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Version: 3.1.15-bp150.2.4
* Fri Aug 14 2015
- update to remind-3.1.15
  - BUG FIX: Fix a buffer overflow found by Alexander Keller
  - BUG FIX: Make parser reject an AT followed by more than one time.
  - BUG FIX: Make parser reject repeated delta or *repeat values.
  - NEW FEATURE: Putting the line __EOF__ in a .rem file causes
    Remind to treat it as end-of-file.
  - IMPROVEMENT: Use better PNG images for moons in the HTML display
  - BUG FIX: The "-n" command-line option should really run in
    "ADVANCE_MODE" rather than "CAL_MODE" internally; otherwise,
    the substitution sequences may be misinterpreted.
  - BUG FIX: A typo in clearing out MD5 sum context has been fixed.
  - BUG FIX: Typo in Spanish translation was fixed.
* Mon Apr 22 2013
- update to remind-3.1.13
  - BUG FIX: Sunrise/Sunset calculations greatly improved thanks to
    John McGowan.  Accuracy should now be within a couple of
    minutes in most places.
  - BUG FIX: Allow specification of margins as low as 0 points in
    rem2ps, courtesy of Jonathan Kamens.
  - BUG FIX: Permit compilation with gcc 2.95 (which doesn't allow
    variable declarations after non-declaration statements in a
  - BUG FIX: Several minor documentation errors corrected courtesy
    of Simon Ruderich.
  - BUG FIX: Spurious test harness failure was fixed.
* Tue Feb 28 2012
- update to remind-3.1.12
  - NEW FEATURE: Many substitution sequences "%x" have an alternate
    mode denoted by "%*x".  This alternate mode leaves out
    prepositions.  For example, in English "%i" might yield "on
    01-25" while "%*i" yields only "01-25".
  - BUG FIX: The "dusk" and "dawn" calculations were completely
    wrong.  They have been fixed.  Also, sunrise/sunset calculations
    have been tweaked, so the results may be off by a minute or two
    compared to previous versions of Remind.
  - BUG FIX: For some inexplicable reason, dawn was considered to
    happen when the sun was 14 degrees below the horizon instead of
    the standard 6 degrees for Civil Dawn.  This has been fixed.
  - BUG FIXES: Clarified the man pages and fixed some typos.
  - BUG FIX: Add THROUGH to the remind.vim syntax highlighting file.
  - ENHANCEMENT (?): Allow SPECIAL COLOR to be spelled SPECIAL
  - BUG FIX: Apply minor Debian cleanups reported by Kurt B. Kaiser.
* Mon Feb 20 2012
- disable make check - it breaks the build
* Mon Feb 13 2012
- patch license to follow standard
* Wed Dec 22 2010
- clean up specfile
- enable 'make check' again
* Tue Nov 02 2010
- update to remind-3.1.10
  - add the THROUGH keyword.  You can omit blocks of dates
    with: OMIT start THROUGH end
  - add support for multibyte characters (eg, UTF-8) in calendar
    output. Note that UTF-8 strings are still not supported in
    PostScript output.
  - add support for UTF-8 line-drawing characters in calendar
  - you can have multiple TAG clauses in a REM statement
  - avoid spawning long-running background processes in "make
  - don't declare variables in the middle of statements (old C
    compilers choke.)
* Mon Jun 21 2010
- update to remind-3.1.9
  - New "purge mode" to delete expired reminders. See
    the PURGE MODE section of the remind man page.
  - Support DURATION in TkRemind. Thanks to Marek Marczykowski.
  - Don't change the order of PS and PSFILE reminders.  Bug found
    by John McGowan.
  - "REM 1990-01-01 SATISFY 1" would yield a spurious parse error
    in earlier versions of Remind.
  - Yom HaShoah is moved to Thursday if it would normally fall on
    a Friday. Thanks to Jonathan Kamens for pointing this out.
* Wed Mar 10 2010
- update to remind-3.1.8
  - Add the $T, $Td, $Tm, $Tw, $Ty, $U, $Ud, $Um, $Uw, $Uy
    special variables to make reminder files less wordy. See man page
    for details.
  - Ignore msgprefix() and msgsuffix() on RUN-type reminders.
  - Adjust Remind and Rem2PS so that SHADE specials don't obliterate
    earlier MOON specials.
  - Fix bug in SCHED calculations if Remind is started in the middle
    of a SCHED interval.
* Fri Jan 22 2010
- initial package for Contrib, based on obs://home:code933k/remind