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Change Logs

Version: 1.16.3-bp151.1.4
* Sat Sep 01 2018 Andrey Karepin <>
- add qtox.keyring file
- change source download URL
* Sun Jul 29 2018
- update to 1.16.3
  This point release fixes flatpak build. No feature changes.
- changes from 1.16.2
  This point release fixes dialog spam from receiving invalid
  filenames and logs spam. No feature changes.
  * Bug Fixes
  * *logging:**
  - only log toxcore messages above TRACE level
  * *ui:**
  - don't emit filename change windows for every chat
* Thu Jun 28 2018
- add 5041.patch to fix build in factory
* Mon Jun 18 2018
- disable Werror for parenthesis (breaks the build because of gtk2)
* Sun Jun 17 2018
- Update to version 1.15.0:
  * chore(windows): fix automatic deploy for windows
  * chore(release): update qTox version to v1.15.0
  * chore(l10n): update translations from Weblate
  * chore(windows): automatically deploy for windows
  * chore(version): update toxcore version to v0.2.2
  * perf(ui): cache stylesheets to reduce memory usage
  * fix(settings): connect enable LAN discovery checkbox
  * fix(core): split messages on utf8 multibyte character boundary properly
  * feat(camera): add higher resolution camera options
  * refactor(avform): simplify and standardize sliders, use RMS for volume
  * fix(audio): apply gain to both audio channels
  * fix(audio): move audio timers to and start from audioThread
  * refactor(ui): consolidate new message settings under UI page
  * feat(ui): add setting for disabling new message notification popup
  * feat(ui): Add ability to disable LAN discovery
  * fix(profile): don't error if no new avatar is selected
  * fix(chatform): include pressed key(s) when changing focus
  * fix(settings): add missing enableTestSound to settings
  * fix(ui): remove placeholder update UI
  * fix(docs): include master key fingerprint instead of subkey fingerprint
  * refactor(call): Refactor toxcall and disconnect lambda on destruction
  * chore(windows): add architecture to installer's and zip's filenames
  * chore(windows): create a zip with qTox to be used in release publishing
  * chore(windows): use NSIS 3 and cache NSIS ShellExecAsUser plugin
  * chore(windows): bump VPX version to the latest (1.7.0)
  * chore(windows): bump Sodium version to the latest (1.0.16)
  * chore(windows): bump QREncode version to the latest (4.0.0)
  * chore(windows): bump FFmpeg 3.2 version to the latest (3.2.10)
  * chore(windows): bump SQLCipher version to the latest (3.4.2)
  * chore(windows): bump Qt 5.9 version to the latest (5.9.4)
  * chore(windows): bump OpenSSL version to the latest (1.0.2o)
  * feat(Weblate): create script to automatically merge Weblate changes
  * chore(windows): build installer on Travis
  * fix(history): don't save own messages when history is disabled
  * fix(docs): update dependencies for Debian
  * fix(login): Don't dereference null pointer
  * fix: remove build date and time from main.cpp
  * fix(import): don't use java-style iterator before first element
  * fix(offlinemsg): make faux offline messages purely event based
  * refactor: remove some unused includes
  * chore: put download URL for CircleCI artifacts in the build log
  * fix(IPC): Update profileName to update IPC ID after login screen
  * fix(chattextedit): ChatTextEdit bug fix for issue #5020 Corrected
  * docs(build): Add Fedora to the list of quick install
  * docs(build): Add Fedora simple install instructions
  * chore: remove unmaintained package build script
  * fix(name): Clear alias on name change so that name changes are visible
  * fix(build): Remove unused vars, add default case for switch
  * fix: don't use invalid reference after erasing element
  * fix(avform): Audio/Video settings tab #5011 issue bugfix
  * fix(widget): Fix double free crash on group leave
  * docs(readme): add GPG fingerprint of tox-user
- remove/drop patch fix_compiler_warnings.patch becaue no more need
- rebase spec to fix build error
* Mon Apr 02 2018
- improve summary and description of the package
Version: 1.14.0-bp150.2.10
* Thu Mar 22 2018
- move LICENSE to %license section
- strip unneeded ldconfig
- disable filter_audio dependency - it is dead for more than 2 years
* Sun Mar 18 2018
- Trim filler wording from description.
* Sun Mar 18 2018
- use upstream patch and drop our -Wno-error= flags
* Sun Mar 18 2018
- Update to version 1.14.0:
  * chore(release): release v1.14.0
  * chore: update to c-toxcore 0.2.1
  * fix: Fix crash on manipulation with friend
  * fix(avform): Hotfix for crash on video device change on 'None'
  * fix(group): Show correct count of user on first creation
  * fix(friendwidget): Use queued connection to avoid removing 'this'
  * chore(l10n): update translations from Weblate
  * feat: Add the cmake option USE_CCACHE
  * refactor: update displayed user name from the friend model
  * refactor(friend): add an additional signal to Friend
  * fix(chatform): Broaden URL matching to include unicode
  * feat: update to the new c-toxcore 0.2.0 conferences api
  * fix(core): Adapt qtox to new conferences state change callback.
