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Change Logs

* Thu Nov 23 2017
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
  %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Mon Jul 03 2017
- upgrade to version 1.4.4 (29/06/2017)
- Added the GLOBSTAR configuration file option. This will set the shells globstar option to allow recursive checks of directories. By default this option is disabled.
- Added a Japanese translation file.
- Added support for the 'BSDng' package manager option. This can be used by those *BSD systems which have the 'pkg' command available (currently later FreeBSD systems).
- The BSD package manager will now try the 'pkg_info' command '-W' option if the '-F' option fails.
- Added the LOCKDIR configuration option. It is now possible to specify the directory rkhunter will use to store the lock file (if USE_LOCKING has been set). The default is unset, and this will cause rkhunter to look for a directory to use. Details are in the configuration file.
- Added the ALLOWIPCPROC configuration file option. This can be used to whitelist suspicious processes using shared memory segments (found during the 'ipc_shared_mem' check).
* Fri Apr 07 2017
- whitelist /dev/shm/CAPI20* and /dev/shm/sem.CAPI20* (boo#1030378)
- whitelist /usr/bin/.fipscheck.hmac (boo#1030378)
* Tue Oct 25 2016
- do not use /etc/SuSE-release anymore, fallback to generic
  /etc/os-release (bsc#1006382)
* Sun Feb 28 2016
- Add rkhunter-grep-fix.patch to fix a bogus warning (boo#968578)
* Fri Dec 25 2015
- Add gpg signature
* Sun May 10 2015
- Default config file changed so APPEND_LOG was no longer activated.
  Add to /etc/rkhunter.d/00-opensuse.conf
* Sun May 10 2015
- Fix spec obliterating PKGMGR_NO_VRFY. This fixes bnc#926624
- Create /etc/rkhunter.d and put config added by rpm in a file in it.
- Fix hideous way of spec adding config variables to a file.
* Sun Apr 05 2015
- specfile:
  * added ALLOWHIDENFILE /dev/, /dev/, and
* Fri Oct 24 2014
- update to v1.4.2
  * See CHANGELOG at
- change Source: field to full URL
- change the spelling of README.SuSE to README.SUSE
- delete patch rkhunter-1.4.0-crontab.patch, now upstream
- add +%{_var}/lib/%{name}/db/signatures to %files section
* Tue Oct 14 2014
- Remove bogus AutoReqProv: off
- Remove ancient specfile tags and sections
* Sat Jan 11 2014
- handle current lib64 platforms, added ppc64le and s390x.
* Fri Jun 28 2013 Sascha Manns <>
- added some more strings to fix the issue.
* Fri Jun 28 2013 Sascha Manns <>
- fixed bnc#826276 (added string /dev/.sysconfig/network to
* Mon Mar 25 2013
- Add aarch64 to the list of lib64 platforms
* Mon Mar 18 2013 Sascha Manns <>
- fixed bnc#776687 (changed OS_VERSION_FILE in rkhunter.con to
* Mon Jan 07 2013
- do not report a false positive on /etc/crontab
- see
* Sun May 13 2012
- updated to 1.4.0
  * 1.4.0 (01/05/2012)
  - Added the '--list propfiles' command-line option. This will dump
  out the list of filenames that will be searched for when building the
  fileproperties database. By default the list is not shown if just
  '--list' is used.
  - Added Jynx rootkit check.
  - Added Turtle/Turtle2 rootkit check.
  - Added KBeast rootkit check.
  - The installer now supports the Slackware TXZ package layout option.
  - Avoid checking exclamation points in ALLOWDEVFILE checks (this was
  caught on 01/05/2012 causing a reissue of the 1.4.0 release).
  use '%' as the space character. (Note: This is a temporary fix).
  - The ALLOWPROCDELFILE option can now use wildcards in the file
  - The '--list perl' command-line option now shows whether the perl
  command itself is installed or not.
  - The 'shared_libs' test now allows whitelisting of the preloading
  environment variables.
  - The '-r/--rootdir' command-line options, and the ROOTDIR
  configuration option are now deprecated. If they are used then an
  error message will be displayed. The options will have no effect,
  but rkhunter will continue. The options will be completely removed
  at the next release.
  - The 'hidden_ports' test will now show if a found port is TCP or
  - It is now possible to whitelist ports in the 'hidden_ports' test
  using the PORT_WHITELIST configuration option.
  - Allow the ALLOWPROCDELFILE option to work again.
  - Correct the check of the ProFTPD version number.
  - Fix the FreeBSD 'sockstat' command check to ensure that the correct
  fields are used.
  - Fix for newer version of the 'file' command when reporting scripts.
  - Fix the ALLOWHIDDENFILE option to allow hidden symbolic links.
  - The 'filesystem' check now handles files and directories with
  in their names correctly.
  - The 'startup_files' test was displaying file names with spaces in
  them incorrectly. Also the test was not checking files which were
  in hidden directories.
  options re-evaluate their whitelisting lists to ensure that any
  wildcard entries are the most recent. (A time window previously
  existed which meant that the list was processed, but new files
  could be created before the test was run. As such they were
  reported as false-positive warnings, when they should have been
  - Allow the EXISTWHITELIST option to work with symbolic links.
  - The test of whether prelinking is being used or not was sometimes
  causing the file properties hash test to be skipped, without the
  real reason being stated. Now the hash test will proceed but the
  user will still get a warning (because it detects that prelinking
  was used and is not now, or vice-versa).
  - Rkhunter will now check to see if the 'head' and 'tail' commands
  understand the '-n' option. If they do, then it will be used. If
  they do not, then the older 'head -1' and 'tail -1' commands will be
* Thu Sep 22 2011
- fixed bnc#717773 rkhunter sends email without To-Header
- added 'echo "To: $REPORT_EMAIL" into rkhunter.cron
* Thu Aug 04 2011
- fixed License to GPLv2 or later
  has misunderstood a message