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Change Logs

* Mon Nov 05 2018 Aleksa Sarai <>
- Update to 0.9.3. boo#1115498
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/
- Update to Go 1.9, and disable Go 1.11 modules since they require internet
  access (restic still provides vendor/).
* Wed Aug 08 2018
- Update to 0.9.2.
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/
- Remove Go 1.8 compatibility patch, now that we have newer Go versions in
  older Leap releases.
  - restic-switch-to-pre-1.8-sort.Stable-API.patch
* Sat Jul 28 2018
- Substantiate program attribute claims in descriptions.
* Fri Jun 22 2018
- Update to 0.9.1.
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/
- Switch to building with the new "go" metapkg.
- Switch to new %license macro.
* Fri Jun 22 2018
- Fix up restic-*-completion subpackages to use Supplements (to avoid
  installing shells on people's machines when they don't expect it).
* Thu Jun 21 2018
- Add subpackages for command line completions for bash and
  zsh shells
Version: 0.15.1-bp155.1.5
* Tue Jan 31 2023 Herbert Graeber <>
- Update to version 0.15.1
  * Fix: Remove b2_download_file_by_name: 404 warning from B2 backend
  * Fix: Make prune --quiet not print progress bar
  * Fix: Make self-update --output work with new filename on Windows
  * Fix: Add missing ETA in backup progress bar
  * Enh: Ignore empty lock files
- Remove accidentally left over unused patch build.patch
* Tue Jan 24 2023 Herbert Graeber <>
- Allow build with architectures that do not support -buildmode=pie
- New Patch disable-selfupdate.patch: Disable self-update, because updates
  will be made using package manager
- Replace packageand by conditionals
- Update to version 0.15.0
  * Make mount return exit code 0 after receiving Ctrl-C / SIGINT
  * Make restore replace existing symlinks
  * Don't read password from stdin for backup --stdin
  * Delete files on Backblaze B2 more reliably
  * Make SFTP backend report no space left on device
  * Improve handling of interrupted syscalls in mount command
  * Fix stuck copy command when -o <backend>.connections=1
  * Correct prune statistics for partially compressed repositories
  * Make ls return exit code 1 if snapshot cannot be loaded
  * Make backup no longer hang on Solaris when seeing a FIFO file
  * Support ExFAT-formatted local backends on macOS Ventura
  * Make init ignore "Access Denied" errors when creating S3 buckets
  * Make self-update enabled by default only in release builds
  * Don't generate negative UIDs and GIDs in tar files from dump
  * Include full snapshot ID in JSON output of backup
  * Make unlock display message only when locks were actually removed
  * Don't print skipped snapshots by default in copy command
  * Update dependencies and require Go 1.18 or newer
  * Implement rewrite command
  * Restore files with long runs of zeros as sparse files
  * Support restoring symbolic links on Windows
  * Inform about successful retries after errors
  * Improve handling of directories with duplicate entries
  * Support B2 API keys restricted to hiding but not deleting files
  * Make init open only one connection for the SFTP backend
  * Handle cache corruption on disk and in downloads
  * Stricter repository lock handling
  * Make backup file read concurrency configurable
  * Add support for credential_process to S3 backend
  * Make mount command support macOS using macFUSE 4.x
  * Support JSON output for the init command
  * Optimize prune memory usage
  * Improve speed of parent snapshot detection in backup command
  * Add compression statistics to the stats command
  * Provide command completion for PowerShell
  * Allow backup file tree scanner to be disabled
  * Improve handling of ErrDot errors in rclone and sftp backends
  * Ignore additional/unknown files in repository
  * Improve backup performance for small files
* Thu Aug 25 2022
- Update to version 0.14.0:
  * doc: Improve/clarify preparing and versions of repositories
  * rclone: Return a permanent error if rclone already exited
  * restic: Cleanup xattr error handling for Solaris
  * downgrade bazil/fuse again to retain macOS support
  * Add note that larger packs increase disk wear
  * repository: Do not report ignored packs in EachByPack
  * helper: download modules as first step
  * helper: Reduce number of parallel builds a bit
  * helper: don't setup cmd paths twice
