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Change Logs

Version: 1.4.4-bp152.1.13
* Wed Dec 19 2018
- Update to version 1.4.4
  * Fixed: Wrong time-stamp for some (single track) albums.
  * Fixed: Using the systray Quimup always started minimized.
  * Fixed: Player was not the active window after startup.
  * Fixed: Files dropped on playlist are inserted at position.
  * Fixed: Crash with deleted/moved external playlist items.
  * Fixed: Compilation error on Mageia (thanks David Geiger).
  * Fixed: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile.
  * Coded: Fixed many new c++ compiler warnings (not errors).
  * Coded: Added Taglib version check in qm_player (openSuse).
  * Other: Autoconfig searches more places for mpd.conf
  * Other: Settings window is now resizable (as it should be).
  * Other: Some changes in 'about' text and 'Settings' layout.
- Dropped quimup-gcc47.patch and quimup.patch (no longer
* Tue Jan 02 2018
- Trim marketing from description.
* Sat Dec 30 2017
- Update to version 1.4.3:
  * Fixed: Possible crash when connection to MPD was lost.
  * Fixed: Settings window could be too small for comfort.
  * Fixed: Column widths not set in Library and Playlist view.
  * Fixed: Obsolete email address in 'about'.
  * Added: Option to start player minimized.
  * Other: Minor cosmetic changes.
- Refreshed quimup.patch
- Spec cleanup
* Wed Feb 08 2017
- Fix crash in error_check() with quimup.patch
* Sun May 15 2016
- Update to version 1.4.1:
  (note that 1.4.2 introduces build time issue against taglib)
  * Fixed: On startup player could show 2 close buttons.
  * Fixed: Folder browser did not list .m3u playlists
  * Coded: Added #include <QDataStream> to qtlocalpeer.h
  * Other: Minor changes in dialog text and command-line output.
  * Added: Use flac-type embedded cover art from ogg file.
- Removed quimup-1.4.0_qt5-5.5.patch.
* Mon Oct 05 2015
- Fix build on openSUSE > 13.2: quimup-1.4.0_qt5-5.5.patch
* Tue Mar 24 2015
- update to version 1.4.0
  * Coded: Migrated the code to QT5
  * Fixed: After changing colors wrong album-art could be shown.
  * Added: Use embedded cover art from asf and ape-tagged mp3.
- spec cleanup
* Tue Jul 08 2014
- new upstream version <1.3.2>
  * Fixed: Provided password was not used unconditionally.
  * Fixed: Playlist not updated when a dropped item was rejected.
  * Fixed: Settings were not saved upon system shutdown/logout.
  * Fixed: Could not find translation(s) in default location.
  * Fixed: Music dir was not always found automatically.
  * Added: Use embedded cover art (mp3 ogg mpc mp4 flac wv ape).
  * Added: Player and Browser now respond to 'media keys'.
  * Added: Support for *.cue playlist files in folder view.
  * Added: 'Reset status' to playlist context menu.
  * Added: '-l none' to cmd parameters to force internal locale.
  * Added: More extensions are accepted for D&D operations.
  * Other: Some cosmetic tweaks, as usual.
- added copyright&license header.
- removed clean section.
* Sat Dec 14 2013
- new upstream version <1.3.1>
  * Added: Support for the 'Disc Number' tag.
  * Added: Stream loader can handle compound urls better.
  * Added: Manually override MPD's (remote) music dir.
  * Fixed: Crash upon calling mpd_return_pair (Archlinux).
  * Fixed: Player changed position after hide-show toggle.
  * Fixed: Allow more time to connect to MPD at start-up.
  * Fixed: Possible wrong sorting order of dragged items.
  * Coded: Project 'includes' libmpdclient using pkg-config.
* Sat Jan 12 2013
- new upstream version <1.3.0>
  * Added: "Drag & drop" from file manager to quimup.
  * Added: "Open with" from file manager (%U or %F).
  * Added: Single-instance-mode (by default).
  * Added: Localization support (no translations yet).
  * Added: Command line parameters (try "quimup -help").
  * Added: Rescan tags for any selection (library menu).
  * Added: Folder search in the browser.
  * Added: Check if mpd is running when quimup starts up.
  * Added: Option to apply colors to the album info widget.
  * Added: Music directory is requested from MPD (0.17+).
  * Added: Playlist scrolls to drop-position after d&d.
  * Added: Drop on playlist allows insert (not just append).
  * Added: Manually controlled widths in library and playlist.
  * Added: Track titles shown across all colums in library.
  * Added: A first-run dialog with some useful tips.
  * Added: More details on command line in case of MPD-errors.
  * Lots of fixes and remakes.
- build changes
  * Mpd became required [#PM-66].
  * New program icon place.
  * Debuginfo was enabled.
* Sat May 19 2012
- fix build with gcc 4.7
* Wed Feb 23 2011
- new upstream version <1.2.0>
  * Settings are now saved when applied (and on exit).
  * The volume slider is now always visible (was a pop-up).
  * The volume slider keeps the focus after a button click.
  * The progress bar is snappier (now based on QSlider).
  * "Modified" mode now sorts albums (rather than folders).
  * "Modified" now also possible when mpd runs remotely.
  * "Modified" now puts most recent item on top of the list.
  * "Modified" now handles missing tags correctly.
  * New library mode: Albums sorted by year (i.e. date tag).
  * Replaygain mode can now be set on the fly from Quimup.
  * Library and Playlist can be toggled to use full window.
  * Improved automatic column-width handling (i.m.h.o.).
  * "Reload audio tags" even when mod-time has not changed.
  * Fixed: 'Played' status was reset by "Reload audio tags".
  * Fixed: No response to 'disconnected' when in 'idle' mode.
  * "Collapse all" was added to the Library context menu.
  * Row colors now alternate in the library and playlist.
  * Tray icons were replaced (new and larger images).
  * Windows now always open normally (and never minimized).
  * Some minor cosmetic tweaks, as usual.
* Fri Jun 25 2010
- new upstream version <1.1.1>
  * Volume slider now a pops up from the "status led".
  * Added volume control with mousewheel on "status led".
  * Playlist can now be rearranged (by drag & drop).
  * Added up/down keys to move through the playlist.
  * Added option to ignore leading 'the' when sorting artists.
  * "Start (mpd) with quimup" is now unchecked by default.
  * Added Ctrl-Q hotkey to close the player.
  * Fixed the "KDE logout was aborted by quimup" problem.
  * Year-tag format xxxx-xx-xx is now shown as xxxx only.
  * Empty year-tags are now ignored (prev. non-present only).
  * Fixed some typos.
  * Some cosmetic brush-ups, as usual.
* Sat May 08 2010
- new upstream version <1.1.0>
* Sat Feb 21 2009
- new upstream version <0.3.5>
  * Fixed: "KDE logout was cancelled by process quimup." (thanks Tilman Vogel)
  * Changed: Symlinks can now be used for album art (thanks Tilman Vogel)
  * Changed: Main MPD version is now shown as x.x (was the 'API' version x.x.x)
* Sat Jun 28 2008
- new upstream version <0.3.4>
* Tue Feb 26 2008
- new upstream version <0.3.3>
* Sat Jan 26 2008
- new upstream version <0.3.2>
* Fri Nov 23 2007
- new upstream version <0.3.1>
* Thu Oct 25 2007
- initial build for packman