.18.1, huge Changelog
* Thu Nov 13 2014
- add rubygem-pg-0.17.1_shebang.patch
* Wed Nov 12 2014
- Added rubygem-pg-rpmlintrc to sources list
* Wed Nov 12 2014
- Fixed licenses related to the upstream source code
* Mon Nov 10 2014
- Added new ruby macros
* Thu Jul 31 2014
- Rename rpmlintrc to %{name}-rpmlintrc.
  Follow the packaging guidelines.
* Mon Mar 03 2014
- add rpmlintrc
* Thu Feb 13 2014
- use new macros
* Fri Dec 20 2013
- updated to version 0.17.1
  - Fix compatibility with signal handlers defined in Ruby. This reverts
  cancelation of queries running on top of the blocking libpq API (like
  Connection#exec) in case of signals. As an alternative the #async_exec
  can be used, which is reverted to use the non-blocking API, again.
  - Wrap PQcancel to be called without GVL. It internally waits for
  the canceling connection.
  Documentation fixes:
  - Fix documentation for PG::Connection::conndefaults.
* Mon Sep 23 2013
- updated to version 0.17.0, see Changelog
* Wed Jul 31 2013
- updated to version 0.16.0
* Sat May 25 2013
- updated to version 0.15.1
* Wed Dec 05 2012
- updated to version 0.14.1
* Thu Feb 16 2012
- Added detail about last version update
- Ran spec-cleaner