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Change Logs

Version: 0.9.33-bp152.2.22
* Sun Mar 15 2015
- Update to version 0.9.33
  * Added support for reading and writing boolean result formats.
  * Fixed several query engine operator evaluations (AVG, STRBEFORE,
  * Updated query results class constructor and methods, deprecating older.
  * Portability fixes for ICC, clang and GCC 5.
  * New internal test runner utility
  * Variable bindings query results can be formatted in mKR CSV format.
  * Multiple other fixes and improvements including fixing reported issues:
    0000546, 0000568, 0000583 and 0000588.
- Remove redundant %clean section
* Sat Feb 02 2013
- Update to version 0.9.30:
  + Removed RDQL support
  + Improved floating equality, comparison and promotion rules
  + Other fixes and improvements
* Fri Feb 01 2013
- update license again
* Mon May 21 2012
- Update to version 0.9.29:
  + Supports all of SPARQL 1.0 by passing 100% of the approved
  + Added support for XSD date.
  + Made XSD dateTime and XSD date equality and comparison work
  + Make limit and offset check work properly in a subquery
  + Correctly handle errors during aggregation expressions
  + Fix blank node generation when made in a CONSTRUCT to match
  + Added SPARQL 1.1 draft UUID() and STRUUID() support
  + Requires Raptor 2.0.7+
  + RDQL support will be removed in the next release (0.9.30)
  + Made other fixes and improvements including fixing reported
    issues: 0000493, 0000494 0000504 (
* Mon Jan 23 2012
- add baselibs.conf
* Wed Jan 04 2012
- remove libmhash buildrequires, which development was
  abandoned on 2007-08-18 and therefore should not be used.
  the library will fallback to internal hashing routines.
- remove obsolete configure options/cflags
* Wed Dec 21 2011
- Remove the specific -32bit compilation for 64bit systems. This
  as that rasqal depends on mhash for which there is no -32bit
* Wed Dec 21 2011
- Update to 0.9.28
  * Added full support for SPARQL 1.1 draft STRBEFORE, STRAFTER
    and REPLACE.
  * Add internal Mersenne Twister PRNG or choose others via
  * Language name 'sparql' is now SPARQL 1.1
  * The query result formats now all use the W3C Format URIs as
    their primary URI
  * Improved configure check for for ceil(), floor() and round()
    to prevent GCC optimizing the test away and getting the wrong
  * Bugfixes
* Sat Oct 08 2011
- Split documentation package (fix for RPMLINT warning)
- Added mhash buildrequires
- Cleaned up spec file formatting
* Mon Sep 19 2011
- Update to 0.9.27
  * sub-SELECTs can now be executed
  * OPTIONAL and UNION fully execute correctly
  * Grouping over sub-graph patterns fully executes correctly
  * CONSTRUCT WHERE abbreviation is supported and executes
  * CONSTRUCT works when working over a query with optionals
  * Updated the CSV and TSV outputs to match the editor's draft
    SPARQL 1.1 Query Results CSV and TSV Formats
  * Fixed issues: [1]#0000127, [2]#0000423, [3]#0000434, [4]#0000454
    and [5]#0000459.
* Sun May 22 2011
- Update to 0.9.21:
  * Updated to handle aggregate expression execution as defined by the
    SPARQL 1.1 Query W3C working draft of 14 October 2010
  * Executes grouping of results: GROUP BY
  * Executes aggregate expressions: AVG, COUNT, GROUP_CONCAT, MAX, MIN,
  * Executes filtering of aggregate expressions: HAVING
  * Parses new syntax: BINDINGS, isNUMERIC(), MINUS, sub SELECT and
  * The syntax format for parsing data graphs at URIs can be explictly
  * The roqet utility can execute queries over SPARQL HTTP Protocol and
    operate over data from stdin.
  * Added several new APIs
  * Fixed Issue: #0000388
- Spec file updates:
  * Changes based on spec-cleaner run.
  * Changed License: to LGPLv2.1+ or GPLv2+ or ASLv2.0+.
  * Changed rasqal Group to Productivity/Other.
  * Added mpfr-devel in BuildRequires:.
  * Removed gtk-doc from BuildRequires: (not needed to build html docs).
  * Removed autoreconf from %build section and simplified configure.
  * Install html docs in %{_docdir}/librasqal-devel/.
  * Minor other updates.
* Thu Apr 14 2011
- added 32bit compatibility libraries
- removed package name from summary (fix for RPMLINT warning)
* Tue Oct 19 2010
- update to 0.9.20:
  * Updated to handle more of the new syntax defined by the SPARQL 1.1
    Query and SPARQL 1.1 Update W3C working drafts of 1 June 2010
    Added execution support for new SPARQL 1.1 query built-in expressions
    Added an 'html' query result table format from patch by Nicholas J
    Added API support for group by HAVING expressions
    Added XSD Date comparison support
    Support building with Raptor V2 API if configured with --with-raptor2.
    Many other bug fixes and improvements were made.
    Fixed Issues: #0000352, #0000353, #0000354, #0000360, #0000374,
    [#0000377] and #0000378
    See the Rasqal 0.9.20 Release Notes for the full details of the
* Sun Apr 11 2010
- update to 0.9.19:
  * Add initial draft parsing and API (NOT execution) support for
    SPARQL 1.1 Update W3C Working Draft of 2010-01-26.
  * Add public APIs (row, results, result formatter, variables table)
    so that query results can be built, read and written without query.
  * Add API resilience checks for invalid NULL pointer arguments.
  * Many other bug fixes and improvements were made.
* Sat Jan 02 2010
- update to 0.9.17:
  Added a new query engine that implements the SPARQL algebra better
  All constructors now take a rasqal_world argument
  Added LAQRS syntax support for SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, COALESCE()
  experimental syntax
  Added query result formatters for CSV, TSV and ASCII tables
  Prefer pkg-config for configuring
  Many resilience and resource failure fixes by Lauri Aalto
  Many other bug fixes and improvements were made
  Fixed Issues: Issue#0000077, Issue#0000128, Issue#0000168,
  Issue#0000258, Issue#0000261, Issue#0000271, Issue#0000279 and
* Thu Jul 24 2008
- update to version 0.9.16:
  * Added a rasqal_world object used for all constructor functions
  * Removed deprecated functions and macros
  * Fixed some memory leaks and made some low-memory resiliance fixes
  * Query result sets can be read/written from sparql XML results format
  * Improved error syntax error reporting
* Sat Jan 05 2008
- update buildrequires
* Sat Dec 15 2007
- Update to version 0.9.15
  * Many updates for supporting W3C SPARQL Proposed Recommendation.
    Passes over 92% of the DAWG SPARQL Test Suite.
  * Many query engine improvements.
  * Substantial improvements to datatypes support and evaluation.
  * Many improvements and fixes for use in low-memory situations
  * Several new APIs were added including a new XSD decimal class
* Sun Aug 26 2007
- build needs -fno-strict-aliasing.
- PCRE is the recommended regex library and the default but
  package neither required pcre-devel nor the autodetection worked.
- add missing calls to ldconfig.
- remove unneeded static libraries and libtool archives.
* Fri May 04 2007
- Fix package requires