  * fix: Not quit on close if this setting is enabled
  * docs: add qttools5-dev to the dependencies list for Ubuntu
  * fix(widget): Fix status pic alignment
  * fix(chatlog): Match multi-character emoticons again
  * docs(fix): Write Macedonian in its national script
  * fix(build): move Appdata file installation to /usr/share/metainfo
  * fix(smiley): change license of classic smileys to CC BY-SA 4.0
  * refactor: add/delete checks in search code
  * refactor: rename hideButton to searchHideButton
  * fix: add search symbol ' in history
  * style: change code in searchInText
  * feat: add hot keys for search
  * feat: optimise search in history
  * feat: add search in text in group chats
  * feat: remove search button and add line in context menu
  * refactor: Move action handlers to slots
  * feat: edit load history for search
  * feat: add text search
  * feat: add form for search
  * feat: add a button to search
  * refactor: Remove ChatForm from Group
  * refactor: Remove using 'Group::getChatForm'
  * refactor: Save GroupChatForm in Widget
  * refactor: Remove chatForm from Friend
  * refactor: Move using loadHistory out of Friend
  * refactor: Remove using 'Friend::getChatForm'
  * refactor: Remove 'FriendWidget::setChatForm'
  * fix(chatlog): parse multi-length emoji properly
  * chore(cmake): Lookup toxcore's static dependencies
  * refactor(nexus): make loginscreen independent of nexus
  * refactor: cleanup notifications and core
  * chore: fix some compiler warnings
  * fix(core): Use new callback API for bitrate set
  * fix(core): Use new API for bitrate set
  * perf(widget): don't save on setExpanded if categorywidget is unchanged Fix #4932
  * docs(README): add GPG fingerprint of Anthony Bilinski as maintainer
  * refactor: Use qFuzzyCompare to compare float values
  * feat: Prefere new line as message break
  * fix: Use real channels number
  * refactor: Override only 'doOutput' and 'captureSamples' in OpenAL2
  * style: Fix style
  * fix: Allocate memory to input buffer
  * fix: Call doAudio on timer timeout
  * fix: [un]subscribe output in avform
  * chore: Don't dereference Tox_Options, use getters instead.
  * feat(groupchat): mark blocked users with different color
  * chore: Reorganization of the context menu for chat
  * chore: Update to immutable TES API and one-big-lib change.
  * fix(l10n): Correction of the translation into Russian
  * feat(UI): new status icons for message notifications
  * fix(build): add needed ffmpeg decoder to configuration
  * chore(i18n): update translation files for Weblate
  * feat(l10n): add Macedonian translation
  * feat(l10n): add Macedonian translation using Weblate
  * feat(l10n): update French translation from Weblate
  * feat(l10n): update Portuguese translation from Weblate
  * feat(l10n): update Portuguese translation from Weblate
  * fix(UI): prevent deadlocks on logout and profile delete
  * chore(CI): cache whole directory instead of globbing
  * chore(CI): silence CircleCI no tests warning
  * chore: update download links for Windows
  * chore: Elide text for CallConfirmWidget
  * chore(CI): copy artifacts from correct path
  * chore(CI): fix permissions on CircleCI
  * fix(windows): %APPDATA -> %APPDATA% in template
  * chore(CI): use TravisCI scripts also for CircleCI
  * chore(CI): enable caching for CircleCI
  * chore(windows): untar files with default user/permissions
  * chore(CI): Add windows build with CircleCI
  * chore: disable broken autoupdater by default
  * fix: Correct display the call confirm window (CallConfirmWidget)
  * chore: update c-toxcore for all builds
  * revert: "fix(travis): switch back to older Ubuntu Image"
  * fix(travis): try working around Travis + gitstats issue
  * fix(l10n): Correction of the translation into Russian
* Wed Dec 27 2017
- Update to version 1.13.0:
  * refactor: Update AboutFriend with new interface
  * refactor: Add using IFriendSettings in AboutFriend model
  * refactor: Add IFriendSettings
  * fix(build): Add missing dependency for openSUSE
  * refactor: Use signal + slot to update view
  * refactor: Improve interface
  * fix(travis): switch back to older Ubuntu Image
  * fix(video): improve debug message
  * fix(video): choose first available resolution in preview automatically
  * fix(video): use float framerates also for V4L2
  * fix(video): allow not integer framerates
  * fix: elimination of warning '-Wreorder'
  * fix(cmake): fix platform extensions for windows
  * fix(chatwidget): fix send file button not working
  * fix(video): Fix square form of a video
  * fix(cpu): Reduce CPU usage by avatar render
  * fix(install): Fix gzip invalid usage
  * fix(cmake): add missing dependency
  * feat(avatar): Add outline hightlight on mouse hover
  * refactor: Make MaskablePixmapWidget allow to apply style
  * fix: Use epsilon to compare float
  * refactor: Remove code duplication from GroupWidget
  * refactor: Add pure virtual methods for main actions in chat
  * refactor: Move buttons style in ChatForm css
  * refactor(style): Move chatFormHeader to chatForm
  * refactor: Restruct code
  * refactor(chatform): Remove Nexus and Profile dependency from ChatForm
  * chore(build): Qt's website already does mirror load balancing
  * chore(build): bump Qt version to 5.9.3 for Windows
* Wed Dec 27 2017
- update to 1.13.0
- add to documentation
- change to pkgconfig dependencies
- change from qmake to cmake
- run through spec-cleaner
- depend on c-toxcore instead of toxcore
* Sun Aug 16 2015
- initial version 1.1+git20150722.74b7713:
  + OSX main menu bar
  + OSX usable menu bar on login screen
  + Update .gitattributes
  + core: TOX_ERR_NEW_LOAD_BAD_FORMAT is non-fatal.
  + German translation updates
  + Prevent crashed when default video format not found.
  + OSX: Remove dead code and make Widget own all their actions
  + Add key