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Change Logs

Version: 2.0.1-bp151.1.5
* Sat Dec 15 2018 Todd R <>
- Add patch tags and and an explanation in the patch for the
  relwithdebug.diff patch.
- Rename relwithdebug.diff to relwithdebug.patch to conform
  with openSUSE patch file guidelines.
* Tue Dec 11 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Rename %soname to %sover to better reflect its use.
- Avoid tripleshipping license file.
- Add relwithdebug.diff, to build release-with-debug combined.
* Wed Dec 05 2018 Todd R <>
- Update to Version 2.0.1
  + Bugfixes:
  - Default filling order of QCPLayoutGrid is now foColumnsFirst instead of foRowsFirst, as intended and consistent with QCP1.
    Note that this also changes the indexing order of e.g. QCustomPlot::axisRect(int index), compared with 2.0.0. You can change
    the filling and thus indexing order yourself by calling QCPLayoutGrid::setFillOrder.
  - fixed bug in QCPColorMap, when using alpha in the gradient color stops. Used to draw falsely black data points when the associated data value is exactly
    on the first or last color stop.
  - QCPDataSelection::enforceType(stDataRange) would erroneously add an empty data range to the selection, if the selection was already empty.
    This in turn would cause isEmpty() to erroneously return false.
  - fixed hypothetical crash when selectTest is called on a QCPItemCurve which has all of its points at the same position
  + Other:
  - Various documentation improvements and clarifications
  - Prevent conflict with windows.h min/max macros if user forgets to define NOMINMAX
  - compiling QCP shared libraries with static Qt is now easier
  - added defines QCUSTOMPLOT_VERSION and QCUSTOMPLOT_VERSION_STR (the same way Qt does) to provide the used QCP version number
  - added missing Q_DECL_OVERRIDE declarations, thus preventing warnings some compiler settings
  - QCPAxisTicker and subclasses are no longer copyable by value, as intended
  - QCPBarsGroup constructor is now explicit, as intended
  - Qt 5.11 compatibility
- Update to Version Version 2.0.0
  + Added major features:
  - Axis tick and tick label generation was completely refactored and is now handled in the QCPAxisTicker class (also see QCPAxis::setTicker). Available ticker subclasses for special uses cases:
    QCPAxisTicker, QCPAxisTickerFixed, QCPAxisTickerLog, QCPAxisTickerPi, QCPAxisTickerTime, QCPAxisTickerDateTime, QCPAxisTickerText
  - Data container is now based on QCPDataContainer template for unified data interface and significantly improved memory footprint and better performance for common use-cases, especially data adding/removing.
  - New data selection mechanism allows selection of single data points and data ranges for plottables. See special documentation page "data selection mechanism".
  - Rubber band/selection rect for data point selection and axis zooming is now available, see documentation of QCustomPlot::setSelectionRectMode and QCPSelectionRect. For this purpose, the new default
    layer "overlay" was introduced, which is now the top layer, and holds the QCustomPlot's QCPSelectionRect instance.
  - Data sharing between plottables of the same type (see setData methods taking a QSharedPointer)
  - OpenGL hardware acceleration is now available across all Qt versions (including Qt4) in a unified, simple interface, with QCustomPlot::setOpenGl (experimental)
  - QCPStatisticalBox can now display a series of statistical boxes instead of only a single one
  - New QCPErrorBars plottable allows attaching error bars to any one-dimensional plottable (QCPGraph has thus lost its own error-bar capability)
  - QCPColorMap now supports transparency via alpha in its color gradient stops, and via a dedicated cell-wise alpha map (see QCPColorMapData::setAlpha)
  - Layers may now be individually replotted (QCPLayer::replot), if the mode (QCPLayer::setMode) is set to lmBuffered. Mutually adjacent lmLogical layers share a single paint buffer to save resources.
    By default, the new topmost "overlay" layer which contains the selection rect is an lmBuffered layer. Updating the selection rect is thus very fast, independent of the plot contents.
  - QCPLayerable (and thus practically all objects in QCP) now have virtual methods to receive mouse press/move/release/doubleclick/wheel events. Before, only QCPLayoutElement provided them.
    this makes it much easier to subclass e.g. items and plottables to provide custom mouse interactions that were cumbersome and awkward with the simpler signal-based interface
  + Added minor features:
  - High-DPI support for Qt versions 5.0 and up, using device pixel ratio detected by Qt (can be changed manually via QCustomPlot::setBufferDevicePixelRatio).
  - QCPGraph and QCPCurve can now be configured to only display every n'th scatter symbol, see ::setScatterSkip() method
  - QCPFinancial allows to define bar width in absolute pixels and axis rect ratio, instead of only in plot key coordinates (see QCPFinancial::setWidthType)
  - Range dragging/zooming can now be configured to affect more than one axis per orientation (see new overloads of QCPAxisRect::setRangeDragAxes/setRangeZoomAxes)
  - Added QCPTextElement (replaces QCPPlotTitle) for general texts in layouts. Provides clicked and doubleClicked signals, as replacement for the removed QCustomPlot::titleClicked/titleDoubleClicked
  - Export functions (QCustomPlot::savePng etc.) now support specifying the resolution that will be written to the image file header. This improves operability with other tools which respect metadata.
  - Replots can now be queued to the next event loop iteration with replot(QCP::rpQueuedReplot). This way you can successively ask for a replot at multiple code locations without causing redundant replots
  - QCPAxisRect::zoom(...) allows to zoom to a specific rectangular region given in pixel coordinates, either affecting all axes or a specified subset of axes.
