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Change Logs

* Wed Jul 14 2021 Andreas Schneider <>
- Build with rust flags
- Add obs service file
* Sun Jun 13 2021 Avindra Goolcharan <>
- update to ripgrep 13.0.0:
  * A new short flag, -., has been added. It is an alias for the --hidden
    flag, which includes hidden files and directories in search
  * ripgrep is now using a new vectorized implementation of memmem, which
    accelerates many common searches. Please report performance regressions
    (or major improvements).
  * BREAKING: Binary detection output has changed slightly. In this
    release, a tweak has been made to the output format when a
    binary file is detected.
    Previous format:
    Binary file FOO matches (found "\0" byte around offset XXX)
    New format:
    FOO: binary file matches (found "\0" byte around offset XXX)
  * vimgrep output in multi-line now only prints the first line for
    each match. In multi-line mode, --count is now equivalent
    to --count-matches.
  * VULN #1773: public facing issue tracking CVE-2021-3013. ripgrep's README
    now contains a section describing how to report a vulnerability
  * PERF #1657: Check if a file should be ignored first before issuing stat calls
  * PERF memchr#82: ripgrep now uses a new vectorized implementation of memmem
  * FEAT: Added or improved file type filtering for ASP, Bazel, dvc,
    FlatBuffers, Futhark, minified files, Mint, pofiles (from GNU gettext)
    Racket, Red, Ruby, VCL, Yang
  * FEAT #1404: ripgrep now prints a warning if nothing is searched
  * FEAT #1680: Add -. as a short flag alias for --hidden.
  * FEAT #1842: Add --field-{context,match}-separator for customizing field delimiters.
  * FEAT #1856: README now links to Spanish translation.
  * BUG #1277: document cygwin path translation behavior in the FAQ
  * BUG #1739: fix bug where replacements were buggy if the regex matched a line terminator
  * BUG #1311: fix multi-line bug where a search & replace for \n didn't work as expected
  * BUG #1401: fix buggy interaction between PCRE2 look-around and -o/--only-matching
  * BUG #1412: fix multi-line bug with searches using look-around past matching lines
  * BUG #1577: fish shell completions will continue to be auto-generated
  * BUG #1642: fixes a bug where using -m and -A printed more matches than the limit
  * BUG #1703: clarify the function of -u/--unrestricted
  * BUG #1708: clarify how -S/--smart-case works
  * BUG #1730: clarify that CLI invocation must always be valid, regardless of config file
  * BUG #1741: fix stdin detection when using PowerShell in UNIX environments
  * BUG #1756: fix bug where foo/** would match foo, but it shouldn't
  * BUG #1765: fix panic when --crlf is used in some cases
  * BUG #1638: correctly sniff UTF-8 and do transcoding, like we do for UTF-16
  * BUG #1816: add documentation for glob alternate syntax, e.g., {a,b,..}
  * BUG #1847: clarify how the --hidden flag works
  * BUG #1866: fix bug when computing column numbers in --vimgrep mode
  * BUG #1868: fix bug where --passthru and -A/-B/-C did not override each other
  * BUG #1869: clarify docs for --files-with-matches and --files-without-match
  * BUG #1878: fix bug where \A could produce unanchored matches in multiline search
  * BUG 94e4b8e3: Fix column numbers with --vimgrep is used with -U/--multiline
- ran spec-cleaner
Version: 0.8.1-bp150.2.5
* Tue Mar 13 2018
- reduce tarball sizes
  * source tarball taken as is from github
  * vendor tarball compressed with xz
  - cleanup with spec-cleaner
  - port history to ripgrep.changes
  - mark as dual licensed with MIT
  - split completion scripts off into separate packages
* Fri Mar 09 2018
- Use version 0.8.1
  - Generate man file
  - Add check
  - Remove empty post and postun
* Sun Oct 08 2017
- Inital packaging @ 0.6.0
Version: 12.1.1-bp153.1.14
* Tue Jul 28 2020 Martin Rey <>
- ripgrep 12.1.1
  * Corrects some egregious markup output in --help (#1581)
  * Mention the special $0 capture group in docs for the
  - r/--replace flag. (#1591)
  * Fix failing test resulting from out-of-sync dependencies.
* Fri May 15 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
- ripgrep 12.1.0
  * many bug fixes
  * performance improvements
  * --no-pcre2-unicode deprecated in favor of --no-unicode
  * --auto-hybrid-regex deprecated in favor of --engine auto
  * supports decompressing .Z files via uncompress
- drop ripgrep-11.0.2-reproducible-manpage.patch, now upstream
* Thu Apr 30 2020 Martin Wilck <>
- Remove transient file .crates2.json during build
* Wed Mar 25 2020 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
- Add ripgrep-11.0.2-reproducible-manpage.patch (boo#1100677)
* Mon Nov 11 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version 11.0.2
  * See included for the complete changelog
* Sun Sep 16 2018 Avindra Goolcharan <>
- Updated to version 0.10.0
- Breaking change
  * The match semantics of -w/--word-regexp have changed slightly.
    They used to be \b(?:<your pattern>)\b. Now, it's
    (?:^|\W)(?:<your pattern>)(?:$|\W). This matches the behavior
    of GNU grep and is believed to be closer to the intended
    semantics of the flag.
- Features
  * Add -U/--multiline flag that permits matching over multiple lines.
  * Add -P/--pcre2 flag that gives support for look-around and
  * Add --json flag that prints results in a JSON Lines format.
  * --one-file-system flag to skip directories on different file systems.
  * Add --sort and --sortr flag for more sorting. Deprecate --sort-files.
  * The --trim flag strips prefix whitespace from all lines printed.
  * Add --null-data flag, which makes ripgrep use NUL as a line terminator.
  * The --passthru flag now works with the --replace flag.
  * Add --line-buffered and --block-buffered for forcing a buffer strategy.
  * Add --pre-glob for filtering files through the --pre flag.
- Bug fixes
  * Searching with non-zero context can now use memory maps if
  * ripgrep will now stop correctly when its output pipe is closed.
  * The -w/--word-regexp flag now works more intuitively.
  * Detection of readable stdin has improved on Windows.
  * Matching empty lines now works correctly in several corner cases.
  * Color escape sequences now coalesce, which reduces output size.
  * ripgrep is now more robust with respect to memory maps failing.
  * Color escape sequences are no longer emitted for empty matches.
  * Context from the --passthru flag should not impact process exit status.
  * Fixes bug in ignore crate where first path was always treated
    as a symlink.
  * Read stderr asynchronously when running a process.
  * Add compile time and runtime CPU features to --version output.
  * Don't complete bare pattern after -f in zsh.
* Mon Aug 27 2018
- Update RPM groups and summary.
* Sun Aug 26 2018
- Updated to version 0.9.0
- Breaking changes
  * When --count and --only-matching are provided simultaneously,
    the behavior of ripgrep is as if the --count-matches flag was given.
  * Octal syntax is no longer supported.
  * The --line-number-width flag has been removed.
- Features
  * Added a --stats flag, which emits aggregate statistics
    after search results.
  * lz4 support when using the -z flag
  * Added --no-ignore-global that permits disabling global gitignores
  * Renamed --maxdepth to --max-depth
  * Added a --pre option to filter with an arbitrary program
  * Improved zsh completion
- Bug fixes
  * No longer skips tar archives when -z is used
  * Ignore gitignore files if outside of a repository
  * Use more descriptive error messages