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Change Logs

* Thu Apr 09 2020 Johannes Weberhofer <>
- Update to release 1.4.2
  * Bug-fixing release related to SSH bugs
  * Adds ClientBuild settings to RDP plugin to specify client version build number
  * Spelling: Smaller bullet points, RDP plugin
  * Allow formatting for SSH session filename
  * web-browser plugin fixes
  * Make duplicate session sensitive only if a profile exists
  * Issue template reworked
  * Fix null pointer dereference in remmina_main_quickconnect
  * SFTP with tunnel fixes
  * Cppcheck and PVS Studio Fixes
  * VNCI fixes
  * Typo fix in remmina_ssh.c
  * Allow enter key in domain textbox of authentication dialog to submit
  * rcw event sources cleanup (bsc#1169412)
* Tue Feb 25 2020 Johannes Weberhofer <>
- Update to release 1.4.1
  * Bug-fix release
  * SSH fixes, should fix #2094
  * Update
* Fri Feb 21 2020 Johannes Weberhofer <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.4.0
  * This is a long term release
  * RDP clipboard fixes
  * SSH authentication fixes
  * Fixed compiler warnings
  * SSH tunnel refactoring
  * Parameters passed individually, notation, "Press any key to continue?"
  * Updated boolean expressions
  * Add end of options escaping
  * Remove double-quotes escaping early
  * Ending code block whitespace line removed
  * Safer removal of build directory
  * Spelling: Could not access the RDP server x7
  * Removing double struct declaration
* Wed Jan 08 2020 Johannes Weberhofer <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.3.10 (jsc#SLE-9612)
  * VNC: Fix a buffer overflow during cuttext
  * Fix KB/pointer grabbing again and add warning when GTK is using
  * GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS refactoring
  * Proxy support fixes
- Update to new upstream release 1.3.9
  * Fixing Keyboard grab issues. (mainly within i3wm and XFCE).
* Fri Dec 20 2019 Johannes Weberhofer <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.3.8
  * Avoid clearing username/domain when saving RDP password
  * Make Remmina news dialog modal to the main window
  * Change switch notebook page idle func order.
  * Fixing bad seat grabbing behaviour (grab all keys not working)
  * Adding cmake option to use latest FreeRDP symbols when compiling.
  * Adding default application symbolic icons
  * Several translation fixes
- Removed obsolete remmina-1.3.7-libfreerdp-2.0.0-rc4.patch
* Fri Dec 06 2019 Johannes Weberhofer <>
- Added remmina-1.3.7-libfreerdp-2.0.0-rc4.patch to be compatibile with
- Update to new upstream release 1.3.7
  * Huge improvements in translations
  * Better authentication MessagePanel API
  * Adding hidden proxy/socks settings for the RDP plugin
  * Debian Lintian, appstream and AppImage detected issues fixes
  * Tooltips in the remmina profile editor
  * Fix for issue #1949 (and #1968). It also relocates --version and --full-version in local istance.
  * Enumerate and share all local printers.
  * Manually specify more then one printer&driver when connecting via RDP
  * Printer sharing remediation
  * Remove useless includes
  * VTE is a suggested package
  * AppImage path fixes
  * Using remmina image for gnome 3.28
  * Fix crash when clicking AR-button
  * Various Fixes !1931
  * Fix RDP failed auth after credentials panel: big rework on plugin connection close flow
* Tue Aug 27 2019 Johannes Weberhofer <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.3.6
  * Fix fullscreen switching
  * Fullscreen fixes
  * rdpr channel initialization for special devices sharing. Closes #1955
  * Fixing remminamain destroy issues
  * Makes Rmnews modal to avoid that it steals input to the RCW
  * Make some cmake targets optional to avoid packaging isssues
  * SNAP fixing dependencies for the plugin WWW
  * Updating Remmna icon to the yaru/suru icon set.
  * Adding harfbuzz headers, closes #1941
  * New stats
  * *.md: typo corrections
  * Remove G+ from documents
* Mon Aug 05 2019 Johannes Weberhofer <>
- Removed dependency to NX for remmina-plugin-kwallet.
* Wed Jul 31 2019 Johannes Weberhofer <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.3.5
  * Configurable, human readable profile file names
  * A KDE Wallte plugin, that can be used instead of the GNOME Keyring
  * Many notable and subtle bugs fixed by Giovanni Panozzo.
  * Null pointer reference, RDP issues, remmina connection window fixes and refactoring and many more!!
  * Remmina news (and announcements) widget
  * Periodically (sporadically) a widget will be shown with news and announcements related to your Remmina version.
  * Master password, to protect settings and profiles from unauthorized modifications
  * WWW plugin (web browser with authentication for Remmina)
  * New color schemes for the SSH plugin.
  * Preferences cleaning
  * Profile saving bug fixed
  * Remmina main UI improvements
  * Typographic and wording corrections
- Removed broken telepathy plugin
- New kwallet plugin will be built only on openSUSE and SLE backport
* Wed Mar 13 2019 Felix Zhang <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.3.4
  * Updated to use core18 and gnome-3-28-1804 !1797
  * Snap: Build snap in CI and publish to the edge channel for
    builds against master !1810
  * Resolve "SSH public key cannot be imported: Access denied for
    'none'. Authentication that can continie: publickey" !1811
  * snap: Ensure the icon is installed !1812
* Thu Feb 28 2019 Johannes Weberhofer <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.3.3
  * Fix ?Utranslated? typo + XHTML 1.0 strictness + move div CSS rule in style block
  * Revert autoclosed <script> tags. It seems to be badly surported
  * Remmina connection window refactoring
  * Adding Serial and parallel ports sharing
  * RemminaMain window refactoring - Removing deprecated functions.
