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Version: 0.0.1+git.20180213-bp150.2.4
* Mon Feb 26 2018
- Create subpackge for header files
* Thu Feb 15 2018
- Update to version 0.0.1+git.20180213:
  * fix flex options, add gap_limit for PWM
  * Add another Debian dependency (#680)
  * Fix typo (#679)
  * Add build tools to Debian command (#678)
  * revert localtime_r to localtime for win32
  * disable syslog output on win32
  * remove left over xc0348 device
  * Fix on_connect signature and topic subscriptions in MQTT examples. (#674)
  * refactor hostport_param
  * refactor abuf
  * allow ipv6 for syslog
  * add flex device to Makefile
  * refactor print_array_value
  * use prettier C99 bool macro
  * shuffle functions
  * change aux pattern to composition
  * remove output_hander_t, printer_ctx indirection
  * change indent; consistent style
  * adds a remote syslog output
  * update readme usage info
  * default enable x10_sec, timing doc, style
  * Adds x10_sec device for decoding X10 Security RF signals (#671)
  * Spelling fix: gague -> gauge (#672)
  * fix new_template
  * use localtime_r instead of localtime
  * reduce false positves with Bresser on LaCrosse TX141TH
  * add MIC to bresser
  * freshen up template with more examples
  * add a flexible general purpose decoder (#647)
  * remove PWM_TERNARY, use PWM_PRECISE for sync bits
  * change pulse_detect to use pwm_precise for sync bits
  * rename CLOCK_BITS to DMC
  * change fordremore to proper DMC, the output is vastly different
  * change DMC (clock_bits) demod to add rows on symbol errors
  * convert Acurite 592TXR from TERNARY to PRECISE
  * reduce false positives in Thermopro TP12
  * code style for LaCrosse TX141
  * convert LaCrosse TX141 from TERNARY to PRECISE
  * convert Bresser 3CH from RAW to PRECISE
  * convert LaCrosse TX from RAW to PRECISE
  * convert Philips Sensor from TERNARY to PRECISE
  * convert Calibeur from TERNARY to PRECISE
  * convert Acurite 00275rm from TERNARY to PRECISE
  * enhance pwm_precise to cover raw and ternary cases
  * add sync pulse count to bitbuffer
  * fix Lacrosse TX141TH sync rows
  * Added device LaCrosse TX141 support to lacrosse_TX141TH_Bv2.c (#670)
  * add back C99 with ADD_DEFINITIONS
  * C99 compatibility (#667)
  * add git version info to usage output if available
  * let cmake set C99; CMP0025
  * additional build deps (#668)
  * wh1080: Fix warning about uninitialized use (#666)
  * adding asepc, getkwargs helper
  * fold PWM_precise_parameters into r_device
  * output pulse_demod_pwm_precise at end of pulses as well
  * adapt precise param sync width to us
  * use _XOPEN_SOURCE on string.h for strdup
  * fix -R 0 fault
  * use bitbuffer_clear for bitbuffer_parse
  * refactor bitbuffer_parse
  * minor
  * Doxygen EXTRACT_ALL to show all docs, there isn't any notable exported API yet
  * update 1.7 Doxyfile to 1.8
  * add Doxygen building to CMake
  * cleanup
  * parse number suffixes on e.g. frequency, samplerate, duration, hoptime
  * relax false positive logic prologue/alecto to allow a single leading pulse
  * Fix unit conversions for Acurite 5n1 (#651)
  * fix `-d n` parsing
  * Add missing brand to OSv1 (#650)
  * adding FindGperftools cmake module
  * add Profile build type using GPerfTools
  * use CMake defaults for optimizations (-O3)
  * RTGN129 author name (#646)
  * change grab file name to gNNN_FFFM_RRRk.cu8 (#642)
  * replace -i <serial> with -d :<serial> (#648)
  * Clean up WIN32 include/ifdef (#643)
  * fix read-mode buffer size and allocation, s. #641 (#644)
  * reduce Alecto/Auriol-v2 false positives in Prologue
  * enable pedantic warnings; also on Clang
  * pedantic fix: -Wextra-semi
  * pedantic fix: replace arithmetic on void* (gnu extension) with sane char* arithmetic; fix function pointer for qsort, bsearch
  * adding mic to OS SL109h
  * remove false positives with wg-pb12v1, please report samples if WH2, WH5, Telldus are missing messages