  * doc: document aws session token
  * mount: Only remember successful snapshot refreshes
  * copy: replace --repo2 with --from-repo
  * mount: Map slashes in tags to underscores
  * forget: Fail test if duration parsing error is missing
  * forget: Error when invalid unit is given in duration policy
  * doc: Update link to GCS documentation
  * stats: Add snapshots count to json output
  * restic: Use stable sorting in snapshot policy
  * Bump golangci-lint version
  * Update tests to Go 1.19
  * mount: Fix parent inode used by snapshots dir
  * mount: remove unused inode field from root node
  * Mention --snapshot-template and --time-template in changelog
  * fuse: Redesign snapshot dirstruct
  * Add changelog for DEBUG_LOG available in release builds
  * update documentation to reflect DEBUG_LOG for release builds
  * debug: support roundtripper logging also for release builds
  * debug: enable debug support for release builds
  * Remove unused hooks mechanism
  * repository: StreamPack in parts if there are too large gaps
  * Reword prune --repack-small description
  * Add note that pack-size is not an exact limit
  * s3: Disable multipart uploads below 200MB
  * Always repack very small pack files
  * Only repack small files if there are multiple of them
  * rename option to --pack-size
  * Add changelog for packsize option
  * update restic help snippets in documentation
  * rework pack size parameter documentation
  * document minPackSize
  * repository: prevent header overfill
  * prune: reduce priority of repacking small packs
  * prune: add repack-small parameter
  * add option for setting min pack size
  * fuse: remove unused MetaDir
  * Make snapshots dirs in mount command customizable
  * Generalize fuse snapshot dirs implemetation
  * Add possibility to set snapshot ID (used in test)
  * internal/restic: Handle EINVAL for xattr on Solaris
  * Add changelog for #3837/#3840
  * repository: Test fallback to existing blobs
  * prune: move code
  * repository: try to recover from invalid blob while repacking
  * prune: Add internal integrity check
  * prune: split into smaller functions
  * prune: separate collecting/printing/pruning
  * Add environment variable RESTIC_COMPRESSION
  * Speed up restic init over slow SFTP links
  * Remove stale comments from backend/sftp
  * Add changelog for the optimized tree serialization
  * archiver: reduce memory usage for large files
  * archiver: Incrementally serialize tree nodes
  * archiver: unify FutureTree/File into futureNode
  * archiver: remove unused fileInfo from progress callback
  * archiver: remove dead attribute from FutureNode
  * Add changelog for stricter checks
  * Fix S3 legacy layout migration
  * checker: Fix S3 legacy layout detection
  * check: Deprecate `--check-unused`
  * check: Complain about usage of s3 legacy layout
  * check: complain about mixed pack files
  * backend: extract readerat from restic package
  * restorer: extract hardlinks index from restic package
  * crypto: move crypto buffer helpers
  * limiter: move to internal/backend
  * mock: move to internal/backend
  * repository: extract Load/StoreJSONUnpacked
  * repository: extract LoadTree/SaveTree
  * prune: handle very high duplication of some blobs
  * prune: Enhance treatment of duplicates
  * backup: clarify usage string
  * azure: Strip ? prefix from sas token
  * azure: add SAS authentication option
  * doc: Add note about using rclone for Google Drive
  * doc: Rework hint to repack with max compression
  * Wording: replace further repo occurrences with repository
  * Added hint for --compression max in migration process
  * Add changelog entry
  * Fix wording in changelog template
  * Test restore fails when using invalid patterns
  * Add testRunRestoreAssumeFailure function
  * Restore: validate provided patterns
  * Wording: change repo to repository
  * Fix data race in blob_saver
  * Document automatic CPU/IO-concurrency
  * adapt workers based on whether an operation is CPU or IO-bound
  * Add changelog for async pack uploads
  * Document connections and compression option
  * repository: Limit to a single pending pack file
  * archiver: Reduce tree saver concurrency
  * archiver: Limit blob saver count to GOMAXPROCS
  * repository: Rework blob saving to use an async pack uploader
  * tag: Remove unnecessary flush call
  * Don't crash if SecretString is uninitialized
