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Update Info: openSUSE-2021-118
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Change Logs

* Tue Jan 05 2021 Jeffrey Cheung <>
- Update to upstream version 1.10 (SLE-12981)
  * rt-tests: queuelat: Remove and old Makefile
  * rt-tests: Add a menu to get user settings.
  * rt-numa: Introduce NUMA helpers
  * cyclictest: Only report the first incident
  * Streamline usage and man page
- Add rt-tests-1.10-Makefile.patch and remove  rt-tests-1.6-Makefile.patch
- Cleanup spec file
- Changes from version 1.9
  * signaltest: Only print from the first thread stats when quiet
  * rt-tests: cyclictest: Move ftrace helpers into rt-utils.[ch]
  * pi_stress: limit the number of inversion groups to the number of online cores
  * rt-tests: Install new man page get_cyclictest_snapshot.8
  * rt-tests: Add a man page for get_cyclictest_snapshot
  * rt-tests: ptsematest.8: Update the ptsematest man page
  * rt-tests: improvements to the python style in get_cyclictest_snapshot
  * cyclictest: Fix setaffinity error on large NUMA machines
- Changes from version 1.8
  * cyclictest: Make the affinity mask apply to the main thread too
  * Remove support for compiling without NUMA
  * cyclictest: Only run on runtime affinity and user supplied affinity
  * cyclictest: Only run on available cpus according to the affinity
  * cyclictest: Report all errors from pthread_setaffinity_np
- Changes from version 1.7
  * Add get_cyclictest_snapshot to Makefile
  * Add the utility
  * Fix quoting and other shell issue
  * queuelat: highest value
  * cyclicdeadline: Add a simple manpage for cyclicdeadline