  * remove debug from wg-pb12v2; add mic to fineoffset
  * fix GE Color Effects Remote indent and MAX_PROTOCOLS
  * chmod 644 on source files
  * add model switch to WH2/WH5/Telldus in fineoffset
  * Add support for Telldus variants of fineoffset (#639)
  * merge formatting from PR #615
  * disable mebus: lacks docs, tests and has false positives
  * Esperanza, Kedsum, S3318p: relax reset timing, check sync pulses to remove dups
  * fix OOK_PULSE_CLOCK_BITS pulse_tolerance to ┬Ás
  * fix: require 24 bits data for rain gauge sensors
  * Update chuango.c
  * Stop after outputting successful event(s)
  * Added support to Oregon Scientific RTGN129
  * Add device NEXA LMST-606 magnetic sensor
  * added unit (Fahrenheit) to output of Ambient Weather Temperature Sensor
  * Update rtl_433.h
  * fixed compile time warnings (formatting related)
  * change PWM_Precise_Parameters pulse_tolerance to use us instead of samples
  * fixing schraeder data types
  * Remove unintended spurious white spaces
  * Add another schrader TPMS support (corrections)
  * Add another schrader TPMS support
  * remove spurious if-statement
  * Specify device to use via serial number
  * automatically use first available dongle
  * define _GNU_SOURCE for strdup
  * Add support for the Thermopro TP-12.  This is based heavily on the code for the Thermopro TP-11, and the modulation is compatible, but the bit layout is fairly different and there are more sensors, so I've made this a separate device.
  * Addressed code review by @zuckschwerdt
  * Device handler for GE Color Effects remote control Fixes #569
* Wed Nov 01 2017
- Update to version 0.0.1+git.20171101:
  * Add support for Philips outdoor temperature sensor
  * move fprintf call when timer expires
  * remove check for DEFAULT_HOP_EVENTS
  * fix edge-case where bytes_to_read is equal to length of bytes read
  * Fix output formatting
  * Added support for Ford car remote.
  * Removed unused code and variables.
  * Added a ford car remote decoder for the Fiesta and CMAX. device id is a rolling id number that seems to have approx 64 variations. The meaning of the code fields has not been determined.
  * Fixed output formatting for JSON and csv
  * Added decoding of X10 CR12A ON/OFF remote commands
  * Add support for FT-004-B
  * Make LaCrosse TX141TH sensors return temperature_C so that they are more consistent with other temperature sensors (#606)
  * Acurite Rain Gague emit structured data
  * shortend model string to Inovalley kw9015b
  * added json-support and description for TFA 30.3161 rain sensor
  * Fixed forgot to do 'cd ..' before cloning rtl_433_tests.git
  * Fixed, .travis.yml trying to run 'make test'
  * Added tests from rtl_433_tests.git repo
  * Fixed don't 'make installe'
  * Fixed .travis.yml: 'sudo: required', 'dist: trusty'
  * Fixed .travis.yml: added sudo, added apt.sources
  * Fixed permissions on
  * Added draft of .travis.yml,
  * Use default number of buffers to fix crash of two rtl_433 instances
  * don't restart the timer if we are aborting anyway; cancel timer on rtlsdr_cancel_async
  * fix unknown `uint` type; whitespace fixes
  * add merbanan changes
  * add suggested optimisation
  * suggested changes
  * remove test
  * add infactory sensor
  * bitbuffer: Handle row overflow a bit more gracefully
  * pulse_analyzer: Add detection of PWM with multiple packages
  * explaining dipswitch 2 meaning
  * message validation fix
  * shortening output
  * changes after pull request
  * Switched to new data API
  * adding Renault TPMS sensor
  * adding Ford TPMS sensor
  * Add option to verify simulated decoding of raw data
  * reduce false positives by rejecting 0x000000 / 0xffffff
  * adding Toyota TPMS sensor
  * reduce false positives, require at least 5 repeats
* Sat Jul 08 2017
- Update to version 0.0.1+git.20170708:
  * prevent bad messages of all 1 that falsely check ok with crc.