  * check: remove dead code
  * check: Print full ids
  * rebuild-index: correctly rebuild index for mixed packs
  * extend compression feature changelog entry
  * Account for pack header overhead at each entry
  * stats: return storage size for raw-data mode
  * Print number of bytes added to the repo
  * Return real size from SaveBlob
  * redact swift auth token in debug output
  * redacted keys/token in backend config debug log
  * redact http authorization header in debug log output
  * drop unused repository.Loader interface
  * repository: remove unused packIDToIndex field
  * repository: simplify CreateIndexFromPacks
  * repository: hide MasterIndex.FinalizeFullIndexes / FinalizeNotFinalIndexes
  * repository: remove MasterIndex.All()
  * repository: Properly set id for finalized index
  * repository: remove unused (Master)Index.Count
  * repository: remove unused index.ListPack
  * repository: inline index.encode
  * repository: remove unused index.Store
  * repository: make flushPacks private
  * repository: add Save method to MasterIndex interface
  * repository: index saving belongs into the MasterIndex
  * Revert "restic prune: Merge three loops over the index"
  * cmd/restic, limiter: Move config knowledge to internal packages
  * restic prune: Merge three loops over the index
  * backend: Move semaphores to a dedicated package
  * all: Move away from pkg/errors, easy cases
  * tweak password test count changelog
  * fix flaky key test
  * fix handling of maxKeys in SearchKey
  * internal/repository: Fix LoadBlob + fuzz test
  * backend/sftp: Support atomic rename
  * get rid of tomb package
  * archiver: free workers once finished
  * archiver: remove tomb usage
  * migrate: Cleanup option to request repository check
  * cmd/restic: Remove trailing "..." from progress messages
  * archiver: Remove cleanup goroutine from BufferPool
  * Fix linter check
  * internal/restic: Custom ID.MarshalJSON
  * Update
  * Update to v7.0.27
  * prune: Don't print stack trace if snapshot can't be loaded
  * prune: Fix crash on empty snapshot
  * Update 030_preparing_a_new_repo.rst
  * Add changelog entry for validating exclude patterns
  * Add tests for validating exclude patterns
  * hashing: Fix up comments
  * repository: Re-tune indexmap allocation strategy
  * local: Ignore additional errors for directory syncing
  * hashing: Remove io.WriterTo implementation
  * repository: Remove RunWorkers, report ctx.Err()
  * cache: Don't Lstat before creating the tag file
  * Fix error on temp file deletion on windows
  * Add compression migration support to changelog
  * migrate: Allow migrations to request a check run
  * check: Better differentiate between warnings and errors
  * checker: convert error type to use pointer-receivers
  * doc: Describe repository upgrade process
  * upgrade_repo_v2: Use atomic replace for supported backends
  * Document repository version and minimum restic version
  * prune: Add option to repack uncompressed data
  * prune: Automatically repack uncompressed trees for repo v2
  * Add migration to compress all data
  * Add tests for upgrade migration
  * Try to make repo upgrade migration more failsafe
  * Add repo upgrade migration
  * Improve migrate command
  * init: Enable compression support by default
  * stats: hardlinks only reduce restore within a snapshot
  * Validate exclude patterns
  * Keep original pattern for later use
  * DOCS: Incorrectly used SI units when IEC units were meant (fix #3669)
  * doc: specify AWS Region via AWS_DEFAULT_REGION
  * debug: Support pack ID prefixes in `debug examine`
  * debug: Add switch to upload blobs extracted by debug examine
  * Tidy go.sum
  * prune: Add unsafe option to recover from no free space
  * repository: Use existing method to collect pack ids
  * repository: Refactor index IDs collection
  * Use config file modes to derive new dir/file modes
  * Add changelog for local/sftp connection limit
  * Add documentation for --repository-version
  * repository: Test compressed blobs in StreamPack
  * pack: slightly expand testing of compressed blobs
  * repository: test uncompressedLength field and index example
  * repository: run blackbox tests using old and new repo version
  * repository: unify repository version-specific initialization
  * Leave allocating slices to the decompress code
  * Configure zstd encoder/decoder
