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Change Logs

Version: 19.06-bp152.2.1
* Thu May 07 2020 Dave Plater <>
- Correct lilypond font requirement for lilypond-2.20.0
* Wed Feb 19 2020 Dave Plater <>
- Require lilypond fonts instead of lilypond
* Wed Feb 19 2020 Dave Plater <>
- Remove all traces of python2.
* Mon Jun 10 2019 Dave Plater <>
- Update to rosegarden xerxes version 19.06
- Upstream changes:
  * Bug fixes:
  * Fix potential crashes during playback (r15422)
  * Fix crash when rescaling during playback (r15423)
  * Fix crash when splitting during playback (r15424)
  * Fix horizontal wheel scrolling on segment canvas
  (Bug #1561, r15430)
  * Fix horizontal wheel scrolling on Matrix and Notation editors
  (Bug #1561, r15432)
  * Enable High DPI Scaling (Bug #1565, r15444)
  * Roland-CM-64.rgd: Fix SN-U110-02 perc mappings (r15448)
  * Avoid using null pointers (Bug #1566, r15453)
  * Fix broken right edge auto scroll (Bug #1567, r15462, r15464)
  * Fix crash when adding a Track with no Devices (r15463)
  * Fix numerous memory leaks (r15466, r15470-5, r15477, r15479,
  r15481, etc…)
  * Fix build with Qt5.7 which doesn't have QSharedPointer(nullptr)
  * SegmentParameterBox:Fix invalid memory access(Bug #1568, r15492)
  * Fix Qt 5.7 QSharedPointer/nullptr build issue (r15493)
  * New Features:
  * Add Ctrl+Space shortcut for record (r15482)
* Tue Dec 18 2018
- Update to release 18.12
- Include newly added
- Upstream changes:
  * Fixed stuck notes on matrix editor (r15283)
  * Fixed some double-gzipped .rgd file (r15344, r15345)
  * Removed support for Qt4 (r15347)
  * Improved support for HiDPI displays (r15349, r15352)
  * Fixed crash when loading composition (r15355)
  * cmake 3.1 or above is now required (r15357)
  * Migrate to C++11 (r15361)
  * Use QLockFile for the document lock file, reducing leftover
  lock file warnings (r15373)
  * Show pointer position on new staff when clicking on a different
  staff (r15382)
  * Fixed wrong warning about “lyric” text type during export.
  * Fixed some range checks in SequencerDataBlock (r15402)
* Tue Sep 04 2018
- Update to release 18.06.
- Upstream changes:
  * Manage MIDI Banks and Programs window now uses a scroll area
  instead of tabs. (r15227)
  * Add “Reset to Defaults” button to Track Parameters. (r15241)
  * Standardized scroll wheel behavior. (Feature #445, r15245,
  r15246, r15248, r15265)
  * Notation: Offer spacing up to 400%. (r15266)
  * Notation spacing is now saved to the .rg file. (r15269)
  * Fix misc spelling errors flagged by lintian (Bug #1556, r15149)
  * Fix soft synth tracks not responding to volume fader changes.
  (Bug #1557, r15189)
  * Fix Receive External checkbox not cleared. (r15194)
  * Fix key map popup menu position on the Manage MIDI Banks and
  Programs window. Current key map is now under the mouse as it
  should be. (r15221)
  * Fix a memory leak. (r15235)
  * Fix gray leftovers when going out of Archive. (r15240)
  * Fix Track preset name not loaded from .rg file. (r15242)
  * Fix TrackButtons flicker when switching files. (r15244)
  * Fix vertical zoom reset on the Matrix editor. (r15267)
  * Fix vertical zoom reset on the Notation editor. (r15268)
Version: 17.12-bp150.1.6
* Mon Jan 29 2018
- removed unneeded 'BuildRequires: xorg-x11-util-devel' (bsc#1077489)
* Fri Jan 19 2018
- Update to release 17.12 and removed incorporated  svnheader.patch
- Upstream changes:
  * Bug Fixes
  Fix progress dialog lockups in KDE (bug #1546)
  Fix disappearing lyrics in lyrics editor (bug #1547)
  Fix bug #1548: Last syllable of lyrics is not copied between
    two linked segments.