  * adding IBIS beacon
  * fix Company name, output flags and tire pressure/temperature
  * proper units for pressure, units for power, fix OS output fields
  * adding Oil Ultrasonic Standard protocol
  * hop interval param added (multiple frequencies)
  * updated
  * typo fix
  * pipe symbol with HTML code
  * Update
  * Added data struct for efergye2 (#540)
  * fix fabsf() in integer context (#551)
  * adding Citroen TPMS device
  * bugfix, bitbuffer needs to be initialized
  * adding Oil Ultrasonic STANDARD using ASK on 915MHz
  * Honda remote: fix an out of bounds array access
  * Removed use of pow() (#557)
  * Possible bugfix for issue #136
  * Update .gitignore
  * Fix hex output padding for unit ID field for lightwaverf.
  * Thermopro TP-11.
  * Move TP-11 to the end.
  * Thermopro TP-11 changes:   - exit early if not enough matching rows are found   - simplify bits_per_row check   - local_time_str happens after decoding data
  * Fix sign error.
  * Variable declarations are at the top of the function.
  * Solight TE44 wireless thermometer
  * Fix spelling in documentation
  * adding Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector GS 558
  * adding Generic off-brand wireless motion sensor and alarm system
  * remove false positives from Esperanza/Kedsum
  * replace binary literals with hex
  * fix misc typos and reduce efergy false positives
  * allow WH2 to miss the first sync bit for WH5 support
  * reject false positive and fix wrong field index and minimum bit count
  * fix compiler warnings; possible undef bug; signed/unsigned
* Mon May 15 2017
- Update to version 0.0.1+git.20170515:
  * Add files via upload
  * Add support for Fine Offset WH3080 weather station
  * Updated "quadrant" code for WGR968
  * Restored 'static' variables
  * Bump MAX_PROTOCOLS to 78
  * cleanup: replacing broken sprintf, removing debug code
  * fix short buffer: sprintf's output is always null-terminated
  * adding output redirection to files
  * Sensor GT-WT-02 Change
  * fix sample_file_pos to actually count seconds, each sample is 16 bits (I+Q uint8's)
  * change data output fields to usual order
  * add missing "model" data output
  * add time to data output
  * Add support for Vaillant calorMatic 340f (VRT 340f) wireless central ceating control (868MHz)
  * adds a watchdog timer to async callback, abort if async events stop arriving
  * improving compatibility for Renkforce DM-7511
  * Vaillant_vrt340f.c: Fix indentation, only whitespace changes
  * remove synthetic fahrenheit output. use `-C customary` to convert.
  * harmonize device data output to model instead of device or make, and crc instead of checksum
  * changing "crc", "checksum" to "mic"
  * delete stray trailing whitespace
  * normalize indentation to 4 spaces or one tab, depending on prevalence in each file
  * Update rtl_433.h
* Sat Apr 15 2017
- Reenable parallel build
* Thu Apr 13 2017
- Update to version 0.0.1+git.20170409:
  * Include humidity field in CSV format for TX29DHT temperature and humidity sensor. (#486)
  * Fix parse error on ARM compiling with GCC due to lack of parens. (#490)
  * Don't convert channel 4 to 3 for the sensor Oregon THGR810 (#489)
  * Fine Offset W25 Temperature/Humidity/Pressure sensor (#492)
  * Device for cheap probes where the PCB is marked WG-PB12V1.
  * Revert "Update pulse_detect.c" (#493)
  * MQTT: Add example to README and Python test client (#495)
  * Pulse Analyzer: Add 'Include only' mode (#497)
  * Fine Offset WH0530: Add new device
  * DSC: Make less noisy
  * pulse_demod: Make pwm_precise resilient to short spurious pulses
  * Acurite 6045, correct temperature decoding * Reduce Msg Type (status bits) to 2 remaining bits. * Remove possible lightning stats/flag bits from distance * output lightning status/flag bits separately for now * Understanding of status/message type bits still a WIP.
  * Acurite 06045 add docs, refactor decode out of txr_callback
  * acurite 6045, remove unnecessary variable
  * Added code for differing impules to KWH values
  * LaCrosse TX6/7 cleanup
  * LaCrosse TX6/7 reindent with consistent 4 column spacing
  * Fix #503
  * Update util.c
  * Pull Request Changes ---
  * FineOffset_WH25: Add debug printout
  * FineOffset_WH25: Correct decoding of Temperature and ID
  * FineOffset_WH0530: Fix bug in ID decode
  * FineOffset_WH25: Additional bitsum check + minor fixes
  * ELV WS2000: Make it somewhat work...
