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Change Logs

* Tue Jul 14 2020 Asterios Dramis <>
- Update to version 0.70:
  * Lots of changes (see ChangeLog).
- Added new build requirements kcoreaddons-devel and
Version: 0.6-bp150.2.4
* Tue Mar 06 2018
- Update to version 0.6
  * Improved performance, added multithreading to speed up the
    loading of items when launching QET.
  * RAM consumption has been considerably reduced.
  * New "collections" panel.
  * Automatic numberings (autonum), Variables and prefix.
  * Folio generator
  * Management Policy
  * New thickness properties for conductors.
  * The thickness of the lines of all basic shapes (lines,
    rectangles, ellipses, polygons) can be changed from 0,2px to
  * The color of lines and fillings of basic shapes can be choosed
    from a color palette or set with a html color code.
  * Added Copy/paste from another project.
  * Resetting the layout of the summary pages.
  * In the panel left split the view into ?a several docks.
  * ?High-DPI support (Qt 5.6.0)
  * new python plugin to generate terminal block.
  * An annoying memory leak has been found and solved. Afters
    hours of use, some users noticed that the RAM consumption
    growed steadily, up to 10GB or more. This problem is now
- Spec cleanup
* Fri Mar 18 2016
- Fix source link
* Fri Mar 18 2016
- Update to version 0.5
  * Port to Qt 5 framework
  * New QSettings native format for config files.
  * In the diagram editor, the grid is not displayed by default
  outside the diagram, the minimum zoom is blocked.
  A button allows you to un-validate this operation.
  * It is now possible to put the tittle block on the right vertical mode.
  * The default tittle block can be defined for the next folios of the project.
  * The summary now takes the font set in the QElectroTech.conf
  * The floating dock is now operational, variables, actions are taken
  into account on the fly.
  * A transformation tool transforms quickly and finely each primitive by handles.
  * Add UUID tag for element XML.
  * The database enables faster loading a large number of managing symbols
  in tables changes pixmaps collections, it no longer compares the modification
  date of the files but their use UUID attributes to update the cache .
  * In terms of basic shapes, the transform tool works directly on vectors,
  it replaces the reduction tool / enlargement that has just been deleted as unnecessary.
  * Improve Undo command by QPropertyUndoCommand class.
* Tue Mar 03 2015
- update to version 0.4:
  * In the official collection, there are now 2298 elements, and
    376 categories for a total of 2674 files
  * We have removed the flag '-fno-ipa-sra "This settled the
    compilation problems on Mac OS X and FreeBSD clang
  * The official collection has been redesigned, through the work
    of Nuri a new structure is in place
  * A menu has been added, allowing you to change the application
  * we added a summary creation tool
  * Added button "export the nomenclature" transforms data from
    diagrams to CSV file for spreadsheet
  * Arun wrote a detailed manual and quality in English
  * New tools have been added, they can create mechanical
    connections and draw cabinets, desks, junction boxes, or areas
    on the schematic (line tool, rectangle, ellipse, polygon type:
    respect for style dashes)
  * An aid in positioning cross, drawing, was added
  * The locked state images and basic forms (basic shapes) is now
    stored in the project
  * The "control" during the movement of an element, text field
    disables snapping to the grid, for free positioning
  * It is now possible to choose the background folios in white or
  * Add supports trackpad gestures (multitouch)
  * The dates of the cartridges are now using the short system date
    and date format according to the language detected setting in
    the OS
  * We take advantage of the transition to standard C ++ 11, and a
    big cleanup in the code was done
  * The undo action or redo the undo stack are now animated
  * When the action save, save as, the status bar displays the name
    and path of the backup job
  * Qet is now able to come to load a style sheet (stylesheet)
    directly from the conf directory
  * A DXF export has been added, the entire project folios can be
    exported in this format
  * Added reports folio, Cross references
  * Added a variable font size on the text of conductors
  * Added new properties to all conductors at the same potential,
    even through referrals
  * When several conductors have the same value potential
    equalization, it is not useful to display on all conductors
  * Added button to activates the automatic connection of the
    conductors of the element when moving it
  * Numbering rules are now available for the entire project
  * Qet detects the Windows version and applies the appropriate
    graphic style, depending on the version of Windows.
- update source URL
- remove buildRequires desktop-file-utils
- add buildRequires update-desktop-files
- use suse_update_desktop_file to set desktop categories
- add belgium man page to the package
* Sun Oct 27 2013
- Update to version 0.3:
  * See for changes.
* Mon Jul 08 2013
- Update to version 0.3b:
  * See for changes.
- Removed fix_paths.patch and instead added a fix for inside
  the spec file.
- Added desktop_database_post/desktop_database_postun entries since the package
  defines a MIME handler.
- Added icon_theme_cache_post/icon_theme_cache_postun entries since the package
  installs icons in an icon dir. Added hicolor-icon-theme as build requirement
  for this.
* Mon Jul 16 2012
- Fixed compilation in Factory (fixed post-build-check error "directories not
  owned by a package").
- Use desktop-file-utils instead of the %suse_update_desktop_file macro for
  editing the desktop file (removed update-desktop-files build dependency and
  added desktop-file-utils for this).
* Tue May 15 2012
- Update to version 0.3a:
  * See for changes.
- Fixed rpmlint warning "script-without-shebang".
- Rebased fix_paths.patch to apply cleanly.
* Sat Aug 13 2011
- Spec file updates:
  * Changed License: to GPL-2.0+ and CC-BY-3.0.
* Sat Aug 13 2011
- Initial rpm release (version 0.22).
- Added a patch (fix_paths.patch) to fix compilation and installation paths.
Version: 0.61-bp152.3.18
* Thu Aug 23 2018
- Update to version 0.61
  * Backport HiDPI fix.
  * Backport commit 5284 : Fix bug N 157.
  * Backport commit 5307 : Function for search conductor at the
    same potential.
    When the search function is searching in a terminal element,
    they search only for the first terminal found, no matter if the
    terminal element have more than two terminals.
    So the list of conductors at the same potential is missing
    some conductors.
    This commit fix it, now the search function search for every
    terminals of a terminal element
  * Backport commit 5311, 5312 : elements connections change
    propertie to terminal, fixed by commit svn 5307
  * GCC 8.1 fix
- Dropped fix_build_with_qt5.11.patch (merged upstream)
* Mon Jun 11 2018
- Added a patch (fix_build_with_qt5.11.patch), taken from upstream,
  to fix build failure with Qt 5.11.