  * Cleanup pack header check
  * Amend changelog
  * Add option global --compression
  * Add basic changelog for compression support
  * Print repository version when opening a repo
  * repository: Increase index size for repo version 2
  * debug: Add support for compressed blobs
  * debug: Reduce code duplication
  * repository: Alloc zstd encoder/decoder on demand
  * repository: recalibrate index batch allocation size
  * repository: implement pack compression
  * init: Add flag to specify created repository version
  * repository: Implement index/snapshot/lock compression
  * doc: Add repository compression support documentation
  * doc: Describe repository read/write order
  * doc: sftp with password actually works
  * add missing streamPacks changelog
  * fix changelog name
  * prune: Fail early if too few backend connections
  * repository: Reduce repack workers to prevent deadlock
  * backend/mem: Actually enforce connection limit
  * Backend: Expose connections parameter
  * Print password error message on stderr
  * doc: Clarify and make grouping in forget more noticeable
  * doc: fix missing "init" in rest-server example
  * Set development version for 0.13.1
  * Add simple test for fs.TempFile on windows
  * Simplify and comment TempFile implementation for windows
  * Print used key name if config fails to load
  * Refactor file handing for self-update.
  * Check in integration test that snapshots are listed before the index
  * copy: Load snapshots before indexes
  * diff: list snapshots only once
  * add changelogs
  * test that TestFindListOnce calls List only once
  * Fix O(n) backend list calls in FindFilteredSnapshots
  * copy/find/ls/recover/stats: Memorize snapshot listing before index
  * backup/diff/dump/restore/stats: List snapshots before index
  * sftp: Limit concurrent backend operations
  * local: Limit concurrent backend operations
  * backends: clean reader closing
  * Better temp file cleanup on Windows.
  * doc: Link to CACHEDIR.TAG specification
  * Fix rclone (scoop shim) and sftp issue due to detached console on Windows
  * Cast unix.Statfs_t.Type to int64 when checking for btrfs
  * Require Go 1.15 or later
  * added documentation for zsh autocompletion
  * golangci-lint: replace deprecated golint with revive
  * bloblru: Fix comment for New function
  * switch to
  * add go:build headers everywhere
  * pack: Hide more implementation details
  * pack: cleanup header size calculation
  * repository: Simplify Blob equality check
  * crypto: Use helpers for size calculations
  * repository: Remove pack implementation details from MasterIndex
  * repository: make saveAndEncrypt private
  * repository: Rename LoadAndDecrypt to LoadUnpacked
  * errors: Ensure that errors.IsFatal(errors.Fatal("err")) == true
  * copy: Implement by reusing repack
  * Set development version for 0.13.0
  * Add tests for StreamPack
  * restorer: Remove dead code
  * repository: cancel streampack context after error
  * repository: Fix error handling in repack
  * checker: cleanup header extraction
  * checker: reuse bufio reader
  * repository: don't crash if blob size is too short
  * repository: remove unused DownloadAndHash
  * checker: rewrite ReadData to stream packs
  * restorer: convert to use StreamPack
  * repository: stream packs during repacking
  * repository: Add StreamPacks function
  * repository: Implement lisiting blobs per pack file
* Thu Apr 21 2022 Dirk Müller <>
- update to 0.13.1:
  * #3685: Fix the diff command
  * #3681: Fix rclone (shimmed by Scoop) and sftp stopped working on Windows
* Sun Mar 27 2022 Dirk Müller <>
- update to 0.13.0:
  * #1106: Never lock repository for list locks
  * #2345: Make cache crash-resistant and usable by multiple concurrent processes
  * #2452: Improve error handling of repository locking
  * #2738: Don't print progress for backup --json --quiet
  * #3382: Make check command honor RESTIC_CACHE_DIR environment variable
  * #3518: Make copy command honor --no-lock for source repository
  * #3556: Fix hang with Backblaze B2 on SSL certificate authority error
  * #3601: Fix rclone backend prematurely exiting when receiving SIGINT on Windows
  * #3667: The mount command now reports symlinks sizes
  * #3488: rebuild-index failed if an index file was damaged
  * #3591: Fix handling of prune --max-repack-size=0