  Fix bug #1550: Crash with lyric editor and linked segments
  Fix bug #1551: No sound from an audio file when pressing rewind
    then play.
  Fix bug #1549: Matrix Editor: Velocity ruler not updated
    correctly when changing velocity using the velocity tool
  Fix alias change not updating label on the audio instrument
  Fix miscellaneous cosmetic issues related to the ThornStyle
  Fix time mode toolbar buttons on the Event List and other windows.
  Fix incorrect window titles on the preferences and document
    properties windows.
  Fix garbage property names in Event Edit window.
  Display velocities modified from the velocity ruler in the
    status bar for the notation editor.
  Fix bug #1552: Rosegarden fails to build with cmake-3.9.0.
  Fix crash when launching plugin dialog introduced by r14648.
  Fix external controller audio volume/pan bug
  Fix crash in rulers when pressing mouse buttons
  Export to LilyPond as a repeat sequence several consecutive
    linked segments is now possible (bug #1470)
  Fix duplicate connection in initial autoload
  Fix crash when exporting to LilyPond. (bug #1553
  Fix lilypond options dialog too big.
  * New Features
  Add ?Use track name for new segments? preference.
* Sat Aug 26 2017
- Work around cmake-3.9.0 bug with upstream patch svnheader.patch
- See and
* Fri Apr 21 2017
- Update to release 17.04 codename "Twice in a blue moon".
- Removed rosegarden-fix-crash.patch fix is in this version.
- Rebased rosegarden-10.10-filepaths.patch.
- Upstream changes:
  * Bug Fixes
  * Fix memory leak: delete StartupLogo when closing it.
  * Add compilation fix for Ubuntu 16.04.01 LTS.
  * TrackParameterBox: Fix initial track label problem.
  * Fix #1534: Send channel setup when output is changed.
  * TrackParameterBox: Make color combo visible for audio tracks.
  * autoload: Fix audio track colors.
  * Fix #1532: Crash when trying to edit a triggered segment.
  * Fix #1536: Crash on dangling Instrument IDs.
  * Fix ?Always use default studio? stickiness.
  * Fix #1538: No sound when entering notes with keyboard.
  * Fix time stamp bug in MIDI file export.
  * Improve progress dialogs throughout the application.
  * Repair control rulers in Qt 5 builds.
  * Cleanup incorrect name and filter during audio file export.
  * Fix compilation with -DQT_STRICT_ITERATORS.
  * Fix compilation without jack.
  * Enable -DQT_NO_URL_CAST_FROM_STRING and fix compilation
  * Fix ?all piano? issue with empty connections.
  * Fix MIDI import connection problem.
  * Fix a bug in the parallels checker, bug #1544.
  * Fix #1491 Xruns on exit.
  * Fix wait cursor.
  * New Features
  * Hide unused frames for audio tracks in track parameters.
  * Improve handling of collapsing frames in track parameters
    and document properties.
  * Track 20 recent files, rather than 10.
  * Replace stylesheet with custom QStyle.
* Sun Nov 13 2016
- Use %mime_database_post macro instead of calling direct.
* Sun Oct 16 2016
- Added rosegarden-fix-crash.patch to fix rosegarden bug:
* Wed Jul 20 2016
- Update to release 16.06, codename "Rhapsody in Blue".
- Removed rosegarden-16.02-gcc6.patch, fixed in this version.
- Refreshed rosegarden-10.10-filepaths.patch
- Upstream changes:
  * Bug Fixes
    Avoid deleting softsynths when importing banks
    Avoid drawing segment note previews outside the segment
    borders (#1513).
    Avoid edit views stealing focus from main window in Qt5 (#1508)
    Hide splash screen if still visible when showing file load
    Constrain transpose to the usable 0-127 pitch range (#1415).
