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Records nondeterministic executions and debugs them deterministically

Development/Languages/C and C++

This program aspires to be your primary debugging tool, enhancing gdb. It also provides efficient reverse execution under gdb. Set breakpoints and data watchpoints and quickly reverse-execute to where they were hit.

License: MIT



Package Version Update ID Released Package Hub Version Platforms Subpackages
5.4.0-bp154.1.27 info GA Release 2022-05-09 15 SP4
  • x86-64
  • rr
  • rr-debuginfo
  • rr-debugsource
5.3.0-bp153.1.11 info GA Release 2021-03-06 15 SP3
  • x86-64
  • rr
5.3.0-bp152.1.1 info GA Release 2020-05-04 15 SP2
  • x86-64
  • rr