  * Corrected conflict in MAX_PROTOCOLS.
  * erroneous entry in src/
* Thu Feb 02 2017
- Update to version 0.0.1.git1486029687.074cc2f:
  * Reverse some more stray changes
  * Ensure analyzer works with auto level as default
  * Various documentation fixes for auto level
  * Acurite 6045 lightning prelim. and 609 cleanup.
  * WH1050 weather station based on WH1080 module.
  * Honeywell/Ademco Door/Window Security Sensor driver
  * Honeywell/Ademco Door/Window Security Sensor driver
  * Honeywell/Ademco Door/Window Security Sensor driver
  * Honeywell/Ademco Door/Window Security Sensor driver
  * Honeywell/Ademco Door/Window Security Sensor driver
  * Honeywell/Ademco Door/Window Security Sensor driver
  * Honeywell/Ademco Door/Window Security Sensor driver
  * Honeywell/Ademco Door/Window Security Sensor driver
  * added json/kv capbilities to Acurite tower sensor
  * added battery status as OK or LOW
  * fixes for upstream
  * fix indent
  * Update
  * Added more installation step detail and troubleshooting section.
  * Correct negative temperatures
  * Danfoss CFR: Initial decoding attempt
  * Danfoss: Output data correctly
  * Danfoss: Enable driver by default
  * Danfoss: Add proper header search and make decoding byte based
  * Danfoss: Add CRC check. Remove raw printout.
  * Danfoss: Reverse engineered unknown nibble :-)
  * Danfoss: Minor cleanup and fix debug print
  * add maverick et73x BBQ sensor
  * Add crc json tag and cvs output
  * Add crc json tag
  * Update brennstuhl_rcs_2044.c
  * Spelling correction (protcols -> protocols)
  * Improved hideki.c to detect data from the wind/temperature and the rain sensor. Changed pulse_demod_clock_bits to allow a missing short gap at the end of the message which is needed for the new sensor types.
  * Increase number of protocols to 70
  * Update pulse_detect.c
  * Update acurite.c
  * Segfault on Owl CM160
  * Added support for RF-tech 433 remote temperature sensor.
  * Add rftech.c to to support configure/automake.
  * Added support for LaCrosse temperature/humidity sensor TX141TH-Bv2
  * Minor cosmetic changes
  * Implemented recent changes suggested by @merbanan.
  * move to new internal data format on acurite5n1
  * remove old acurite5n1 decoder, now uses acurite_txr
  * normalize temperature key
  * acurite5n1 battery status
  * correct acurite5n1 wind speed formula
  * add raw msg debug output for acurite5n1
  * acurite5n1: fix battery status
  * Stop akhan-100F14 catching things that don't belong to it
  * Add missing return 1.
  * don't mess up device ordering
  * remove old, incorrect wind direction mapping
  * output raw rain counter values, use define for msg type
  * move all units to native customary/US
  * remove another unused function
  * Removed signal quality output
  * acurite 5n1: output message sequence number
  * Add protocol definition for oregon scientific THN129 temp only sensor. (#469)
  * Support for Acurite 00275rm and 00276rm sensors (#467)
  * Fixed bug in CM160 (#474)
  * devices: mebus: Use data API for results (#475)
  * identify F007TH with both 0000000000010100 and 1111111111010100 (#481)
  * Add support for BTHGN129 (#483)
  * LaCrosse TX29-IT / TX35DTH-IT weather sensor (#479)
  * fix typo error (#484)
  * WH1050 weather station - remove unused fields from csv format. (#485)
* Mon Sep 19 2016
- Update to version 0.0.1.git1474227546.2d7072a:
  * Adding support for the Bresser 3CH type sensor
  * Disable acurite rain gauge due to false positive with oregon scientific v1
  * add -T option to set run duration
  * Fixed generic_remote to utilized data_acquired_handler to support json output. Not perfectly indented, but works.
  * use binary mode to open file - fixes decoding on windows
  * Improved datetime/weather signal type detection.