    The ?Accidentals in one bar?? preference is now considered for
    previewing accidentals when inserting notes in notation editor.
    Fix color of cautionary accidental in preview or selection.
    Improve the split and tie long notes at bar lines function to
    cover certain edge cases (#1517).
    Avoid changing stem direction in the middle of a beaming group
    in on-screen rendering or LilyPond export.
    Lilypond export: respect beams for grace notes too. They were
    incorrectly understood as a chord, because they are all at the
    same absolute time.
    Fix undesired channel cleaning at start of second segment
    AudioPluginManager: Fix broken plugins
    Keep plugins dialog from growing unnecessarily
    Fix selecting legato type would skip to notation on relaunch
    on quantize parameters.
    Fix add articulations wouldn't restore on relaunch in grid
    mode only on quantize parameters.
    Fix channel setup conflicts when daisy chaining
  * New Features
    Lock files so only one Rosegarden instance can edit a particular
    file at any one time.
    New Layer From Selection function to make it easier to resolve
    overlapping polyphonic voices by hand (this function does not
    undo cleanly).
    Multi-track solo mode.
    Archive mode.
* Tue Jun 21 2016
- Added upstream rosegarden-16.02-gcc6.patch to fix gcc6 build see
* Mon Mar 21 2016
- Added requires and reccomends for packages needed by rosegarden.
* Sun Mar 20 2016
- Enable QT5 build for openSUSE:Leap:42.1
- Remove obsolete Provides for old rosegarden4 and rosegarden-qt4
* Sat Mar 19 2016
- make the QT5 switch only In Tumbleweed and future products.
* Fri Mar 18 2016
- Build against QT5 in openSUSE 13.2 or later
- Only provide rosegarden-qt4 in old products with QT4.
* Thu Mar 03 2016
- Update to version 16.02 codenamed "Querida"
- Now uses cmake to build, adjusted spec file.
- Upstream changes and bug fixes:
  * Bug Fixes
    Fix #1486,involving interacting with the loaded document while
    in the middle of loading a new one.
    Fix scroll bar refresh problem after adding segments.
    Make it possible to disable LIRC, even when it's detected.
    Correct the install location of data files on some platforms
    Fix scrollbar problem after inserting segments
    Fix handling of segment labels when copying/pasting segments
    Reduce number of undo/redo events on the stack for some user
    actions (one action one undo instead of one action two or more
    Various tweaking and twiddling of tooltips, context sensitive
    help, and layout spacing.
    Fix notation editor context menu (#1492)
    Fix notation editor crash on double middle click (#1493)
    Fix label issue with drag copy undo. Bug #1450. Undo after
    ctrl+drag copy now restores the proper label to the original
    Fix Insert Controller Sequence (Bug #1478) Previously, in the
    NotationView, adding a controller sequence where there were no
    matching controller sequences would reset the start time of the
    segment to 0. Now it leaves the segment start time alone.
    Fix #1478: Segments extended to the beginning after adding
    controller sequence.
    Fix refresh bug introduced by r14441
    At file load time, only a single set of CCs goes out (#1480)
    Add ?Allow Reset All Controllers? to preferences. This fixes
    bug #1485 and is related to bug #1480.
    Fix #1504.THRU routing responds to Track Parameters changes
  * New Features
    Add the capability to store any number of comments pages in the
    composition. This allow the translation of the notes displayed
    in a popup dialog when the document is loaded.
    The comment page whose name matches the locale language code is
    Add a French translation to the comment embedded in
    lilypond-alternative-endings_new-way.rg example file.
    When using the mouse to enter notation, you see a preview of
    the note that you will enter if you click the button.
    New mouse quick entry mode:
    The mouse wheel can be used to select the note or rest
    A mouse mid click switches between note and rest insert mode
    Holding the Shift key while entering a note adds a sharp
    Holding the Control key while entering a note adds a flat
    Holding Shift + Ctrl while entering a note adds a natural
    Implement track-by-track THRU routing. The Recording filters
    ?Thru Routing? field in the Track Parameters box is now fully
    The Studio ? MIDI Through Routing menu option has been removed.