  * #3619: Avoid choosing parent snapshots newer than time of new snapshot
  * #3641: Ignore parent snapshot for backup --stdin
  * #3519: Require Go 1.14 or newer
  * #1542: Add --dry-run/-n option to backup command
  * #2202: Add upload checksum for Azure, GS, S3 and Swift backends
  * #233: Support negative include/exclude patterns
  * #2388: Add warning for S3 if partial credentials are provided
  * #2508: Support JSON output and quiet mode for the diff command
  * #2656: Add flag to disable TLS verification for self-signed certificates
  * #3003: Atomic uploads for the SFTP backend
  * #3127: Add xattr (extended attributes) support for Solaris
  * #3464: Skip lock creation on forget if --no-lock and --dry-run
  * #3490: Support random subset by size in check --read-data-subset
  * #3541: Improve handling of temporary B2 delete errors
  * #3542: Add file mode in symbolic notation to ls --json
  * #2594: Speed up the restore --verify command
  * #2816: The backup command no longer updates file access times on Linux
  * #2880: Make recover collect only unreferenced trees
  * #3429: Verify that new or modified keys are stored correctly
  * #3436: Improve local backend's resilience to (system) crashes
  * #3508: Cache blobs read by the dump command
  * #3511: Support configurable timeout for the rclone backend
  * #3593: Improve copy performance by parallelizing IO
Version: 0.8.3-bp150.3.5
* Thu Mar 01 2018
- Update to 0.8.3.
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/
* Sat Jan 13 2018
- Switch away from using build.go, and instead manually build with "go". This
  allows us to build with the older Go compilers present in Leap, as well as to
  build the binary as PIC and dynamic.
- Add generated man pages.
- In order to build with older Go compilers, add a patch.
  + restic-switch-to-pre-1.8-sort.Stable-API.patch
* Wed Jan 10 2018
- Update to 0.8.1.
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/
* Wed Jan 10 2018
- Add GPG verification of source as well as links to the source.
* Sun Dec 24 2017
- Update to 0.8.0. This is a security release.
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/
* Thu Oct 05 2017
- Update to 0.7.3.
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/
* Wed Aug 23 2017
- should really be in _bindir of course
* Wed Aug 23 2017
- should really be in _bindir of course
Version: 0.12.1-bp154.1.24
* Fri Aug 06 2021 Herbert Graeber <>
- Update to 0.12.1
  * #2742: Improve error handling for rclone and REST backend over HTTP2
  * #3111: Fix terminal output redirection for PowerShell
  * #3214: Treat an empty password as a fatal error for repository init
  * #3267: copy failed to copy snapshots in rare cases
  * #3184: backup --quiet no longer prints status information
  * #3296: Fix crash of check --read-data-subset=x% run for an empty repository
  * #3302: Fix fdopendir: not a directory error for local backend
  * #3334: Print created new cache message only on a terminal
  * #3380: Fix crash of backup --exclude='**'
  * #3305: Fix possibly missing backup summary of JSON output in case of error
  * #3439: Correctly handle download errors during restore
  * #3247: Empty files now have size of 0 in ls --json output
  * #2780: Add release binaries for s390x architecture on Linux
  * #3293: Add --repository-file2 option to init and copy command
  * #3312: Add auto-completion support for fish
  * #3336: SFTP backend now checks for disk space
  * #3377: Add release binaries for Apple Silicon
  * #3414: Add --keep-within-hourly option to restic forget
  * #3456: Support filtering and specifying untagged snapshots
  * #3167: Allow specifying limit of snapshots list
  * #3426: Optimize read performance of mount command
  * #3427: find --pack fallback to index if data file is missing
* Tue Feb 16 2021 Herbert Graeber <>
- Update to 0.12.0
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/
  * #1681: Make mount not create missing mount point directory
  * #1800: Ignore no data available filesystem error during backup
  * #2563: Report the correct owner of directories in FUSE mounts
  * #2688: Make backup and tag commands separate tags by comma
  * #2739: Make the cat command respect the --no-lock option
  * #3087: The --use-fs-snapshot option now works on windows/386
  * #3100: Do not require gs bucket permissions when running init
  * #3111: Correctly detect output redirection for backup command on Windows