  * Fix incorrect handling of negative temperatures in ambient_weather.c (#376)
  * missing backtick in, now in LF (#361)
  * New Springfield Temperature and Soil Moisture decoding (#378)
  * introduce functionality to decode the Oregon Scientific SL109H Remote Thermal Hygro Sensor (#368)
  * Added data output (for json/csv/etc.) (#380)
  * Acurite 606TX Sensor Support (#382)
  * Cleanup of Acurite 606TX code that should have been done before (#383)
  * add TFA pool thermometer support (#386)
  * Enabled low battery detection on FineOffset WH1080 (#387)
  * Add support for Kedsum Temperature/Humidity sensor (#389)
  * added support for blyss dc5-uk-wh (#391)
  * Add initial Schrader TPMS decoder
  * Better Schraeder TPMS payload meaning
  * Add Schreader TPMS crc calculation
  * Add LightwaveRF initial driver (#394)
  * Added Steelmate TPMS support (#396)
  * Fix json output and minor rearrangement of code
  * Add template decoder skeleton
  * Add initial Elro DB286A support (#398)
  * Elro DB286A: Correct id_string array length (#399)
  * Updated README for new efergy_optical sensor and missing recent devices.
  * Add CRC16-CCITT function
  * Change to new output system
  * Add brand parameter to data output format
  * Add sensor WGR968 parser support
  * Add Handling of error packet format
  * Smell and Fix some bad code
  * Changed CRC calculation to use new function in util.h no longer using lib_crc
  * added file output support and changed energy to power. only output crc values when using -D argument.
  * Only output crc when using -D argument
  * I have kept the crc calculation to be the first 10 bytes. Bytes 11 and 12 are the CRC16_CCITT. The only puzzle left is why does the last byte does as it sometimes change to 80.
  * Efergy Optical device added. Multiple changes to combine several files into one commit.
  * Removing lib_crc files
  * efergy_optical with CRC checks (#400)
  * Honda Key Remote
  * formatting changes
  * Fix review errors,using Kdiff3 to compare the code
  * Fix build
  * Honda remote key fob, decodes which button has been pressed.
  * Honda Keyfob changes
  * Added Honda Remote decoder.
  * Added Honda Remote
  * Fixed to include Honda remote any my deletion of the when trying to fix git conflicts.
  * Changed author name at the top of the file, removed fprintf that was not behind if debug statement. Added a validater to check that number of bits are 386.
  * Changed and fixed validation code to suit varying bits per row. Lock command has 394 bits whereas other commands only has 386 bits per row. (#405)
  * Add THN802 and PCR800a to oregonscientific.c (#410)
  * unbreak the build (#411)
  * add battery status (low or ok) to F007TH ambient weather devices (#414)
  * Add support for another Fine Offset sensor
  * Convert Acurite "TH" (609TXC) to use data_make * Existing Acurite "TH" sensor now labeled as 609TXC * Use data_make() for JSON, CSV, KV output * minor code cleanup/reorg
  * Add RadioHead ASK device
  * Add option to register all devices
  * Fix MAX_PROTOCOLS when enabling all devices
  * acurite: disable all old api devices by default
  * ambient_weather: fprintf cleanup
  * brennstuhl_rcs_2044: disable all old api devices by default
  * cardin: disable all old api devices by default
  * danfoss: disable all old api devices by default
  * dsc: disable all old api devices by default
  * ec3k: disable all old api devices by default
  * efergy_e2_classic: disable all old api devices by default
  * elv: disable all old api devices by default
  * gt_wt_02: disable all old api devices by default
  * inovalley-kw9015b: disable all old api devices by default
  * intertechno: disable all old api devices by default
  * lacrosse: fprintf cleanup
  * lacrossews: fprintf cleanup
  * lightwave_rf: disable all old api devices by default
  * mebus: disable all old api devices by default
  * new_template: fprintf cleanup
  * silvercrest: disable all old api devices by default
  * steffen: disable all old api devices by default
  * valeo: disable all old api devices by default
  * x10_rf: disable all old api devices by default
  * Use built in CRC functions
  * Fix indent (RH ASK)
  * Declare variables at the begining (RH ASK)
  * Add CRC=OK (see #416) & fix syntax error (RH ASK)
  * Fix debug output (RH ASK)
  * fprintf fixup
  * Add device debug output
  * Added support for Kerui PIR sensor
  * Fixes
  * Cleanup related to devices disabled by default.