* Tue Dec 15 2015
- Update to version 15.10.2 and refresh patches.
- Upstream changes see
* Sat Aug 29 2015
- Update to 14.12:
  + Bug Fixes:
  - Fix translation bug #1423 via patch from Stuart
    Prescott; update all translations. (r13665)
  - Position pointer now moves to the end of paste to
    allow repeated pasting of segments. (r13667)
  - Fix recording of zero-length events (Bug #1365, r13672)
  - Add MuPDF and ePDFView to supported PDF viewers
    (Thomas Kaeding, r13673)
  - Disable destructive actions in playback/record
    (Bug #837, r13676)
  - Numerous fixes to opening http and ftp URLs bydrag/drop.
    With help from Tim Munro. (r13704, r13705, r13706, r13712)
  - Several Qt5 related patches from Tim Munro.
  - Set note-off velocity to 64 as recommended by the MIDI
    spec. (Bug #1426, r13710)
  - Set default volume to 100 in rgd files (r13794)
  - Add support for and prefer xdg-open for opening PDF files
  + New Features:
  - You can enter text dynamics from ?d05? to ?d125? counting
    by 5 to get these velocities interpreted directly as written
    (Fernando Martin, r13666)
* Sat Nov 29 2014 Led <>
- fix bashisms in scripts
- add patches:
  * rosegarden-14.02-fix-bashisms.patch
* Fri Sep 19 2014
- Update to release 14.02 code named "Kaleidoscope"
- Upstream Bug Fixes
  * Fix a transposition bug (Bug #1383, r13540).
  * Fix a bug related to running status and meta events in exported MIDI files
  * Fix an endless loop with certain MIDI files (Bug #1419, r13550)
  * Pitch tracker patch from Nick Bailey (r13597)
  * Fix a crash when exporting to LilyPond with an empty copyright header
  * Fix for bad handling of "(c)" in the copyright header when exporting to
    LilyPond (r13603)
  * Fix for handling obscure MIDI files that have an extra unused padding byte
    at the very end (r13604)
  * Fix to allow controllers in zero-length segments to play (r13650)
  * Fix for guessBeats crashes (r13653)
  * Fix for channel allocator waste-minimizer (r13654)
  * Fix to avoid freeing zero-length intervals (r13655)
  * Fix Jump to Quick Marker shortcut, Ctrl+M, in notation (r13656)
  * Fix for first note of a segment playing late (Bug 1378, r13657)
- New Features
  * New auto-expand feature added to the Change Composition Length dialog
    (Feature #417, r13542, r13555).
- New Device Files
  * Casio CTK-3200 device file contributed by Eric (tuxyme)
* Sun Dec 22 2013
- Update to version 13.10:
  + Bugs Fixed:
  - Pitch Bend Sequence Dialog, number of steps must be positive.
  - Fix disconnected move up staff / move down staff commands.
  - Fix sysex import dialog black-on-black problem.
  - Fix for #1372 Rests of new segments don't adapt to time
    signature changes.
  - Fix a refresh bug introduced in r13273 and present in 13.06
    involving deleting contemporaneous segments on a track. This
    may have broken CompositionView refresh in other cases as
  - Fix UTF8 in track and segment names.
  - Fix the update of notation editors when a track name is
  - Fix a "No such key" bug in the key signature dialog.
  - Fix MIDI thru latency issue when recording.
  - Fix repeating segments so they function when overlapping on
    one track.
  - Fix tuplet numbers drawing in black when they should be other
  - Fix several interconnected bugs related to MIDI export that
    were causing a variety of problems due to issues with bad
    event ordering and the introduction of spurious controllers.
  - Fix problems when recording past the end of the composition.
  - Fix various crashes when pasting.
  - Fix crash when attempting to import programs from .sfArk
    files (format not supported).
