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Change Logs

Version: 3.9.90-bp150.2.3
* Mon Feb 05 2018
- use wikipedia URL, as the original domain is no longer valid
- added ripit-4.0.0-undefined_variables.patch to avoid errors if the
  user is using an old config file which does not define some variables
- added ripit-man-spellfix.patch from Debian which contains some
  spell fixes for the man page
- rebased ripit-3.9.0-ogg.patch
- use Productivity/Multimedia/CD/Grabbers as RPM group
* Sun Mar 15 2015
- Update to version 4.0.0_beta20140508
  * Option --coversize takes a width or width x height format to which
    a given cover shall be resized using ImageMagick.
  * And when using MusicBrainz, an additional coverart source will
    be checked.
  * Some bugs related to options loop and ISRC have been fixed.
- Use download Url as source
- Some improvements
- Remove obsolete AUTHORS and %clean sections
* Thu Nov 18 2010
- Update to version 3.9.0
  * Added options --coverart and --coverpath to select
    and add coverart to the metadata.
  * Added option --copycover to copy a cover from
    some place to each directory of encoded files.
  * Added option --precmd to execute a command before
    ripping starts and e.g. ensure presence of coverart.
  * Added option --trackoffset to add a constant
    value to the tracknumber in the tracktemplate.
  * Added options --vatag and --vastring to detect
    various artist style and split artist and track
  * Added option --cdcue to create cue-files
    (cue-sheets) to burn the (merged) wav.
  * Added option --isrc to detect ISRCs in audio
    data using icedax.
  * Added options --mblogin and --mbpass to submit
    detected ISRCs to MusciBrainz.
* Sat Apr 10 2010
- Update to version 3.8.2 removed ripit-3.6.0-genre_list.patch due to
  upstream fix. Adapted ripit-3.6.0-ogg.patch to ripit-3.8.2-ogg.patch
- See the HISTORY file for many changes and fixes since version 3.6.0
* Mon Sep 08 2008
- fixed stderr output of lame (bnc#419873)
* Mon Jun 18 2007
- new version 3.6.0 with new features:
  * Fixed bug on special characters for tags during submission of
    CDDB entries.
  * Fixed unpleasent behaviour if Lame is not installed.
  * Fixed semi-bug on deletion of wavs using remote machines.
  * Added option --merge to merge tracks for gapless encoding.
  * Added option --resume to continue a previously started
  * Added option --ghost to split tracks with gaps into chunks of
    sound (at experimental stage).
  * Added options --prepend and --extend to enlarge chunks of
    sound when splitted with option --ghost.
  * Added option --ejectcmd to specify command used to control
    ejection/loading of CD.
  * Added option --ejectopt to specify options and arguments for
  - -ejectcmd.
  * Added optons --dpermission and --fpermission to set directory
    and file permissions.
  * Added option --md5sum to create MD5-sum files for each type of
    sound files.
  * Added option --nicerip to set niceness of ripping process.
  * Added option --core to allow several encoding processes on
    each machine.
  * Enhanced output from encoding process not to interfer with
    output of ripper.
  * Submission of CDDB entries uses sendmail, not mail or nail.
  * Some fine-tuning on detection of hidden-tracks and
  * Enhanced detection of perl modules needed, Ripit depends not
    on CDDB_get 2.22 but 2.25 and newer, please update.
- changed specfile accordingly
* Tue Apr 03 2007
- added perl-libwww-perl to Requires
* Wed Jun 28 2006
- new version 3.5.1 with new features:
- new options: --normalize, --loop, --cdtoc
- global config file now included
* Wed Jan 25 2006
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Fri Jan 13 2006
- update to version 3.4
* Wed May 11 2005
- update to version 3.3.7
- aligned ripit-ogg.diff
* Mon Mar 21 2005
- Default to oggvorbis [#74015]
- Make the oggencoding quality better
* Wed Feb 23 2005
- Update to version 3.3.3 which is a bugfix release since 3.3
* Wed Feb 16 2005
- Update to version 3.3
* Wed Jan 05 2005
- Update to version 3.1.1
* Mon Dec 20 2004
- Update to version 3.0
* Mon Dec 06 2004
- Update to version 2.8
* Thu Dec 02 2004
- Update to version 2.7
* Tue Nov 23 2004
- Update to version 2.6.2
* Tue Aug 31 2004
- use proto version 6, we are in the age of UTF-8 now. When touching
  anyway also remove ^M's and greet properly. Thanks Bjoern Jacke.