  * new_template rework
  * Make auto level limit the default
* Sun Mar 27 2016
- Update to version 0.0.1.git1459106482.900fca7:
  + use uintptr_t instead of unsigned long - fixes build error on win64
  + fix: change doc comments from "samples" to "us"
  + clean up casts regarding C Integer Promotions
  + Oregon Scientific V1 Decoding
  + add -U option to print timestamps in UTC
  + Support for Proove
  + Adjust pulse_tolerance to get all sensors to work
  + Update calibeur rf104 to new data api
  + add missing usage documentation for -n parameter: number of samples to read before quitting
  + add -T option to set run duration
  + Prevent crash when no output file is given with `-S`
  + Fineoffset: Fix key/value printout
  + pulse_analyzer: Add PCM detection
  + Revert "add -T option to set run duration"
  + Calibeur: Fix key/value printout
  + pulse_demod_osv1: Only print preamble info when debugging
  + Fix
  + use uintptr_t instead of unsigned long for the remaining devices
  + mingw32 does not have setenv
  + Remove spurious execute permission from
* Fri Mar 11 2016
- Update to version 0.0.1.git1457694384.7ab14a4:
  + Added support for Fine Offset WH1080 weather station. Merging with Digitech XC0348 (it's a rebranded WH1080).
  + Adding support for Fine Offset WH1080.
  + Update fineoffset_wh1080.c
  + Added support for Fine Offset WH1080
  + Add remote control on chip HT680
  + Rethinking algorithm
  + fix decoders for WGR800 & THGR810 add decoder for PCR800
  + adding a bitbuffer_find_repeated_row() with examples how it simplifies device code
  + code cleanup
  + starting to migrate to data_make
  + only try the crc if the packet would match
  + adding battery indicator for Nexus
  + add labels for ambient_weather.c to match oregon_scientific.c printout
  + Update
  + Added tristate coding.
  + Correction data types in bitbuffer_find_repeated_row()
  + new feature: allow multiple outputs (WIP)
  + Decode device id from current_cost, and support more devices
  + Add support for Conrad S3318P
  + s3318p: use native temperature format
  + Add support for Conrad S3318P
  + also switch the labels on output conversion
  + Spurious output for debug mode
  + Remove some compiler warnings
  + fix wind direction nibble extract for WGR800
  + Remove some compiler warnings
  + Remove some compiler warnings
  + fix off-by-one and make the null explicit
  + LaCrosse WS-2310 json output
  + Fixed WS-2310 json gust_speed to gust_speed_ms
  + Fix some memory leaks
  + TFA Twin Plus 30.3049 json support
  + Output less decimal places to get rid of bogus digits
  + Update fineoffset_wh1080.c
  + Switched to new data API
  + Update generic_temperature_sensor.c
  + KlikAanKlikUit json support
  + Added data labels for KlikAanKlikUit output
  + Added Akhan 100F14 RKE system
  + Updated akhan_100F14 message passing
  + Update CM180 Energy Sensor code - Add Checksum and new output system format
  + Many sensor required a larger pulse tolerance
  + Add Quhwa doorbell support
  + Clearer code
  + Add support for Quhwa doorbell
  + Support for Quhwa doorbell
  + data_make output for chuango
  + Update device support
  + add missing quhwa.c reference
* Thu Feb 04 2016
- Update to version 0.0.0.git1454367220.e7bc33d:
  + Auto level: Increase sensitivity to low signals
  + FSK: Change FM demodulation to use integer atan2()
  + Pulse_detect: Increase maximum number of pulses
  + FSK: refactor FSK into own function for sanity
  + Auto level: Make OOK level estimators a bit slower
  + add a converter for cf32 (gnuradio output format)
  + Convert Alecto to Pulse decoder
  + Convert Inovalley to Pulse decoder
  + Convert Nexus to Pulse decoder
  + Convert Generic temperature sensor to Pulse decoder
  + Convert Steffen to Pulse decoder
  + Convert Mebus to Pulse decoder
  + Convert Intertechno to Pulse Decoder
  + Convert Newkaku / KlikAanKlikUit to Pulse decoder
  + Convert Acurite to Pulse decoder
  + Convert ELV to Pulse decoder
  + Remove last sample based decoder OOK_PWM_D
  + Remove OOK_PWM_D: Clean-up header
  + Fix: Segmentation Fault in cf32 file support
  + Update Wiki with new options
  + only treat samples as cf32 when mode==3
  + minor changes to support (cross-)compilation with MinGW
  + newkaku: support APA3-1500R
  + remove superfluous prototype
  + fix loop syntax
  + ignore buffers of all zeros.
