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Version: 0.43-bp150.2.4
* Sun Sep 03 2017
- Update to version 0.43:
  * New features
  - Filters can now be written in python
  - Filters can respond to hotkeys (i.e. single keypresses bound to rlwrap-hotkey in .inputrc)
  * Bug fixes
  - rlwrap now always searches terminfo before termcap.
  - playing back a readline macro consisting of more than one line would crash rlwrap.
  - rlwrap --one-shot could accept more than one line when input in quick succession.
* Sun Jan 18 2015
- Update to version 0.42:
  + Changes from 0.37 to 0.40
  - configure will now find tgentent() in libtinfo
  - compiling with gcc -O2 made rlwrap hang after Ctrl-D on
    empty line
  - HP-UX 11 has weird tgentent() return values, confusing rlwrap
  - Solaris: rlwrap would sometimes fail with "TIOCSWINSZ failed
    on slave pty"
  - Single quote ' is now word-breaking by default
  - multi-line edit would mangle upper ASCII and UTF-8 (and still
    does that to UTF-16 :( )
  - added --extra-char-after-completion and --multi-line-ext
  - rlwrap now recognizes the 'rmcup' and 'rmkx' character
    sequences used by programs that use an alternate screen
    (like editors and pagers) to return from it.
  - configure will now correctly determine pty type on SCO
  - rlwrap --no-children would leak file descriptors to
  - non-ASCII characters in multi-lin input are no longer
    replaced by spaces after calling an external editor
  - running rlwrap within emacs would crash (division by zero)
    rlwrap now bails out whenever terminal width == 0
  - added --enable-proc-mountpoint config option to use alternate
    linux-like proc filesystems (like in FreeBSD) for finding
    <command>s working dir (-c option) and kernel function in which
    <command> is sleeping (-N option)
  - added prototype for copy_without_ignore_markers, fixing a
    segfault on FreeBSD
  - Filters now get complete echo lines even if the echo comes
    back in chunks
  + Changes from 0.40 to 0.41
  - Slightly late SIGCHLD could cause an I/O error on master pty
  - Added -W (-polling) option to poll slave pty for changes in
    its interrupt character and ISIG flag.
  - if $TERM is not found in termcap/terminfo database, use vt100
  + Changes from 0.41 to 0.42
  - Added --mirror-arguments (-U) option
  - On SunOS tcgetattr(slave pty) failed with "Invalid argument"
  - If the completion list contained two words, one of which a
    prefix of the other (e.g. "sea" and "seagull") the shorter
    one would be skipped when displaying a list of completions
  - reading completion files (with the -f option, or from
    $RLWRAP_HOME/<command>_completions) could fail with an
    incorrect ENOENT ("No such file or directory")
  - rlwrap -z listing wouldn't list filters
  - When both master and slave pty are unfit for sensing slave
    commands terminal settings, rlwrap now bails out with an
    error "cannot determine terminal mode of slave command"
  + Dropped:
  - rlwrap-0.37.tar.bz2
  + Added:
  - rlwrap-0.42.tar.gz
* Sun Sep 19 2010
- Update to version 0.37:
  + Commands that emit "status lines" using backspaces and carriage
    returns could confuse rlwrap
  + rlwrap uses C strings internally, and thus cannot cope with
    command output that contains zero bytes (padding). It used to
    replace these with spaces, now the zero bytes are removed.
  + If the RLWRAP_HOME is set, but $RLWRAP_HOME doesn't exist,
    rlwrap will create it
  + Typo: SIGERR instead of SIG_ERR in signals.c
* Tue Apr 06 2010
- Update to version 0.36
  * When rlwrap kills itself after a command crash it will not dump
  core, in order to avoid clobbering command's core dump.
  * Many small improvements and fixes for multi-line input
  * Many small fixes and improvements in signal handling
  * Added --one-shot (-o) and --only-cook (-O) options
  * Added EXAMPLES section and -t option to rlwrap manpage
  * prefix arguments are now correctly reset
  * Hyphens in rlwrap manpage are now all properly escaped
  * Major new feature: filtering. Filters sit between rlwrap and the
  wrapped command, re-writing command output, input, prompts,
  history, and completion word lists.
  * At program exit, rlwrap now outputs a newline only when the client
  * Added -g, -I, -N, -S, -w and -z options
  * -p option now takes colour names (-pYellow)
* Wed Jan 16 2008
- Update to version 0.30:
  * EOF on stdin (e.g. by pressing CTRL-D) would end prompt colouring.
  * added -q option
  * added -A option to handle (ANSI-)coloured prompts
  * added -p option to colourise uncoloured prompts
  * added -t option to set terminal type for client command
  * rlwrap now copies its terminal settings from the client
    even when this has put its terminal in single-keypress
    (uncooked) mode. A rlwrapped emacs will now respond to CTRL-C
    and CTRL-G as it should.
  * error messages and warnings now include the rlwrap version number
  * added a very simple custom malloc/free debugger for use with the
  - -debug option. Rather fragile and not well tested, use with care.
  * Whenever TERM is not set, rlwrap assumes vt100. Set TERM=dumb if
    you really have a dumb terminal.
  * rlwrap now leaves the handling of multi-line prompts and edit
    buffers to readline (except when in horizontal-scroll mode or when
    configured with --enable-homegrown-redisplay).
  * whenever --always-readline is set, SIGWINCH not passed to
    client command immediately, but only *after* accepting a line.
  * --spy-on-readline now enabled by default
* Wed May 16 2007
- Initial package, Version 0.28