  * Fix #1836 implementing the correct message panel when authenticating
  * Make ssh tunnel pwd user manageable and public key import
  * Fix Yes/No inversion
  * Updated translations: de, zh_CN, it, fr, tr, da, it
* Fri Feb 01 2019
- Upgraded to 1.3.2 (boo#1123452, boo#1103557)
  * Change rcw size allocation wait algorithm, see issue #1809
  * Fix a couple of VNCI crashes, see issue #1821
  * Fix spice authentication, issue #1820
  * Update translations script fixes
  * Add a missing end point in an SSH error message
  * Translation Updates: fr, it
  * Cosmetic fixes
* Tue Jan 29 2019
- Removed upstream patch remmina-1.3.0-removed-edit-delete.patch
- Upgraded to 1.3.1
  * fixed several typograpic errors
  * fixed VNC clipboard bug
  * Translations updated: en, de, tr, ru, it, es
  * Translations for SSH error messages
  * Performance improvement
  * Improved CSS Styles
  * rcw fixes
  * fix scrolling in fullscreen mode
  * fixed several issues
* Tue Jan 22 2019
- Added remmina-1.3.0-removed-edit-delete.patch from upstream to
  exclude edit-delete.svg causing a conflict with kaffeine.
* Fri Jan 18 2019
- Upgraded to 1.3.0
  * Use window resolution
  * rcw_preopen complete
  * RDP: new global parameter rdp_map_keycode
  * Use decimal instead of hex on rdp keycode map
  * Updated translations
  * Adding language detection
  * Auth panel widget placement
  * CSS modifications to adapt to stock Gnome and Gtk themes
  * Updated CSS to have black background in fullscreen
  * Gtk deprecation and CSS restzling
  * Gtk icon cache update during install phase
  * Correctly set focus after rcw_preopen
  * Icons and gtk fixes for rcw_reopen
  * Deprecates dynamic_resolution_width and height cfg params
  * Disable glyph cache by default
  * Fix crash when showing password panel
  * Fix crash when showing password panel
  * allow closing tab after error message panel is shown
  * Remove deprecated floating toolbar toplevel window
  * Fixed missing icons
  * Make menu items paintable by the application
  * Open connection window before connecting
  * Prevent toolbar signals while reconfiguring toolbar
  * Update toolbar button handling
  * Added xrdp friendly options, the "Relax Order Checks" and
    "Glyph Cache" options  are required for connections to xrdp
    servers (boo#1125549, boo#1129319)
  * RDP fixes: remove redundant rfi->width/rfi->height and more
  * RDP: correctly destroy rfi->surface during a desktop resize
  * RDP: move gdi_resize() to a better place
  * RDP: remove unneeded OrderSupport struct init
  * VNC: Fix possible crash during connection
  * Search box clear icon
  * Updated and
  * Updated sponsor list
  * Updated wiki URLs
  * Updating coyright for year 2019
* Tue Nov 20 2018
- Upgraded to
  * Add desktop-gnome-platform and fix themes in SNAP
  * Implement smartcard name setting
  * man+help: elaborate on file types of -connect and -edit cmd line options
  * Removing X11Forwarding code as it is wrong and causing issues
  * Updated turkish translation
* Sun Oct 07 2018
- new plugin remmina-plugin-st (simple terminal)
- Upgraded to 1.2.32
  * Avoid to save last_success property if stats are not enabled.
  * GW auth data was saved in the server auth data.
  * Do not register socket plugins when X11 is not available.
  * Screenshot enhancements.
  * RDP GW authentication.
  * Adding global preference for search bar visibility.
  * Allow wayland backend again when GTK >= 3.22.27.
  * Added turkish translation.
  * Add option to honour https_proxy and http_proxy environment variable.
  * Force program name to app id.
  * Printing builds flags with remmina --full-version command option.
  * Fix KB grabbing when switching workspace.
  * Dealing correcthly with some deprecations, getting rid of most
  * Improving file type hadling.
  * Adding error check on remmina_pref_save.
  * Many bug fixing as usual.
* Mon Aug 27 2018
- Upgraded to
  * Enhancements
  - Improving file type hadling.
  * Fixed bugs
  - Fix KB grabbing when switching workspace.
  - Fix some possible crashes when reading a remminafile.
  - Fixes a crash deleting XDMCP profile.
  - Fixing libssh deprecations.
- Upgraded to
  * Enhancements
  - Implement send ctrl+alt+fn keys.
  * Fixed bugs
  - Do not send stats if the remmina.pref file is read.
  - cmake: include libssh_threads only when available.
  - Set program class to REMMINA_APP_ID
* Wed Aug 08 2018
- Use noun phrasing in summary.
* Wed Aug 08 2018
- New package remmina-kiosk is now available
- Upgraded to
  * Fixed bugs
  - Cannot minimize in fullscreen mode.
  - Crash with the RDP plugin.
  - Missing manual pages
- Upgraded to 1.2.31
  * Notables changes
  - Custom color schemes per profile for the SSH plugin
  - Flatpak updates and fixes
  - Kiosk mode with integration in the login manager
  - New Icons
  - SFTP tool password fixes
  - Several fixes around RDP and compilations issues (bsc#1117402)