  + rewrite LaCrosse TX output to data fields
  + adding data_make for humidity
  + typo
  + fix: broken bit operation
  + Make quiet mode output at least test file name
  + FSK: Change to F1/F2 estimation instead of F1/Fdelta
  + emonTx: Add stub driver
  + FSK: Increase initial frequency threshold
  + Change pulse data from unsigned to int to avoid undefined behaviour
  + fix limits for decoder
  + [xc0348] Add CRC validation
  + [xc0348] Don't filter on device id
  + [xc0348] Fix temperature (top nibble doesn't belong)
  + Include stdio for FILE
  + [xc0348] Add json output
  + [xc0348] Add csv fields
  + FSK: Fix data is not cleared at End Of Package
  + FSK: Fix for handling pulse overflow correctly
  + new command line option `-C native|si|customary` that hooks into `data_acquired_handler` and if `si` and type is DATA_DOUBLE and key is temperature_C then celsius2fahrenheit, if `customary` and type is DATA_DOUBLE and key is temperature_F then fahrenheit2celsius. Also if there is a FORMAT the last character "C" / "F" will be switched accordingly.
  + Emontx: Correct for sample frequency of 2.5 MHz
  + FSK: Rework to make pulse polarity absolute (pulse = high frequency)
  + bitbuffer: Add function to invert bits
  + current_cost: Invert bits to compensate for absolute FSK
  + FSK: correct comment
  + FSK: Fix slow estimation at initial frequency
  + Convert decoder limits to float instead of int, to allow more precision
  + elv: Fix precision of bit limits
  + rubicson: Fix precision of bit limits
  + Switch protocol decoder limits to s instead of "samples at 250000Hz"
  + ec3k: Fix precision of bit limits
  + valeo: Fix precision of bit limits
  + dsc: Fix precision of bit limits
  + current_cost: Fix precision of bit limits
  + Add bitbuffer_extract_bytes() function for accessing unaligned data
  + Add crc16() function
  + Finish implementing emontx driver
  + Change bit limits in r_device structure to float too
  + Pulse detect: Make low level (noise) estimator even slower
  + Pulse detect: supress spurious short gaps
  + Pulse detect: Minor renaming for consistency
  + Pulse analyzer: Print absolute timing
  + Pulse analyzer: Print FSK frequencies
  + Pulse analyzer: Print OOK carrier frequency
  + Migrate fineoffset to new data format and add support for TFA 30.3157 Temperature sensor
  + Fix building with autotools
  + Migrate nexus to new data format and add support for Technoline TX 9116 Temperature sensor
  + fineoffset: fix typo (unbreak humidity sensor)
  + fix: missing NULL terminator
  + fix: use fabsf() instead of abs()
  + emontx: Increase size of words[] array for endianness conversion
  + alecto: only accept 36 bit packets
  + rubicson: only accept 36 bit packets
  + oil_watchman: Return events count
  + emontx: Return events count
  + rubicson: switch to new data api
  + change output of -F kv to resemble the custom fprintf output of the decoders
- add patch rtl_433-disable-test.diff to disable build-time-tests for now
* Sun Jan 03 2016
- Update to version 0.0.0.git1450346637.879b467:
  + Add support for new demodulation
  + Add support for WT450 devices
  + Fix automake builds Update source file list and set compiler in C99 mode
  + rubicson: implement crc and other parameters
  + nexus: clean up the nexus protocol
  + WT450: Better packet detection, battery indicator
  + WT450: Add missing the supported device label in README file.