  + New Features:
  - Selection event filter can select rests.
  - Selection event filter can select either performance or
    notation duration.
  - LilyPond export converts a ''(c)'' or a ''(C)'' in the
    copyright header to a proper symbol automatically.
  - New interpretation toolbar for the notation editor
    streamlines the ''**Adjust -> Interpret**'' process.
  - New option to allow LilyPond to export fingerings inside the
    staff (can improve collision resolution).
  - New option to instruct Rosegarden not to start JACK
    automatically at startup, allowing you to control this
    behavior without having to put garbage in your ~/.jackdrc
  - Support LilyPond 2.14.
  - Added a appdata file.
- Changes from version 13.06:
  + Bugs Fixed:
  - Fix disappearing ties in notation editor.
  - Program changes are now sent on channels for tracks that are
    armed when going into record.
  - CPU usage reduced by almost 50% when recording MIDI.
  - The range editing commands no longer mess up markers.
  - Fixed an internal leak in the channel allocator.
  - Fixed a crash on paste bug, while revealing other related
    problems that remain to be fixed.
  - Fixed latency compensation in subgroups through a mysterious
    mechanism that seems to work.
  - Fixed a subtle bug involving the drawing of track dividers
    and vertical scrolling.
  - Changing note durations works correctly across barlines. So
    does adding dots to notes.
  - Menu items have a somewhat more consistent style.
  - Certain crashes related to Paste commands shouldn't happen
    any more.
  - The tempo dialog now defaults more sensibly to replacing the
    most recent tempo.
  - Now when you change staffs in the notation editor (with Next
    Staff Down, etc) Rosegarden chooses the next staff more
  - When you open multiple segments in the notation editor,
    Rosegarden chooses a starting staff more sensibly.
  - Range commands such as edit -> Cut Range now don't split
    segments. Previously only Insert Range kept segments intact.
  - Range commands also try to keep linked segments linked
    together when possible.
  + New Features:
  - Additional work and improvements on the pitchbend sequence
  - Controllers are now easier to place and arrange thru the
    Notation -> Adjust -> controllers -> Insert Controller
    Sequence... menu. The dialog isn't new but it is clearer than
    before and gives you more control over what is placed.
  - "Move to Staff Above" and "Move to Staff Below" now have
    variants that ask what type of pasting to do; formerly it was
    always notation-style pasting.
  - It is now easier to create beat tracks, ie tracks that have a
    note on each beat for use with FitToBeatsCommand and/or
    groove quantize. See [[how_to_make_beat_tracks]].
  - For those users (both of you) who use Segment -> Expand Block
    Chord Segments by Figuration, there is now support for
    figurations without parameter chords.
  - Also for those who use Segment -> Expand Block Chord Segments
    by Figuration, there is Segment -> Update all Figurations,
    which tracks down all regions previously generated from
    figurations and updates them.
  - Ornaments can now be [[how_to_edit_ornaments|inspected and
    edited]] inline, as notation.  Formerly they were only
    available in the Event List Editor.
  - If you want to try to use Rosegarden as a true layered
    editor, ornaments whose trigger consists of tied notes can
    even be set so that only certain sections play.
  - Range commands and other commands that move segments timewise
    are faster now.
* Sun Apr 28 2013
- Update to release 13.04 code named "Allysand"
- Upstream bug fixes :
  * Don't export certain properties in MusicXML that MusicXML can't
  * Fix #1387; export text events (eg. lyrics) to MIDI
  * Fix #703; auto-beaming no longer does an extra unselected bar
  * Fix minor notation layout issue
  * Fix notation scrolling problem
  * Fix bug with FreeChannel
- New features :
  * Choose among 0db, -3dB, -6dB panning laws for audio
* Wed Feb 06 2013
- Update to release 12.12.25
- Removed patches rosegarden-10.02-plugin-lib64path.patch,
  rosegarden-gcc47.patch and rosegarden-11.11-gplv2+.patch
  now incorporated upstream.