  - QCPRange::bounded returns a bounded range, trying to preserve its size. Works with rangeChanged signal to limit the allowed range (see rangeChanged doc)
  - Plottable rescaleValueAxis method (and getValueRange) now take parameter inKeyRange, which allows rescaling of the value axis only with respect to data in the currently visible key range
  - plottableClick and plottableDoubleClick signals now carry the clicked data point index as second parameter
  - Added QCPAxis::scaleRange overload without "center" argument, which scales around the current axis range center
  - Added QCPRange::expand/expanded overloads which take only one double parameter
  - Plottables addToLegend/removeFromLegend methods now have overloads that take any QCPLegend, to make working with non-default legends easier (legends that are not QCustomPlot::legend)
  - Added QCPStatisticalBox::setWhiskerAntialiased to allow controlling antialiasing state of whiskers independently of quartile box/median line
  - The virtual method QCPLayoutElement::layoutChanged() now allows subclasses to react on a move of the layout element between logical positions in the parent layout, or between layouts
  - QCPMarginGroup::commonMargin is now virtual, to facilitate subclassing of QCPMarginGroup
  - QCPGraph::getPreparedData is now virtual, and thus allows subclasses to easily generate own plotted data, e.g. on-the-fly.
  - Added QCPRange qDebug stream operator
  - QCPLayoutGrid (and thus QCPLegend) can now wrap rows or columns at specified row/column counts, see setFillOrder, setWrap and the new addElement overload which doesn't have row/column index
  + Added minor features after beta:
  - QCPGraph fill now renders separate fill segments when there are gaps in the graph data (created by inserting NaN values)
  - fractional device pixel ratios are now used, if Qt version >= 5.6
  - Axes may now be dragged/zoomed individually by starting the drag/zoom on top of the axis (previously, this required additional code)
  - Manual minimum and maximum layout element sizes (setMinimumSize/setMaximumSize) can now affect the inner or the outer rect, see QCPLayoutElement::setSizeConstraintRect
  + Bugfixes
  - Fixed possible crash when having a QCPGraph with scatters only and a non-transparent main/fill brush of the graph
  - Fixed QCPItemPixmap not updating internally cached scaled pixmap if new pixmap set with same scaled dimensions
  - When using log axis scale and zooming out as far as possible (~1e-280..1e280), axis doesn't end up in (via mouse) unrecoverable range with strange axis ticks anymore
  - Axis tick label algorithm for beautifully typeset powers now checks whether "e" in tick label is actually part of a number before converting the exponent to superscript
  - Fixed QCustomPlot::moveLayer performing incorrect move and possible crash in certain situations
  - Fixed possible crash on QCustomPlot destruction due to wrong QObject-hierarchy. Only occurs if a QCPAxisRect is removed from the normal QCustomPlot destruction hierarchy by taking it out of its layout
  - Fixed possible freeze when data values become infinity after coord-to-pixel transformation (e.g. maximally zoomed out log axis), and line style is not solid (e.g. dashed) or phFastPolylines is disabled
  - Fixed a few missing enums in meta type system, by unifying usage of Q_ENUMS, Q_FLAGS and Q_DECLARE_METATYPE
  - Fixed QCPItemLine/QCPItemStraightLine not being selectable when defining coords are many orders of magnitude (>1e8) larger than currently viewed range
  - Fixed/worked around crash due to bug in QPainter::drawPixmap with very large negative x/y pixel coordinates, when drawing sparse pixmap scatters
  - Fixed possible (but unlikely) int overflow in adaptive sampling algorithm, that could cause plot artifacts when using extremely sparse data (with respect to current key axis range).
  - Fixed QCPBarsGroup bug which caused stPlotCoords spacing to be wrong with vertical key axes
  - A QCPBars axis rescale in the main window constructor (i.e. without well-defined plot size) now falls back to a datapoint-tight rescaling instead of doing nothing (because bar width can't be determined)
  - Improved QCPBars stacking when using bars with very large keys and key separation at limit of double precision
  + Bugfixes after beta:
  - fixed QCPCurve vertex optimization algorithm not handling log axes correctly
  - upon removing the inner most axis, the offset of the new inner most axis (previously second axis) is now set to the value of the removed axis, instead of leaving a gap
  - QCPColorMap now has a default gradient (gpCold) again, instead of an empty and thus black gradient
  - doc: black QCPColorMap/QCPColorGradient documentation images fixed
  - scatter styles ssDiamond, ssTriangle and ssTriangleInverted now get proper filling with the specified brush
  - fixed click signals of plottable/axes/etc. not being emitted properly
  - fixed uninitialized scatterSkip on QCPCurve, leading to irregular default appearance of scatter skips
  - fixed device pixel ratio not being implemented correctly in cached tick labels
  - QCPLayoutElement::setMaximum/setMinimum now is with respect to the inner rect as intended (and documented), instead of the outer rect (and this can now be changed via setSizeConstraintRect)
  - fixed dllimport issue on template classes when compiling as shared library with MSVC
- Actually install shared libraries
- Drop qt4 version
* Sat Feb 04 2017
- fix building the Qt5 version by calling qmake-qt5 instead of
  qmake and adding a Qt5PrintSupport build requirement (boo#1007696)
* Sun Jun 19 2016
- initial packaging of version 1.3.2