  + New Lacrosse Weather Station Decoding
  + Added Esperanza EWS
  + LaCrosse Weather Station WS-2310TWC changes
  + Updated decoding of Lacrosse Weather Station
  + DSC Security Contact added CRC-8 calc/check * Added "little-endian" CRC-8 calculation * Moved reverse8() to util.c * Quieted WT450 callback false positive messages
  + Updated crc8 to take initial CRC value as a parameter
  + Read data from stdin with '-'
  + Added quiet mode (-q) to suppress non-data related messages
  + Lacrosse Weather Station Decoding cleanup
  + Added missing wt450.c for autoconf compile
  + Minor documentation update
  + Include the last sample when saving samples between filter runs
  + Share memory between fm buffer and temporary buffer
  + Add support for Efergy e2 classic
  + Remove unused command line argument 'c' (used to be decimation level)
  + Only allocate synchronous read buffer if synchronous reads are used
  + WT450: Fix parity computation, error messages only in debug mode
  + add Inovalley kw9015b rain and temperature weather station
  + add new noname wireless wheather station
  + fix
  + change r_device->name from ""KW9015B Transmitter" to "Inovalley kw9015b rain and Temperature weather station"
  + rename source / callback generic_temperature_sensor
  + rename r_device->name from "RF Wireless Temp Transmitter" to "Generic temperature sensor 1"
  + Acurite 592TXR Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  + Acurite 592TXR Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  + Updated with new device numbers
  + Acurite 986 Refrig/Freezer Temp initial support
  + Acurite 986, add CRC check, fix negative values
  + Acurite 986 low battery detection
  + Inovalley kw9015b : fix negative temperature
  + General structural data support for generating (ie.) JSON
  + Generic temperature sensor 1 : fix negative temperature
  + Add support for RTGN318
  + Correct indentation
  + data: provide a key-value-printer
  + data: added formatting support
  + rtl_433: added JSON support
  + wt450: use JSON output instead of fprintf
  + data: introduce auxiliary data as an argument
  + data: only format key-value-format, not JSON
  + data: added CSV support
  + rtl_433: added CSV support. Requires driver support.
  + wt450: added CSV support (provide .fields)
  + waveman: added structured data support
  + Fix compilation with autotools
  + util: Make comment consistent
  + util: Fix mismatched comment
  + ambient: Migrate to using common method for output
  + Updated
  + Migrate "prologue" to new output handler
  + Prevent data files from being overwritten
  + documentation updates
  + space to fab fix for consitency * fix table markdown typo
  + waveman: added missing comma to fix CSV output
  + data: fixed the filtering of CSV fields
  + Convert Waveman to pulse decoder
  + Changed acurite 5n1 to use pulse demodulator
  + Convert Silvercrest to use pulse demodulator
  + Remove pwm_p_decode() and OOK_PWM_P
  + Convert from GNU to C99 syntax
  + Update alecto driver to new "data" format
  + Update oregon_scientific driver to new "data"
  + Fix indentation
  + Fix missing comma
  + Add Hideki TS04 sensors
  + Support framed FSK Manchester decoding compatible with Si4320/RFM01
  + Add Watchman Sonic ultrasonic oil tank monitor
  + Add heuristic for detecting RFM01-framed FSK
  + hideki: Remove overzealous warning about invalid parity
  + Add bitbuffer_search() and bitbuffer_manchester_decode() functions
  + Convert oil_watchman to bitbuffer_search() + bitbuffer_manchester_decode()
  + Revert "Support framed FSK Manchester decoding compatible with Si4320/RFM01"
  + Add Watchman to readme
  + Add CurrentCost TX device
  + Fix indent + TODO (minor for CurrentCost sensor)
  + Fix negatif temp value for Hideki TS04
  + Use constant to define and check OS (v2) sensor_id
  + Fix channel error with some OS devices
  + Do not require first byte of Watchman packets to be 0x28
  + Update
  + Sync usage messages and
  + README improvements, added typical command line * rtl_433: better description of ppm error option
  + Added -W to overwrite files
  + Added -W to
  + Auto level - initial implementation
  + Auto level - suppress spurious initial pulses
  + FSK spurious short pulse suppression
  + Auto level - print level in analyzer
  + Fix to read complete file
  + Pass 0 into local_time_str() for current time instead of using time()
  + When reading sample files, make local_time_str() show offset not time of day
  + Add temperature output in C to Watchman decode
  + Auto level - minor fixes
  + Improve comment about level estimates
  + Fix automake build
  + Sort source file lists in CMakeLists.txt and
* Sun Sep 27 2015
- initial package