  * #3151: Don't create invalid snapshots when backup is interrupted
  * #3166: Improve error handling in the restore command
  * #3232: Correct statistics for overlapping targets
  * #3014: Fix sporadic stream reset between rclone and restic
  * #3152: Do not hang until foregrounded when completed in background
  * #3249: Improve error handling in gs backend
  * #3095: Deleting files on Google Drive now moves them to the trash
  * #2186: Allow specifying percentage in check --read-data-subset
  * #2453: Report permanent/fatal backend errors earlier
  * #2528: Add Alibaba/Aliyun OSS support in the s3 backend
  * #2706: Configurable progress reports for non-interactive terminals
  * #2944: Add backup options --files-from-{verbatim,raw}
  * #3083: Allow usage of deprecated S3 ListObjects API
  * #3147: Support additional environment variables for Swift authentication
  * #3191: Add release binaries for MIPS architectures
  * #909:  Back up mountpoints as empty directories
  * #3250: Add several more error checks
  * #2718: Improve prune performance and make it more customizable
  * #2495: Add option to let backup trust mtime without checking ctime
  * #2941: Speed up the repacking step of the prune command
  * #3006: Speed up the rebuild-index command
  * #3048: Add more checks for index and pack files in the check command
  * #2433: Make the dump command support zip format
  * #3099: Reduce memory usage of check command
  * #3106: Parallelize scan of snapshot content in copy and prune
  * #3130: Parallelize reading of locks and snapshots
  * #3254: Enable HTTP/2 for backend connections
* Mon Dec 21 2020 Gordon Schulz <>
- Update to 0.11.0
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/
  * #1212: Restore timestamps and permissions on intermediate directories
  * #1756: Mark repository files as read-only when using the local backend
  * #2241: Hide password in REST backend repository URLs
  * #2319: Correctly dump directories into tar files
  * #2491: Don't require self-update --output placeholder file
  * #2834: Fix rare cases of backup command hanging forever
  * #2938: Fix manpage formatting
  * #2942: Make --exclude-larger-than handle disappearing files
  * #2951: Restic generate, help and self-update no longer check passwords
  * #2979: Make snapshots --json output [] instead of null when no snapshots
  * #2969: Optimize check for unchanged files during backup
  * #340: Add support for Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) on Windows
  * #2849: Authenticate to Google Cloud Storage with access token
  * #1458: New option --repository-file
  * #2978: Warn if parent snapshot cannot be loaded during backup
Version: 0.10.0-bp151.4.3.1
* Tue Sep 22 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
- Update to 0.10.0.
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/
- we need to manually vendor the libraries now
- bump minimum go version to >= 1.13
* Sat Nov 23 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
- Update to 0.9.6.
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/
  * Allow absolute path for filename when backing up from stdin
  * Save files with invalid timestamps
  * Read fresh metadata for unmodified files
  * Add upper bound for t in --read-data-subset=n/t
  * Check errors when loading index files
  + Allow multiple retries for interactive password input
  + Make --group-by accept both singular and plural
  + Add option to configure S3 region
* Tue Apr 23 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
- Update to 0.9.5.
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/ Short-log:
  * Return error when no bytes could be read from stdin
  * Don't cancel timeout after 30 seconds for self-update
  * Fix reading passwords from stdin
  * Don't abort the find command when a tree can't be loaded
  + Add case insensitive include & exclude options
  + Support streaming JSON output for backup
  + Add Openstack application credential auth for Swift
  + Add --json support to forget command
  + Add group-by option to snapshots command
  + Ability to dump folders to tar via stdout
  + Return error if no bytes could be read for backup --stdin
  + Add --ignore-inode option to backup cmd
  + Add config option to set S3 storage class
* Mon Jan 07 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
- Update to 0.9.4.
  See installed /usr/share/doc/packages/restic/